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Aubrey's pacing was becoming more frantic by the second. Her hands found their way into her pin straight blonde hair. She felt bile rising in her throat and was tempted to rush to the bathroom before she seriously messed something up. Her blinds were shut, blocking out the sun. The shag carpeting grabbed at her sockless toes. The walls of the tan room seemed to be closing in on her and the ceiling was a little closer than she remembered.

Aubrey Posen was seriously losing it.

A hopeless sob threatened to escape her perfectly glossed lips, but was mercilessly strangled. She would not cry. She was better than that. She had to be better than that. She had to be perfection, but God she was a wreck; a big, horrible, messy, ugly wreck. She had never felt something that shook her to her core so badly that she just wanted to curl up into a ball and stay there.

But that was not an option. She had a business to learn. From her father. She shivered at the thought, coming to a gradual halt. At least she was alone. She wouldn't know what to do if-

"Aubrey!" Came her sung name from the front door. She growled, trying to hurriedly mask all signs of her distress, but there was no getting around the hair, the make-up… or the anything really. Aubrey's frustration grew. "Hey there-"

"What are you doing here? You said you guys were going out!" She practically shrieked at Chloe who took a couple steps back, feeling the look her girlfriend was undoubtedly giving her.

Her friend looked like a caged animal with the way she had begun pacing. Chloe kept to herself the thought that the blonde could wear a path in the floor. She looked at Beca who nodded her understanding and took her leave after giving Chloe a quick peck on the cheek and a soft "good luck."

The front door closed with a soft thud letting the ginger know that Beca was gone. Aubrey dropped heavily onto her bed. Chloe cast a wary eye on her best friend who was definitely, she decided, the worst mess she had ever seen. She looked like death.

"Brey?" She tried gently. The blonde looked up with glazed eyes, exhausted from her bout of pent up rage. That stopped the redhead again as she really took in her friend's appearance for the first time that week.

Her hair was not glowing as it usually did, but had almost dulled. Her makeup was smudged and it just barely concealed the black bags under her eyes which were blood-shot. Chloe even went so far as to say her friend looked a little green. There was no life in her usually perfect posture, and was that a bruise peeking out from under her bangs?

"Oh my gosh!" She was broken out of her trance and immediately at the ex-Bella's side. "What happened to you?" Chloe was practically drowning in guilt. She had been so focused on her relationship with Beca that she had completely missed her favorite blonde's turmoil.

"It's nothing, okay? I'm fine." It was if someone had lit a fire under Aubrey and she immediately took the defensive she wrapped her arms around herself in an attempt to shrink further into herself. She set a stern glare on her friend warning her to back off, but the redhead was having none of it.

"Bull. Aubrey Posen, you are going to tell me what's wrong right this instant." She surprised herself when it came out as a perfect replication of Aubrey's business voice.

The girl looked at her with only a fraction of her normal expression. "When did you learn that one?" She sighed lying down to face the wall. Chloe placed her hand on Aubrey's back comfortingly.

"You know you can tell me anything right?" She received only a slight nod of recognition. "Aubrey?"

"I'd really rather not talk about it right now. I just... Please?" Chloe could almost not believe her ears. Someone had broken Aubrey. They broke her Aubrey, the original aca-bitch! The unstoppable ball of blonde fury had simmered down to a tiny ember about to be smothered by the overbearing presence of harsh reality.

"Okay. We don't have to talk. Do you want me to stay?" She searched the blonde for any sign of movement, but found none. She sighed and left the room, closing the door softly. She knew Aubrey and cuddling was not the way to make her feel better. She knew her friend wouldn't let her walls down until she was alone. As she walked down the hall, she heard singing come from the recently closed door. It was heartbreakingly beautiful. No one got to hear Aubrey sing, really sing. She put in her headphones giving the broken Bella the privacy she deserved and texted Beca.

Something is really wrong, like, more wrong than usual. She won't even bitch me out for prying. She's just lying there singing in a way I haven't heard since middle school. I'm really worried... What should I do?

She cuddled her stuffed rabbit to her chest, snuggling under the covers. Sure, Aubrey could be brutally honest, but at crunch time she was there for her friends. The problem was that she wouldn't let anyone in, not really. In a way she was more guarded than Beca. Chloe had known her since elementary school, but sometimes the blonde felt like a complete stranger.

On nights she stayed over Chloe's, the girl would wake up screaming from horrible nightmares that she wouldn't talk about. It was as if she was already trying to forget her pain. It had worried the ginger in the beginning, but slowly, as with everything else, those feelings of dreading curiosity became fewer and further between until they faded completely. But they were back now and she could remember every instance with perfect clarity, wishing she had brought it up back then. Her phone vibrated in her hands.

Well then she needs someone to put a smile back on her face. I know just the woman for the job.

At first the redhead was confused and wary, but then she began to realize just what her girlfriend had in mind.