Well my name is Naomi Cee White. I was adopted when I was a baby by a couple. My parents…are ok. They don't care about me as much. Mum shops, while dad gets drunk. If I don't do whatever he says, I'll be beaten. My mom will beat me, too.

I have always wanted to know what happened to my real parents. Mom says they left me in a field. I don't believe her. The only thing I have left of them is a charm bracelet. It has a strange symbol on it, blue stone, and strange writing. I have the same symbol from the bracelet on my hip.

I'm not like most 11 year olds. I feel as if someone is talking to me in my mind. They say stuff that is heart-warming.

I have brown hair and bright blue eyes. My mum is always jealous of them. I live in what some people call, The Hood. I only have one pair of shoes, sneakers. It's easier that way. I love running and making traps for fun!

I have always wondered what life would be with my biological parents.

Maybe someday I can meet them?