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Quick background information- this is set around two years after Always and Castle and Beckett have been married a year.

"When's Castle getting back from his meeting?" Ryan asked quickly as Kate looked across at him and shrugged, relaxing back into her chair before she glanced across at the elevator and sighed. He'd been gone almost four hours and she knew his meeting with Gina had only taken two hours because he'd texted her the moment he'd left, telling her that he was going to buy lunch on the way back to the precinct. Hearing her phone practically scream at her, Kate leant across and grabbed the offending object, not even bothering to stare down at the caller ID as she pressed the answer button and held it against her ear.

"Beckett," she said simply, knowing that it probably wouldn't be a case as she shut her eyes, waiting for the caller to answer. "Hello?" she asked.

"Is this Mrs Castle? Richard Castle's wife," a male voice asked as she bit into her lip, concerned by the man's tone as she slowly began to sit up straight.

"Yes, I'm Rick's wife, what's going on? Who is this?" she questioned, desperately waiting for some answers as she turned to look to see Javier and Kevin working silently on their paperwork, a small smile covering her face when she watched Esposito throw a ball of paper at the Irish detective, the paper ball hitting the other man in the head as Kate bit into her lip for a moment.

"Mrs Castle, I'm Doctor Wilde, your husband was brought into our hospital almost an hour ago," he declared, the smile immediately disappearing from Kate's face as she remained still, not knowing what to say . "Mrs Castle your husband was involved in an accident, his cab was hit by a vehicle that overran a red light and although he didn't require surgery, we are concerned about any possible head injuries that might have occurred in the collision," the man explained as Kate slowly stood up and reached across for her jacket and began to pull it on, not knowing what to say to anyone as she continued to hold the phone between her ear and shoulder.

"Beckett," Javier said behind them quietly as she remained still.

"Is he awake? Is Rick awake?" the brunette quickly asked, unable to stop her body from shaking as she thought about her husband. Was he in pain? Was he awake? Had he slowly been losing his life while she'd been sat at her desk waiting for her lunch? The thought of him in pain without her even knowing made her feel sick.

"He's currently unconscious Mrs Castle," the doctor said truthfully, Kate's eyes shutting slowly as she nodded to herself. That meant he wasn't dead. That meant he could be okay!

"I'm coming to the hospital right now, I'll be there," Kate stated, putting the phone down quickly before wrapping her arms around herself, not knowing what to say as she heard someone push their chair back behind her before walking towards her.

"Kate?" Javier said quietly, watching as she slowly turned to look at him with tears in her eyes. "What's going on?" he questioned as she shook her head and slowly moved her arms around her friend, not knowing what to say as he held her for a moment. "What's happened to Castle?"

"He's in hospital, his cab was hit. Oh god Javi, I didn't even know," she said, not needing to go into any more detail as the man slowly began to lead her towards the elevator.

"Ryan, call Martha and Alexis, let them know that Castle's been taken to hospital and we'll text you the details when we get there," he called out, stepping into the elevator as Kate stood silently, her eyes staring down at her wedding and engagement rings, her fingers slowly running across them as she bit into her lip. "He's going to be fine Beckett, he's a fighter, he's proven that so many times, and he's got so much to fight for now," Esposito promised, his voice quietly confident as she nodded, still remaining silent as she tried to think about what to say.

"He was only supposed to be at the stupid meeting, he was only getting me lunch because he knew I'd forgotten to bring some to work this morning," she said guiltily, her eyes remaining focused on the two rings. It wasn't fair. Two years of a romantic relationship, a year of marriage didn't seem long enough for something like this to happen. They were partners and she should have been with him and instead she was at the precinct, waiting for her lunch! "He was in a car crash and I was just sat at work waiting for my lunch to arrive," she whispered, following Javier out of the elevator and towards his car as she ran her hands through her hair, desperately trying to calm down before she arrived at the hospital.


"Alexis," Kate said quietly as the student entered the waiting room, concern covering her face as she ran over and tightly wrapped her arms around the brunette, neither of them knowing what to say as Kate kept her as close as she physically could. "He was in a crash on the way to the precinct, they're waiting for him to wake up," the brunette explained as Alexis nodded slowly, knowing everything already from the details she'd received from Kevin as she'd journeyed to the hospital after leaving college to desperately return home to her family who clearly needed her! "They need to check for any possible damage," she admitted.

"He's going to be okay Kate, he's got through a lot worse than a car crash," Alexis said quietly as Kate sat down and nodded, watching as Alexis moved to sit beside her. "Where's grams Kate?" the redhead questioned, noticing that the older woman wasn't present in the room while Javier, Kevin and Lanie were stood by the window, talking amongst themselves in hushed voices.

"She went to get a coffee. I think she needed a moment to take everything in," Kate explained briefly as Alexis nodded at her comment and slowly took hold of Kate's hand, squeezing it gently as the brunette smiled across at her for a brief moment before looking away when the door opened and Martha stepped into the room and sat down beside her granddaughter.

"The doctor is walking this way," Martha said quietly as everyone nodded slowly and watched as the door opened and Doctor Wilde entered the room and stared at them before sighing. "How's my son?" Martha asked quickly as the man looked across at her and smiled weakly.

"You're able to see Richard now Ms Rodgers, Mrs Castle and you must be Alexis," the dark haired man said simply as Martha, Alexis and Kate immediately stood up, concern covering their faces as they looked at the doctor for a moment. "He's beginning to wake up but I'm going to remain present, just in case there's anything concerning," he announced as the three of them nodded and slowly followed him out of the waiting room. Walking silently down the busy corridor as the doctor led them through the wards towards one of the private rooms, a small sigh left Kate's lips as she watched the doctor open the door and allow them in, her eyes quickly falling upon her husband. He looked like he was sleeping, so peaceful in the bed except for the scratches and bruises that were covering his face, clearly indicating that he'd been involved in some sort of accident.

"Oh Castle," Kate said quietly, watching her husband from the doorway as Alexis and Martha moved closer, the brunette remaining perfectly still as she watched the writer begin to move in the bed, a small groaning his lips as she took a step towards him. "Castle?" she asked quietly, still standing nervously behind Martha and Alexis as she watched him blink a couple of times.

"Dad?" Alexis questioned quickly, her voice almost silent as she sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Mr Castle, can you hear me?" Doctor Wilde announced, his voice the loudest in the room as Rick slowly opened his eyes and stared up at the ceiling for a moment.

"Yeah, I can hear you," Rick said quietly, a large smile covering the three women's faces as Alexis found his hand and squeezed it, smiling when her father looked up at her. "You've cut your hair," he commented, his hand reaching up to touch the shoulder length red hair as Alexis stared at him in confusion.

"Dad I haven't. It's grown a lot since I last you," Alexis stated as he shook his head, his fingers still playing with the ends of her hair as Martha and Kate watched in confusion. They knew her hair was longer, a lot longer than when they'd last seen her before college. "I cut it months ago, it's taken forever to grow back. You always laugh when I see you," she commented.

"Alexis, you had long hair at your graduation. I saw you pumpkin; we had a picture taken together. You had long hair at your graduation," he stated as shock covered Alexis' face at what he'd just admitted. "If you check my belongings, you'll find my camera, they'll be a picture of us," he stated as he looked across at the doctor who slowly nodded. "How did you get it cut so quickly? I only just left you, you were going to the party" he questioned.

"Richard what was the last thing you remember?" Martha asked.

"I was in the cab on the way back to the loft, Alexis had gone to her party with Paige and you were going to the Hamptons. I must have been in the cab when the accident happened," he explained before falling silent when Kate gasped, her whole body turning away from him as she looked out of the room. "Beckett?" Rick asked quietly, confusion covering his face as he stared at the back of her. "What the hell are you doing here?" he declared, his voice full of anger and frustration as Kate felt the tears silently run down her cheeks, her hand quickly moving up to violently push them away from her face. Stupid tears!

"Mr Castle, you need to calm down," the doctor stated as Rick continued to glare at the woman in the doorway.

"You're running away again aren't you Beckett? I don't even know why you're here, you clearly don't care. We're over remember, our partnership has ended, no more us, no more Castle and Beckett," he shouted, clearly angry as Kate bit into her lip, her head shaking at the whole idea. Why did he have to go back to then? Why did he have to go back to the exact moment where their partnership had been at its worst? This was just messed up! "Just leave Kate."

"Dad," Alexis hissed as the writer continued to watch the brunette who was still standing in the doorway. "Kate he's just confused about the whole thing," the redhead said quietly as Kate nodded slowly, knowing that Rick had clearly lost his memory from the crash.

"I'm not confused Alexis, for the first time in this whole partnership I'm not confused about where I stand," he stated, watching as Kate turned to face him.

"I'm sorry Castle, I'll leave," she said simply, knowing that this wasn't good for him. He needed to get better, he needed to recover and attempt to get his memory back and she didn't need this either. She didn't need him fighting with her over something they'd dealt with two years ago and was now a distant memory. Looking at his face for a second, Kate noticed the look of shock and horror that was painted across it before she bit into her lip again. So he knew now!

"What is that?" he asked as she remained silent, her eyes glancing down at what she knew he was staring at her. "This is just some sick joke Beckett," he declared, staring at the large bump that Kate's hand was currently resting on. A bump that clearly indicated that she was heavily pregnant!

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