A/N: Hi! Welp, I guess I should explain. This is a AU where the Guardians are video game characters in an MMORPG (massive-multiplayer-online-role-playing-game) called The Game. So yeah. I dunno, I guess I've just always wanted to write/read a story like this but you never see them anywhere! D: So only naturally I would take it upon myself to write one. As for pairings, I'm going to try and make it Jackrabbit, but we'll have to see how this plays out, right? Anywho, I hope you guys enjoy this story!

Amalgamating Flesh & Pixels


The computer took a few minutes to set up. The screen going black then the color and pictures appeared. He signed in quickly, another few seconds pass and the homepage comes up. There are three icons on the screen off the left side; The Game (a small icon of the world), your messages (an envelope icon), and the Board (a chat bubble icon). The Board is the place where everyone either complains about something, talk about how to get a certain item, or forming a party. You know the typical stuff.

He just got this new computer and this new game that came out not too long ago. It was all over the place, people talked about it 24/7 every day everywhere he went. So he decided to hop on the band wagon and get it too. He just got finished setting up an account a few days ago but never had the chance to get started.

That was about when he noticed the red box with a white '1' hanging over the envelope icon to the left.

It was a message.

Weird. He hasn't even talked to anyone yet, let alone create a character so he found it extremely odd to get a message already. It said:

From: Man in the Moon [MiM]

Subject: Your name is…


Jack Frost