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"You ready?" Came the excited but muffled voice of Aubrey through the door. It was the evening following the Bellas' stunning win at nationals, and a celebratory party was being thrown to honor the occasion. Hearing no response, the blonde opened the door to find her best friend of four years sitting on her bed looking nothing like the bubbly red head she had come to know and love.

"I never said come in," the ginger offered half-heartedly, glancing up from her ipod. One white heaphone dangled down her chest while the other pumped music into her ear drowning her thoughts.

Aubrey looked her over worriedly and shuffled over to sit next to her on mattress. "Chloe, what is going through that head of yours? We just won Nationals, we fulfilled our dream! Why aren't you excited?" She was genuinely concerned over the young woman's behavior. She knew Chloe had wanted this just as much as her, so it didn't make sense that she was so despondent.

"I am excited! I'm so proud of our group. We were awesome," Chloe assured Aubrey with passion, some life flowing back into her eyes. She really was over the moon with joy about their win. It was everything she thought it would be and more.

Aubrey arched one elegant blonde brow. "Why do I get the feeling there is a 'but' to the end of that statement?"

Chloe shook her head and smiled brightly at the blonde. "I'm fine Aubrey, I promise. I'll be ready in a minute, kay?" Her friend relented and got up to leave.

"Alright. You'd better hurry. Just because the season is over doesn't mean that I condone being late." Chloe laughed a little and shooed her out. Her brave face appeared genuine, and Aubrey was almost convinced. It was too bad that Chloe hadn't seemed to notice the tears streaming down her own face.

"She'll talk to me when she's ready," Aubrey assured herself, pushing aside her worry and allowing the happiness bubbling inside her to take over.


Chloe sighed and sniffed a little once the door was closed, allowing the smile to slip off her face. She didn't know what was wrong with her. She should be happy, she was happy, but for some reason there was a heaviness in her chest weighing her down. "Ugh." She clapped her hands on her cheeks as if to wake herself up. "Get it together Chloe."

She hopped off her bed plastering a smile on her face hoping it wouldn't feel so fake all night. She raided her closet before deciding on an electric blue dress shirt with ruffles in the front. She pulled on some black skinny jeans and heels to match the shirt and met Aubrey out in the living room of the apartment.

"I'm ready!" She sang. "Let's get going. This Ginger is ready to par-tay." They linked arms and headed out, one hoping she could keep it together, the other knowing that her friend was going to need her help. Something just wasn't right. Chloe seemed to be doing better now making Aubrey wonder if she wasn't just emotional after their win with graduation right around the corner.

The party was being held at the empty pool where the riff-off had taken place. As they approach, the girls could already hear the music and chatter. Pitbull's "Hey baby" reached Choe's ears and she squealed, dragging Aubrey with her. "Come on Brey! I love this song!" She giggled loudly and rushed to the pool floor where people were dancing and drinking, raising their plastic cups to the music. Lights flashed where they had been set up casting shadows rippling across the walls almost giving it the look of water.

Aubrey laughed at her friend's antics watching her head straight for the drinks before heading off to find some of the other Bellas. It didn't take her long to find Amy who had actually, as luck would have it, been looking for her as well. "What's up Vomit Queen?" Aubrey scowled at the nickname as Amy slung her arm around the smaller woman's shoulder. "I was wondering when your thin ass was gonna show!" At this, the team captain couldn't help but laugh.

"Hi to you too Amy!" She had to shout to be heard over the music even though she was right in Amy's ear. A young man she recognized from the high notes bumped into her in his hurry to join his friends knocking her into Amy's cup spilling alcohol down the front of her shirt. "Hey!" She looked down shocked and was about to start after the boy when Amy laid a hand on her arm.

"Chill Aub. I'll go grab a few napkins. Wait here!" The Aussie commanded, heading off leaving a flustered singer in her wake. Aubrey sighed helplessly at her luck. She didn't really want to have to go back and change. She was glad she had decided to wear black. At least it wouldn't stain.


Amy smirked as the next song came on, thoroughly enjoying herself. She weaved her way to the fold up tables containing the food and coolers. "Damn! This is sooo good!" Amy turned to locate the speaker only to find an extremely giggly, extremely drunk Chloe.

"Woah there little red, might want to lay off the booze for the rest of the night or you're not gonna remember any of this." She warned looking quizzically at Chloe. She knew the ginger was a party addict, but she was totally gone which surprised Amy. She usually only got a little tipsy.

Chloe swayed over to her and brought her face close to Amy's ear. "That's the point," she stage whispered before she stumbled back in a giggling fit. "God everything just sucks," she laughed making her way back into the mass of dancing bodies.

Amy stared after her shocked at what she had just witnessed. Chloe had just admitted to getting smashed because she was upset? This worried Amy. She hurried back to Aubrey with napkins in hand. When she reached the blonde, she expressed her fears.

"Shoot! I knew she wasn't okay. We have to find her before she ends up hurting herself." They were about to head down into the pool to look for the red head when Beca and Jessie showed up hand in hand. "Hey guys, you haven't seen Chloe have you?" Slight panic was creeping into her voice.

Jessie nodded gesturing behind him. "She just left with her boyfriend." Aubrey dropped her head in her hands. "Why? Did something happen?" He looked worriedly between Amy and Aubrey. He may not have known Chloe very well, but she was his girlfriend's best friend.

"What's going on Aubrey?" Beca demanded. "Is something wrong?"

"Weeeeelll-" Amy cut off when Aubrey's very boney elbow found its way between her ribs.

"Nothing's wrong, I just wanted to tell her something. But I can't because she already left. No biggy." She smiled brightly at the suspicious couple. They didn't seem convinced, but Jessie pulled Beca with him towards the dance floor wrapping his arm around her shoulders comfortingly.

"Well she's with her boyfriend. That's good right?" Amy offered with a shrug. Aubrey rubbed her eyes in frustration.

"Well it would be. Too bad she doesn't have one!" Aubrey threw her hands up in exasperation. Chloe hadn't slept around in a long time, not since the Bellas got together. That meant that she was really upset about something. "Well it's no use worrying about it now. I wouldn't be able to find her if I tried. Let's just... Try to have a good time."


Aubrey heard the door open softly from her bed. She listened carefully for the young red head. It was two in the morning.

Shuffling footsteps passed her open room on their way to the next room down the hall of the apartment and Aubrey could have sworn she had heard muffled sobs.