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Me:Moshi!Moshi!This is chapter 9 of my vampfic!

Miyako:I don't like this title! :/


Me:Deal with it :P

Kimiko:Oh well we still got these cute stuff at the mall!

Butch:I still want my pretzel!

Kaoru:You'll get it!

Butch:That's not the only thing I want from you *smirks*

Kaoru:*rolls eyes and sigh* Why do I get the most perverted ruff?! -_-

Me&Butch: Cuz you LOOOOOOVE him!

Kaoru:*blushes* whatever...

Momoko: AWW KAWAI!

Kaoru:Shut it Momo or else I'll tell Yuichi!

Momoko:No! Don't say anything!

Brick:Say anything about what?

Kaoru:Well when we first met Tsuki she was-

Momoko:*jumps on her* Urusai!

Momoko&Kaoru:*roll around on the floor and yell at each other*

Takeshi:Where's a camera when you need one!?

Everyone but Takeshi,Momoko,&Kaoru:*sweatdrops*

Brady:Tsuki doesn't own us

Me:Okay enough intro you know what to say

RRBZ,Kimiko&Miyako:Happy Reading!

Momoko:Kaoru-chan! Stop pulling my hair!

Kaoru:Stop biting my ankle,Baka!

Me:To the Story! And someone break those two up before they break something!

Kimiko's P.O.V

I've been having this weird feeling in my gut ever since we got here...OH WELL IT'S THE MALL AND WE HAVE A SUMMER SALE! I just love sales don't you? Anywho, we went our seperate ways to go to our own stores. Miya-chan took Tsuki with her since she's the fashionista. I went to American Eagle and Forever 21,I just LOVE their clothes! My phone rang and I knew it was Sato-kun (my new nickname for him isn't it kawai?). We were only in the mall for 45 minutes these boys are WAY over dancing to my ringtone a bit I picked up. (A/N:Her ringtone is Blow by Ke$ha btw)

"Konnichiwa!" I said.

"Hey love what's going on?" He said.

"Oh I'm meeting up with the girls"

"WHAT!?" Takeshi-san screamed in my ear.

"Why didnt you tell me I was on speaker?" I asked soothing my ear drum.

"heh, my bad"

"Why did you girls separate is Tsuki with you?!" Raiden asked taking over the phone.

"No she's with Miya-chan"

"Oh okay" he said simply.

"How far are you from the girls!?" Yuichi half-yelled getting the phone from Raiden.

"I don't kn-Oh hey Momo-san!" I cheered running to her with my 2 bags. I hugged her but I heard some yelling yeah! I was on the phone with the boys!

"H-Hello?" I said

"Kimiko-chan put Pinky on." I put the phone on speaker and told Momo-san that Yuichi's on.


"Momoko why did you girls split up?" So he yells at me and not Momo-san -_-

"Aw, its no big deal Yuichi-kun look there's Miya-chi and Suki-san!" She cheered waving them over.

"ONLY WE CAN CALL HER THAT!" the boys yelled in unison over the phone,boy Tsuki wasn't kidding she said they hated that.

"Oops" Momoko said as we sweat dropped.

"Hey girls!" Myiako greeted as she and Tsuki were holding 4 bags each.

"Here Miyako Raiden wants to talk to you" Momo handed the phone to Miyako even though my phone was stil on speaker.

"Miyako-chan!" I heard Raiden cheer.

"Raiden-kun!" she giggled.

"Are you having fun?" He said in a happy tone.

"Yeah! Tsuki-nee and I went to Juicy Couture, 2Cute, Tokyo Boutique and-" she got cut off my Sato-kun

"Um this was my phone to begin with!" Satoshi said which lead to the boys argue a came with 1 bag of clothes from Hollister.

"Kao-rin!" We cheered except for Tsuki who just smiled at her.

"I thought it was K-chan" she said frowning.

"It is but we couldn't resist we love that nickname!" Momoko said hugging her.

"Whatever hey what's that sound?" she asked.

"Kaoru!?" Takeshi yelled after telling the boys to shut up.

"Hey Takeshi" she said taking the phone from Miyako she is definitely liking him more. We all sat down and finally starting saying goodbye.

"Wait! Remember what we said danger!" the RRBZ said

"yeah,yeah..." we responded monotone finally ending the call and we all sighed.

"They really are a bit too over protective" Momo-san said as I nodded with her in agreement.

"I think its sweet" Miyako said.

"Sweet but VERY ANNOYING!" said Kaoru. A sudden pain came to my head. I held my forehead and leaned forward. I even heard a certain noise but it was too low for me to hear properly.

"Kimi-usa are you okay?" Miyako asked as the pain eased up a bit.

"Yeah I just had this really weird feeling"

"Maybe its your sense" Momoko said with worry.

"Nah maybe I'm just hungry lets go to the food court" I said. Maybe it was my sense but I didn't want to ruin everyone's good time. It's probably nothing anyway.

"I'm starving plus we have to get the boys their pretzels Kaoru said getting up. We all ordered our food and sat down to eat. Then my headache returned and the sound from earlier sounded clearer but I had no idea what it was. When it eased again everyone looked at me with concern.

"I'm fine really..."I reassured.

"If you say so." Tsuki said unsure.

"Pass the soy sauce Miya-chan" She did so and I put it on my sushi-tachi. When we finished we all left with our bags and decided to take the long way home... well the castle which is like my 3rd home since the lab was my second. We were laughing at a really funny moment but I fell on my knees out of now where. My head was REALLY hurting this time! Okay 3 times in a row?! This is DEFINITELY my sense but what danger are we in? I looked around. The castle is outside the forest that is somewhere just out of New Townsville and we are in New Townsville park which leads to the forest. I heard the noise again and this time its clear. It was a growling sound...what could that mean?

"Kimiko-chan!" Everyone said in unison surrounding me.

"I-Its my sense..."I admitted.

"I knew it!" Momoko said.

"What's that?" Tsuki asked I forgot she didn't know that we had powers too.

"Its one of her special powers that she has in civilian form." Miyako said "sometimes Kimiko-san can sense danger and has visions."

"But we are the only ones here and there's no way I'm admitting the boys being right!" Kaoru said rubbing my back. Suddenly we heard rustling in the grass.

"What was that?!" Miya-chan said crouching behind me. Four beasts came walking towards us with lust in their turned human...wait a second werewolves!? That explains the growling.

"What the heck!?" Kaoru and Momoko said. Since what I was sensing was revealed to me my headache went away and I stood up. The werewolves that was now in human form surrounded us. One has crimson red hair with with hazel eyes and he looked like the leader, the other one has black hair with blue-green colored eyes, the third one had chestnut brown hair with light brown eyes, and the last one has silver hair and pale blue eyes.

Tsuki's P.O.V(My 1st one hehe)

Grr! Wolves I'm amazed that Kimiko-san sensed these mutts. I stood behind Momoko and Kaoru so that I wouldn't be seen.

"Allow us to introduce ourselves..."The leader said.

"I'm Aaron" the crimson-headed leader said while licking his lips toward Momoko.

"I'm Zack" the black haired boy said while staring at Kaoru's chest.

"I'm Ryan" the silver head said undressing Kimiko with her eyes.

"and I'm CJ" the chestnut brunette said looking at Miyako with lust. Well at least I know who likes who. I sensed confusion and nervousness from the girls well mainly Miyako she's freaked out but if I were a mortal I would be too.

"Uhh leader girl can we transform before we get raped?!" Kaoru whispered harshly.

"Yeah okay girls lets transform!" I went behind a tree and watched.





I was about to transform but I remembered my promise to my brothers. I never break promises especially with family at this point its a blessing and a curse. I hate it when my brothers are right. I went behind the now Powerpuff Girls Z to warn them.

"Blossom, I'm going to get the boys." I whispered to her.

"No way! We can handle ourselves" Buttercup protested in a low tone.

"So you want to deal with these sex-crazed fleabags? You do know if you fight them it involves physical contact-"

"Get the boys and hurry!" Buttercup said in a panicky voice. I held back a smile and dashed to my home. I reached in about five minutes, I know slow right? Anyway I called for my brothers and soon as I practically slammed the doors open.

"ONII-SANS!" They were in front of me within seconds.

"I kept my promise" I said with worry.

"You mean?" Raiden started.


"What exactly are we dealing with?" Yuichi asked me. My eyes darkened

"Wolves,they appeared out of nowhere and they want the girls." My brothers got dark aura around them. That happens when they are extremely pissed off. The darker the aura the angrier they are and if its completely black you better run for cover. It happens to me too but I'm more worried than angry.

"OH HELL NO!" Takeshi and Satoshi screamed in unison.

"THAT'S IT I'M GETTING THE CHAINSAW!" Satoshi said. Last time he did that was when my old boyfriend used me. My brothers taught him a lesson but Satoshi chased him with the chainsaw for hours. I was both thankful and freaked out that day. Don't mess with him or the rest of my brothers.

"No Time!" Yuichi said.

"They already transformed and are trying to fight them off!"

"Alright bros let's-"


"And sis" Yuichi added we dashed out the door.

~5 minutes later~

Those fleabags where pinning my Onee-sans(big sisters) on trees. I felt huge waves of anger radiating off my brothers and at this moment I was getting mad myself.

"Don't touch me!" I heard Buttercup yell.

"Aw c'mon cupcake I was just-" Zack got cut off by Takeshi punching him in the face which pushed him off Kaoru I mean Buttercup.

"Your not doing anything with my girl" Takeshi said in a threatening tone. The boys did the same with their mates and the PPGZ came up to me.

"No one invited you" CJ said.

"I don't think you jackasses were invited either." Satoshi said with sarcasm. I had to smirk.

"Wise guy, huh? I don't think you know who your messing with..." Aaron said stepping up.

"You'll be surprised" Yuichi said stepping up as well. The wolves and my brothers were at an all out glaring competition.

"Okay we warned you." The boys turned into wolves and growled a little to show off, but my brothers were unfazed.

"Our turn" The boys showed their fangs and hissed which earned shocked looks from the mutts.

"We win" Raiden said.

"Tsuki" Takeshi said giving me 'the look' over his shoulder. I took a step forward.

"Crescent Moon Hentai!"(Transformation)

The instrumental to Bring Me Back to Life by Evanescence played. My body glowed in silver light. I did a spin and a black romper appeared it reached a little above mid-thigh. I did a ballet-like kick in the air and my four inch gray boots appeared at my feet. I waved my hands over my waist and my moons belt appeared loosely around my waist. My belt is silver with an alternate pattern of medium-sized full moon and crescent moon charms. I put my hands in the air and it glowed silver and was soon replaced with gray finger-less gloves with black braces at the end. I touched my necklace and it turned into a choker and gray earrings came on my ears. Gray wind went through my hair making it in two low ponytails with gray tips. Finally I posed with both hands on my own resting on my moons belt with my legs wide apart.

The girls looked at me with awe they never saw me transform before but then again neither did I. The wolves on the other hand howled at me and my brothers hissed again.

"Don't even think about it!" my brothers said in unison. I steeped up and showed my fangs and the wolves were very surprised.

"Get out before things get ugly." Yuichi warned.

"You mean uglier" Satoshi added. CJ and Zack lunged at the girls but they flew up and dodged easily.

"Wrong choice!" Takeshi said dashing up too Zack punching him in the face. And this was just the beginning. Yuichi got tackled by Aaron but was able to kick him square in the chest which sent him flying. He quickly recovered and charged again. This time he headbutted Yuichi on the ground. Aaron was getting ready to claw him

"Shooting Yo-Yo!" A glowing pink Aaron on the head and made him fall. Blossom landed at Yuichi's side and helped him up. Everything with the reds seemed fine so I looked at Zack. Takeshi had Buttercup behind him as Zack was attacking him. I ran up and did a side-kick to his jaw and he fell. Takeshi hit his knee trying to get up.

"Are you okay?" Buttercup asked as he got up examining his scratched up face and arms.

"Never better" he replied with a smirk. " and thanks sis"

"No prob but we still have more asses to whoop" I said dashing to the next wolf.

"That's my sis" I heard Takeshi say behind before he and Buttercup continued their fight.

My brunette brother was officially insane. He was actually JUMPED on Ryan back and is riding him like a mechanical bull. He was punching his head and kicking his sides. By the looks of it Satoshi-onii-san is afflicting damage. He satrted to lose control and Ryan ended up heading for Bunny.

"Diamond Blade!" Bunny waved a diamond scepter and a purple slash hit Ryan and he stumbled. Satoshi took advantage and flipped over him and kicked him into a tree.

Raiden was fighting CJ really well. He dodged and had attacked precisely. He punched CJ's neck and kicked his stomach. Bubbles attacked once in a while too when CJ tried to grab her. When CJ punched Raiden's shoulder he bumped into Bubbles and she fell. When he helped her up I noticed CJ was going to claw Raiden's back I ran up in front of Raiden and caught his claws carefully, just in time too.

"Nice try" I said darkly. Raiden and I kicked his chest and he fell back.

"Wow great job Tsuki-chan,desu!"


The wolves turned back to human and glared at us. We happily returned the gesture.

"This isn't over the girls will be ours." Aaron said.

"We'll be back for you" the boys smirked at the girls, glared at us, and then disappeared.

"Do I have to say I told you so?" Satoshi asked Bunny.

"Nooo..." she said picking up her bags.

"Now those mutts are after you" Raiden said holding hands with Bubbles.

"It'll be okay." I said

"I like the costume change" Takeshi said looking at the girls outfits and they slightly blushed.

"I'm glad you guys came" Blossom said picking up her bags.

"We'll always be there when you need us." Yuichi said smiling at her and putting an arm around her.

"Let's go home" I said picking up my shopping bags. When all the girls picked up their stuff we started to walk home.

"WAIT!" Takeshi shouted.

"What?" we asked in unison.

"Where's our pretzels?" He asked. We all fell anime style.

That's a Wrap!

Kaoru:Seriously after all that you STILL wanted a pretzel?! -_-"

Butch:What I'm still hungry!

Me:Here *gives him a soft pretzel*

Butch:This one is cheese stuffed

Brady:Oh! I'll take that one!

Momoko:Here this one is plain

Butch:Thanks! *puts the whole thing in his mouth and swallows it whole*



Miyako:Don't you chew?

Kimiko:Or eat piece by piece?

Butch:Pfft! Those are for squares

Brady:And for people who don't want to choke

Kaoru:Whatever the Super Bowl is almost on so can we hurry this up?!

Momoko:Oh! I gotta make the popcorn!

Me:Tune in next chapter!


Everyone:Say┼Źnara! *peace signs*