Valentine's Day Special:


One upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Adrianne. Due to various circumstances (assassinations, poisons and global warming) she was treated very poorly by her step-mother and three step-sisters.

However, despite all of the hardships, she bravely endured all of this, hoping her dear father in heaven was watching over her.

It was a beautiful morning, the sun was kissing the horizon and the birds were singing from outside her window.

Adrianne yawned, sitting up in her small bed and stretching her arms over her head.

I have a good feeling about today she thought positively but that thought soon disappeared with one word.


Adrianne groaned as the door slammed opened, revealing a short plump lady with her hair tied back into a bun. She looked furious beyond belief.

"Have you even finished our dresses? The ball is being held at the castle tonight you know!" she shouted at Adrianne, who watched with a bored expression.

"No need to shout this early in the damn morning" Adrianne muttered and her step-mother's eye twitched.


"As if an amateur could make such an elaborate set of dresses" Adrianne told her sarcastically. "If you want to go flaunt your bodies and make a fool of yourself, I won't stop you"

"AS IF I WANT THAT! TOO BAD IT FOLLOWS THE STORYLINE!" the step-mother shouted with a smug look as Adrianne's face fell slightly.

The step-mother walked back over to the slightly broken door and glared at Adrianne one last time. "If you want to be fed, I suggest you get those dresses done. NOW!"

With that, she slammed the door shut, leaving Adrianne glaring at the floor, fists clenched in fury.

Adrianne let out the breath she had been holding. "Might as well get it done" she muttered and set about making four dresses.

Tonight is the royal ball. According to rumours, it's also for time for the prince to find a bride. The step-mother was very eager to have one of her three daughters marrying into wealth. All so she could live in comfort.

Adrianne was just finishing the last stich on the last dress when she gazed out the window, getting a perfect view of the royal palace in the distance.

"Because some idiot prince is holding a ball, I'm forced to make dresses" she swore under her breath.

It seems Adrianne was already deeply in love with the unseen prince.

Adrianne snorted. "Fuck that, if they're busy humping some guy's leg, then I can run away and join the circus"

The door slammed open again and in entered Adrianne's step-mother, a blonde with blue eyes, a brunette with an eyebrow piecing and an Asian with way too much lip gloss.

"Finally! Hand them over" the step-mother ordered and Adrianne literally threw them at her. "Why you little—"

"There's no point on wasting time with her mother" Amber interrupted, sneering at Adrianne. "Let's just leave the dirt to her mess"

The step-mother nodded, leading her daughter out of the room before turning to Adrianne with cold, stern eyes.

"If you so as set one foot out of this room you will see me in a whole new light!" she threatened and slammed the door shut, leaving Adrianne to her thoughts.

"It is alright" a gentle voice said, snapping Adrianne out of her thoughts as she turned…to only laugh.

A blonde guy with golden eyes was dressed in white robes, carrying a wooden staff.

"Can you try to not laugh" he asked tiredly and Adrianne supressed the rest of her giggles.

"S-Sorry" she apologised, but the grin was still on her face.

He sighed. "My name is Nathaniel and I am your fairy godmother" he introduced himself and Adrianne tilted her head to the side.

"Shouldn't be fairy godfather…since you're a guy?" she asked and he chose to ignore that question.

"Take heart, gentle Adrinella—"

"It's Adrianne"

"—I shall grant any wish you may have tonight"

Adrianne glared at him for ignoring her and then an idea came to her mind.

"Burn the ballroom until it's no more than ash" she requested and his eyebrow twitched in annoyance.

"That's a crime…please wish for something a little softer and innocent" he told her and she growled in frustration.

Adrianne sat on her bed, crossing her arms over her chest. "Then I want something to eat"

Nathaniel sighed. "Don't you want to meet the prince?"

Adrianne snorted. "I heard he was a hormonal ass, no thank you" she told him.

"Here's the deal, you'll be going into the pumpkin carriage and hurry off to the ball. Got it?" he asked her sternly.

Adrianne headed for the ball, in a beautiful light blue gown with her brown hair tied back into a bun.

Things were currently livening up at the ball…except for one person. The prince was looking very glum as his friend Lysander tried to cheer him up.

"What is with this long face? This is supposed to be your ball. Go out there and catch a fair maiden" Lysander instructed the sulking prince who barely glanced at him.

"Shut up…I'm not interested so go on your own" Castiel muttered, glaring at the floor from the wall he leaned on.

Lysander sighed. "It is because you are acting like this is the reason why you are still a virgin"

"Shut up! Don't you have a sense of shyness!" Castiel shouted and Lysander rolled his eyes.

His friend's warm persuasion was in vain, and despite invitations, the sulking prince would not dance.

"My lord prince you—"


"My lord prince, please dance with me"

"Piss off"

"No with me!"

"Can't you all fuck off?!"

Even as Adrianne's step-sisters asked him to dance, he gave the same responses as the other ladies. Lysander tried and tried to get the prince to dance but it was all a waste of effort.

In contrast to the liveliness of the ball, the prince's tension levels were going downhill but…

The grand doors open and stepping into the ballroom, was a beautiful young lady with emerald green eyes. Adrianne.

Unseen to the normal eye, the fairy godmother was right beside Adrianne, giving her advice.


"It's Adrianne!"

"—go out there and win the prince's heart" he encouraged and she gave him a look.

"Are you kidding me? You kidnap me and drag me to some damn ball, expecting me to flirt with a sulking douche bag?" Adrianne asked him, crossing her arms over her chest and he sighed tiredly.

"If you do this, I'll give you all the cookies you want"

Adrianne went off without hesitation as Lysander spotted her in the distance, coming down the stairs.

"A beautiful maiden has just arrived, why don't you ask her to dance?" Lysander suggested and Castiel looked at him as if he wanted to murder him.

"No way" Castiel snapped and then looked over to see who it was.

The prince instantly fell in love with Adrianne after one look and decided to ask her to dance.

Everyone watched as Castiel, still slightly moody, walked over to Adrianne and grabbed her hand roughly.

"Dance WITH ME!" he demanded loudly and Adrianne looked at him with a bored expression.

"I was rejected…" Castiel pouted, slightly relieved while Lysander rolled his eyes.

"Try again" was all Lysander would say and Castiel snapped.

"PISS OFF!" he shouted, catching everyone's attention, including Adrianne's who watched with amusement. He glared at them before storming away and onto the balcony.

Adrianne shook her head at the immature prince before catching the fairy godmother in the corner of her eye. He was shaking his head and she sighed.

Time to earn my cookies she thought as she followed him to the balcony. He snapped his head around, expecting Lysander to scold him but not to see Adrianne.

"You wanna talk?" she offered and he snorted.

"With a flat chested girl like you? No way" he replied and she glared as the bell chimed, signalling it was midnight.

Adrianne sighed, removing one of her glass slippers and handed it to him. "Here, have a present and hopefully you'll be less hormonal"

The magic cast on Adrianne would end when the clock struck twelve, shutting away the feelings that were tearing her apart, Adrianne left the prince.

Lysander, witnessing the whole incident, came out and examined the glass slipper she had left behind.

"Use this as a clue to look for her" Lysander suggested and Castiel groaned.

"It doesn't really matter that—" Castiel began to say but Lysander back handed him across the face, shocking the prince.

"HERE YOU HAVE A WAY TO MEET HER AGAIN AND YOU ARE SAYING YOU ARE GOING TO THROW THAT CHANCE AWAY!" Lysander shouted at him passionately, as he wished his friend to get over the last girl who broke his heart.

The prince, stared out at the night sky, identifying the Archer constellation as he realized something very important. He wanted to see her again and after that, the prince went and had all the ladies of the town try on the glass slipper.

For he thought, the lady whose foot the shoe fitted perfectly would be the lady he sought.

When he reached Adrianne's home, all three step-sister fought over the shoe.

"Are there any other young ladies here in this home?" Lysander asked, ignoring the three ladies and their cat fight.

"There isn't a single mouse" the step-mother chuckled and Castiel looked bored.

"I see, let's go" Castiel muttered, dragging Lysander by his collar when they heard a loud crash, followed by a yelp of pain coming from the window.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and quickly ran outside, finding Adrianne on the ground with a scrap on her knee, twigs in her hair and a bag slung over her shoulder.

"ADRIANNE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" the step-mother screamed as Castiel helped her up, keeping his eyes on her while she dusted herself off.

"Dammit, I thought I had that landing down flat" Adrianne muttered while ignoring the step-mother who was red in the face.

"Flat chested, emerald eyes…" Castiel smirked. "I think it's safe to say that you're the girl from the ball"

Adrianne raised an eyebrow. "Oh great, it's you. I thought you'd never find me"

"Were you waiting for your true love?" Lysander asked and Adrianne snorted.

"Hell no, I just wanted a ride to the nearest bus station"

Somehow, Adrianne and Castiel married in a beautiful church, and everyone was thrilled for the new couple. While Castiel chatted with Lysander, Adrianne found the fairy godmother under an oak tree.

Quickly, she escaped and walked up to him. "You've finally come, my loyal servant"

"I'm not you servant, but I see you and the prince are married" he noticed and she shrugged her shoulders.

"Why did you choose to come to me and grant me a wish?" she asked curiously and Nathaniel smiled warmly.

"Because it is part of the storyline, gentle Adrinella"

"It's Adrianne!"

Adrianne was glaring at him as Castiel called her name. She turned away from the fairy godmother and saw he was gesturing for her to come over.

"Come on Little Bunny, better get hopping for our honeymoon!" he shouted and she rolled her eyes but followed after him, her new life beginning.

This is in no way anything to do with the storyline of 'My Little Rebel', it was me letting out some frustration and seeing as how it was Valentine's Day...

Anyway, don't be a hater for not liking it in it's poorly written form, I was rushing to get it done. 'My Little President' will also have a special not related to the storyline, I'm thinking...Snow Chyna and the Seven Midgets...