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Beca couldn't have felt any more proud as she sat in the middle of the Bellas, staring up on stage at their leader, or ex-leader. Beca had inherited leadership along with Amy as per request of Aubrey and Chloe.

The blonde was positively glowing as her strong voice carried into the bleachers of the auditorium. The speech that she had been working on for weeks was perfect, not that Aubrey would have had it any other way. When she was finished, there was thunderous applause. The brunette half expected Aubrey to blow chunks, though she was thankful when she didn't. Over all the others in the crowd, even in the cluster of Bellas, Amy's voice could be heard clearly as a separate entity, making Beca smile. She could have sworn she saw Aubrey's smile widen.

After the ceremony, the Bellas met up with their favorite seniors. There were tears in the eyes of everyone except Amy. Hugs were shared all around and plans were made for a celebration. Chloe accepted immediately, her parents having not been able to make it due to a death in the family. She was alright with them not being able to be there for her graduation. She had Beca and that was all that truly mattered at that point. "I'll have to take a rain check." The voice caught everyone off guard. All heads turned to their blonde leader.

"I have to meet up with my f-father." Amy was the only one who noticed the tiny stutter and flinch at the mention of the man. She raised a questioning brow at Aubrey who pointedly ignored her. It made the girl think back to her almost-conversation at the party. The blonde had been about to disclose her story about why she was almost completely sober when a crying Chloe had run past, stopping Aubrey before she even began.

"We have to discuss a few... matters of business." Cynthia was the one who spoke first.

"You gonna be there all night? We can postpone it till later if you want." Aubrey smiled. She was glad that her friends were willing to accommodate her busy schedule. No, she corrected herself, they were family.

Stacie nodded in agreement and Lily whispered something that, as usual no one caught. She was getting louder, but she still had her moments. "So it's settled then." Chloe clasped her hands together. "You'll meet us at Stacie's after you talk to your dad." There it was again, Amy noted. That flinch.


Everyone was talking loudly, conversations overlapping in the living room of Stacie's house. She still lived with her parents who, apparently, had a lot of money on their hands.

The two story home was sided with sealed wood, shining a bright cherry. Large bay windows overlooked an extensive green yard and garden.

The interior was a series of wood and marble floors complemented perfectly by deep reds and soft browns.

The living room was directly under a balcony hall upstairs. The girls were piled on the large sued sectional that wrapped around a state or the art entertainment system complete with surround sound. The high vaulted ceilings were dotted with lights. The entire right wall was sections of glass, edged with a scrolling rose pattern etched into the, apparently, bulletproof glass. "Remind me again what your parents do for a living?" Amy had marveled bluntly, earning a giggle and wink from the black-haired model.

"When do you think Aubrey will show up?" Beca questioned her girlfriend who was cuddled half on top of her, head nestled in the brunette's neck.

"Yeah. And what's her old man like?" was Cynthia's inquiry.

Chloe rolled over, backing into Beca's arms and facing the rest of the group. "To answer your first question, I have no idea when she'll be here. As for her father... Well..." Everyone seemed to lean in a little closer as if to catch her words as soon as they were out. All the girls had the same thought in their minds

"If at first you don't succeed... Pack your bags."

"I've only ever met him once... In seventh grade." She remembered it well. "He's a tall man. Nearly has a head on Stacie if you can believe that. He has really black hair, like I've never seen hair that dark anywhere else. He gives off this... This aura. It's dark and really intimidating." Chloe shuddered and felt Beca hold her a little tighter. "Let's just leave it at Aubrey could be a whole lot worse. She's practically a saint compared to how I feel about that man." The Bellas seemed taken aback at this information. He sounded menacing and they all wondered what Aubrey's life had been like growing up.

"My ears are burning. Talking about the dictator while she's out?" The girls turned to see an awkward looking Aubrey. She felt as if she were under a microscope being examined. "What?"

"But she's so normal." Amy voice aloud making everyone chuckle except the blonde who edged into the room, unsure.

"Oh, Chloe." The redhead looked at her roommate who was taking in the room as she spoke. "Remind me later to talk to you about something."

"Oh come on Aubrey. We're all friends here. You can tell us." Stacie said, winking earning a playful elbow to the ribs on the part of her girlfriend.

"Yeah Aubs. It's fine," the redhead assured her. The blonde gave her a look that said "if you say so" and took a seat in one of the large recliners.

"My dad took a look at your resume and he wants to offer you a job." Chloe's head tilted back a little in surprise making Beca flinch, barely avoiding having her nose crushed. "It would keep you from having to move back home to get a job."

Beca nuzzled into the fiery hair happily. She hoped Chloe took the job. They'd just gotten together and she didn't want to lose her. "Oh my gosh... Really?" Her friend nodded, smiling.

"Yeah. You don't have to answer now... He just wants you to think about it. He said he could use you in the finance department." Chloe grinned brightly. Everything was finally looking up.