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Me: Konnichiwa Minna-san Welcome to chapter 12 :)

Kimiko:I'm so excited to be getting ready for the club I haven't danced since this morning!

Miyako:We are going to wear the cutest dresses!

Kaoru:Whoa!Whoa! What do you mean "we"? and "dresses"?

Momoko:Duh we can't go to the club in sweats Kaoru

Kaoru:Why Not!?

Butch: Because your going to wear heels and booty shorts =D

Kaoru:NO WAY,YAROU! (asshole)

Me:Ahem! Trying to introduce the chapter here!

Kaoru:Gomen, but Butch is an annoying perv

Butch:Yes but I'm your annoying perv


Kaoru:Urusai! *blushes*

Momoko:Everyone is ignoring the fact that Aoki is coming with us *pokes elbow at me*

Brick:Oh yeah excited Suki-san?

Me:Uh...I don't own them! Happy Reading! To the story!

Everyone:Hey wait a minute!

A certain amber-eyed boy was looking forward to the was mourning and everyone was staring to wake up and get ready for the day. They all slept late so they could have enough energy for the night.

"I'm going to Tsuki's house later, mom" he called.

"Oh yeah you and your friends are going to Nightmare,right?"


"Well be careful. That place can get wild."

"Sure thing mom"

"Oh and are you going to ask her out?" the woman said with a sly smile. Her amber-eyed son spit out his cereal in shock which caused his mother to giggle.

"Mom! We're just friends!" he protested.

"Relax I'm just teasing,dear" she said but deep down she knew it was going to happen and so did her husband and other daughter. She watched those two play together and witnessed their relationship grow over the years. Tsuki was definitely a special girl to him. 'When the day comes', she thought to herself with a smile, 'I'll approve her in a heartbeat'.

"I'm going o get ready!" her son called going upstairs snapping out of her thoughts.

"Alright Aoki" she replied smiling to herself.

In the Royal Vampire Castle...

Tsuki's P.O.V

Everyone was eating breakfast and talking about tonight.

"It's going to be fun" Takeshi-nii said to Kaoru-san.

"And I know this awesome dress that look would perfect on you!" Miyako chirped.

"I'n not wearing a dress!"

"Yea you are!" Momoko,Kimiko, and Miyako said in unison.

"No I'm not!"Kaoru yelled back,challenging her friends.

"Yes you are!"

"No I'm not!"



"Okay stop arguing" Yuichi said butting in "Let's just eat in peace"

"How is that possible with all the ruckus going on across the hall" Momoko said.

"Meetings happen often we need to make sure you girls are safe" Yuichi said eating his eggs.

"Yeah especially after that wolf attack" Takeshi added.

"We didn't get attacked" Kaoru said

"Then what do you call four werewolves popping out of nowhere getting ready to rape you?" Satoshi said with his eyes closed-his signature sarcastic gesture. Kaoru glared and ate her french toast.

"Let's focus on the good things!" Miyako cheered and everyone smiled and nodded in agreement.

"Tsuki will you be joining us?" Momoko asked with a cheery smile. I nodded after drinking some apple juice.

"Yeah but when Kaoru starts getting physical I'm ducking for cover" I said

"You and me both" Miyako giggled

"We'll take her,Kimiko?" Momoko said looking at her purple eyed friend.

"Hai!" she said confidently.

"Good luck you'll both need it" Kaoru said drinking some orange juice.

"It's noon you girls should be getting ready" Raiden said.

"Your right Raiden-kun!, c'mon girls !" Miyako said happily. She was very energetic about special events out because she gets to pick out clothes and prepare.

"Fine but you aren't putting me in a dress." Kaoru said getting up.

"Do a good job on her girls!" Takeshi said.

"Don't worry Takeshi-kun you won't even recognize her !" Momoko, Miyako and Kimiko said with a wink while I just flashed him a smile.

"I'm standing right here!" Kaoru half-yelled.

The girls went to the same room the maid quartet took them on their "Wedding Day" so they can all get dressed in the same place.

Miyako's P.O.V

We entered the room and sat on the couch to think what to wear.I usually help the girls pick out outfits since I'm the fashionista in the group.

"First we need to decide what we're wearing,desu" I said "For example I'm wearing a party dress!"

"Me too!" Momoko said as we high-fived.

"hmmm...maybe a club dress" Kimiko said making her 'thinking face'.

"What about you Tsuki-chan?" Momoko-san asked our ravenette friend.

"Umm maybe a nice tunic or a mini dress with tights" she responded normally. We have been getting along well lately which is a good thing because I don't want her to be shy around we will definitely bond better and hopefully she'll feel comfortable and show us her true colors. But I gotta admit she has great taste!

"That sounds cute!" I cheered which made her smile. We all looked at Kao-rin and she had a bored look on her face. I'm not surprised at all. Kaoru is the type to just pick a random outfit in a closet. Not when we're around!

"K-chan how about a pretty green strapless green dress?" I suggested.

"No dress!" Kaoru yelled "and why are you guys only recommending strapless dress anyway?"

"Because you have the biggest boobs" Kimiko said with a giggle while we nodded happily.

Kaoru growled. "You three have C-cups too!" she shouted. Kaoru always hated the fact that she had the biggest boobs out of us. Pointing that out is the easiest way to tick her off,which is exactly why Kimi-usa uses it as a target for teasing.

"K-chan your like 3 sizes away from being a D-cup"

"Ahh! Don't jinx me Momoko-chan!" she yelled

"Well as long as were on the subject Suki-san is about a cup away from being a C-cup like us" Kimiko said with a wink.

"Yeah I'm sure Aoki would be happy about that" Momoko teased which made her blush a deep pink.

"Okay everyone stop talking about boobs!" Kaoru said covering her ears.

A moment of silence...



She giggled."okay okay I'm done!"


"How about this dress?" the red head said pulling out a green and black silky dress.

"Are you guys fucking deaf!? I am NOT wearing a dress!" We sighed. Kaoru was being really stubborn,as usual. I want her to look cute for the club but at the same time I want her to actually like her outfit. Hmm...If I were Kaoru what would be the girliest thing I would put on...

"I got it!" I exclaimed causing everyone to look at me

"I know the PERFECT outfit for you K-chan!"

"It's not a dress is it?" She asked in a grumpy tone.

"No time, Grab her!" Momoko and Kimiko grabbed our green-eyed friend. I giggled as I joined them in the green closet.

Raiden's P.O.V

I just checked my cobalt blue watch and it was 5 p.m. We are going to Nightmare at 9 but Miyako-chan told me it will take forever to get a dress, or anything she finds "too girly", on Kaoru so they had to start early. My bros and I however are getting ready at 8:30. Right now we are playing a classic:Mario Kart and I'm Yoshi.

"No fair Takeshi you pushed me into the water!" I yelled.

"You were in my way and-HEY!" Takeshi yelled when he was hit. "Satoshi what the hell?!"

"Sorry bro, but the Torpedo is the best item ever!?" he said with his usual sly grin.

"Too bad you guys aren't in 1st place like me!" gloated Yuichi. He is Mario, Satoshi is Toad, and Takeshi is Bowser. "The torpedo can't can't hit you when your 1st place!" he continued cockily.

"No but a blue shell can" Satoshi said. Just as he predicted a Blue Shell hit Mario making him in 4th place.


"Wasn't me, Red that was a Porcupine!" I just noticed that like Kimiko, Satoshi likes to nickname people too. He was the first person to call me adorable which the whole house started to copy. He calls Takeshi porcupine because of his spiky hair, he calls Yuichi Red for obvious reasons, he even calls Aoki Forest Boy,and once in a blue moon he would call Tsuki Raven because of her unique hair color and to have his own personal nickname for her. Now that I think about it we all have something in common with our mates. Its facts like these that makes me believe destiny brought us together.

"What do you think the girls are doing?" I asked since they were on my mind.

"Hopefully getting Kaoru in those booty shorts" We all eye rolled at Takeshi's comment.

"You are such a pervert, dude" I said shaking my head

"I know" he said with a smirk

"How do you think he got that way? I mean the three of us are fine but who knows what goes on in his perverted mind" Yuichi said poking his index finger on Takeshi's skull.

"I think it started when mom told us the birds and the bees story and Takeshi was the only one smiling at the end" we all laughed especially Takeshi cause it was true.

"Anyway back to your question, Raiden they're probably doing each others hair or something." Yuichi said. He always has a logical answer it's better than a perverted answer i suppose.

"Or..." Takeshi said with a grin. I guess I spoke too soon. "they could be making out" My brothers and I exchanged glances. I thought about and smiled as if by reflex. I guess Takeshi is rubbing off on me thank God not by so much. But then a thought occurred to me I looked at my redhead and brunette brother and they had the same expression as me. Takeshi of course was still fantasizing.

"Dude! Our sister is with them!" Satoshi said and Takeshi got a disturbed look on his face.

"Ah!Get the image out of my head!Yuichi!" My dark-haired brother yelled. Yuichi rubbed his hands together and slapped Takeshi on the back of his head really hard. The hit had so much force he ended up falling forward. Me and Satoshi laughed REALLY LOUD!

Yuichi's P.O.V

Takeshi's statement made us think about the girls making out upstairs. I know I'm the "mature" one but hey a guy's gotta fantasize right?But then I realized our little sister is with the girls and I shook my head to erase the thought. Judging by the disturbed look on his face Takeshi couldn't get the thought out of his head.

"Ah!Get the image out of my head!Yuichi!" he screamed. I knew exactly what to do since this happened before. I rubbed my hands together and slapped my perverted brother hard on the back of his head. He fell forward and Raiden and Satoshi laughed really hard. Despite the hard hit Takeshi seemed unharmed.

"Thanks, bro" he said sitting back on the couch and I nodded in response. A guard came in a few minutes later.

"Your majesties" he said getting our attention we stood up and bowed at each other. It was our favorite and head guard Mason. We know everyone in the castle and they are our family. Sir Mason is like our uncle our favorite uncle,however, is Uncle Tanoshi who is married Aunt Setsuna's husband.

"Mason it's cool you don't have to bow" Takeshi said rubbing his back.

"Master Aoki is here" Our faces lit up. Aoki is my sister's "best friend". One summer our parents arranged him to sleep over for a 's when we bonded and we were really good friends ever Takeshi likes him now. He is the only boy we wouldn't mind her dating.

"Send him in!" Raiden said happily. Mason nodded and left. Soon enough our friend came in with a smile.

"Aoki!" we greeted with smiles.

"Ussu!(Yo!) he replied. Raiden gave him a bear hug, Takeshi and Satoshi ruffled his hair, and we fist pounded. His dark hair with gray tints was still the same, he had unique amber colored eyes (the same color as the stone on my wristband), but he grew a lot he is now 5'12. He is wearing a plain gold t-shirt, black jean jacket, black baggy jeans, and gold and black jordans.

"Why aren't you guys dressed?" Aoki asked us. I looked at my watch and it read 8:30 p.m

"Oh Crap!" we yelled in unison

"How do you guys do that?" our friend asked.

"Do what?" my bros and I asked

"Talk at the same time"

"We don't do that" we said


"We'll be back in 10 minutes!" we yelled in unison on our way to our rooms. Wow...maybe we do talk at the same time.

Tsuki's P.O.V

We just finished getting ready and it was 8:55 p.m on my cell phone. Miyako was right about taking an hour to put on her outfit. I came out my gray closet and the girls smiled at me. They all look really pretty. Miyako is wearing a spaghetti strap dress that reaches a little below mid thigh. Her dress is sky blue at the top, has white flowers around the waist and below the flowers it looks like a white layered skirt with sky blue edges on each layer. She had sky blue sandals, white bangles, and white flower earrings. Her hair was in two low swirly pigtails with blue ribbons in them. She wore light blue eye shadow and rosy pink lip gloss.

Momoko's long hair had wavy ends and it flowed to her knees freely with her normal headband it its place. She is wearing a pink one bow dress. Her dress had a tutu-like bottom and it reaches a little above her knees. She had hot pink wedges, a hot pink puffy choker, and heart shaped had pink eye shadow and candy pink lip gloss.

Kimiko had a light purple dress with halter straps. Her dress has black cheetah print all over it. I was surprised she had purple shoes with 3-inch clear heels. I'm not quite sure how she's gonna dance in that but she woe them for a reason right? She is wearing a long black chain with a white bunny on the chain. Her slightly wavy hair was out but she had a matching white bunny clip in her hair. She has lavender eye shadow and strawberry-pink lip gloss.

Kaoru looked really pretty. I always liked her in girly clothes even though she doesn't like it at all. She has a long neon green tank top-like tunic that had thick black stripes on it and black leather shorts not booty shorts(which my brother would be disappointed in) but it did reach mid-thigh. It was the shortest thing I ever saw on Kaoru besides the miniskirt she wears as Buttercup. Judging by her face she seems to be used to shorts being at her knees,no bangs were clipped back and her shoulder length hair remained straight. She had black flats and a three fingered ring with three black stars. She is only black mascara for makeup.

"You girls look really pretty" I said with a small smile.

"Thanks!" they responded

"These shorts are way too short!" Kaoru complained.

"K-chan that's why they're called shorts and be glad it isn't a dress." Momoko cheered. Kaoru sighed in response.

"You look so kawai!" Miyako said happily. I looked in the mirror to look at myself. My hair is in a mermaid tail braid that went down my back. I had a light gray net design dress that went mid-thigh. Black gems decorated the bottom of the dress. I wore fishnets that end my calves, gray gladiator sandals, and black finger-less gloves that went to my wrist. I also had silver crescent moon earrings and a black choker necklace to complete my look. Miyako was putting gray eye shadow and flamingo pink lip gloss on me right now. Our nails were painted in our respected colors and our symbols on the middle finger (heart,star,crescent moon, bubble, and diamond).

"Can we please go now?!" Kaoru whined

"Sure!" Miyako giggled arm locking her and pulling her downstairs. Momoko,Kimiko and I smiled at each other and left the room to meet up with my brothers.

Takeshi's P.O.V

It's 9:05 p.m. Why does it take girls SO LONG to get ready?! They better look good when they come down here.

"Here we come!" Miyako said in a sing-song voice. My bros, Aoki, and I went to the bottom of the stairs to watch them come down. I'm wearing a green muscle shirt, black baggy jeans, and green nikes with a black jacket. Satoshi is wearing a dark purple no sleeved shirt, black sports jacket with dark purple lining, dark blue baggy jeans with silver chains, and black nikes. Yuichi is wearing a blood red v-neck, black jeans, red jordans, a black and red varsity jacket, and his signature hat. Raiden is wearing a short-sleeved blue baseball tee, blue baggy jeans, a black jacket, and blue addias sneakers.

"How do we look?" the girls said in unison. We went wide-eyed. They all looked so hot! And Tsuki looks as pretty as ever. But someone special was missing...

"Where's Kaoru?" I asked.

"The girls looked at the space between Tsuki and Miyako.

"K-chan!" Kimiko yelled

"Get down here!" Momoko added

"No!" she yelled back stubbornly. Momoko and Kimiko nodded at each other and ran up the stairs. We heard yelling between the three an rest of us sweat dropped. Five minutes later Kaoru was being pulled down the stairs by my redheaded and brunette sister-in-laws.

"Here she is!" they said victoriously. I finally saw her...and ...she...looked...so...


I never thought she would wear shoes that weren't sneakers. And she's wearing short shorts! Not booty shorts,sadly, but she never wore shorts THAT short before!

"You did a VERY GOOD job on them girls!" I said after my brothers were able to speak and compliment them. They giggled in response.

"Oh yeah Tsuki-nee Aoki is here" I moved aside revealing her "best friend"

"Aoki-kun!" she squealed hugging him tight as he picked her up.

"Tsu-chan!" he said. Wow Tsuki has a lot of nick names how the hell does she keep up? Anyway they better start dating soon I'm starting to get in the lead with the bet.

Aoki's P.O.V(Yay its his turn!)

Four beautiful girls came downstairs. There's a redhead, a blonde, a brunette, and then my eyes laid on Tsu-chan. My best friend since we were 10. Her hair grew a lot and so did other things...She looked pretty beautiful. I zoned out but I heard an argument going upstairs and later the redhead and brunette brought down a green-eyed-girl. I snapped out of it when Takeshi told Tsuki I was here. She couldn't see me because I was standing in the back.

"Aoki-kun!" she shrieked cheerfully before hugging me.

"Tsu-chan!" I responded lifting her I put her down the redhead somehow came in between us. She was looking at me as if I were some sort of celebrity...

"Moshi! Moshi! You must be Aoki!" she said cheerfully. I had wide eyes but I still answered her.

"Uh,yeah" she let out a girlish squeal and shook my hand violently.

"IT'S SO NICE TO MEET YOU! I'VE HEARD SO MUCH ABOUT YOU! TSUKI LOOKS GREAT DOESN'T SHE?" she yelled with excitement in my face as my eyes grew wider.

"Um, sure she looks great" I looked at Tsuki and she had the same expression as mine.


"Ehh!?" My face slightly heated up.

"DON'T DENY IT YOU CAN BE HER MOONLIGHT KNIGHT!" (A/N: In the PPGZ episode 48 Momoko calls Taka-chan her "Bubble Knight" so she calls Aoki my "Moonlight Knight" see what I did there? ^_^). I blushed a bit more and I saw Tsuki's eyes wide like dinner plates. Her face was scarlet and she leaned back until Takeshi and Satoshi caught her.

"Momoko-chan!" The green girl hissed pulling her away from me.

"Your embarrassing them.." the blonde said smiling nervously.

"I'm just bonding with him!" she defended herself while winking at Tsuki.

"G-gomen (Sorry). She gets a bit carried away sometimes."

"It's cool." I turned to my friends.

"I'm guessing they are your mates?" They nodded and smiled.

"I'm Miyako! Nice to meet you!" the blue-eyed girl said sweetly.

"What's up? I'm Kaoru" the black-haired said casually.

"Konnichiwa! I'm Kimiko!" the purple girl cheered.

"I'm Momoko,Goddess of Love, and I'm gonna-" the girl named Kaoru put her hand over her mouth to cut her off.

"Just call her Momoko" she said smiling at me but glaring at Momoko.

"Nice to meet you" I said


"Okay everyone met let's go to the club!" Raiden said. When we went outside I saw the limo waiting for us.

"Shotgun!" Kimiko and Satoshi said in unison running to the car. Wow they really are mates...

Momoko pulled Tsuki to my side.

"Tsuki calls Aoki's lap!" She cheered. We all sweat dropped again.

"Okay then Kaoru gets mine!" Takeshi said picking her up, he hasn't changed a bit.

"Hey let me go!" she yelled.

This should be an interesting night.

That's a Wrap!

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Momoko: Gomen! Gomen! But I can't help it I love romance! You two are like lost stars destined to shine together. Star-crossed lovers that light up the night sky! Your forbidden love will eventually cause you two to die with love for each pther, so you can love in the place that won't judge...heaven...*sighs dreamily*

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Kaoru:There's no way in hell I'll-

Momoko: Watch it or I'll tell the boys what you did at the beach last summer!

Kaoru:I'll make the popcorn!

Butch:What's with the Moonlight Knight title?

Kimiko:That's Momoko's thing when one of us likes a boy she calls our crush a knight. For example Miyako has a Bubble Knight

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