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You can't do that," I looked over at my close friend who was watching the whole thing, "Kaylee, they cant take our lives, tell them no,"

Kaylee's face was frozen, her eyes locked on Silas. Silas was giving her a death glare, even worse than my own. She let out a tear and ran away, down the platform. Her cries were heard as she ran down a hallway.

"Naomi... I'm scared," Jozie said and buried her face into my hair. I could feel her breathing getting rapidly fast from fright.

"Skylurk, assist our...experiments to there rightful place," Silas said. Without a second from ending what Silas was saying, Skylurk picked me up by the collar of my shirt, and I held onto Jozie so she wouldnt fall.

The hall ways were dark like I just saw them, but we were going a different way, we went around back to the monitor. Skylurk reached over onto the keyboard and paused the screen, he then went back the way we started. I stared at the screen and took a snap shot of the people's information.

"Here you are," Skylurk said. Gravity pulled us through the air as he tossed us into the metal wire cages. Skylurk left, his giant feet could be heard from far down the the hall.

"Jozie, why didnt you tell me you dad was a Decepticon?" I asked her as I put her down, luckily I had landed swiftly on my feet when he tossed us.

"I lived with him till Smokey found me, but I'm not like you, I'm really 4 years old, but in this form I age quickly like you and Kaylee." she said. How could I not see it, she always had the smarts, quietness, quickness, just like Soundwave. They should really have this information written down.

"Well, it doent matter anymore, I need to get you guys out of here," Jozie's head and mine whipped towards the entrance of the cage. Kaylee stood gripping the wires.

"Why would I trust you?" I asked her and turned my back agianst her. I heard a sigh and clicking of a key.

"Cause, I'm not like M.E.C.H, I never wanted this to happen to you," Kaylee said. Jozie didnt even ask, she just ran into the arms of the girl, my closest friend, and smiled.

"My parents, well, they knew where you were when your parents left you alone as a baby in that field, they abused you to get revenge, but all I got was a glare and a nod anytime they saw me. I cant transform into my real mode. I use to have gold plates with purple lines for goodness sakes, and that was awesome, but now, the Techno-organic energy is fading because of its power... and M.E.C.H has the solution to fix it, it called Yellow Energon," Kaylee quickly explained and Jozie nodded. We stood there in an awkward silence for a few seconds till I gave in.

"Ok... Whats Yellow Energon?" I asked.

"A synthetic Energon made by Starscream who comes here a lot, and it makes you tranform if you cant, so- its perfect," Kaylee said and dropped Jozie to the ground.

"So hold on, Ratchet said I have to develop this skill when I'm like his age, how do you know this works?" I stepped out the cage and took hold of Jozie's hand.

"Cause they did it to one of the 6 Techno-organics, that are on this planet. His name was Lewis, he was 12 at the time. We were both seven if you had known of me. I was able to transform at the time into my bot-mode, but I couldn't after he went under-go his procedure. In the end, he got back his ability to transform, but a M.E.C.H agent killed him, for he was useless." Kaylee explained, her hair glowed for a sec as she leaned on the side.

"Well, we need to hurry," Jozie broke the silence.

"I will never understand how she has such good grammer," I mumbled to Kaylee. We both took each the little red-heads' hand's and rushed quietly through the halls. Kaylee took the lead, she was in a black suit, just like my Zero-suit I can change into, but her's had golden lines instead of like me, blue lines.

"Oh shoot," She stopped in her tracks and backed up. Shadows of people came from The dark light's shadows, covered us as the M.E.C.H agents walked by.

"Man, we have got to get an invisiable cloak like what Harry Potter has or something," Kaylee pouted and turned towards me. I rolled my eyes and I picked up Jozie.

"Can we go now, I have to go to the potty," Jozie exclaimed. The two of us turned out heads to the girl and went bug-eyed.

"Later, right now, we need to get the Energon and get out of here," I said and we took off.

(Arcee's POV)

Its been 10 hours since their disapearance, why haven't they called or Naomi talk through our bond.

"Mama?" One of the twins asked. They know how to walk now, Ratchet just helped them today. Chloe was the first and Charlie was the fastest. They have grown so fast, its hard to imagine its only been a year since they were born. I just wish Naomi was here.

"MamaMamaMamaMama!" They both chanted. I stroll over to their crib and smile at them. Chloe's bright eyes were the eyes I fell in love with. They matched Optimus's...just like Naomi's.

I placed each of them on the ground and they started to walk. Their little pedes clicking agaisnt the metal floor. Clicks of excitment came from their vocal cords as they were excited. All the sudden, the door to our little room opened. My sparkbonder walked in and collapsed on the bed.

"Optimus!" I cried and rna towards him. I checked his spark beat quickly.

"I'm fine Arcee, just worried," He sat up and covered his eyes. Blueish liquid dripped though his fingers onto the floor. I knew what it was... but the a Prime is supposed to keep his emotions eject.

"Optimus, its ok to cry, I and everyone else has done the same, now it is ok for you to do it," With that the sound of sadness filled the room and more tears fell from his eyes. The twin began to cry feeling the hurt and worry in our sparks. I sent love and happiness to them, and they continues playing.

"Arcee, we must keep looking for the relics before Megatron or M.E.C.H can find them. Naomi would want that," Optimus said and stood up. He stared at Charlie, the sparklin looked like him except for his colors and size. Optimus picked him up and craddled him against his chest.


(Normal POV)

"Where is the lab?" I asked as it has been an hour since she helped us escape.

"Naomi, chill, the building is massive underground. Thats where we are now, it is in room 501, we are at 467, not that far," she said. Jozie slid down to the floor and slumped to the ground. Her legs twisted.

" . .Goooo," She cried. I face-palmed and turned towards Kaylee.

"Bathroom is in the lab, she has to hold it or we will be caught," Kaylee said and picked her up careful not to shake her.

"Lets hurry up before she explodes," I stated and we took off in a rush. The door passed. 498..499...500...

"501...look inside," Jozie almost yelled. Man, I'am such a bad guardian right now.

"Jozie when I open the door you find it, ok?" I asked, She nodded and started jumping. Kaylee tried not to laugh cause it was kinda of funny. No one was in the lab, not a soul. I opened the door and walked inside. Jozie took off across the room towards the one person bathroom and locked the door.

The room was all white, but four beds hooked up with needles seemed all ready for something. Surgical utensils, were scattered everywhere, but the obvious thing was the giant cylinder of a yellow Substance. Yellow Energon..

"Here it is, not all we have to do is insert the right amount in," Kaylee said nervously. I glared at the ground and brought my gaze up to her.

"YOU DONT KNOW HOW MUCH WE NEED!" I retorted. She stiffened up.

"Maybe, but I know how to start it, just find something like a 'How to' paper." She said to me. Jozie came out of the bathroom happy as ever and almost screamed.

"What?" I asked.

"They're coming, HIDE!" She almost yelled that time. I pulled her hand and we slid under one of the beds. Kaylee followed pursuit and got under the one on the opposite side of us. The door opend up and 5 people in white robes walked in.

"Well, this is it, this is where we will set up the test. Angel, Greg, Naomi Prime, and Josephine, will be our test subject. Kaylee, will be exterminated this week for she has no use for us." A older ladys' voice explained. Kaylee's mouth was wording out curse words and her eyes were big as 50 cents quarters.

I motioned 'no' to her and she grew mad. Jozie's nose was growing red and she was ready to sneeze. I grabbed her mouth and held it so she wouldnt make a sound.

"All we need is a needle full of 3mL of it and we have our transforming kids," Another scientist explained. "How about our next room?" They all disapeared.

"Kaylee, dont even think about it," I said to her. She slid out and hopped onto the bed.

"Do me first please," She took hold of a needle and held it in my direction. I got out from under the bed and took hold of it. It was small and it seemed completely full of the fluid.

"Then the two of us, then we bring some for Angel and Greg when we find them," I said to her and I began to insert the tube into her wrist. I measured the fluid and stopped it and 3mL of Yellow Energon. Her eyes were glowling exremely bright as it inserted into her.

"Wow" Kaylee said as her bright eyes began to fade back to her normal color of purple. But her body began to vibrate. Her skin disapeared and what was a human, was a youngling sized Cybertronian. She had gold armor, and purple lines that made a plaid pattern on her.

"OMG! Now back to human form," She tranformed back, and she brought out her wepons, then she transformed back into her bot mode still in her hands, her axes.

"Now me," Jozie squeeled. I hoisted her up and we did the same procedure. When it was done, Jozie tranformed into her bot mode. She was orange, with black shoulders, and black feets. She had a pink 'x' shape on her chest and bright blue eyes. She kept bringing out her claws and admiring them.

"Now for the Prime," Kaylee said and quickly inserted the needle into me. A sense of strength ran through my body. I looked through the glass reflection, my eyes glowed my natural color and my body vibrated.

"Time to see the real you," Kaylee stepped back giving me some room and Jozie did the same. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath.

My body felt like I was floating and I stood over the hospital bed. I had the figure of Mom, except I had the blue like color of dad, and silver lines that rode up and down the sides of my body. Kaylee stood next to me in her bot form, she and I were the same size as Jozie was up to our hips.

"This is the real us..." I said. She sighed, but punched my arm.

"Ow! what was that for?" I asked rubbing my so to be bruised armor.

"For being my friend, thanks for trusting me," Kaylee said, and grabbed the needle, but this time she inserted it into a jar.

"No problemo sista!" I smirked. We all reverted to human form and I held Jozie. Kaylee placed the little tube-like jar in her pockets and we ran out of the lab. The smell of smoke came blasting into our noses and mouths.

"Ugh! Something is not right," Kaylee stated and took off sprinting. I reached out towards her, but I just took off right on her tail. The smoke was getting thicker and Jozie was starting to hack.

"Naomi! Grab my hand!" Kaylee yelled to me. I held my hand out, our fingers locked, and I was pulled farther into the smoke.

"Shut it OFF!" I heard Skylurk yell. The sounds of sparking and screams of people were coming up ahead. The smoke finally cleared for a secons to show the main screen with a large hole in it, and the bodies of M.E.C.H agents scattered dead on the floor.

"Dont look," I pressed Jozie's face into into my neck. As I was considered a "Vice" Prime, I never like to see people die. Though in this case, I'm just glad they made a path for us to get out of here.

"Kaylee, we have to go," I looked at her face...she was scared. "Dont worry, you know my family,"

She took out her axe's and I hugged Jozie tighter.

"Lets get out of this Hell!" She yelled. I took off running, jumping over fallen bodies.

"What happened here?" I asked my friend. She turned around, putting away her left hand axe.

"Starscream was having a sissy fit," she took hold of my hand and we headed for the door.

(Arcee POV)

"Ratchet any news on Naomi or Jozie?" Bulkhead asked.

"Nothing," He sighed. I knew he still had a soft spot for her, even if she wasnt learning from him all day long.

The Groundbridge opened up and Bulkhead ran through straight to find another relic.

"Be on your guard, Bulkhead," Optimus said as he was rocking Chloe back and forth.

"Bye, Bye!" Chloe waved, but snuggled against her fathers armor.

"Rafael, lock on to the remaining coordinates, I will embark on to the Antartic," Optimus looked at the small boy who was still here. It was almost 11:00 o'clock, and he lied to his parents about doing a science project. Raf, rolled on his wheeling chair over to his computer and locked onto the coordiantes.

"What about Ratchet?" I asked.

"You are absolutly right Arcee," He turned to "Mr. Grumpy". "As for you old friend, I would prefer you have company on your mission,"

"There is nobody else here, Bumblebee and Smokescreen are on a mission, Bulkhead in gone, or EVEN if Agent Fowler were alert," He pointed towards the creepy man.

"Huh, who's got my dohnuts?" The Agent mumbled and fell back asleep.

"I can't I have the twins to deal with, AND I have to find Naomi and Jozie, this is extremely important and even Jack and Nurse Darby are looking around Nevada for them," I said as it was true. It has been 24 hourse since they disapeared.

"I was talking about the other three remaining bots on this planet," Optimus said. Oh no...

"Wah? You can't be serious... Wheeljack and the twins! They are crazy, Wreckers!" Ratchet complained.

"Wheeljack is a warrior, the twins and you are more scientifically engineered in studies. evne if Sunstreaker and Sideswipe are younglings, they are your Nephews, and are quite smart," My sparkmate explained to him. Ratchet looked like Megatron punched him in the face! His jaw and servo's were shaking for a second.

"I will be off to my destination," Optimus passed Chloe over to me, brushing my cheek and drove through the waiting groundbridge. Something though about this was strange.

(Normal POV)

The door was wide open and the cold air from the outside hit us.

"What the HECK!" I yelled. "Where is the hot weather and dusty sky's?" I put Jozie on the ground. Our limbs were freezing, but the warm air from inside the secret hideout was brushing up our backs.

"They transported you, me and everyone here, cause they knew the Autbots would track you or me for our Energon signatures." Kaylee bent down and picked up a jacket.

"I'm coooolld," Jozie hugged my leg. I looked down at her.

"Here, we cant transform into our Bot mode's right now, cause we will damage our new systems," Kaylee gave me the jacket and I put it on Jozie, who took it and zipped it up quickly.

"We need them, lets just take it off one of the agents on the ground," I would have offered death or bloody jackets, but thats not good at this moment.

"Ok," Kaylee said and we began to walk towards the door again. "Jozie, dont move," The little girl nodded and sat on the snow.

Two soldiers were right up agaisnt the side of the door, so I pulled a jacket off and I threw it to Kaylee. I then tugged on one, but it wouldnt come loose.

"Gosh Dangit, Primus help me," I muttered. I looked back to see my companions not looking so I jumped inside the building and made my way over towards another person. I pulled off the jacket and stuck it on. It felt sticky, and I saw the side of it soaked in blood.

Helicopters flew away from the sight, guessing they took all there people away.

"Ahhh, Ratchets gonna think it was mine," I cursed. Why?... Then it hit me, literally. A blast from the outside flung me to the ground. I looked up to see a bunch of commotion.

"NAOMI!" I heard Kaylee yelled and I got up.

(Optimus POV)

Starscream has led me to a secret base where I believe humans are staying. We walked down the hill, him complaining to me the entire way. A storage compartment was closed off.

"I just saw it in here, I left my marks," He said to me, I dont understand, but I opened the door anyways. Nothing was in it, except the relic.

"The relic remains sealed in the ice," I placed my hand on its ice shell. It was cold to the touch.

"Hello, again, Optimus," I turned around to see Dreadwing. "Starscream I see you are aiding a AUTOBOT!"

"I left tracks for you, on PURPOSE," Starscream stuttered. I stepped forward, me between him and the relic.

"Dredwing, I cannot let you leave with this relic," I clenched my fists.

"I know that Prime," Dreadwing proclaimed. He started his fusion gun and fired at me. I threw him down and the fight went on.

(Normal POV)

"You have got to be kidding me!" Jozie yelled, the first time she has actuallly spoken not baby-like.

"Kaylee!" I yelled and I found her on the ground. Her arm looked broken from how it was right now, snapped, blood coming out. I tried to stop from throwing up.

"Naomi, its your dad," Kaylee said and turned her head towards the fighting.

I looked away from her wound and up to see two familiar faces. Dreadwing... and my dad. they were avoiding eachother's shots and slamming eachother to the ground.

"Papi!" Jozie squeeled and started to jog out towards him.

"NOOOOOO!" Kaylee and I yelled. I rushed over and pulled her back. The fighting stopped for a moment, I looked up to see the two bots staring right at me.

"Naomi Cee!" My dad said from behind his face mask. I smiled to him and pulled Jozie over towards Kaylee.

"You have to stay here, you understand?" I asked her, she nodded. "That goes for you too, Kaylee,"

From the corner of my eye, I saw dad's chest lighting up. I stared right at it to see a bomb attached to him. Luckily he pulled it off and ran away from the blast. Smoke and fire blew past me as I had jumped out of the way of the flames. Kaylee and Jozie were ok.

"Naomi! Uncle Starscream!" Jozie pointed at her supposed Uncle. Starscream came falling down from the sky in a full body armor suit.

"Oh no... I have too," I stood straight up and transformed into my bot mode. The slick armor coverd my entire body and I rose about 12 feet. (Up to Arcee's chest)

"Go!" Jozie yelled at me. My guns came out and I held them up at the Screamer. In Cybertronian years at this age I would have been 12,300, but cause I stayed in my hologram for too long, I aged as a normal human.

"The Apex Armor?" Dad questioned. I started to fire, but I was stuck by my own bullets that flew off of him. I fell to the ground but slowly lifted myself to my feet. The snow seemed to crunch evertime I made a slight movement

"What a perfect fit," Starscream glared at me. I gave him "The Old Prime" Stare, whick he took in as a threat.

"How dare you claim that when its rightfully mine," Dreadwing threathened with his sword.

"Con, this isn't Shakespheare," I stood in a stealthy position.

"Come on at me," Screamer stood still as Dreadwing smashed into him. If he were a human he would have broken his teeth.

'That had to hurt' I thought.

"Not so big and strong are you?" Screamer laughed. "I haven't had this much fun since I punched a hole into Clifffjumper!"

"We'll see about that Lady Shoes!" He is so easy to hurt verbally!

Starscream then picked up a lifting truck. He made it seem so easy as he lifted it up high.

"Let me reunite you, Naomi Cee Prime, with the Allspark, once again!" Starscream squeeled and the truck went flying over me as Dad had pushed him to the ground. They both got to their feet, but Screamer had Dad's hand in a breaking point.

"You, Optimus Prime, I would love to beat the living spark out of you!" I stare at the threatening Decepticon.

"NO!" A Scream came. I turned around to see Jozie and Kaylee rushing out, Kaylee holding her broken arm, frozen tears froze on her cheeks.

"Humans?" Starscream asked.

"Get your facts right, Uncle Starscream!" Jozie yelled. They both transformed into Bot mode and brought out thier weapons. Starscream tossed my Dad harshly into a pile of bins and stared at us.

Dreadwing's fires shot at the Apex Armor, causing Starscream to fall back a little. Dreadwing smashed his sword once again on the armor, but nothing happened, except him flying backwards towards my dad.

"Dreadwing, you have to work with us," Kaylee screamed across the battle ground.

"Kaylee is right, with Starscream having the relic," Dad tried to get him to think.

"We will all perish," Dreadwing relized. "JOZIE!"

The little femme ran over to him past the hands of me and Kaylee.

"Remember my little trick?" He asked in perfect Cybertronian. She nodded as Dreadwing gave her a bag.

"Dad...guys..." I pointed towards a furious Starscream.

"I will be of a distraction," With that Dreadwing flew off, but as he came back the same way, he was smashed to the ground. Dad ran forwards and I was on his tail. I jumped up onto his leg and tried to slice. Dad slapped his back, before being tossed off.

"Get off me you Autoscum!" He punched me and I flew a good 30 yards into the hands of Dad. Dad smiled at me, and sent a wave of encouragment in our bond.

:Keep your head up-Dad

:Man, even in the family bond you have good words-Me

"Starscream YOU will be the one to join the Allspark," Dreadwing smirked and brought out his bomb device. He hit a button and a ticking came from his back. He screamed a little and tried to reach his back, but it blew up. I covered my eyed as Dad covered Kaylee with his other Servo.

"Did he...?" Kaylee looked up and met my Dad's glance.

"Hmm...HAHAHAH," The voice of Starscream laughed.

"The answer is no," I replaced my knives for my guns.

"HAHAHAHAHAH... that tickled," He glared at his fellow Decepticon. "Not only am I intellegent, but I'm INVINSIBLE!"

"Yet you cannot fly!" My dad said, as he was not up and ready to fight once again. Me and Kaylee stood on each side of him. SHOOT WHERE'S JOZIE!

He began to walk towards us and I gripped my dads foot ready to kick off and fight.

"Hey Mr. Invincible, are you really that SMART?" Our heads turned to little Jozie in her human forn standing in the extreme cold. She was next to Dreadwing, who he in turn, pressed his bomb button.

"Huh?" Starscream asked. Bombs were lighting up all around him.

"Dad, time to roll out?" I asked. He picked me and Kaylee up and started bolting. The bombs BLEW up and we were sent rolling on the white fluffy snow. Dad turned around finally and we walked with Dreadwing, who was craddling Jozie, back towards a hole, which Screamer had fallen through.

"Now its time for us Optimus," Dreadwing brought out his sword. I fell from Dads arms, and helped Kaylee down, we ran away, with Jozie on our tail.

"Jozie get back into BOT MODE!" I ordered her in a motherly way, she did as told.

"Starscream is gone, is this really important?" Dad asked bringing out his own sword.

"We have other unfinished matters," Dreadwing angerly spat out.

"I will not fight you, but ask you this like I did to your brother, turn your back on Megatron, and join us in stopping this war, for a new start for everyone?" Dad asked.

"Not now," He took off into the colorful Northen lights of the Northen sky.

"DAD!" I cried out and raced towards him. He looked at me and knelt down. I jumped into his embrace and he held me close.

"Almost two days, I thought I was going to loose you," Dad said and kissed my helm.

"Papi!" Jozie yelled and jumped up two, but with her height, Dad had to lift her up. I then noticed something strange and forgot!

"Kaylee, we know of your past from the files Ratchet has found early today. You are not a Decepticon, you are you." Dad always gives people's these speeches.

(Arriving at Base)

All of us Techno-organics, well, not really, walked in our human forms.

"NAOMI!" Mom yelled and gave me the biggest hug ever.

"Hey Jozie!" Smokescreen said and picked up the little red head.

"Hey!" Raf waved to Kaylee.

"Hey," Kaylee blushed. Dad knelt down and picked Kaylee up and held out her arm.

"Ratchet..." He asked, and the doc bot placed her on his monitor.

"We have a lot of explaining to do, but...we have a good change!" I said.

"Like, good things always come after bad things?" Folwer asked from the balcony. I nodded.

"Check this out," Kaylee said to Ratchet and transformed right on the monitor. I twirled for the fun of it and my body twisted, flipped, and shifted into my bot mode.

"MY TURN!" Jozie almost screamed and transformed in Smoke's hand. His eyes widened and he almost dropped her.

"You look so pretty, Naomi," Mom said and brushed my cheek.

"Cause I look like you!" I laughed. I felt then two hands grab me and throw me in the air. I yelped as I was hugged by Smokescreen.

"Hey Smoke!" I said and leaned into his embrace.

"Hey Fowler... Mission Accomplished, now you have to tuck me in," Bulkhead commed in.

"Raf, open the groundbridge, pronto!" Fowler ordered the small kid. In seconds the groundbridge lit up and I could hear the sound of Bulkhead comign through...then came a large bang. Bulkhead had flown through the bridge, landed on his stomach... and a large hole was burning into his back.

"No..." Ratchet wa sin shock.

"Bulky?" Jozie asked, burying her face into Smoke's armor. I hugged him tigher, and so did he.

"What happened to the good things.." Kaylee's voice filled my head and I stared at my fellow, ally, and friend...