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"Hurry up Chloe!" Aubrey knocked on the bathroom door for what felt like the millionth time that afternoon. "You're going to make us both late if you don't get out here."

The blonde chuckled to herself softly at how much her red haired friend was fussing. "It's Beca. You don't have to be perfect or anything. She likes you for you..." Chloe opened the door and looked at the floor, blushing. "Though I'm sure she could get used to that."

Chloe's flaming hair fell in perfect curls framing her face. She wore her signature blue in the form of a tight quarter sleeve shirt with what Aubrey considered to be a plunging neckline. Her white skirt hit about mid-thigh and her heels gave her an extra two inches on her height.

"Trying too hard?" The ginger asked, biting her lip nervously.

"Defs not. You look aca-awesome. She must be some girl." Aubrey smiled and ushered her to the door. "But she's gonna think she got stood her up if you don't hurry."

The red head gave her best friend a quick hug. "Thanks Aubs."

"Get out of here." She pushed her playfully pointing to her watch.

"Okay." She was off without another word, leaving Aubrey who let the smile fall off her face. She was hoping Chloe wouldn't notice anything was up, and her plan had succeeded. Now she got to go deal with her own personal hell.

"If you're not here to win..." She trailed off, locking the door and heading for her car.


Beca's leg bounced rapidly as she scanned the faces in the restaurant. No Chloe. She wracked her brain trying to remember if she'd told her girlfriend the right time. The waitress came over and set down a second glass of root beer. She was about to walk away when her face changed. She looked down at the young woman at the table and smiled reassuringly.

"She'll be here." Beca was caught completely off guard and her eyes flew to the older woman's face.

"How did you..." The woman winked before walking back towards the kitchen leaving a slightly confused Beca to twiddle her thumbs.

She was about to text Chloe to see if everything was alright when the redhead appeared. "Sorry I'm late! I took so long getting ready because I forgot to put the shirt in the dryer last night and then I woke up late this morning. I tried to hurry but I just..." Her rush of words came to a jolting halt, backing up in her brain like a car crash. If it had been humanly possible for her jaw to hit the floor, it would have.

The usual black attire had been traded out for a charcoal gray fitted shirt with the first three buttons undone. The brunette wore her usual black skinny jeans and combat boots with wedged heels, but what caught Chloe's eyes were the ear spikes. "Monstrosities" as Aubrey referred to them. They were white.

She still wore her bracelets and the outfit wasn't quite different from what she would normally wear, but Chloe couldn't help but think that the woman before her had never looked more beautiful. "Are you going to sit, or do you just want to stare at me all day?" The sarcastic remark brought Chloe back to the present.

"Oh. Right." She chuckled, shaking her head. "You look amazing." Beca laughed and gestured to the redhead.

"I look amazing? Well what about you? You're just absolutely... Never mind," the brunette mumbled into her hands.

"I'm absolutely what?" Chloe wasn't letting her off the hook so easily. She folded her hands daintily under her chin and let a flirty smile grace her features.

"Okay, fine! You're perfect." Beca hid behind her menu feeling her cheeks heat up. Chloe was going to turn her into a total sap before too long. She was already getting used to hugs and hand holding. Her. Used to physical affection. Something was seriously wrong with the world.


"It's not my fault! If you'd have just kept your hands to yourself-"

"You spit soda all over the table!" Chloe was laughing hysterically, leaning into Beca's side as they walked with fingers interlaced. The brunette huffed indignantly. She'd be making sure she could see both of the gingers hands at all times from now on.

They walked on, reaching Beca and Aubrey's apartment for the second time that night. After driving back from the restaurant, Chloe had insisted on going for a walk in the, gag, moonlight. While the brunette thought it was utterly cheesy, she couldn't say no to those gorgeous blue eyes.

Beca tugged the redhead's hand gently, bringing her in for a kiss. Chloe took Beca's bottom lip between her teeth making the shorter girl shudder. Chloe pulled away, giggling. "Should I do that again?"

The brunette shot her a look. "Not funny."

"Awe, don't be like that." The ginger rested her forehead against the DJ's, placing her hands on the younger girl's hips. "You wanna come inside?"

Beca chocked slightly, blushing like mad for what must have been the millionth time that night making Chloe giggle again. "Not for that reason. Aubrey's home. Besides, I think it'd be a little too soon for you, am I right?" Beca nodded shyly. "But that doesn't mean you can't come in." She opened the door and pulled the smaller girl along by her belt loop.

They passed Aubrey's room which was dark, but they could see the silhouette of the girl sleeping in her bed. "Must have been some day. It's only ten and I'm pretty sure she doesn't go to bed this early." The brunette looked at Chloe for confirmation. The redhead nodded and pulled her further down the hall to her room.

She set the alarm on her phone and lay on the covers of her bed, pulling Beca down. "Tonight was perfect." She whispered.

"I'm glad you think so. It wasn't half bad, though I could have done without the embarrassment." The DJ agreed.

"Do you always have to ruin the moment?" Chloe whined, cuddling closer to Beca.

"Well we both know how much I hate Hollywood endings... But if they're with you, I could learn to love them."


Aubrey's stomach was twisting its self into knots. Thinks with the Gorman account hadn't exactly gone according to plan. That was a ten-thousand dollar contract out the window. She sat in the small conference room anxiously awaiting her father's return.

He had gone to see the young business man off, no doubt to try and change Gorman's mind. It wouldn't work, of this Aubrey was certain so when Mr. Posen came in slamming the door behind him, she wasn't surprised.

"Well that's just great." He muttered angrily, his muscled tensed under flawless skin. "The first contract I leave in your hands and you messed it up." The blonde was at his side in a flash.

"I'm really sorry Dad. I did the best I could…" He looked away, his jaw working.

"The best you could is not good enough Aubrey. We needed that contract." Aubrey could feel her temper flaring, but she held it down.

"If it was that important then why did you let me handle it?" She asked, genuinely curious.

"I thought I could trust you with it. But obviously I was wrong." The distaste in his voice felt like a cold steel blade between Aubrey's ribs.

"Well I could have gotten it if you would have given me more to work with." She muttered under her breath.

"Excuse me?"

"You only allowed an offer of three weeks resources, Dad. How would that ever possibly be enough?" A smack resonated within the small room and Aubrey clutched at her face, tears flooding her eyes.

"Don't you ever talk to me like that again! Do you understand?" His firm grip on her wrist tightened considerably. "Do I make myself clear?" Aubrey clenched her teeth.

"Yes Father."

"Good." He straightened his jacket and ran his fingers through his hair. "I expect you'll be back tomorrow with a wonderful idea on how we can fix your mistake." He swept out of the room, bringing the door closed behind him. Aubrey slumped into a chair, massaging her stinging face.