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I met him when I went clubbing. It was my first time clubbing, my friends in my singing club somehow convinced me. I knew he was trouble the moment I laid eyes on him.

He had ragged silver-grey hair that hung to his shoulders, he had a black hat perched on his head, hiding his eyes. He wore a leather vest, or something like it. Underneath he wore a white t-shirt that hugged his muscular frame. He also wore skin-tight jeans. He had a tattoo twining down his left shoulder. I started turning away, but then he lifted his head and I saw his eyes, his beautiful red eyes. That's when it started.

He saw me looking at him. I stared at him too long. That was all it took, he murmured something to his companion and turned away to thread through the tables, I saw the back of his leather vest, it contained a skull.

I melted into the middle of my friends; I didn't want to get started with someone who was obviously trouble. "Matt? You okay?" Ludwig asked "yeah, I've just never been clubbing, it's a little much…"

"That, my bro, is what we're about to fix! WHOO! LET'S DANCE!" my brother Alfred shouted. "Matt, clubbing, that is Alfred's version. He takes it to an entirely new level. Don't follow his way of doing that."

Alfred was flirting with everything that had a chest and scoring well, in his eyes. He led a girl down a corridor out the back. I shook my head, they shouldn't get started with him.

He was a playboy, a womanizer, he would always dump them or cheat. I didn't approve of the way he treated girls, but I couldn't do anything about it.

I danced a little, but I soon tired of it, I didn't really like clubbing, since I wasn't noticed at all. That sucked. "ALRIGHT! NOW! TIME FOR KAROKE! WHOEVER THE SPOTLIGHT LANDS ON HAS TO GET UP AND SING!"

About five people had sung, they sucked. Then I saw a bright light shine in my eyes "ow…"

"ALRIGHT! WE HAVE OUR NEXT SINGERS! THEY'LL BE SINGING A DUET!" Cheers racked the club as I was pushed onto the stage. Another person stood there. It was him, the one I'd seen before. He smiled, showing perfect white teeth.

"Let's bring the house down." His voice was husky. "I assume you don't need a microphone?"

"N-no, not when I'm singing" I murmured. "LET'S GET STARTED!"

We were told to sing dancing with a star by Justice Crew and Flo Rida.

He took Flo Rida and some justice crew.

He started moving towards me and I started moving backwards. He pulled me towards him and twirled me under his arm. He dropped me backwards, caught me and pushed me up.

We spun and danced, over the stage we twirled, I nearly fell off the stage and he caught me as he finished his section. I started singing as he pulled me up and twirled me under his arm.

The song ended. I was panting a little, the dancing had been fast paced, I was acutely aware of his arm around my waist as we stood on the stage, facing the audience.

I pushed his hand off and ran down the stairs. I knew this was not good, I shouldn't involve myself with someone like him, it would only end badly.

"Hey! Wait up!" he caught me and grabbed my wrist. He spun me around and lent over me, he was supporting me with his arms that were linked behind my back.

"Where are you going?" He asked, smiling at me. I was deeply attracted to him, to be honest. But I was scared to throw in my lot with him. It would only end badly.

He pulled me up and let go. He sat down at a table. "Sit down" he said, gesturing towards the other chair.

My feet moved on their own. My head was telling me, screaming at me, to stop. It will only end badly. But I ignored it. I let go of common sense.

I sat down. "You drink?" "N-no…" I whispered. He went up to the bar and ordered two beers. He gave one to me, "here" I looked at it. "I-I don't drink, I told you!"

"Please? Have you tried one of these?"


"You should try new things, come on" he cracked open his beer, I did the same with mine. "You play pool?"

"I have played a little, not much though."

"Well come on!" he pulled me over to the table. "Hey! Matt! Found you. We're going now. Are you com- are you drinking?" he asked, incredulously.

"Um…" I looked at my half empty beer glass, it was my third. "Yeah…"

"Wow… Are you coming?"

"R-right…" I downed the last half, the boy came next to me "I forgot to ask, what's your name?"

"Matthew, or Matt"

"Is it alright if I call you Birdie?"

"Yeah, sure. What's your name?"


"Can I call you Gil?"

"Sure." Gil touched my cheek and leaned forward, he kissed me gently on the lips. Then he released me, "I'll see you again, Birdie"

"Woah…" I stared at Gil, then Ludwig tugged me, "let's go" I heard a hint of steel in his voice, as he turned and headed for the door, we all bundled into his car and he drove us home.