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All:Moshi!Moshi! Tsuki-chan!

Me:Hey guys!

Boomer:Do we come back in this one?



Momoko:Check out all these sweets I got!

Butch: Uhh,Pinky that's a big bag...

Momoko: hm? Oh no this is all that I can carry *puts the bag down and goes outside* Drop the load boys!

(A truck puts down a mountain of candy in the room)

All:O_O *jaw drops*

Momoko:There's enough for everyone!

Kimiko&Kaoru:There's enough for Russia!

Miyako:Maybe even China!

Momoko:I'll call the guys for the second load

Brady:And I'll call the dentist...

Brick:Tsuki doesn't own us RRBZ, the PPGZ, or Momoko's major sweet tooth *eats jolly rancher*

Boomer:Alright Candy Cannon Ball! *jumps in the candy*

Kimiko: Wooo! *canon balls in the candy after Boomer*

Butch:We shouldn't let this go to waste...

Me:Happy Reading! *eats candy with the others* To the Story!

Kimiko's P.O.V

It was half an hour after we left Tsuki's room. I felt bad barging in like that but we DID learn some things about her. We learned about her meditation routine, her amazing art skills, we saw her 3 transformations, oh and her possible crush Aoki! He's really cute but don't tell Sato-kun I said that he'll just make sarcastic jokes about it -_-.

"Check out the library!" Momo-san said as she walked into it as if it was Disneyland. Momoko is hyper and boy-crazy but she is also very smart plus she reads a lot so I can understand why she would be interested in this place. We followed her in and gasped. Normally I'm not a library person but this one was an exception. It was a breath-taking sight; fancy chandeliers, marble walls, leather sofas, and of course thousands of books!

"Whoa...not bad" Kaoru said

"Wow I never thought I would hear you say that,Kaoru-chan" Miyako said.

"You know this looks like the libraries in the movies that has secret passages" I said excitedly.

"Don't get your hopes up this mansion isn't that old" Kaoru said

"I wouldn't say that Kaoru they have books from the 1940's" Momoko said showing us a book with the date in bold.

"The same year as Sherlock Holmes film series" I said looking back at Kaoru.

"That's just a coincidence" she said "Besides those secret passages are fake"

"You'll never know K-chan" I said flipping books down to see if they'll trigger something. From the corner of my eyes I saw Miyako looking at some statue. It was Richard's bust.

"Whoa-AHHHHH!" Miyako heads snapped toward her and she...fell through a wall?

"She must have triggered something to make the wall move." Momoko said feeling the wall. We heard Miyako banging the wall from the other side obviously freaking out.

"When will you learn to not doubt me" I said in a 'I-told-you-so' tone.

"Okay you were right now can we just-" Kaoru leaned on the bust by accident and the wall spun around taking us with it.

"Ahh!" we screamed.



"I don't know what happened..." she started.

"I do" we all looked at Momoko "When you and Kaoru touched the bust's eyes it made the wall spin and we ended up here"

"So what know?" Miyako asked.

"Well we're exploring right?" Momoko said/asked. We nodded and kept close to each other as we walked down the hall wondering what will be revealed.

Raiden's P.O.V

We returned home from hunting at around 11. We didn't want to be out long since we know the girls will try something. Takeshi opened the door and we were greeted with a small smile.


"Ussu Suki-san!" We hugged her and she happily returned the gesture.

"Guess who we bumped into?" I asked her.


"Aoki" Satoshi said with a smirk

"Really?!" she shrieked happily. I chuckled a little. Tsuki and Aoki met near our aunt Setsuna's house. So when she trained there she would see him a lot. He is a vampire noble and a good friend of ours. We know Tsuki likes him but she keeps denying it. We even made a bet to see when they're finally going to go out.

"Yeah he's coming tomorrow so the 10 of us can do something fun" Yuichi said smirking at our sisters' excitement.

"We should go to Nightmare the girls will love that club, besides the name" Takeshi said laughing a little at the end.

"Yeah!I haven't been there since last summer!" Tsuki aid with her eyes beaming.

"Hm...you must be pretty excited to hang out with your 'best friend' " Takeshi teased putting an arm around her shoulder.

"Well..."she blushed slightly "yeah h-he is my best friend after a-all" she stammered. We all smirked at her.



"Well lets check out out mates" Yuichi said hurrying up the stairs with the rest of us following closely behind. I opened the door and said "I'm home Miyako-chan!" No answer. I looked at the bed, the closet, the bathroom still nothing. I was about to call her name again when I heard my door banging. My brothers stormed in as soon as I answered.

"You guys too?" I asked


"Where can they be?" Takeshi half yelled.

"Maybe Suki-san can help" I said.

"Good idea, Raiden" Satoshi said.

"Ikou!"(Let's Go!) my red headed brother said on his way out the door. We didn't hesitate to follow.

Tsuki's P.O.V

I was continuing my sketch on one of my transformations when I heard banging on my door. 'Takeshi-onii-san' I thought answering the door. My brothers barged in my room yelling at once and after a few minutes I couldn't take it anymore!

"Urusai!" I yelled

"One at a time,Raiden start"

"Our mates aren't in their rooms!"

"I know"

" do?!"

"Yeah...they were in my room earlier" I said.

"Where are they now?" Yuichi-onii-san said taking my shoulders and looking me in the eye. It's sweet how they care about the girls but they're just going to look around the castle they aren't going sky diving. I guess love made my brothers over react.

"I'm not sure they told me they were going exploring"

"They'll get lost!" Takeshi shouted starting to freak out.

"Can't you just sense where they are?" Satoshi asked.

"I'll try"

I can sense people by their emotions so for me to find them one of the girls have to feel a strong emotion. I closed my eyes and focused on everyone's emotions. Each person has a different color aura and to determine the person's emotion I have to concentrate on the color.I saw dark green,red,cobalt blue,and dark purple auras and a wave of concern was flowing from it. Finally, I felt fear from a sky blue aura:Miyako. I focused on the sky blue aura it was somewhere on the 3rd floor since our rooms are on the second.

"3rd floor" I said "Definitely the third floor." They nodded and I lead them to the library. My brothers looked around while I sat on the couch to concentrate again. I saw a neon purple aura that was bursting excitement in my face:Kimiko. Her aura was added to Miyako's and I ended up in front of the bust of otto-san (father).

"Oh no..." I said in a low tone. That's all it took for my brothers to come around me.

"You don't think-" Raiden started

"Must be" Yuichi said. Takeshi stepped up and pressed the bust's eyes and started to spin with the moving wall.

Kaoru's P.O.V

We walked down this secret hall and came to an ancient looking wooden door.

"You think there's a dragon in there?" My brunette friend asked us.

"Okay a secret hall is one thing but dragon's is where I draw the line" I said. She watches WAY too many movies even though she was right about the spinning wall a dragon is going over board. We have a better chance of meeting E.T. Momoko opened the door and we gasped.

They were four walls of glass. The first wall has a tinted red and had a fiery spirit inside. She had the same flame tattoo as Yuichi. The second wall was clear and a smokey white spirit was behind it with Satoshi's tattoo on her chest. The third wall is tinted in a pale blue color. A watery blue spirit with a water spirit on her chest was behind it. The last wall was framed in rocks and a light brown spirit behind it had Takeshi's tattoo on her chest. All four spirits looked asleep.

"Wha-what are these things?" Momoko whispered not wanting to break the eerie silence.

"They look so beautiful and powerful" Miyako added and I nodded in agreement.

"You guys notice they have the boys symbols on their chest?" Kimiko asked.

"Yeah you think they're linked?" I asked Momoko.

"Maybe or they have the same power as them"

"But-" Miyako didn't finish her sentence because we heard footsteps coming this way.

"Eep!" Miyako shrieked which caused three hands to cover her mouth with a chorus of 'Shh's' to go with it.

"Hide!" Momoko and Kaoru whispered in unison. I hid behind a pillar with Kimiko while Momoko and Kimiko hid in a corner. I started to hear voices from far away but they were getting closer.

"How can they be here?"

"It's possible"

"I'm not wrong about these things"

"We gotta find them and get them out of here before something happens." Those voices sounded familiar...could it be? Kimiko looked at me as if she read my mind.

"Onee-chans" We heard Tsuki whisper harshly after I heard the sound of a door open.





"Minna!"(Guys!) we revealed ourselves surprised to find them here. They ran to us and hugged us lovingly. I was kind of happy to see him. I saw my friends hugging them back and I slowly returned the embrace.

Yuichi P.O.V

I hugged Momoko lovingly and was a bit shocked when she hugged me back. When we finally parted I quickly remembered where we are.

"Let's get out of here...now" I said.

"Oh right..." my siblings replied looking at the sleeping spirits.

"Who are they?" Kaoru asked.

"And why do they have the same symbols as you?"

"We'll explain once we get out". We slowly walked out of the room but then I noticed the four girls standing frozen looking at the spirits.

Momoko's P.O.V

We were about to leave until I heard a faint voice. I looked at my friends and they the same look on their faces.

"Did you hear that?" Kaoru whispered to us to prevent the boys freaking out.

"Yeah.."we replied. We turned around and the spirits' symbols were glowing but their eyes are closed. It was creepy but cool. Four powerful yet eerie voices spoke to us in unison it said:

"After the battle, under the full moon, the fountain of youth will hold your destiny"

My friends and I exchanged glances looks of confusion. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned to see Yuichi looking at me with concern.

"Are you okay?" he asked. I looked back at the spirits and realized their tattoo's stopped glowing.

"Uh...yeah..." I said

"Are you sure you girls look pale?" Raiden asked

"Yeah we're fine" Kaoru said.

"We'll tell you when we get out here" Kimiko said

Once we were in the library again we sat on the couch. I can tell we were pale because the vampires looked at us with concern.

"You guys look like you saw a ghost" Satoshi said.

"Well its more like we heard one..." Kimiko said causing them to give us 'o.O' faces.

"We heard the spirits say something to us...their tattoos were glowing and they said something without destiny?" Miyako said questionably.

"What did they say exactly?" Takeshi asked.

"They said something about a battle during a full moon and the fountain of youth"

"Wait did you just say fountain of youth?" Tsuki asked.

"Yeah" I said. The royals shot knowing looks at each other.

"You guys know something about this?" Kaoru asked raising an eyebrow.

"Somewhat" Takeshi answered putting his hands behind his head.

"But not entirely so until then don't worry about it okay?" Yuichi said and we nodded. Ever since the the spirits talked to us I got pale and I couldn't stop shaking I felt so anxious.

"I don't know why we are so shaky it was just a voice" Miyako said in a trembling voice.

"Yeah but it was four elements spirits voice at once." Satoshi said

"Aren't those the spirits that helped you realize your elements?" Kimiko asked. They nodded. Well that explains the symbols.

"It's just a side effect that your shaky after they talk to you" Yuichi explained.

"When does it stop?!" Kaoru asked obviously hating feeling this way.

"Well normally 10 minutes but with Suki-san 10 seconds" Takeshi said signalling her to do something. She sat lotus position in front of us and breathed evenly. Her necklace twinkled a bit and suddenly I felt a wave of serenity wash over me. It was an amazing feeling. When it was over we all took a deep breath.

"Wow...that was so cool!" Kimiko said

"I needed that thanks!" Kaoru said

"Your welcome"

"Oh we got good news to tell you girls"

"Does it involve Tsuki's boyfriend?!" I said excitedly

"WHAT BOYFRIEND I'LL RIP HIM TO SHREDS!" They yelled loudly in unison in my face. The girls and I huddled on the couch sweat dropping.

"S-She means Aoki" Miyako startled at the boys sudden reaction.

"Oh well in that case yes" they said in their normal tones. All us girls sweat dropped again at the sudden change in their voice.

"He's not my boyfriend!"

"Yeah,yeah,yeah" the ruffs said in unison.

"Anyway he's coming tomorrow when we all go out" Takeshi finished.

"Awesome!Where are we going?" I asked.


"On elm street?!" Kimiko and Kaoru said hopefully. They love horror movies but sometimes they go a bit too far.

"No..."Raiden chuckled when my two friends looked disappointed.

"Nightmare is a vamp teen club that's really popular" Raiden explained.

"A DANCE CLUB?!" Miyako,Kimiko,and I said in unison with stars in our eyes.


"Yay!" we cheered

"Do I HAVE too?" Kaoru complained. Kaoru never liked dancing well actually she would dance with us but never in public places. I guess it makes her uncomfortable even though she did that one time at the disco when us PPGZ were special guests(A/N: As seen on episode 29 of PPGZ)

"Come on Kaoru it would be fun!" Takeshi said

"Yeah, they have karaoke" Raiden and Satoshi said helping Takeshi convince her.

"And that's supposed to make me WANT to come?" Kaoru said as she raised an eyebrow.

"Step aside let the professionals handle this" I said as Miyako, Kimiko, and I got in front of her/

"Please!Please!Please!" we begged




"Pretty please with sprinkles,sugar, and strawberries on top?!"



"Alright! Alright! T'll go just shut up!" Kaoru said covering her ears.

"Yay!" We all hugged her and Kimiko gave her a playful kiss on the cheek. (A/N: Just to clear things up they ARE NOT lesbians they are friends. Friends kiss each other on the cheek all the time. So to all the readers saying "Omg Kimiko kissed Kaoru" its no big deal and it will happen again in future chapters just a heads up)

"Giggity. I like where this is going" Takeshi said grinning wide(A/N:Takeshi is a perv what do you expect?) Of course he would be the one to say that. His brothers laughed really hard and ended up on the floor while the girls made '-_-' faces.

"So does the club give you nightmares?" Miyako asked after the boys calmed down.

"If were lucky" Satoshi said with a mysterious smirk. Fiona-sama(Ms/Lord Fiona). She was wearing a frilly wine long sleeved top with a black pencil skirt.

"There you are. What are you doing in the library?" We all exchanged looks.

"Nothing" we responded.

"Hey mom can we all go to Nightmare tomorrow?" Raiden asked with puppy dog eyes.

"Aww your so adorable" she said pinching his cheeks making us giggle even Kaoru. "But you know how I feel about that place."

"Doozo Ka-san(Please,mother) The boys smirked at each other. I'm guessing Raiden-chan is they're 'secret weapon' to get Fiona-sama to say yes all the time. By the looks on her face it must be working.

"Alright but you only get three hours"

"Arigato! Ka-san!" The siblings cried hugging their mother.

"Tsuki-chan you're going too?"

"Yes with Aoki-kun,as friends" I smirked when she added the last part quickly.

"In that case three and a half hours" Fiona-sama said winking at Tsuki. She blushed a rosy color.

"Ka-san!" she exclaimed as her brothers laughed at her while us girls giggled.

"Just teasing you dear, oh and dinner is ready." She said before existing. That's when I realized it was already 6:00 pm.

"Let's Eat!" I said pushing everyone out the door. It was 10:30 pm when we went our separate ways for the night. I was really excited about the club tommorow and meeting Aoki. I put on my pajamas and met the girls outside our room. We planned on hearing Tsuki's night song the same way we did this morning but this time on purpose. The girls and I took our showers first so we'll have enough time to sneak in and out while the boys take theirs.

We heard faint violin playing and entered her room. At night her room make you feel like your in space. We sat on a dark gray couch that's close to the balcony and listened to her play. Her eyes were closed and she had the same peaceful look on her face. The cool breeze made our hair flutter in the wind and moonlight gave her a silver glow.

Moonlight Sonata, I remember hearing this at one of Kimiko's recitals. It has a low and calm tune. Not high like Mourning Mood but both songs are peaceful to listen to. I enjoyed the violin's tune and relaxed myself on the couch. I felt like I was floating in water, it was comforting.

"Needed an encore?"

"Aah!" we yelled as we fell of the couch in surprise...again. We looked up to see the violinist herself. She was wearing a light gray cotton nightgown that reached her knees. It has a picture of a girl sleeping on a crescent moon and it said 'Good Night Moon' in black above the picture. Her long raven hair was in a high side ponytail.

"Heh heh?" we laughed nervously.

"It's okay my brothers do the same thing"

"Really? but we never see them" Kaoru said.

"They're sneaky" the ravenette replied simply.

"You were REALLY good!" I said smiling.

"Arigato Momoko-chan"

"Miya-chan plays the piano"Kimiko said putting an arm around her.

"Really?" Miyako nodded smiling. "We should do a duet sometime" Miyako said in a cheery tone.

"That would be nice"

"Its been 10 minutes we should head back to our rooms before the boys send a swat team after us." Kaoru said. We all laughed at the fact that its true.

"Plus we got a night to look forward too!" Kimiko cheered

"Especially Tsuki-chan" I said winking. We giggled as she blushed.

"Good Night Kiki-chan!" we said on the way out.

"Good Night Onee-sans!"

I opened the door and the lights came on. Yuichi was sitting on the bed staring at me with a smirk on his face.

"And where have you been young lady?" He said in a tone that was all too familiar.

"Um...well I-"He held up his hand to cut me off.

"Save it I knew you were in Tsuki's room to hear her play violin" he said.

"How did you-"

"My bros and I did that way before you guys and I can't blame you the songs are peaceful. they put you in a good mood to start the day or go to sleep." he said

"I know her songs are peaceful and all but why did you listen to them?" I asked sitting beside him on the bed. He sighed.

"Being a prince is stressful. You have to go to meetings, attend certain events, and training was the hardest part." He said

"Your training?"

"Yeah my element is at it strongest when I'm mad so I would force myself to become angry to complete my training faster."

"I see." I said starting to understand "You making your self angry added stress because you pushed yourself too hard and listening to Tsuki play helps you relax."

He nodded. "All of our elements are strongest when mad actually I'm just the only one who used it as an advantage"

"I'm glad your training is over. I wouldn't want to see you do that to yourself" I said getting under the covers since I was getting goosebumps.

"Aww Pinky you do care!" I rolled my eyes with a smile and put my head on the pillow. I felt two strong arms around my waist. My face heated up I knew I was blushing a deep rosy color. Ugh! Why do I keep blushing!?

"I have that affect on women" he said in a cocky tone. I hit him with a pillow and he chuckled. Finally enjoy his comfort I go to sleep.

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