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Kaoru's P.O.V

My eyes slowly opened and I realized that the warmth beside me was gone...not that I missed it or anything! I sat up in my bed and found a note on the pillow next to me.

Dear Babe,

The bros and I went hunting

Stay in your room until I return

Your Sexy Prince


I rolled my eyes at the "sexy prince" comment,that cocky bastard. Wait...stay in my room?!

"Screw that!" I said to no one in particular. I looked out the window. It had a nice view of the forest and New Townsville Park. This castle is huge and I only saw a few rooms of this place. An evil smile spread across my face-a sure sign I'm up to no good. And as usual I drag my friends along. Momoko and Kimiko would do this to me as well but never Miyako. She just tries to put me in skirts or dresses but never the devious stuff like Momoko, Kimiko, and I. She was always the draggie not the dragger, but whatever. It was 10:00 am they should up by now.

You guys up?

Yea Kimiko said lazily

Hai Miyako replied

Hey K-chan Momoko said in tired tone.

I have another idea I know that when I say 'I have an idea' it really means 'Let's do something we're not supposed to!'

Will something explode this time? Miyako asked remembering the time I said that when we got the school quarantined because I mixed up the wrong chemicals. But hey we got a week and a half vacation.

Chill Miya I just thought we should explore the castle while the boys are gone

I'm in! Kimiko cheered and I smiled. She was always up for things like this.

Me too! Momoko agreed.

I-I don't know Miyako hesitated ,not that I was surprised,

Aww come on Miya-chi if we get caught all you have to do is act cute! Your good at that! Momoko said trying to get her to agree, but as usual she needed a little push.

Don't worry Miya we'll just wait. You just take a shower and change. I said

Okay, desu wa I felt her close the connection.

Lemme guess we are going to shower, change, meet in the hallway, and force Miyako out the room. Momoko said.


Hai! They said in unison and they closed our telepathic connection. (A/N: Think of it like a phone convo in your head) I took a shower and put on my sleeves less neon green top that says "Don't Mess With Me" on it in black letters, light blue jean shorts, and green/black sneakers. I brushed my hair a little and went outside my room. Momoko and Kimiko were coming out as well . Momoko is wearing a pink ruffle tank top, light blue pocket shorts, and pink vans with white hearts all over it. Her hair was in a high ponytail with her used-to-be-signature bow just like old times. Kimiko's hair is in its normal hairstyle,though. She is wearing a purple shirt with ripped design on the side, a white tank top under it, gray studded shorts, and low purple converses.

"Ready?" I whispered. They nodded and we slowly approached Miyako's room.

Miyako's P.O.V

I just took my shower and put on my cropped blue tank top with a white shirt underneath, tan skirt, and blue sandals. I heard a knock on my door, It must be Raiden-kun! I noticed my feelings for him have gotten stronger lately. I can't help it he's so adorable, and funny, and sweet! I went to the door and opened it. It wasn't Raiden-kun. It was my sisters giving me a devious-looking smirks...wait devious smirks that's the look they give me before-

"Aah!" I screamed and ran to my bed.

"Come on Miya-chi it'll be fun!" Momoko-san said.

"No! The boys said they want us in our room" I said when trying to get out of the girls grip.

"Don't tell me your not the tiniest bit curious about this huge castle" Kimiko said tightening her grip on my left arm.

"Well..." I started

"Then it's settled!" They cheered in unison. Kaoru , Kimiko, Momoko dragged me out of the room, but it took them a while. When it's three against one and one of three is Kaoru-san I was going to lose eventually. Momoko blocked the door.

"Thanks for joining us Miya" Kaoru said with a triumphant smile.

"Hey what's that?" Kimiko said cupping er ear.

"I hear it too" Momoko said.

"It sounds's coming from... there" Kaoru said pointing to a light gray door with a white crescent moon on it-Tsuki's room.

"And the exploration begins" Kimiko said doing spy movies toward the door while humming 'Mission Impossible'. I giggled at her silly performance. She slowly opened the door and waved for us to come in. We followed and I looked room is really nice.

She has a round queen-sized bed that has black,gray, and white sheets. Above her bed is a white bed canopy with gray sparkles all over it. The walls are painted gray-white to make it look like the moon is painted on her walls. They are pictures all over her walls some are paintings and others are photos. There is a violin staff next to her bed, a drawing board on her desk, and poetry books.

"Whoa she painted those?" Kaoru asked amazed.

"She's REALLY good..." Momoko said with amazement. I heard the noise again.

"Guys that sound again" I said "By the balcony..." I heard the noise clearer now. It was a song played on the flute. The music was peaceful and made me feel light. We looked behind the curtains and saw Tsuki play the flute facing her kingdom. She has a peaceful expression on her face almost as if...she's in a trance. I focused on the song itself it sounded familiar. I heard this song on t.v and it was classical music, my grandmother's favorite, but I couldn't think of the name.

"Mourning Mood..." Kimiko said in a whisper.

"Huh?"we asked in unison.

"Mourning Mood..."she repeated "by Peer Gynt that's the name of this song"

"How did you know?" Kaoru asked taking the words out of my mouth.

"This was one of the songs my sister danced to at her recital" she answered.

"She's playing so beautifully" Momoko breathed.

"Yeah..."we agreed. I felt like I was in a dream. This song reminded me of the feeling I had when Momoko,Kaoru, Kimiko, and I dressed in white and went into a sunflower patch. (A/N: The 4th PPGZ Ending it's called "Himawari" which is Japanese for sunflower) I felt magical and warm ,don't just love hearing songs like that?

"Oh!" I heard a voice say. We all opened our eyes and snapped out of our awed-state. I didn't even know my eyes were closed! And did the the song end? Tsuki-nee was wearing a gray tank top with a white shirt with puffy short-sleeves underneath, a black skirt, and short white boots with gray laces. Her hair was out and she was wearing her famous necklace.

"Uhh,Gomenasai!"(I'm very sorry) we said in unison and bowed. I forgot she was royalty and we technically broke into her room.

"It's okay you guys just caught me off guard that's all"

"You play the flute really well" I complemented.


"And you also play the violin?" Momoko said looking at it.

She nodded "Yeah at night. It's apart of my mediation."

"I play one song at night and one song in the mourning. The songs I play are soothing so it helps me meditate" That explains the look on her face.

"Oh well since you play Mourning Mood in the mourning (A/N:Perfect fit, huh? :P) what song do you play at night?" Kimiko asked.

"Moonlight Sonata on the violin"

"I had a feeling it would be moon related" Momoko said and we all laughed.

"I like how your walls are painted." Kaoru said.

"Thanks I painted it myself, actually" Tsuki said in shy tone. I could tell she wasn't trying to show off.

"NO WAY!" we yelled.

"way..." she said simply.

"Damn girl!" Kaoru said still shocked. I looked at one of her photographs. It was a picture of her and the boys swimming in some sort of pond. The boys looked 11 or so which made Tsuki 9, Kawai!

"Oh! Who's this Tsuki-chan?" Momoko said with a smirk. I walked up to Momoko and took a look. It was a picture of Tsuki and some boy. He has black hair with gray tints and its straight (A/N:like in the anime) and he has amber colored eyes. In the picture the guy was smiling wide showing teeth and Tsuki was on his back leaning to the left a little hugging his neck. Aww that's a cute picture!

"He's a cutie pie" Kimiko said looking over Momoko's shoulder.

"Is that your boyfriend?" Kaoru said looking at her with a smirk.

"N-No!" she said blushing.

"That's my best friend Aoki-kun! He lives near my aunt so I would see him when I train."

"Your training is done,right? So do you two still talk?" I asked

"Of course he visits me sometimes and we always keep in touch"she said smiling.

"Is he royalty too?" Kimiko asked

"He's a noble vampire and our families get along well"

"The boys met him too"

"Yeah at first they weren't very fond of him but now the five are good friends"

"So what's he like?" I asked with a smile.

"Well..."she blushed "He's fun to be around, he knows how to make me laugh, he's adventurous, and we usually tease each other."

"Aww the teaser couple!" Momoko cheered

"We're not a couple Momoko-chan!" Tsuki said "We're just friends really..."

"Mhmmm" We said doubtfully and she sighed.

"I thought Kaoru and Takeshi-san are the teasing couple" Kimiko said with her head tilted.

"Nah they're the perverted couple" she said

"HEY! HE'S THE PERVERT NOT ME!" Kaoru yelled defensively.

"Don't worry Tsuki-chan! I ,Momoko Akatsutsumi, Goddess of Love will shoot my arrows so you two can realize your hidden love for each other!" Momoko said as a pink background with red and white hearts all over it came out of no where while Momoko poses with Cupid's arrows aiming for Tsuki's rear end. We stared at her with dinner plate eyes and we sweat dropped twice. Momoko takes her 'Goddess of Love' title a bit too seriously sometimes.

"Nani?"(What?) she asked as if nothing happened.

"Uhh...that's not necessary Momoko-chan" Tsuki said nervously.

"Besides how can a girl who had one boyfriend and one mate be cupid?"

"Excuse me,Kaoru! But may I remind you of Dexter"

"And may I remind you that he did those weird experiments on you"

"It was still a crush!"

"The only thing that got crushed was your head when he spilled that liquid on the floor and you slipped on it"

"That was sodium nitride"

"Goddammit Momoko its summer stop teaching me stuff!" Then they got into argument again. I sighed with a sweat drop. 3...2...1

"URUSAI!" Kimiko and I yelled.

"Aren't we supposed to be exploring?" I asked

"Oh yeah!"

"Exploring what?" Tsuki-nee asked.

"Well we're going to explore this place while the guys are out." Kaoru answered.

"Before we leave you drew these pics of yourself?'' Kimiko asked looking at sketches. We all surrounded her to look at them. They were drawing of her when she transforms.

"Oh those are my forms remember when I said I had three? Well you guys saw this one, but not these two" She said pointing to the drawings.

"All those outfits are so cute!" I said

"Thanks Miyako"

"Maybe we'll see them some day" Momoko said


"Well!Let's Go!" Kaoru said opening the door

"Sorry we disturbed you" I said.

"Sorry Kaoru was snooping through your stuff" Momoko said getting back at Kaoru for the 'only one boyfriend' comment.

"And sorry for the 'Goddess of Love' speech" Kaoru said ticking her tongue out at Momoko which caused Momoko to chase her out the room.

"Will you two just kiss and make up we have exploring to do!" Kimiko yelled after them leaving. I turned back to Tsuki and let out a nervous laugh.

"It's okay" she said I smiled at her and left.

That's A Wrap!

This chapter was to let you guys know what Tsuki's like and what her interests are so I hope you enjoyed!

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