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He doesn't remember.

Gilbert stumbled over a rock. He hit the ground hard, tears welling and chest heaving. He looked around, he didn't recognize anything and he couldn't see the cabins. He was lost in the forest.

"Who cares?" He flopped on his back and stared through the cacophony of leaves. They were turning red and yellow, one fluttered down and he caught it. "I wish that Birdie would remember me or that I would forget him…"

Be careful what you wish for…

Gilbert's arm jerked as he released the leave, he sat bolt upright. "Who said that!?" But the forest only stared back at him, silently. "Did someone say that, or did I think it?"

A shiver involuntarily ran up his spine. He heard rustling and screamed as a rabbit hopped out. His heart was racing. "Only a rabbit…"

He stood up, the forest was scaring him and he wanted the warmth and safety of a bed. The night was growing darker as he searched for his cabin. He was just about to give up when he heard voices.

Ludwig emerged from the bushes, followed by Elizabeta and some others he didn't know. "Idiot," Ludwig shook him. "You nearly scared me to death disappearing like that!" He wrapped Gilbert in a bear hug.

Gilbert sagged into his arms, relief clouding his mind. They led the half stumbling Gilbert back to the cabins.

When Gilbert arrived, he felt his cheeks flame up red. He was pretty embarrassed. Gilbert muttered something and fled into the shower, slamming the door shut and locking it. He turned on the water and stood under it, letting the water wash away his thoughts.

Gilbert finally switched off the water and stepped out. He looked for a towel. None. He stuck out his head from the bathroom door and observed the boys in his dorm playing cards. "Oi, could one of you charming fellas fetch me my towel?" He asked, face devoid of emotion.

One of the boys stepped up and grabbed a towel. He threw it at Gilbert and he caught it easily. He walked out, towelling his silver hair. The boys looked at him in surprise. "What, never seen a naked man?" He asked with a smirk on his face, "drink it up." He snapped as he walked to the leftover bunk and located his suitcase. He threw it on the bed and zipped it open.

He pulled on black trousers, smart leather black shoes, a plain white long sleeved shirt and a vest. He finally pulled out a hat, the hat he had been wearing when he met Birdie. He hesitated and then donned it.

A knock came at the door and a voice telling them to come out for dinner. Gilbert walked to the door and flung it open. "See you." He snarled with a poisonous voice. At the dinner hall, Gilbert choose a seat and found himself surrounded with girls.

He made idle conversation and shot a smile their way occasionally. But all his eyes were on Birdie.

That's it. I had a plotline, but I've forgotten it. Since I now need to rethink of one, I will leave it at that for now. Please be patient with me. ^_^