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Danny's POV

I was outside in the forest lying on the ground in my wolf form. I was waiting for a sign to show that the rouge was still in town. I was giving up faith and hope that we would find her and use her as bait. My ears perked up when I heard a squeal. It sounded like a squeal of pain. I darted from side to side dodging the trees in my pathway to reach the source of the sound. I smelled freshly shed blood. I kept running until I reached a dead raccoon. Around the corpse, the scent of earth and fresh vegetables overwhelmed me. I recognized the scent instantly. I grew furious at the vampire I never even met and ran in the direction the vampire headed. As I ran the scent grew stronger and thicker. She was close. I kept running until I saw a dark hooded figure. It was hunched over a doe sucking on its neck. I stayed a fair distance away and downwind so that she wouldn't smell me. I quietly laid down and studied her thoroughly. She looked exactly the same as my mother described her. She was about five to seven inches shorter than me, skinny, and I could see a little bit of black hair sticking out from behind her hood. Her form stood up straight, and she whispered a quiet 'sorry' to the dead animal. Her voice was like an angel and familiar, even though she is a living nightmare. I couldn't get distracted now, so I slowly crept up behind her. My paws hit the ground and dodged all of the leaves and twigs in the way. She stood there silently not moving, so I kept proceeding forward. I was a few inches away from her by the time I opened my jaws up wide. I moved my mouth towards the back of her shin. By the time I clamped my jaws shut, she jerked her leg forward and spun around to face me. I forgot to not breathe, so she must have felt my breath on her skin. The shadow covering her face made it impossible to see what she looked like, but I could see red sparkling eyes looking into mine. "Leave me alone, I didn't do anything wrong! Look, I'm sorry that I killed that wolf, but I was new here and didn't know the rules" that all so familiar voice said frustrated.

"I don't listen or take kindly to blood suckers" I said telepathically.

"Whatever, I'm out of here." She turned around then looked over her shoulder baring her fangs at me; a hissing sound came out of her mouth in the process. She started running away after taunting me. I got angry that she would do that, so I chased after her.

"Stop following me!" she yelled picking up speed.

"Never" my thoughts said. We kept on running until we reached the park. Nobody was there, thankfully. She ran up a metal slide then jumped off the top. She landed perfectly and made a one hundred and eighty degree turn and headed back to the forest. I skidded to a halt as my claws tried to grab the ground. The rouge went down a bike path, and I followed. In the air there was a smell that smelled like citrus fruit; I could taste something sour on my tongue. I knew the scent anywhere, Vlad. I saw the vampire girl in front of me tense up and slow down a little. Vlad's scent grew stronger down the path. Up ahead I saw a silhouette against the sky. It was a pointy hair man. She apparently didn't see it in front of her because she looked over her shoulder at me then ran right into the man. They both fell down with an 'oomph.' The girl quickly got up and ran away leaving Vlad on the ground. Right in front of me was the vampire that I have been hunting down for years, and I couldn't let him get away again. I let the rogue go free. "Vlad, what a nice surprise. How have you been? Still a night time murderer I see" I said.

"Ahh, Daniel we meet again" Vlad grinned.

"Cut the introductions because this time you're not getting away."

"Whatever pleases you, my boy."

"Don't ever call me that" I snarled then lunged at Vlad. I collided with him forcing him on his back. He quickly put his feet under me and onto my stomach. His feet pushed up and tossed me over Vlad's head. I landed on my back. Even though Vlad was doing a good job fighting, I could tell that he was a little weak. He must have been on this bike path earlier looking for food. "Are you a little hungry Vlad?" I taunted.

"Yes, but I always have enough energy to beat you" Vlad growled. He grabbed one of my hind legs and one of my front legs and picked me up. He swirled around place then let go, making me hit a tree. The force of impact cracked the tree, and it started to fall down. The tree was falling right towards Vlad, and he was facing the wrong direction to see it. It fell right of top of him. He was on his stomach under the tree; he hunched his back and the tree rolled off of him. I jumped onto Vlad's back and pushed his head back against the ground. Vlad started to chuckle. "Maybe, I wasn't strong enough today but before you finish me off I have something to say. That girl you like maybe love, Samantha Manson, is actually a vampire. I know that because I created her, and I have followed her around since the day she 'died'. I have been watching you two. She is also the rogue you've been chasing" Vlad said with an evil smirk on his face. I stood frozen in place. My heart was feeling different emotions all at once. I was hurt, enraged, full of disbelief, and sad because the girl I loved was the thing I hated the most. My anger took over and clouded my thoughts. I looked at Vlad and ripped his throat out without a second thought about it. I left him lay there, and I headed back to the park. When I reached the park, I noticed that no one was there except for one girl dressed in black, Sam. Rage took over and I charged towards her. She was sitting on a bench smiling at the sky letting the wind blow through her hair.

Sam's POV

I was tired after running from that black and white werewolf, so I decided to take a break from being a vampire here on a park bench. I was just sitting there looking at the stars when my whole world changed before my very eyes. I felt warm not cold, weak not strong, and normal not superhuman. My enhanced senses were not enhanced anymore. I knew what had happened because I heard stories about it from other vampires. I was a human again. My creator must have died or been killed. Somebody did what I have been trying to do for years, so I looked up into the sky and smiled, letting the cool air hit my face. I heard a low growl behind me, so I snapped open my eyes and turned around. There, behind me, was the black and white wolf from earlier. He was slowly inching his way towards me. I screamed. Didn't he know that I was now a human? It darted towards me knocking over the bench and pushing me down to the ground. "Get off me" I cried.

"No" the wolf's voice said in my mind.

"Yes, you can't harm a human" I snapped.

"But you're not a human at all. How could you not tell me? Why would you lie to me? I loved you, Sammy. But now you must die for your wrong doings" the wolf said. I stared at it. He said he loved me, but I didn't even know him. I looked into his blue eyes and studied them hoping to figure out who it was. Then it hit me, there was only one person who I knew could possibly love me with blue eyes and that was Danny.

"D-Danny? Is that you?" I asked curiously.

"So what if it is? Are you going to go easy on me then because I won't on you?" he said with rage. He snarled at me baring his teeth. I started crying; he sounded so serious. His eyes softened a little at my actions, yet he started to lift his paw to swipe at me. The paw reached its full height then fell towards my face. I closed my eyes and let out a blood curdling scream for I was expecting to feel pain, but I never did. I opened them to see the paw hovering over my face instead.

"Aren't you going to finish me off?" I sniffled.

"I want to get rid of vampires so much, but I just can't hurt you Sam. I love you too much" he said ashamed and angry at himself for not finishing the job.

"Really?" He started shrinking in size and turned into Danny Fenton the human. He nodded.


"I love you too, Danny." He smiled at my words and leaned down towards me. I leaned up and our lips met. Fireworks explode in my mind. We parted and both stood up. He walked up to me and wiped my tears away.

"So will you be my vampire girlfriend?" he asked nudging me while moving his eyebrows up and down. I laughed shortly but frowned afterwards.

"No" I simply said grabbing his hand and started to try to walk away. He didn't budge, so I looked back at him. He was frowning.

"Why not?" he whined.

"Because I'm not a vampire anymore. It's a long story. I'll explain on our way back to my house. I will, however, be your normal human girlfriend" I said finishing it off with a wink. I let go of his hand and walked away. His frown lifted and he jumped up and down before running after me. Danny reached me and scooped me up in his arms bridal style carrying me away into the night.

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