{Request/Question Corner for MIKU-CHAN~!,BCBUTCH FAN,Black Gem,Kimeko-chan123,Super angel&Mega awesome)

Me:Wow that's...a lot


Me:Well let's get to it first we have Miku-chan~! She dares you boys to do whatever the PPGZ tell you to do


PPGZ:HAHA! Be our servants for a week

RRBZ:Fine -_-

Me:She also wants Boomer to hug her in every chappie

Boomer:Okay then! *hugs Miku-chan*

Me:Miku-chan ALSO wants to know how close you three are as bros

Brick:We are pretty close

Butch:*nods* Yup! My brothers are the perfect fighting partners

Me:They can communicate through fighting Miku-chan~! But don't worry its play fighting

Brady:And we can tell what the other is thinking just by looking at them


Me:BCBUTCH FAN has a question for Him

RRBZ:He's not supposed to be in this!

Me:I know...uh Momoko?

Momoko:*bring Him in the room*

Him:Why the fuck am I here!?

Me:My reviwer wants to know why you are evil

Him:Oh..well when I was formed from black particles


Him:I want everyone to suffer and rule over everyone!

RRBZ:Not gonna happen!

Kaoru:Get him out of here servants

RRBZ:Gadly! *throws Him out the window*

Me:Also would you call him Kare?

Kimiko:Probably not

Butch:We're used to calling him...Him

Miyako:Next question?

Me:Black Gem(mind if I call you B.G?) Asked why am I so shy? *blushes*

Miyako:*hugs me* Kawai~! ^_^

Me:I guess that's my personality

Brick:One minute she's a blushing shy girl

Brady:The next minute she's a laughing fool

Butch:And the minute after that she's this destructive and aggressive girl

Boomer:Tsuki-chan has a few sides

Me: Destructive? I wouldn't go THAT far...

RRBZ&PPGZ:We would -.-

Me:Anywho! Sweet Alysa I'm not planning to do a truth or dare fic with the RRBZ and PPGZ...I'm not sure. I won't write anything else until this story is finished.

Butch:She can't multi-task well

Me:Urusai! Next Kimeko-chan123 asks what kind of surprises everyone likes

Momoko:If sweets were to fall from the sky!

Kimiko:My favorite artist to sing a duet with me!

Kaoru:Surprises that involve sports

Miyako:For me to get a cute new dress from no where


Brady:For the sports cars we want...

Butch:To drive through the window

(Their surprises happen)


Me:Okay Kaoru you are...not going to like the last two...Butch-nii you will! ^_^


Me:Mega Awesome wants Kaoru to run around the castle with nothing but a bra



Me:Strip her

Miyako,Kimiko&Momoko:*strips Kaoru until she's wearing nothing but a bra*


Kaoru:Don't say a word! *runs around the whole castle and comes back panting* You need a smaller castle Kiki-chan *pants more and puts her clothes back on*

Kimiko:This is fun! What's the last dare?

Me:Super angel dares Kaoru-


Me:Gomn Kaoru-nee ^_^" anyway the dare is for you to get drunk and seduce Butch


Kaoru:I don't want to get drunk again!

Me:We got drunk before its bound to happen the funnel

Kimiko&Momoko:*hold Kaoru down*

Miyako:*puts a funnel in her mouth*

Brady&Brick:*pouring champange*

(5 bottles later)

Kaoru:*slurs* Hehehe man it feels good to be drunk again *falls*

Butch:*Helps her up* Are you okay?

Kaoru:*presses her body on Butch's* Hold me tighter *slurred voice*

Butch:*holds her tighter*

Miyako:He's enjoying this


Kaoru:*gives Butch a lap dance*


Me:Um...before this gets rated M let's go to the intro o_o


RRBZ:I STILL can't believe that Him is the Demon Lord

PPGZ:How the fuck did that happen!?

Brick:Miyako you cursed

Miyako:*gasps and covers her mouth* Pardon me!

Me:Well Him is one of my top three favorite villains in both the American and Japanese version

Nar:His voice is somewhat irritating to me

Electron:Who are your other two Tsuki?

RRBZ:It IS irritating!

Me:Sedusa and Mojo Jojo ^_^

Momoko:Good grief! -_-

Kaoru:Mojo is worse than Him!

Kimiko:American Mojo is worse than ours

Me:American Mojo cracks me up!

Brick:It takes him HOURS to say ONE sentence!


Electron:I once clocked him taking TWO HOURS to state a fact that was common knowledge

Me: Afterwards I sent him to jail after I broke his face

Us:*bursts out laughing*

Miyako:You stuffed Mojo in a clock? o.O

RRBZ:*sweat drops*

Me:Electron-san beat him up...Miyako-chan...

Miyako:Oh...*goes back to giggling*

Me:Well anyway I should warn you guys and the readers about a certain...thing about Him


Electron: Like... he's an ass?

Nar:He's... the kind of guy who makes his own rules and then cheats when he starts losing?


Me:Well both of those thing are true and/or implied but what I was going say is he curses...A LOT


Me:You don't get it. He curses in almost EVERY sentence

PPGZ&RRBZ:*thinks about it*

Brady:That can be contagious...


Electron:Sounds like my Uncle Jeffery

Nar:And his wife... and son, daughter, godchild, grand-kids, uh... fourth cousin twice forcibly removed

Us:*blinks* Wow

Butch:Interesting family ya got there,Electron

Electron: Oh that's just on my MOM'S side!

Nar:You should see his DAD'S side

Boomer:What's you're dad's side like?

*a really tall figure walks through the door dressed in a fancy suit with long arms but has no face*

Electron: Uncle Slender?! What are you doing here?

Slender: ...

Electron: he did what now?

Slender: ...

Electron: AGAIN?!

Slender: *nods*

Electron: *groans* alright I'll be there soon just... make sure he doesn't eat anymore, okay?

Slender: *nods then leaves*

Electron: I swear that kid will be the end of me, then himself


Me:How did he get in my room!?

Butch:How did he know where you were?!

Kaoru:How do you know what he says!?

Blues:He's tall...


Nar: He's Slenderman... all questions except for Kaoru's are self explanatory. and to answer your question Kaoru: it's Electron we're talking about

Electron: Either way I gotta get going guys, I have to go pump my cousin's stomach. I'll be back for the conclusion

Slender: *distant* ...

Electron: I'M COMING ALREADY! Geez! No need to raise your voice! *walks out of the room*

Me:Raise his voice? *sweat drops*


Miyako:Yare,yare O_O


Brick:Suki-san doesn't own us,Nar,Electron,Ayumi,Rin or our mates

Brady:Electron's family IS interesting


Me:Well, To the Story! ^_^

In a certain evil palace they are two main doors. One with the kanji for 'hell' and the other with sinister carvings all over it. The first door has a young man with jet black hair that spikes in all directions,a tattoo that matched the door, and black eyes. He stands ever so casually in his santucm waiting for his prey. He was many things,but he wasn't naive of the current situation. He too was watching them fight outside his kingdom and his interest in his own personal battle increased tenfold.


He closed his eyes in thought until he allowed his black eyes to look at his two visitors. The first was a young lady with silver hair and a raven braid in the front. She held a bladed chainsaw with her gloved right hand. Her concentrated gray eyes were directed at Akuma.


Next to her is another young man with dark hair that has gray tints in it. His neutral ember eyes stared at Akuma knowing he has a few tricks up his sleeve.


Akuma wore his signature smile that held false kindness as the door closed and locked behind them. The tension was so thick you can cut it with a studying both of them before Akuma finally spoke.


"Don't address me so casually" Tsuki spat out. Akuma chuckled a little before continuing his greeting.

"Alright then. How about Tsuki-hime?" He instigated. The three in the room knew each other well. Akuma likes to anger his opponents before fighting them simply for his own amusement. Knowing this the so called 'hime' took a short breath.

"My favorite two people in the whole world" Akuma said keeping that smile that Tsuki wanted to slice off. "What brings you here"

"Don't act stupid" Aoki said "You know exactly why we're here"

"Guilty is charged" He said in a tone that sounded like he was going to do something. "But before we begin.."

Out of nowhere black energy that was outlined in red was shot at Tsuki. Aoki being on guard pushed her out the way and got trapped in what can best be described as a cube of energy. Tsuki landed on the ground and looked behind her to see Aoki captured.

"That's better" Akuma said

"WHAT THE FU-" the two vampires said in unison but was cut off from the the black-eyed demon.

"Careful what you say in hell...it can come back to bite you" he said with his 'smile'. This was actually true. If you curse in hell then a curse or attack would be put onto them,in other words what goes around comes is why everyone had to be cautious when they battle. Instead of saying it Tsuki turned and gave Akuma a look that said 'What the fuck was that?!'.

"One against two? You know that's not fair Tsuki-hime" Akuma said making her eye twitch at the nickname.

"Don't call me that!"

"Well you are a hime,right?"

"I don't like how you say it! Now get Aoki-kun out of there-" Tsuki banged on the cube only to be hit by the energy that captivated Aoki. Aoki banged on the cube as well only to get the same result.

"AAH!" they both screamed before removing their hands making the pain go away.

"Oh I forgot to mention...try to break out and my cube will attack you." Akuma said casually "Now then Tsuki-hime ready to play?"

Said gray-eyed vampire growled at her new nickname but tried not to let it show to much. He was doing all of this on purpose just to get her mad. Whatever Akuma had planning she had no choice but to go with it.

"What is it,Akuma?"

"If you defeat me I'll let him go"

"And if I don't?"

"Simple, both of you will just die here."

"No one is dying." Tsuki said before turning to Aoki "I'll get you out of there"

The two vampires looked at each other a certain was their own form of non-verbal way it works is Tsuki will say one thing to Aoki's face but her eyes would say another. Understanding what she 'said', all Aoki did was nod and concentrate.

"Why did you imprison him?" the vampire princess asked.

"What do you mean?"

"We both know you were aiming for me the entire time" Aoki said. "You aimed at Tsu-chan knowing I would push her out of the way"

"And you didn't simply aim for him because of your twisted humor." Tsuki seeing right through Akuma's 'joke'. He let out a laugh before composing himself.

"Impressive. Tsuki-hime and I have something to settle. I want to battle her and she wants to battle me. Don't be offended Aoki I'll handle you after I finish her"

"Don't be so sure you're going to win" Tsuki said glaring.

After thinking about Akuma's words,it made sense. It was as if they were meant to fight each other. Some may even call it a fated battle which is why he made sure no one would interrupt it.

"Now that that's ." Akuma said and Tsuki did so.

Tsuki charged and aimed her fist at his face, a kick to his stomach, and a another fist at his chest. All these attacks were dodged. Akuma shot his blackish red energy at the silver-haired vampire,who blocked it. He then advanced forward and threw a fast series of punches,kicks and jabs at Tsuki and all of them hit. Tsuki flew back a little and not much damage was shown but she was surprised.

'When did he get so fast!?' she thought to herself.

"Stay focused Tsuki-hime!" Akuma taunted before gathering his blackish-red energy that now surrounded his arms. He suddenly appeared behind her to prepare to attack but before his energy can even touch her a bladed chainsaw was swung at him. Catching Akuma by surprise he staggered and ended up getting sliced...barely. Black blood trickled down his forehead and he wiped it off as if it was sweat.

"A bladed chainsaw?" Akuma said while dodging more swings with ease "Not using your katana,Tsuki-hime?"

"Not today" She responded kicking Akuma but all he did was catch her foot.

"What a shame" the demon prince said before flinging his opponent around a few times before throwing her into a wall. The force of the throw was so strong not only did the wall break but Tsuki was outside of the demonic castle and falling towards . Suddenly familiar shadow energy caught her before she was too far down.

'You're better than this,Tsuki-san' a familiar voice said as the shadow energy flew her back inside. 'Go and kick his ass.'

As she was flying back a small smile couldn't help but spread on her face.

'Arigato' she thought knowing her voice will reach his.

Back in the room all did Akuma looked at the hole in the wall and sighed.

"Just when I was having fun" He said crossing his arms.

"Its far from over" Aoki said knowing a single swing wouldn't defeat her.

"Hm?" the demon said looking at the vampire he imprisoned with a raised brow. On cue Tsuki came flying through the broken wall with a look of pure determination on her face. Taking advantage of being airborne she landed a successful kick on Akuma's side and he flew sideways. Tsuki landed and Akuma was,as expected, already recovering from the first attack that moved him more than a centimeter.

"Now we're getting somewhere" He said looking at her. She noticed that the smile she hated was still on his face but if you look closer you can see has was panting ever so slightly. A sign that the kick probably hit his rib directly.

'Looks like I'm getting somewhere' Tsuki thought to herself before shooting silver energy at Akuma which made him dodge and head towards her at the same time.

"Alright if we are using powers..." Akuma said pointing at Tsuki "Twisting Pain!"

Suddenly Tsuki was caught in a vortex of blackish-red energy that inflicted heavy damage on her. Her veins were seen glowing a reddish color and she screamed as she arched her back. Aoki broke out of focus to see but she gave him a reassuring look. The captured vampire focused on his objective once more while the attack ended. Bruises were seen on her arms and legs as a result and she was breathing somewhat heavily.

"Learned some new tricks I see" Tsuki said already starting to heal a little.

"There's more than this came from."

The two charged at each other and started striking each other. They dodged and blocked some but they also received damage. When both knew it was even they jumped back and Tsuki used an attack of her own.

"Crescent Rain!"

Silver light flashed before numerous crescent-shaped projectiles fell on Akuma making it look like silver rain. It was pretty and effective. After the attack ended the dust cleared and Akuma was seen standing without a scratch on his body. Tsuki's eyes narrowed at the result.

'I thought so.' Tsuki thought to herself.

"Nice attack but it wouldn't do you much good." Tsuki shook off the pain that ached her and slowly started to heal herself while confronting Akuma

"I finally figured it out. You learned Distortion didn't you?"

"Nani?" Akuma asked with an even voice.

"Distortion. You have the ability to distort and twist objects and apparently powers as I hit you with my Crescent Rain you appeared to be unharmed but the truth is...you weren't hit at all. Earlier when I swung you with the chainsaw I was able to cut you and with my kick I did some damage but whenever I hit you with my lunar powers you just nullify it before it hits you making it appear that is doesn't affect you weren't using that then I wouldn't be the only one in this room that's bruised." Tsuki said understanding one of the tricks.

If there is one thing Akuma doesn't like its when people figure him out. Normally he would go on a rampage and attack Tsuki repeatedly but all he did was replace his straight line with a smirk.

"Always the observer aren't you?" Akuma said. Tsuki glanced to see Aoki's progress and his tattoo was already glowing and his aura was building up.

'Just a little more' she thought before looking back at Akuma.

"But even though you have have a powerful ability doesn't mean don't have a weakness"

This made Akuma's eye twitch a little. He,like his father, considered himself to be invincible and hated it when someone told him otherwise, In other words they are trapped in their own lies.

"I have no weakness." Akuma said advancing on Tsuki once more with his energy engulfing his fist that made Tsuki fly back a little. While moving backwards she extended her right arm and did a spell that made the bladed chainsaw and her hand combined.(A/N:So basically I have a bladed chainsaw for a right hand. Cool huh?)

Tsuki charged at Akuma and swung her chainsawed hand multiple times but he dodged all of them. Akuma did his kicks and jabs but Tsuki was able to dodge this time knowing if she got hit she would get sent flying away. Tsuki was close to Akuma and she fired silver energy at him once more.

"If you know your powers don't work on me why continue?" Akuma asked using his Distortion to enable the attack from attacking him. His question never got answered because out of no where Tsuki force palmed his chest and to his surprise it made him fly back into a wall. It didn't cause a hole but it did leave an imprint. Akuma stayed on the wall and stared in shock how such a simple attack can do so much.

"That would be your first weakness" Tsuki said glancing at Aoki to see that he's almost done.

"What are talking about? I told you that I don't have a weakness" Akuma said with his eye twitching somewhat.

"When I was slashing you I was getting close to test something out. Though you can distort my powers you cannot do anything about the human body as shown when you flew back by a simple physical attack. That would be number one." Tsuki explained noticing Akuma's 'smile' has vanished. Akuma cursed under his breath as he stood on his own two feet once more. He had a malicious look in his eyes as he prepared an attack.

"7 Death Strikes!" Akuma ran at a fast speed towards Tsuki and slashed her with his blackish-red red energy that was constructed to look like blades. This attack was designed to paralyze the opponent by the first slash so that the other six would be accurate and effective. When the attack finish he jumped back and Tsuki screamed as she fell to her knees immobilized by pain. Akuma let out a laugh with his 'smile' appearing once more.

"Its been fun Tsuki-hime" Akuma said preparing to do his strongest attack "but I always win"

Tsuki panted heavily and looked up with a weak smile on her face. Akuma stopped charging his energy noticing her facial expression.

"Why are you smiling?"

Tsuki's weak smile grew a little as she tried her hardest to stay conscious.

"Because your screwed!" she said in a voice that combined happiness and slyness.


Before Akuma could do anything the cage that captivated Aoki literally exploded and shattered all around the room. Aoki was seen standing with no harm done despite the fact that the cage was designed to harm those who even touch it.

"Thanks for stalling him" Aoki said walking over to the silver-haired vampire who was still panting "I'll take it from here."

"What's going on!?"

"You didn't think I would just let you keep me trapped in a cage while you hurt Tsu-chan,did you?" Aoki said raising an eyebrow. Another thing Akuma doesn't like is when people don't follow the rules to his 'games'

"While you were battling Tsu-chan I was charging my own element to release it but since your cage is powerful it took longer for me than expected to cause an explosion big enough to break it."

Akuma inwardly growled before looking at Aoki with a smirk and charging his energy.

"I'm glad I get to fight both of you" he said "Its about time I see how strong you got,Aoki"

The two young men charged each other making their energy clash and it caused light to spread all over the room. The light was the last thing before Tsuki closed her eyes,leaving the rest to Aoki.

The other door led to the Throne had the Demon Lord,Lord of Shadows,Princes of Vampires and the Powerpuff Girls Z. After recently learning that the Demon Lord was a familiar villain the children were shocked and Nar was...still laughing at everyone's reaction.

"Done yet?" Yuichi asked sweat dropping along with everyone else. Nar held up one finger indicating 'hold on one minute' and eventually sighed before stopping.

"Isn't Akuma the Demon Lord's son?" Blossom asked making everyone pause.

"That's right" Him said in a feminine voice that caused Nar to have a slight tick mark on his head.

"But if Akuma is your son then..." Takeshi said trying to put the pieces together

"Akuma was adopted!" Raiden blurted out that made everyone,except Bubbles, sweat drop.

"No!" Buttercup said slapping the back of his head for the first time. "It means that Him has a wife!"

"Who's the mom,Him?" Bunny asked. Nar snickered to himself knowing a de ja vu moment is coming up.

"I'm sure you all remember Sedusa." (A/N:I always thought Sedusa and Him would make a nice,if not decent, villain couple for some reason)

As Nar predicted the kids jaw dropped and their eyes bulged even more,which only made Nar laugh again.


"Wait...why would you bring up Sedusa unless.." Bubbles said having her cute ,but slow moments "Guys Sedusa is Akuma's mom!"

Everyone either sweat dropped or face palmed at the statement. Apparently when the PPGZ separated Sedusa from Sakurako Sedusa met Him and well...you can paint the rest of the picture.

"Good work,detective" Satoshi said sarcastically.

"So...Him+Sedusa=Akuma?" Bunny said with a thought bubble over her head with said people shown in it to make it look like a math equation. Everyone except Him looked at her thought bubble and got into discussion.

"Hm...I always thought Him would end up with Mojo" Raiden said changing the Sedusa chibi in Bunny's thought bubble into Mojo.

"Me too.." everyone else said agreeing.

It was Him's turn for his mouth to drop and have wide eyes. Nar chuckled at Raiden's statement while everyone else laughed lightly.

"WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU SAY THAT!?" Him said with his more demonic voice.

"I don't know" Raiden said with a shrug "It just seems that way"

"You two have the most villainous moments out of everyone else" Takeshi said.

"But if Him and Mojo got together Akuma wouldn't have been born." Satoshi said.

"Which means that Tsuki and Aoki would have hooked up faster!" Blossom semi-yelled making everyone sweat drop once more.

"You're off topic" Buttercup said poking Blossom's leg with her hammer.

"Demo I'm sure Akuma would have sill been born." Bubbles said

"No there wouldn't be a way for him to come out" Buttercup said looking the blonde Puff.

"Mojo could have had a C-section" Takeshi said joining in the random conversation.

"Wouldn't Him be the pregnant one since Akuma is a demon?" Yuichi asked.

"If that's the case then Mojo would be the pitcher and Him would be the catcher." Bunny said

"But if Akuma wasn't born from Sedusa wouldn't he look different? I mean Sedusa and Him are both demons but Mojo is a monkey..." Blossom said tilting her head.

'This is the best conversation this lot has had yet!' Nar thought chuckling more ignoring Him's growing rage.

"Haha~! Akuma would have been half monkey!" Bunny said with a laugh and her visible thought bubble now contained a chibi Akuma with a monkey body.

"And he would be hairier!" Takeshi laughed.

"I wonder if he would have green skin.." Bubbles thought

"No Bubbles I think he would have-" Raiden was cut off from the sudden outburst of Him.

"ENOUGH!" The Demon Lord screamed which made the room rumble and the challengers jump ever so slightly.

"I think we over did it..." Bubbles said quietly.

"His opinion doesn't matter" Buttercup said being her semi-rude self.

"We didn't mean to make you blush dude" Yuichi said finding some enjoyment in bothering him and his brothers were sharing the same thoughts.


"Yeah you are your whole skin is red!" Raiden said.


"Your wife is a demon with pale skin. Explain that" Takeshi challenged.

Him continued to yell and the puffs looked at Nar.

"Should they really be taunting him?" Blossom asked seeing Him's rage grow.

"I think its hilarious" Nar replied.

"If you have red skin and Sedusa's is pale...why isn't Akuma pink?" Satoshi asked.


"Don't you fucking hate it when someone curses in every fucking sentence and you have to hear it all the fucking time and your the word 'fuck' more than every other word?" Satoshi asked his brothers who nodded.

"Its fucking annoying" The other three replied.


"Its about time!" Takeshi said throwing his arms in the air for emphasis. Everyone prepared themselves as Him stood there.

"Urusai we don't know what powers he has." Buttercup said.

"Its just those black particles right?" Raiden asked.


"Being the Demon Lord he has additional powers added to the ones you already know. So in other words he powers that you don't know about" Nar said discreetly hinting that he is telling them to be careful. They understood Nar's hidden message and stared down the Demon Lord once more.

Him however has always been a confident demon especially now that he is the Demon Lord. Ever since they arrived they never showed any true signs of fear. He even smiled at them,which indicated that he finds himself superior to everyone else. However after seeing them fight outside his castle he was looking forward to defeating them.

"BEHOLD! MY PARTICLE CHAINS!" On cue Him released his black particles and it formed into long chains from his hands that also had grappling hooks at each end. These chains are capable of piercing through them without actually hurting them, allowing Him to grasp opponents and smash them around the walls of the throne room.

"AAAHHH!" they screamed as they were being smashed randomly around the room and even bumped into each other at times before being thrown to the ground hard. They got up and realized that they received scratches and some bruises by only one attack. Clearly he wasn't titled the Demon Lord by chance.

Everyone dusted their clothes off and got up getting over the pain immediately.

"Alright then." Takeshi said cracking his knuckles.

"Up so soon?"

"We're just getting started."

The vampires readied their powers while the Puffs had their weapons at ready.

"Let's see what you got!"

With those words said they charged at the Demon Lord which will be the longest battle in the war.

Aoki and Akuma were attacking each other with all their might. Tsuki was still on the ground recovering from the damage and unbeknownst her she will wake up to a big surprise.

"Evil Spark!" Akuma said performing and attack that involved multiple blackish-red beams to be shot at Aoki.

"Forest Shield!" Aoki made several layers of curved tree roots to emerge from the ground, surrounding him and effectively shielding him from an Akuma's Evil Spark attack.

"Not bad" He said with a grin as he charged at the shielded vampire.

"Sinister Drill!" Akuma's hands were now swarmed in his energy and he drilled his way into Aoki's shield. As soon as Aoki was able to see the drill from the inside he did an attack from the inside.

"Amber Pillar!" Aoki stretched both arms out to his sides and created an enormous tower of his explosive amber energy. This caused his shield to break down and roots fly in all directions. Since Akuma is close when said attack happened, it did greater damage than expected. The demon flew back and landed hard before getting up again.

"Learned new tricks,Aoki?"

"It appears I'm not the only one."

The two collided once more and threw punches and kicks at each other only to be blocked or dodged.

"You haven't fallen yet" Akuma said uppercutting Aoki. "I'm impressed."

"That is no accomplishment" Aoki said dodging a fist before kicking his abdomen "You claim yourself to be invincible-"

"I am invincible!" Akuma fired more attacks at Aoki but he dodged them just in time. Aoki thought about what Akuma just said before trying something.

"Fists of Fury!" Aoki touched the ground and a massive clenched fist made out of tough vines and roots rose from the ground and headed straight for Akuma.

"Are you not paying attention?" Akuma asked using his Distortion ability to negate the damage "Like Tsuki-hime your powers won't do any damage to me"

"You should b the one paying attention,Akuma"

When Aoki did his attack he created one giant fist of roots towards Akuma. What Akuma failed to notice is that he created three other smaller blunt branches to attack from behind him. As a result out of the three other branches one of them got distorted and Akuma had to dodge the other two.

"Nice try" Akuma said unharmed.

"On the contrary" Aoki said standing upright once more before trapping his arms and legs with vines "It appears you have a limit."

All the demon did was stare at his opponent with something of a raised eyebrow look.

"Tsu-chan already figured out your first weakness"

Akuma twitched at the word

"I discovered that you can only use your Distortion on one thing at a time. When I attacked you from the back with three branches you only used it on one branch and dodged the others. I bet when Tsu-chan used Crescent Rain you only used your Distortion on the ones that you knew would touch you and let the rest fall to make it seem like you are taking hit."

Being figured out twice in the same battle was a big no-no for the black-eyed monster. Akuma's eyes were glowing before being completely surrounded in his energy which destroyed the vines that once kept him still.

"Guess that means I'm right" Aoki said which made his opponent outraged.

"Think you know everything now huh, Aoki?" Akuma said in an even voice. His smile left which was a sign that he was starting to get serious. Aoki was unaffected by this horrifying transformation before was well aware of the fact that Akuma was going into his true demon form.

"I am undefeatable"

Akuma's eyes were wild and malicious and his hair became a bit longer and spikier.

"But I must say you have gotten much stronger."

His whole body is turning into his sinister blackish-red energy.

"This will be fun"

Akuma,now having a body of pure sinister energy, advanced at Aoki at a fast speed. Another flash filled the room along with a muffled scream.A few minutes later Tsuki opened her eyes slowly before sitting up straight. Some of her bruises were gone but parts of her were still sore,nothing she couldn't handle. Her gray eyes scanned the room to see Aoki walking towards her.

"You okay?" Aoki asked.

"Yeah.." Tsuki said rubbing her head.

The silver-haired vampire wrapped her arms around Aoki in a heart-felt hug,which he automatically returned. For the moment she didn't notice that she was in Hell,she didn't notice that Akuma disappeared, but most importantly she didn't notice that Aoki's usual amber eyes are now black.

That's A Wrap!

Butch:That fucking Demon Lord curses too damn much! What the fuck is his problem?!

Brick:Its fucking obvious that he has a fucking problem with cursing

Boomer:Not to mention that he has this bitchy side

Brady:Fuck,fuck fuckitty fuck fuck


Kimiko:Brady-kun is right...

Momoko:It IS contagious

Miyako:Etto did Electron-chan come back from stomach pumping?

Nar: *checks his watch* Wait for it...

Electron:*staggers into the room covered in God-knows-what* that kid... should have been kept on a leash!


Momoko:What did your cousin eat!?

Butch:What the fuck is that!?

Me:*has a dark aura* STOP CURSING!


Electron: What did he eat?! WHAT DIDN'T HE EAT?! Mushrooms, whale blubber, raw fish, grass, the intestines of some poor animal... at least I hope it was, an entire tomato plant, various insects, a scorpion, poison ivy, poison OAK, tree bark, paper, tin cans, a pair of used gym socks, a handfuls of rocks, ROCKS! that was about where I stopped taking note


Miyako:That's unhealthy...

Momoko:And gross

Boomer:What up with you,Suki-san?

Me:*still has aura and is on the other side of the room* Akuma...is a bastard

Brady:Tell us something we don't know

Brick:*shows him the end of the chapter*

Brady:Oh O_O

Electron: I'd come over there and give you a reassuring pat on the shoulder Tsuki, but... *gestures to his filth riddled body* Nar?

Nar: *pats her shoulder* don't get too wrapped up in it Tsuki, why bother giving him that satisfaction?

Me:*looks at Nar and aura fades away* Arigato Nar

Momoko:*light bulb goes over her head* I know what would make you feel better! ^_^


Momoko:Kiki-chan why don't you watch Ouran HSHC with us!

Miyako&Kimiko:Yeah you'll love it! ^_^

Kaoru:*turns on my T.V*

Me:*tilts my head* What's that?

Butch:Oh no you don't!

Brick:Tsuki is not watching that show!

Me: *grins* Nar?

Nar: *using shadow energy he holds the RRBZ in place*

Me: Now then, I'm going to go wash up *leaves again*


Electron: *pokes his head back in* Because I'm covered in filth, DUH! *leaves again*


PPGZ:*laughs a little*

Boomer:Nar why did you bind us!?

Momoko,KimiKo&Miyako:*sits in front of my T.V with eager faces*

Kaoru:*sits in front of my T.V casually*

Brick:Tsuki will not watch that show!

Nar: What's the big deal? Electron and I watched it once, it didn't seem that bad

Butch:We don't want her to be one of those annoying fangirls

Miyako:You and Nar watched it?

Me:Etto...I STILL don't know what you guys are talking about O_O

Momoko:Its a great show you'll love it! ^.^

Brady:*looks at the PPGZ* You just like the yaoi parts...

Other RRBZ:*nods*

PPGZ:Its not JUST that!

Nar: *nods at Miyako* We had heard a lot about it, and being curious we decided to check it out. *to Butch* I don't see how that would be an issue, she's already fangirl for Anna. and once you look that high, everything else has no chance. *smirks* I should know

RRBZ:*sighs* Fine

Me:I STILL don't get what's the big idea *goes in front of the T.V*

Brick:I'd give her about...3 seconds

Boomer:5 seconds tops

Nar: I give her 2 and a half

Momoko&Kimiko:Kya~! Here comes the twins! ^_^

Me:*watches with a regular face*

RRBZ:Wait for it...


Kimiko,Momoko&Miyako:KYAAI! ^_^ *has hearts for eyes*

RRBZ:*looks at me*

Me:*blushes and moves side to side* Kawai~! ^_^

Brick:There it is...

Boomer:*looks at Nar* How long was that?

Nar: *checks watch* about... 2 and a half seconds, like I said

Electron: *walks back in wearing a pair of jeans, a towel around his neck and no shirt* what did I miss?

Boomer:*nods* Right as usual Nar

Butch:*points to us* That

Momoko,Miyako,Kimiko&I:*has hearts for eyes*

Kaoru:*watching the show like she's in a trance*

Momoko,Kimiko&I:The Twins! *^_^*

Miyako:Haruhi is cute! ^_^

Kaoru:That's a girl -_-

Miyako:*tilts her head* Oh yeah! ^_^

Girls:*goes back to watching*

Electron: Ouran? Haven't seen that in a while *sits down*

RRBZ:*sweat drops*

Brady:So everyone is just going to watch it? o.O

Nar: *sits down as well* I think Haruhi should be with the blonde dude

Electron: same here *munches some popcorn*

Girls:Us too!

Kimiko:Tamaki is kawaii!...that rhymes!

Brick:That show is hypnotic o.o

Other RRBZ:*nods* Must be

Butch:Well since everyone is hypnotized by host boys-

Girls except Kaoru:KAWAII~! ^_^

RRBZ:Sayonara Guys!

Nar: R&R!

Electron: Enjoy Life!

Nar & Electron: AND LATER DAYS!