a/n: So I hadn't originally planned to write another part to this story, but it kind of called to me, so here you go. More awkward sex because why not? Huge, huge thanks to kismet4891, who unwittingly helped me with this chapter when I was struggling. I actually had to scrap what I first wrote and start over completely, but this version is better. I think. :)

Katniss nearly knocked over the boxes of vibrators when she saw him.

Shit. Even with that stupid backwards baseball cap on, she could recognize him anywhere—it was his shoulders or something. Still so obnoxiously broad. Katniss felt a flicker of annoyance; Peeta had a habit of showing up in places she did not want or expect to see him. But then she remembered where they were, and she snorted in amusement.

Oh, this was too good to pass up.

She made a beeline for him, stopping right behind him where he perused the shelves of porn. "Really, Mellark, you can't download your porn illegally like everybody else?" she deadpanned, and he jumped, cursing under his breath as he threw her a nasty glare over his shoulder.

"No one downloads porn these days, Everdeen; you can watch it online anywhere," he retorted, turning his attention back to the DVDs, trailing his fingers over them.

She snorted, cocking one hip. "Then why are you looking for porn in a sex shop?"

He sighed and plucked a particular DVD from the shelf, finally turning around to face her. "If you must know...sometimes guys just like to have a hard copy. And," he waved the DVD in front of her face, "sex stores have this—gonzo porn."

"And what the hell is that?" she asked, trying to grab the DVD from him, but he jerked it out of her reach.

"It's, like, low-budget amateur porn. It's a little more organic, more real. Less plot, more fucking." He shrugged nonchalantly, and she rolled her eyes.

"God forbid you have to do any thinking," she said dryly. He just smiled.

"When I'm jacking off? No, I'd rather not."

Katniss made a sound of disgust, then surveyed his other hand quizzically. "And what's that?"

He glanced down at his hand; this time, he looked a little sheepish. "Uh, it's lube." At her questioning look, he elaborated, "Well, I don't want to look like a complete creeper, just coming in here for porn. So I buy some lube to make it look like I'm buying it for a, ah, a lady friend."

She wrinkled her nose. "Hate to break it to you, but you still look like a creeper."

Peeta frowned. "And am I supposed to believe you're only in here to distribute literature on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in order to save the rest of us sinners from our wanton ways?"

She stiffened when she remembered her purpose for being in the store, the box in her hand suddenly feeling very heavy and conspicuous. She made an effort to tuck it behind her back, but Peeta's gaze dropped to the item; his eyes widened, and he snatched the box from her hand.

"Holy shit, Katniss—this thing is huge!" he exclaimed, eyeing the vibrator she had picked up. He looked at her in wonder before a cocky smirk spread across his face. "Did my dick ruin you for all normal-size vibrators? It's okay; you can tell me."

Her face flushed in embarrassment and outrage, and she grabbed it back from him. "If by 'ruin,' you mean 'made me want to fuck something I could actually enjoy,' then yes," she snapped.

Her words had no effect on him; that smug smirk stayed fixed in place. "Come on, you don't have to lie. While my moves might have been seriously lacking, we both know size was not an issue."

He had her there. But she was flustered—one, because he'd caught her with a vibrator in her hand and, two, because he'd actually brought up the night they'd had sex. Which had been weeks ago; this was the first time either of them had acknowledged it to each other—or anyone else, as far as she knew. She certainly hadn't told anybody, that was for sure. She had to assume he hadn't either because she hadn't heard any whisperings or jokes about her around school.

Which was why she had kept her mouth shut about it in the first place. Admitting she was attracted to the guy she'd hated since sixth grade was a hard pill to swallow, and she didn't think she could stomach the self-righteous judgment from her peers—especially Gale; he would give her so much shit if he found out, she just knew it.

The Monday after Gale's party, after their night together, she and Peeta had resumed their antagonistic relationship at school as if nothing had happened—though their interactions were less frosty now and a little more...heated.

Although she was loathe to admit it, Katniss had been tempted (many times) to text him and initiate something; the sex itself had left much to be desired, but she couldn't deny she'd gotten a lot of mileage out of her vibrator just thinking about how he'd made her come with his mouth.

Too much mileage, actually. That was why she was here; her old vibrator had broken. She knew she should have listened when Johanna had insisted she spring for something a little more expensive, but she hadn't thought that she would need it or that it would matter—how much was she going to use it, really?

Well, she wouldn't make that mistake again.

"If you must know, my other vibrator broke," she explained quietly, though why she was telling him anything about her masturbatory habits, she had no idea. She wasn't embarrassed, but she probably should have been more reluctant to give him any potential blackmail fodder on her.

But he just looked awed, his eyes round; he gave a low whistle. "Man, you must've...used it a lot then," he mused, then he cleared his throat and shifted uncomfortably. Her gaze dropped to his crotch, which was starting to tent with a boner.

"Jesus, Peeta, get it together," she hissed, ignoring the pulse of desire that throbbed between her own thighs.

He shrugged indifferently, the DVD in his hand shielding the front of his pants. "Sorry, but you're talking to me about masturbating while we're standing in the middle of a sex store—what do you expect?" he asked. He narrowed his eyes at her suspiciously then. "Wait, you're not even 18 yet—how are you even in here?"

Her eyes bulged, and she shushed him. "Shut up!" she whispered fiercely, surveying the attendant at the register to make sure he hadn't overheard Peeta. Her face was hot when she looked back at him. "Johanna works here; they know me. I'm usually in here with her, so they just assume I'm her age. They never card me. Don't ruin it for me."

He grinned, his eyes twinkling. "Wouldn't dream of it, sweetheart."

Huffing, she whirled around and stalked toward the register. She could feel him at her heels, and he hovered behind her while she paid for her vibrator. The cashier gave them a knowing look, and she felt her hackles rise. "We're not together," she blurted.

"Aw, don't be shy, baby," Peeta teased behind her.

Her face purpled, and she hurriedly grabbed her bag from the cashier. Before she bolted out of the store, however, she jabbed her thumb in Peeta's direction. "Don't be fooled. The porn and the lube are just for him."

The door chimed shut behind her once she breezed through it, and she quickly darted toward her car, hoping to get out of there before Peeta could follow her. But she was still digging through her purse for her keys when he caught up to her. "Hey, wait a minute!"

She spared him an exasperated glance over her shoulder, growing increasingly agitated with her elusive keys. "What do you want?"

He leaned against her driver side door, squinting against the setting sun. "You know...you don't have to use that vibrator. I'd hate for you to have to buy another one again so soon," he offered suggestively, a crooked smile on his face.

Katniss made a face and scoffed, pausing only briefly in her search for her keys. "Don't you have some porn to watch, Mellark?"

His smile widened. "You wanna watch it with me?" She shot him an incredulous look, and he just chuckled. He opened his mouth to respond when her hand closed around her keys, and she crowed victoriously, jerking them out. She unlocked her door, but Peeta didn't budge, preventing her from opening her door. "I'm serious, Katniss. What are we doing?"

She gave him a hard look. "I'm trying to get in my car. What are you doing?"

He spun his bag in his hand idly. "I mean, how long are we going to go on like this, you pretending like you hate me—and me pretending like I don't think about how you taste every hour of the day?"

Blood rushed to her cheeks, and she balked. "Excuse me?" She wasn't sure what she was more shocked by: that he had said it, or how hot it had sounded. Peeta was still smiling at her—but it wasn't cocky or smarmy. It was actually kind of...sweet?

"Come on. Look, if you're not at all interested in me, then okay, I'll accept that. But this is killing me. I love teasing you, don't get me wrong—it's amusing as hell to rile you up." He chuckled at her scowl. "But what I'd love more than anything is to just...spend a little time with you again." Her breath caught in her throat when he leaned closer, his eyebrow quirking slightly. "And, if you want, I'd be more than happy to go down on you again."

She actually inhaled a bit of spit, and she had to cough to clear her windpipes. She hated how flustered she was, so she deflected some of her embarrassment with sarcasm. "Do you do this a lot, Mellark—proposition women outside of sex shops?"

"Just you," he said simply, slumping back against her car door. "And you didn't answer my suggestion with an immediate refusal, so I have to assume you're at least a little interested."

Her mouth parted—but she realized she couldn't protest his point. Fuck. He noticed her hesitation and grinned. She instinctively flinched when he reached his hand out to her, but he just lifted her braid from her shoulder, running it between his fingers; he gave it a gentle tug before letting it go, and she wet her lips, trying not to think about how close his hand was to her breast.

"So, what do you say?" he asked quietly, his face full of hope. She was already leaning into him before she realized it and made herself straighten up, schooling her face back into her all-too-familiar scowl. She didn't want to seem too earnest.

"Fine," she grunted, her own hand coming up to fidget with her braid. She needed to take control of the situation. "Come to my house tomorrow night around 8. My mom will be at work, so there won't be anyone around." Except for Prim, but, as a moody 13-year-old, she usually holed up in her bedroom all night, anyway.

Peeta looked like he couldn't believe his luck. "Seriously? You want me to come over to your house?"

She rolled her eyes. "I said it, didn't I? Now leave me alone before I change my mind."

Beaming brilliantly, Peeta shocked the hell out of her with what he did next: He ducked his head down to press his lips against hers firmly, his hand briefly cupping her cheek before he pulled away. She stared at him in stunned silence; he was still grinning. "See you tomorrow," he murmured, then he twisted the bill of his hat forward and crossed to his own car. She had to force herself to open her car door and climb inside. Her hand trembled slightly as she inserted her key into the ignition, and she shook her head to clear it before she drove off.

She was not going to get all jittery over Peeta fucking Mellark.

As their mother worked a lot of nights at the hospital, and their father had passed away years ago from a pulmonary embolism, Katniss was often in charge of making dinner for herself and Prim. But her sister was particular about what she ate, so most of the time Katniss just made tuna salad or a pot of macaroni and cheese; Prim usually just picked at it anyway, her nose wrinkled in distaste, so what did it matter?

That Saturday night, she made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the both of them. Peeta would be there soon, and she hadn't felt like making anything too involved. Pulling out her phone, she sent a quick text to Prim: I made you PB&J. Get your ass down here.

Katniss leaned against the kitchen counter and took a bite of her own sandwich; she startled when the doorbell rang and glanced at the clock. It was only 7:45 p.m. Peeta couldn't be there already, could he? She padded through the kitchen to the foyer to open the front door. Sure enough, Peeta stood on their front step, a nervous grin on his face. "Uh, hey," he greeted, giving her a small wave.

She swallowed her mouthful, frowning slightly. "You're early." He just shrugged, and she snorted. "Eager much?"

"Yes," he said simply. She just rolled her eyes and motioned for him to come in. She led him into the kitchen, trying to scarf down her sandwich—but it was peanut butter, and her mouth was dry. She really needed something to wash it down with. She filled a glass with water and chugged it, then she turned to him and held it out to him in offering. It seemed like the polite thing to do.

"Want anything to drink?"

"Sure," he agreed, taking the cup from her and gulping the rest down. She scowled around her sandwich.

"I didn't say you could drink all of it," she grumbled when he handed her the empty glass, her words muffled by the bite of PB&J.

He laughed quietly. "Dude, it's just water. You can fill it back up." She huffed but did just that.

"I hope you already ate 'cause I'm not feeding you, too," she tossed over her shoulder.

"Then what am I doing here?"

She was confused by his question until she looked at him and caught his wolfish grin. Her jaw dropped, and she kicked at him. "Jesus Christ!" she hissed, and he laughed, dodging her foot. Katniss heard footsteps on the stairs then, and she stiffened. "Stop being a pervert; that's my little sister."

Peeta made a face but clamped his mouth shut just as Prim bounded into the kitchen, pulling up short when she saw him. "Who is this?" she asked curiously, giving him a once-over. Katniss noticed the way her sister's eyes lit up in approval at the sight of him.

"This is Peeta. He's a, uh—a classmate. I mean, um, he's a friend," she stumbled over her words, trying to figure out how to explain him; she surprised herself with the last descriptor. Even Peeta looked shocked, but he managed a hello.

Prim looked at her suspiciously. "And what's he doing here?"

Katniss and Peeta shared a panicked look. "Uh, he's—we're working on a project. For English," Katniss rushed out, looking to him for confirmation. He nodded enthusiastically.

Folding her arms over her chest, Prim smirked. "Yeah, right. On a Saturday? I'm not stupid."

Katniss' eyes widened. "What? No, we just—it's due Monday, so we have to...work on it this weekend," she insisted unconvincingly, trying to will her blush away. Peeta suddenly took a great interest in checking out the kitchen so he wouldn't have to look at either of them.

"I'm 13, Katniss; I know why guys come over to girls' houses on Saturdays, and it's not to work on projects," Prim said snidely. "Does mom know you're having a guy over?"

Katniss' nostrils flared. God, her sister was annoying. She shoved Prim's sandwich at her. "Eat your damn dinner, and leave us alone."

Prim stuck her tongue out, spun around on her heel and dashed back upstairs. At the top, she yelled down, "You better keep it down, or I'm telling mom!" Then she disappeared into her bedroom to dick around on Tumblr for the rest of the night or whatever the hell it is teenagers do these days.

"Man, your sister acts just like my brother," Peeta mumbled, and Katniss, still rattled by Prim's assertions, glanced at him distractedly.

"I thought both your brothers were older."

"Yeah, I know, so it speaks a lot to his maturity," he joked, shoving his hands into his pockets. They fell quiet while she finished her sandwich and sipped some water. She watched him shift from foot to foot anxiously. For some reason, him being nervous put her more at ease. She relaxed and pushed off the counter, walking past him to exit the kitchen.

"Well, my bedroom's upstairs," she said casually, and he followed her, clearing his throat. They didn't speak until they were in her room, and she shut the door behind them. They stared at each other awkwardly for a moment before she broke away from his gaze and crossed to her bed, plopping down on it and drawing her legs up. She watched Peeta as he casually surveyed her room, studying her photos and books and posters.

"So, this is your room," he mused out loud, and she cocked an eyebrow.

"Yes, this is my room," she echoed. He faced her with a small grin on his face. "What?"

He shook his head, moving closer. "Just never imagined I'd be in Katniss Everdeen's bedroom."

"Well, this certainly isn't what I ever imagined, either," she said dryly, folding her legs in front of her. Peeta sat down on the edge of the bed warily, as if he were afraid she would object.

If she were going to object, she never would have invited him over in the first place. She stifled an audible sigh, annoyed with her weakness for this. Damn her horniness. And damn his mouth. And eyes. And hands. And those shoulders.

Damn all of him, actually. How did she go from despising him to craving his touch so quickly?

Blowing some hair out of her face, Katniss noticed his attention was occupied—by her crotch. Her eyes widened, and her hands dropped to cover her groin. "Stop that!" she snapped, tugging on the hems of her sleep shorts, trying to make them longer.

Peeta quickly averted his gaze, his cheeks coloring in embarrassment. "Sorry!" Then he made a face and looked back at her. "Wait, it's not like I haven't seen it before. What's the big deal?"

"I don't want you just—leering at my vagina," she griped, still absently adjusting the crotch of her shorts in an attempt to shield herself from his eyes. Which kept darting to watch the movements of her hands, though he looked to be fighting the urge, at least. He smiled suddenly.

"Vulva," he corrected cheekily, and she rolled her eyes. "I can't even see anything right now. I was just...thinking ahead, I guess." She blushed slightly at his implication, and he looked away, licking his lips and idly rubbing his palms over his thighs. "So..."

"Can we not do this again?" she interjected brashly, and he gave her a quizzical look. "Like last time, where you plan out and ask permission for every move? Just—go ahead and kiss me, Peeta."

He looked confounded, so Katniss unfolded her legs and leaned forward on her knees, pressing her mouth to his; she moved her lips clumsily, but that seemed to rouse him; he responded instantly, opening his mouth wider to greet her tongue with his own.

Oh. She forgot how much she liked this. She'd been so hung up on the other things his mouth could do, she had overlooked the simple pleasure of his kiss. He tasted minty, like he had brushed his teeth right before coming over. Her fingers knitted through his curls for something to hold onto as their lips slanted together. His tongue was in her mouth, stroking hers, and she was sure she was making some embarrassing noises that were supposed to be moans, but then his hands were on her waist, tugging her hips forward so he could lower her down to the mattress. When her head hit the pillow, his teeth bumped against her upper lip; she inhaled sharply through her teeth. "Ow."

"Sorry," he mumbled against her mouth, then he actually licked her lip, sucking it into his mouth very tenderly. She unwound his hair from around her fingers, sliding her hands down to his shoulders and his back to anchor herself there; there was a distinct, hard-to-ignore throbbing between her thighs that seemed to pulse with every flick of his tongue, every nip of his teeth. Peeta rested half his body on top of hers, pinning her to the bed, but he kept his full weight off of her by bracing his arm against the pillow.

Releasing her mouth, Peeta nudged her face to the side with his nose so he could kiss his way down her neck. She felt his tongue dart out frequently to lave the delicate skin along her jaw, then under her ear. He sealed his lips around a spot just above her collarbone and began to suck lightly; she squirmed, not sure whether she wanted to pull him closer or push him away, but when he sucked harder, she gasped and pushed on his shoulders. "Don't leave a mark!" she admonished, and he chuckled gruffly, dragging his mouth back up to hers.

"Why not?"

She curled her lip at him. "Because it's tacky." And she did not want to have to explain a hickey to anybody. He simply kissed her again in response, more possessively this time. She could hear how hard he was breathing through his nose, their mouths completely preoccupied with each other; her own chest was heaving slightly, and she suddenly ached for him to touch her breasts. But her mouth was too busy to ask, so she tugged her shirt up to move things along.

Peeta felt her intentions and abruptly broke the kiss, grabbing one of her wrists to stop her. "Wait." He sat up some to pull off his own shirt. She tried to sit up again to remove her top, but he pushed her hands away.

"What?" she asked, growing agitated—did he not want her naked?—but he gripped the hem of her shirt in his hands.

"I just wanted to undress you myself," he said quietly, carefully pulling her shirt up; she lifted her arms over her head for him, and once he had it off, he dropped it to the floor alongside his. Katniss lay back down, and Peeta hooked his fingers under her shorts and slowly removed them, leaving her in only her bra and panties. He moved up to lie beside her, his eyes lingering on her breasts.

"You can take my bra off, you know," she suggested. He huffed through his nose, giving her a sternly mocking look.

"I know. I'm trying to enjoy the moment, Katniss; work with me here," he mumbled, sliding his palm over the dip of her stomach up to her breasts, where he cupped her through her bra. Then he nudged his fingers under her bra cup, brushing over her pebbled nipple. Her eyes fluttered closed, her breath catching in her throat as he teasingly caressed the tip of her breast. It felt good, just a light touch, but she felt it resounding in her core.

She felt his hands wedge underneath her back a moment later to unlatch her bra clasp. He seemed to be having trouble, however, and she eventually opened her eyes to look at him; his brow was furrowed in concentration, his tongue poking from the corner of his mouth as his fingers fumbled, then he sighed. "Okay, roll over. I need to see what I'm working with here," he directed, his face slightly chagrined.

Snorting, Katniss shifted onto her stomach, and his hands prodded at her back while he tried the clasp again. Finally, he got it, and she rolled back over, letting Peeta slide the bra off her arms. When her breasts were exposed to his gaze, he just stared hungrily before covering her left one with his hand, massaging it firmly. She sucked her bottom lip into her mouth and watched his face; it was rapt with lust.

She didn't understand the reverence, really; they were just boobs. What was the big deal?

He pinched her nipple then, and she gasped, throwing her head back. Oh, right. That's what it was.

Peeta groaned as she squirmed under his insistent ministrations. "Oh, man," he muttered, rolling her nipple under his thumb; then he lifted her breast with his palm and lowered his mouth to wrap his lips around the tip. He sucked greedily, his free hand cupping her other breast. She felt his teeth digging into her flesh, and she grabbed the sides of his head to encourage him, clenching her thighs together tightly.

After a few minutes, she couldn't stand it anymore. She bucked her hips, trying to get his attention. "Peeta, can you—go down on me already?" she whined impatiently, and he laughed around her breast, flicking her nipple with his tongue.

"Eager much?" he taunted, echoing her words from earlier, and she sighed, pushing on his head. He batted her hand away and sat up, his fingers hooking around the sides of her panties to pull them down; Katniss lifted her hips for him, and he quickly yanked them off her feet, positioning himself between her legs once she was completely bare before him. He spread her knees open and pushed them up; she fought the inclination to cover herself again.

At least, she had done some maintenance this time. And showered. Though he hadn't seemed to mind last time. He noticed, his eyebrows raised while he stared at the juncture of her thighs. "I see you've trimmed," he noted, smirking, then added as an afterthought, "Definitely eager."

Groaning, she slung an arm over her face to cover her eyes. "Okay, less talking, maybe," she grumbled. He leaned over her to dip his fingers through her folds. She gasped, her arm falling back to her side as he swirled his fingers around her clit and then pushed a couple inside her. When he pulled his fingers out, he sucked them into his mouth. Her eyes widened slightly.

Well. That was kind of hot.

Peeta settled between her legs, spreading her open with his fingers, then he dragged his tongue between her wet folds. Katniss choked on a gasp, fighting the urge to jerk off the bed, but when he thrust his tongue inside her, her hips bucked reflexively, anyway. It was still a weird sensation to get used to initially, but he hummed a low moan at that moment, and she suddenly wanted to pull him as close to her as possible. Fisting his hair in her hands, she threw one leg over his shoulder and tugged him closer; his hot tongue teased her folds before plunging inside her again to lap at her wetness, and she keened every time his nose brushed against her clit.

He seemed to notice this; after a moment, he trailed his mouth up to her clit and swiped his tongue over it. She moaned loudly, so he repeated the action, and then again, alternating the pressure and speed. He paused momentarily. "What if I..." He didn't finish his thought, instead pressing his mouth to her clit to suck it into his mouth, and she gasped sharply, her back arching off the bed.

"Oh!" she panted, dazed. Peeta renewed his focus, suckling her clit earnestly. It was all too much; her orgasm came fast and sharp then, and she cried out as hot pleasure spiraled through her. She writhed beneath him, and he pulled away abruptly, alarmed.

"What's wr—oh," he said stupidly, watching as she covered her face and whimpered, still throbbing between her thighs. "That was...quicker than I expected."

She pushed down the impulse to tell him she'd made herself come faster with her vibrator before; she was still delirious from pleasure—insulting him just didn't seem a worthwhile pursuit at the moment. He crawled up her body, and she finally pulled her hands away from her eyes to look at him. He looked awed yet cocky, his pupils fat with want. When he leaned down to kiss her, she flinched away in horror and pushed his head back, her palm connecting with his forehead, hard. "Whoa!"

He stared at her, wide-eyed. "What?" he asked, confused.

She scrunched her face in disgust. "You can't just kiss me like that. At least, wipe off your face first," she asserted petulantly.

Peeta grunted, rolling his eyes. "It came out of your body," he grumbled, swiping the back of his hand over his mouth to remove some of her excess arousal.

"Doesn't mean I want it smeared all over my face," she griped. He licked his lips and then raised his eyebrows for her inspection.

"What about now? Does your highness approve?" he quipped. She examined his face critically; finally, she shrugged.

"Yeah, I guess you're fine."

"You guess, huh? Well, I guess I don't need to kiss you at all. In fact, I can just get dressed and go home," he threatened casually, and she nearly laughed. Did he think that was going to work on her?

"I got mine. I'm good," she said indifferently. He just gawked at her, then shook his head.

"You are so damn frustrating," he mumbled. He claimed her mouth before she could object again; she tensed at first but then melted against him, returning the kiss fiercely as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She could taste herself on him; it was weird. That was weird, right? But, whatever, she could deal with it, she guessed.

After indulging him for a couple minutes, Katniss pushed on his shoulder to break the kiss. "Did you bring a condom?" she breathed against his mouth, and he nodded, excitement lighting up his eyes. She snickered lightly as he scrambled off the bed and dug through his back pocket, tossing a handful of condoms onto the bed. Her eyebrows shot up as she held up the long chain of condoms.

"A little optimistic, aren't we?" she asked wryly, and he looked sheepish, shrugging his shoulders.

"Thought it was best to be prepared. I mean, no one ever regretted having too many condoms, right?" he replied easily, fishing something else out of his pocket. "I, uh, also brought this. In case...you want to use it."

It was the lube he'd bought. She eyed it warily; he just grinned shyly, so she took it from him. "Maybe," she hedged carefully, examining the label. Peeta unbuttoned his pants and slid them down his hips; she could see his erection straining against his boxer-briefs from the corner of her eye. When he pushed his underwear down, her eyes darted to his groin despite herself.

She hoped her apprehension didn't show on her face; she'd seen his dick before, but it was still just a weird-looking thing. And it was big. And she remembered how much it had hurt last time. She'd tested her new vibrator out last night; it had been a little uncomfortable because it was bigger than her old one, but she was trying to stretch her hymen further so the sex wouldn't be so painful. She'd thought perhaps the second time around would be better.

But looking at his dick now... "Yeah, we're gonna use the lube," she blurted as he climbed back onto the bed between her legs. He just nodded and tore off one of the condoms, ripping it open. Katniss fumbled awkwardly with the lube while he put the condom on, flipping the cap open and tipping the bottle over to squirt some into her palm.

"Uhh, you don't need that much," Peeta said, grimacing slightly as he took the bottle from her hand and dropped it to the mattress. Frowning, she eyed the puddle in her hand.

"Sorry, I don't spend a lot of time jacking off to know," she retorted then she held her hand out to him. "What do I do with it?"

He glanced down at his dick then back at her; he was smirking. "Well, lube me up, Everdeen."

Rolling her eyes, she grasped his cock in her sticky hand and coated the condom in the lube. He groaned softly, thrusting mildly until she pulled her hand away. There was still an excess of lube slickening her palm and fingers; cringing, she wiped it off on her bed sheets. Shit, she hoped that didn't leave a stain.

Peeta hovered over her, his hands on either side of her head to hold his weight off her. His eyes were full of concern and lust, and she felt the head of his cock pressing at her center. "Uh—think you're ready?" he asked hesitantly; her hands fluttered over his shoulders and his biceps (which were hard and taut with the strain of holding himself up), not sure where to hold him.

"You're the one who just gave me head, so you tell me," she said, trying not to think about how badly it was going to hurt; she knew if she was tense, it would be worst, but she felt her body going rigid with anxiety, regardless.

His eyebrow twitched in amusement as he reached between them to grab his cock. "Well, you're very wet, if that's what you mean." His voice was husky, and she felt her stomach twist with something other than nerves. She scoffed, anyway.

"Just put it in already—ah," she squeaked when he pushed into her, her fingers digging painfully into his shoulder blades. Peeta grunted, lowering his body to hers once their hips were flush.

"Sorry...does it still hurt?" he asked, breathing against her neck, and she made a face at the ceiling.

"Well, it doesn't feel great," she muttered. It didn't hurt like last time, but it was still uncomfortable as her body stretched and adjusted to the fullness of him inside her. The lube helped with the friction, at least.

Sighing, Peeta shifted his hips back then surged forward; she was glad he couldn't see the faces she was making. He halted then, lifting his face to look at hers. "Do you want me to stop?" he asked, though she could tell he was praying to every deity imaginable that she'd say no.

She took a deep breath and tried to relax her body, letting her legs fall open wider. "No, Peeta. I'm sure it'll be over in 30 seconds, anyway," she joked, a smirk teasing at her lips to blunt the sting of her words.

His jaw dropped, offense flashing across his face, then he released some sort of strangled laugh, thrusting into her again. "God, you're such a bitch. Why do I even like you?" he asked rhetorically, still moving between her thighs; she had no idea. She was a little shocked to hear him say it so bluntly—she hadn't been prepared for that.

So she didn't respond, both of them falling silent save for their ragged breaths and his barely audible moans; the soft rustling of the sheets was somewhat distracting. She finally sighed, sliding her hands over his shoulders. "It's so quiet," she whispered, which was dumb, considering she was so concerned about the quiet. But she needed something to say.

He chuckled thickly, his thrusts slow and restrained. His skin was warm and slick, and it was starting to make her feel sweaty. "Well—your sister said to keep it down, so—" He broke off into a groan when she involuntarily clenched around his cock.

"Ugh, please, don't talk about my sister while you're having sex with me," she groaned. "It's creepy."

He laughed again against her shoulder. "Fine." He palmed her breast, kneading the mound firmly, rolling her nipple under his palm, and she inhaled deeply, closing her eyes. She kind of just wanted him to do that all night. Her hands slipped from his shoulders, trailing down his chest, but she stopped suddenly, blinking her eyes open.

"Do you shave your chest?" she asked, perplexed, her fingernails scraping at the slight stubble there. His thrusts faltered, but he resumed his movements, breathing heavily.

"I—wrestling," he gasped out, as if that really answered her question, but she felt him pump into her a little faster, rougher. "Ah—shit, I'm gonna come," he grunted. She yelped when his fingers tugged roughly at her nipple as he came, his thrusts erratic until he stilled altogether on top of her. His moan was muffled against the curve of her neck; she could feel him pulsing inside her, emptying his semen into the condom.

He flopped down on the bed beside her a moment later, panting. Once he'd pulled the condom off, he glanced at her face apprehensively. "So, uh...how was it this time?"

She considered his words, then her mouth pulled to the side slightly. "I guess it wasn't so bad."

His head fell to the bed as he chuckled gravelly. "Not bad. Better than last time, at least. I'll work on it."

She scoffed lightly at his presumptuousness, pointing out the trash can to him when he rolled over to dispose of the condom. "And what makes you think I'd let you try it again?"

When he turned back to her, he was smirking that stupid little smirk of his. He pressed against her side, his hand ghosting over her pelvis, slipping between her thighs, and she gasped when his fingers probed at her clit, drawing circles around it. His lips grazed her ear as he murmured, "Won't you?"

Fuck. She would.

Tell me again why we couldn't come to this party together?

Reading Peeta's text, Katniss sighed. Her eyes found him across the room where he leaned casually against the wall, talking to some blonde chick. But his eyes were on her, his eyebrows raised expectantly. She narrowed her eyes at him and quickly typed out her response.

You look like you're doing just fine without me.

She watched him pull his phone out of his pocket a moment later and read her text. He smirked slightly, quickly glancing at her before he texted her back. The blonde seemed oblivious to his disinterest in whatever she was babbling about, gesturing wildly as she talked.


Katniss scowled at her phone. Was that what he was trying to do? Make her jealous? He sure thought highly of himself. They weren't even dating; they were just hooking up occasionally. Okay, a little more than occasionally. A few times a week.

She had a problem. Her new vibrator had gone largely unused because of him. But she didn't really need it, she supposed, not when he was keeping her in constant supply of orgasms. And the sex was pretty decent now. Fun, even.

But it was just sex. Why did anyone else need to know about it? It was nobody's business. And, okay, maybe she feared their reactions. She had her pride to consider.

She looked at Peeta again, her body stiffening when she saw the blonde laugh at something he said and squeeze his bicep. She wasn't jealous. But that didn't mean he could just flirt with another chick right in front of her.

Katniss smiled to herself suddenly and sent him another message. Why would I be jealous? I know you're thinking about eating me out right now.

Hitting 'Send,' she waited for him to read the message. He looked at his phone casually, taking a sip of his beer, but he must have inhaled some of it because he started coughing violently, his face reddening considerably. She stifled a laugh as he waved off the blonde's concern, stepping away when she tried to rub his back; he motioned to his beer and mumbled something, then ducked into the kitchen, sparing Katniss a withering glare.

She bit down on her lip, fighting a grin.

"Who you textin'?"

Gale's voice startled her, and she frantically tried to exit out of her texts without being too conspicuous. "Uhhh, just—Madge."

Gale plopped down beside her on the couch, stretching his long legs out. "Why didn't she come? You could have invited her."

Katniss shrugged, shoving her phone into her back pocket. "She had to work." And then she was hanging out with Cato Harris. Gross. Katniss did not understand her friend's attraction to that asshole.

Chugging his beer, Gale nudged her with his elbow, then he smacked his lips and wiped his mouth with his sleeve. "You wanna be my beer pong partner? I called next."

"Okay, but I'm not drinking the beer," she said, and he huffed.

"Suck it up, Catnip. My house, my rules, and you have to drink the beer when you play." She groaned, and he held up his hands. "Hey, just bring your A game, and you won't have to worry about it."

She pouted, sinking down into the couch. Easier said than done—she sucked at beer pong.

Katniss glared at Peeta across the table as Rye made yet another cup; they high-fived, and Peeta grinned innocently at her. Gale grunted in annoyance and emptied the Solo cup of beer down his throat, setting it back on the table once it was empty.

"Okay, little bro. Just one cup to hit," Rye told Peeta, handing him a ball. "No pressure or anything, but if you don't get it in, I might have to disown you." Peeta just rolled his eyes and assumed his shooting stance.

Her eyebrow quirked, and she smirked. "Might wanna start drafting those papers now, Rye. Peeta's never been good at getting it in," she taunted, and Gale guffawed loudly, doubling over.

Peeta's fiery gaze snapped to hers, his hand poised to shoot. She cocked an eyebrow in challenge, folding her arms over her chest defiantly.

"Shit, Peet," Rye whistled next to him. "You gonna let her talk about you like that?"

Peeta smiled in response, a dangerous sort of smile, and Katniss was mildly scared. She fought down her worry, pursing her lips together as he took aim, eyeing the last red cup carefully. "I don't need to say anything, Rye," he said calmly, then he launched the ball through the air. It arced down into the cup with a satisfying plop. Katniss and Gale blinked in disbelief. "My actions speak for themselves."

Rye crowed triumphantly and slapped his brother on his back. Katnis glowered at Peeta as Gale pushed the cup into her hand to drink. "Last one's yours," he intoned, and she sighed dramatically. Peeta smiled at her as she painfully chugged the beer, slamming the empty cup on the table. Ugh. Fucking beer. Her lip curled in disgust, and she flipped him off, marching into the kitchen to find something to get the awful hoppy taste out of her mouth.

She was desperately chugging some orange juice when Gale found her and laughed at her dramatics. "We need to work on your aim, Catnip," he chastised, and she frowned, licking her lips.

"My aim is fine. Put me in front of a bulls-eye with a bow and arrows, and I'll show you."

Gale grinned. "I don't think weapons and alcohol would be a good mix with this crowd."

She snorted. "I don't know, might liven things up a bit."

Peeta entered the kitchen then, but she ignored him—until he slid behind her to get to the fridge, brushing his crotch against her ass. Her face flushed, and she stiffened. "Oh, excuse me," he gushed disingenuously. She shot him a nasty look over her shoulder as he opened the fridge and started to root around for more beer. Excuse me, her ass; she knew he did that on purpose. But she opted not to acknowledge him, turning her nose up.

Gale watched Peeta, amusement dancing in his gray eyes. "Nice shot, Mellark," he offered when Peeta turned back around, shutting the fridge. He nodded his head at the compliment, and Katniss gritted her teeth.

"Thanks." His hands full of beer, Peeta brushed past her again, bumping her forward with his hips. She squawked in protest, nearly colliding with Gale. "Oh, man, so sorry. This kitchen is so small, you know?" Peeta apologized, his voice full of mock sincerity, and then he disappeared back into the living room.

Her face burned with anger and embarrassment, and she was already devising numerous ways to get him back when she noticed Gale snickering. She glared at him. "What?"

He shook his head. "He's got it bad."

"Huh?" she asked dumbly.

"He totally wants to fuck you."

Her jaw dropped as she gaped at him. "What?! No—huh? No, I mean—what?" she sputtered incoherently, panic solidifying in her chest. How could he tell? Was it that obvious? Did he already know they were hooking up? Oh, fuck.

Gale barked in amusement. "Whoa, calm down, Catnip. I said he wanted to, not you." His brow creased as he regarded her curiously. "Though, now I'm wondering about you..."

She scowled, hoping to deflect his suspicions with anger. "He's a giant tool, Gale. I'd sooner fuck Cato," she snarled, fighting the urge to shudder in revulsion. Smirking, Gale shrugged as he opened the fridge to get another beer.

"If you say so, Catnip."

"Yes, I say so!" she snapped. He just chuckled to himself, leaving her to stew in the kitchen by herself.

Huffing, she yanked her phone out of her purse and quickly typed out a message to Peeta. WTF was that?! His response didn't come for a couple of minutes.

You're gonna have to be a little more specific, sweetheart.

She scowled at her phone. You know exactly what I'm referring to, dickbag. And don't call me sweetheart.

Oh, were we not purposely trying to antagonize each other? I thought that's what you were going for, SWEETHEART.

She nearly threw her phone down in frustration, and she burned with animosity—and for him. Damn him. Ugh. I hate you. Meet me in Gale's room in 10 minutes.

He didn't respond, but when she passed by the beer pong table in the living room a few minutes later, she felt his eyes on her all the way down the hallway to Gale's bedroom. She flipped the light on and shut the door behind her. She leaned against the wall beside the door and waited, fiddling with her phone to pass the time.

Exactly 10 minutes after she'd sent her last message to Peeta, the door creaked open.


She jumped toward him, pinching his side through his shirt. He twisted away, spinning around. "Ow—hey!" She swung the door shut and glared at him. "What was that for?"

"Don't say my name like that, you idiot. What if someone else had been in here?" she hissed, crossing her arms over her chest.

He frowned, still rubbing the tender spot on his side. "Now I can't even say your name out loud? It's not like I came in yelling, 'Hey, Katniss, let's fuck!' Jesus. I'm gonna have a bruise now..."

She snorted humorously. "You deserve it for what you did in the kitchen."

He grinned. "What? Just had to assert how good I actually am at getting it in."

She shot him a dubious look. "Good? Let's not push it." He looked momentarily wounded, but then he shrugged.

"Well, I'm good where it counts, at least." He moved closer to her, sliding his hands around her waist to pull her closer. "You keep coming back for more, anyway."

His audacity surprised her before she shook it off, pressing a hand to his chest to hold him back. "Reign it in, Mellark. You can't do shit like that in front of others. You've already made Gale suspicious. He thinks you want to fuck me!"

Peeta looked confused. "So? He's right."

"Well, duh. But do you want him to know that?"

"I don't give a shit. You're the one who's ashamed to be seen with me."

His words took her off guard; his face looked indifferent, but the hurt was palpable in his voice. She wanted to tell him to stop being stupid, but she swallowed her natural impulse to insult him and sighed. "I'm not ashamed. I'm embarrassed," she corrected.

He chuckled. "And there's a difference?"

"Yes!" She flushed slightly, fidgeting with her braid. "Because I spent seven years hating you, and now I'm having sex with you. Do you know how hard it is to admit I'm wrong? Oh, God, Gale is going to give me so much shit..."

"I really don't think anyone is going to care as much as you seem to think they will," he offered, fighting a smile. She glared at him.

"You don't know Gale like I do. He'll use this at every opportunity to rub in my face. Do you even know how much shit I talked about you over the years?" she rambled, staring over his shoulder.

"Yeah—wait, what?" He pulled back to look at her face incredulously. "Just how much shit did you talk about me?" Her face screwed up defensively.

"You called me Cat Piss and laughed at me! And then you were a cocky asshole every time I saw you after that, okay?" she snapped. "I had every right to talk shit about you, Mellark."

He shook his head. "Fine, okay, I don't care," he sighed, leaning down again to nuzzle her neck.

Katniss squirmed in his arms, protesting mildly. "Hey, I didn't come in here to fool around—I just wanted to tell you to knock that shit off."

"Okay, I'll knock that shit off," he agreed readily, dragging his mouth up and down her neck. Her skin tingled wherever his lips touched, making her shiver slightly. She could feel his erection pressing against her pelvis. "Can we still fool around?"

"I told you that's not why I invited you back here," she asserted breathlessly. But then why did she invite him back here? She didn't need to tell him any of this in person. And she knew it was risky—someone could notice they were both missing or see them both leaving Gale's room. Or Gale could even come back here to use the bathroom or something.

Peeta laughed gravelly against her neck. "Sure you didn't," he teased, flicking the tip of his tongue over the curve where her neck met her shoulder.

A frustrated growl rumbled low in her throat, even as she stretched her neck to give him more access. "I'm not going to do it in Gale's room, Peeta. That's disgusting."

He whimpered, resting his forehead on her shoulder. "Well, we couldn't, anyway. I didn't bring any condoms."

That surprised her. "Really? Why not?"

He lifted his head to look at her, amused. "I don't know; guess I just knew you wouldn't have sex with me here. I didn't realize you'd be so disappointed by that..."

His grin annoyed her, and she rolled her eyes. "I am not disappointed—" But she was, kind of. This was stupid. She hadn't necessarily been thinking about having sex with him until he said she couldn't. And now she wanted it. She pushed the thought away—it didn't matter; they were in Gale's room, anyway, and that would just be weird.

"If you say so," he hummed smugly. His eyes brightened then. "We can do other stuff, though."

She eyed him warily, reluctant to admit her curiosity was piqued. "Oh?" Stepping away from her, he grabbed her hand and steered her toward the bathroom, turning the light on. When he shut the door, he pinned her against it and hurriedly captured her mouth with his, sliding his tongue past her lips. She was panting when he broke the kiss a moment later.

"You were right earlier." She looked at him quizzically, so he elaborated, "About me, uh, thinking about going down on you. I pretty much always am, just so you know." He grinned at her, his cheeks pink; she knew she was blushing, too.

She cleared her throat. "No shit." His hands came up to bracket her face, his thumbs smoothing over her eyebrows. She was confused by the tender gesture; he looked pensive. "What?"

His expression turned sheepish. "Well, so, I was just thinking..." He paused, dropping one hand to her shoulder and running the other through his hair. He looked really nervous now. He coughed lightly. "Well, I, uh, do—that—for you, a lot. And I really like it, clearly. But, um...I was wondering—hoping—you might, uh…dothesameforme."

She blinked. And blinked again. When his words finally registered, her eyes widened slightly. "Oh. You want me to suck your dick."

His cheeks flamed, and he laughed oddly, a high-pitched sort of sound. "I mean—yes. That's what I'm asking. If you want. No pressure. I just...wondered if you were interested?"

She frowned. The thought hadn't really appealed to her before, no. The penis was a funny thing. She wasn't entirely sure she wanted it anywhere near her face. She tilted her head down to eye his crotch, his bulge nestled between their bodies. "Uhhh...I have no idea where your dick has been, Peeta."

He tugged on her braid. "Well, for starters, it's only been inside you lately," he said, a smile in his voice.

Only? The word made her feel funny; she didn't know how to respond, so she just scowled at his chest. Peeta coughed lightly and took a step back. "I, uh...I told you I'd only had sex twice before you. I meant that literally. It was the same girl. I used a condom both times."

She glanced at his face; his mouth was pulled tightly in a bashful grimace. His discomfort almost made her laugh, and she had to suppress a smile. "Okay, but how many girls have given you head?" she asked seriously, folding her arms over her chest.

He made a face. "Do you want a list?"

She snorted. "Well, that answers my question."

He chuckled, blushing furiously. "I didn't mean—well, it's been a few, I guess. I—anyway," he shook his head and waved his hands helplessly. "Never mind, I just thought—forget I asked—"

Katniss pushed off the door and guided him backward so she could sit down on the toilet. When she tugged on his hips to pull him back toward her, his crotch level with her face, he made some sort of sputtering sound. "Wait, are you actually—?"

She looked up at him through her eyelashes as she unzipped his pants and parted the fly. "Don't say I never did anything for you, Mellark," she grumbled, stretching his boxer-briefs down over his erection.

"Oh, God," he whimpered, gripping the edge of the sink tightly. His other hand grappled aimlessly in the air, like he didn't know what to do with it, until it settled on her head.

She hesitated, staring at his dick helplessly. The head was an angry pink, the shaft thick, and there was moisture oozing from the tip. What was she supposed to do with it? Swallowing a sigh, she just decided to dive in—maybe if it was horrible and she sucked at it, he'd never want her to do it again. Holding onto his hips, she touched her tongue to his head tentatively. Peeta gasped instantly, his fingers curling into her hair. She could taste the pre-cum; it was salty and weird, but at least it was just a taste.

Oh God, what was going to happen when he came? She pulled back suddenly to glare up at him. "You better tell me when you're about to come, or I swear to God," she threatened, and he nodded earnestly, urging her back to his cock.

Screwing up her courage, she opened her mouth and slid his head inside. Peeta moaned loudly. "Shit, that feels good." Her tongue flicked across the glans experimentally, eliciting some kind of strained gurgle from the back of his throat. The head filled most of her mouth, and she was suddenly very aware of how big he was and just how small her mouth was. How was she supposed to fit the rest of him in? How did people do this?

She tried to open her mouth a little wider, to take in more of his cock, but he hissed suddenly, his fingers pulling on the roots of her hair. "Shit, Katniss, your teeth."

"What?" Except the question was muffled and came out more like "Wrrmmf?"

"Don't use your teeth! That hurts," he whispered, and she slid his cock out of her mouth to scowl at him.

"I don't know what you mean! How do I not use my teeth?"

He looked down at her, his mouth slack. "I dunno, just—retract them or, or wrap your lips around them or something."

Retract them? Like she was a fucking vampire or something. Huffing, she took him back into her mouth, sorely tempted to scrap her teeth over his shaft now. But she tried to buffer them with her lips as her tongue swirled around his head, wetting it. He moaned again, splaying his fingers over the crown of her head. After a couple minutes, he began thrusting slightly against her face, his hand urging her closer. "Katniss, can you—more—"

She made the mistake of opening her mouth wider. He thrust a little too hard right then, hitting the back of her throat. She started gagging immediately, and she shoved him away roughly.

"Hey!" he cried when his cock popped out of her mouth wetly, and she covered her mouth as she coughed harshly, wiping away the strings of saliva that dribbled from her lips. "Oh, fuck—"

She glared at him, her eyes watering. "Jesus, Peeta, are you trying to choke me?" she snapped hoarsely then coughed again.

His eyes were wide with horror. "Fuck, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to—"

The bathroom door swung open suddenly, and they both jumped. "Oh—shit!" Katniss' head snapped toward the voice, and she got a brief glimpse of dark hair and olive skin before the door slammed shut again.

Oh, fuck.

"Uhh, am I hammered out of my mind, or did Gale just open the door?" Peeta asked tentatively, and she blinked up at him.

"Yeah. That was...that was Gale."

"Shit." Peeta hastily stuffed his dick into his pants, rousing her from her shock.

"Damn it, Peeta, I can't believe you didn't lock the door!" she shouted, and he gawked at her as he tugged on his zipper.

"What? Me? You could have locked it, too!" he insisted, wincing as he tucked his boner up under the waistband of his pants.

She groaned, covering her face. "Oh, my God, I can't believe Gale just saw me giving you head, holy shit..."

"Well, to be fair, all he saw was me standing here with my dick out," Peeta offered, smiling weakly at her. She glowered at him.

"And, what, he's just going to assume I was examining your dick for health reasons?"

He shrugged, ruffling his curls nervously. "Gale's gotten his dick sucked many times, I'm sure. It's not a big deal."

Her eyes widened. "Jesus Christ, Peeta, I don't want to think about my best friend getting blowjobs right now. Or ever!"

They stiffened when they heard someone clearing their throat on the other side of the door. "Uh, guys? I'm still out here. And I can definitely hear you," Gale said loudly. Katniss groaned again, scrubbing her hands over her red face.

Shit, this was so much worse than she could have imagined.

"Go away!" she called through the door.

"What? No!" he yelled back indignantly. "It's my bathroom! And I'd appreciate it if you didn't suck Mellark's dick in my bathroom!"

Her face flushed, and she pinched the bridge of her nose. Fuck. How fucking embarrassing. Gale was going to eat this up. She sighed loudly and stood up from the toilet. "Okay, fine, let's just get this shit show over with." Holding her head up high, she threw the door open and marched out, Peeta following her timidly.

Gale regarded them with smug amusement, his arms crossed in front of his chest. Katniss was immediately on the defensive at the look he gave her.

"Shut up, Gale!"

He frowned. "I didn't even—"

"I know what you're thinking; you're trying so hard not to laugh," she accused. Gale snickered and held his hands up.

"Come on, you don't think I have a right to laugh? I just caught you giving Mellark head. Mellark, of all people!" Gale laughed harder, slapping his knee. Peeta shuffled awkwardly behind her, and she clenched her jaw, swallowing every insult she suddenly wanted to fling at her friend. "Man, I knew you wanted to fuck him. Didn't I tell you? You two are so fucking obvious."

"Obvious? What does that mean?" she snapped, planting her hands on her hips.

Gale looked at her pointedly. "Seriously, Catnip. Mellark clearly has a hard-on for you; that was obvious all throughout high school."

Peeta frowned. "Hey—I mean, not for a couple years there. She was a bitch."

Katniss squeaked in protest, glaring at him. "Only because you were an asshole!"

"Because you broke my nose!" he cried, and her gray eyes flashed dangerously. Gale held up a hand.

"Okay, shut the fuck up. I don't care. And if you two start going at right here in front of me, I'm gonna lose it." He ran a hand through his hair and smirked at her again. "Regardless, it was apparent to everybody how much he wanted you. And you don't talk that much about somebody unless you like them at least a little, come on."

She flushed, clamping her mouth shut. Peeta stared at her in awe, but she wouldn't look at him. This was incredibly humiliating.

Gale shrugged. "It's not a big deal. If you two wanna fuck, then fuck. I'd prefer you don't do it anywhere near my shit, though," he said. "Anyway, I gotta piss." He slipped past them but whirled around suddenly, pointing a threatening finger at Peeta's chest. "If you hurt her, Mellark, I will fuck you up."

Katniss scoffed, crossing her arms over her chest. "I'm a big girl, Gale. I can fuck him up myself. Obviously." He just laughed, disappearing into the bathroom.

Peeta looked at her, his eyes wide with disbelief. "Dude."

She furrowed her brow. "What?"

A giddy smile spread across his face. "You like me." She opened her mouth to refute it, but he cut her off, "He just said it, and you didn't correct him. So you do." Shit. Katniss gritted her teeth, averting her gaze. His smile softened, and he stepped closer to her. "I'm not going to hurt you, you know."

She groaned loudly, rolling her eyes. She couldn't deal with this right now. "Oh, my God. Just...shut up, Peeta. Let's get out of here. I am so over this party." She stomped toward the door, but he grabbed her hand to stop her. She spared him a glance over her shoulder; he looked apprehensive.

"Now, when you say, 'let's'...do you mean, you and me—together?"

Her face went blank as her own words registered with her. She had said that, hadn't she? Wow. She was getting sentimental already. She rolled her eyes, wrapping her hand around his. "Don't get sappy on me now, Mellark. Yes, we're leaving. Together." He grinned widely as she pulled him out of the bedroom. "And I think you owe me a few orgasms after tonight."

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