Aubrey heaved a sigh of relief. She had recovered the Gorman account. She had no clue how she'd managed it, but before she knew what was happening the man was signing the papers. It was exactly what she needed, so she couldn't figure out why she felt so lousy.

Okay, she thought. So maybe she did know, but how was she supposed to fix things with Amy? Last time the blonde had checked they weren't really even friends. Sure the girl was funny and nice, but she had suddenly gotten serious and started prying. If there was one thing Aubrey didn't talk about, it was her family.

Her phone vibrated, bringing her out of her thoughts. It was Chloe.

Are you coming to dinner?

Dinner with a group of girls who knew her better than she knew herself? Aubrey shook her head. She couldn't handle that right now. No doubt Amy would be sending her semi-dirty looks the entire time. She just needed to chill and get everything straightened out. It had been a crazy week, but she almost had a handle on things again.

I'll be there

Her fingers typed against her will. She felt like she was going to regret that decision, but she had avoided her friends long enough. She sighed and dug through her closet, realizing that she really needed to do laundry. She had been so busy with work that everything else fell as low priority. Finally deciding on sticking with what she'd worn to work, she resigned herself to just fixing her hair instead. As she slid her fingers to pull back her hair, she clipped her cheek.

Her face hurt more than she was willing to admit, but thankfully it hadn't swollen and her hair covered it for the most part. She was still careful when eating because opening her mouth too far caused extreme pain and singing wasn't wonderful either. She was careful to avoid Chloe's suspicion. Another friend digging into her past was not something she needed right now. It was like seventh grade all over again.

She sighed again, something she'd been doing a lot of lately, and headed out to her car.


"You know, she's kinda cute when she's sleeping." Beca laughed into Chloe's shoulder. The peaceful look on Aubrey's face suited her more that the stressed and angry one she usually wore. In the dim lighting of the restaurant she looked more calm than anyone had ever seen her.

"Oh please. She's always cute and you know it." The redhead tapped her girlfriend's nose and glanced at the sleeping blonde. "But I think someone should wake her up or she's going to end up with a face full of spaghetti." She laughed when her friend's head took a dangerous nod towards her plate.

"I got it." Stacie, the closest one to the blonde, laughed. She gently laid her hand on Aubrey's back, nudging her slightly.

The blonde was up in an instant, smacking the hand away, focusing a still half asleep glare on the busty woman. "Don't touch me," she growled lowly. She pushed her chair back and stood up. "I need some air." With that, she walked out leaving behind a group of very confused teammates.

"Any idea what that was about?" Stacie asked, a little hurt.

"Don't take it personally. By the was she was lookin at you mean as a snake I'm going to guess you looked a little like a certain man with black hair." The Aussie stood up excusing herself to follow the blonde.

"You know," Cynthia said, "If people keep leaving the table, I'mma end up paying the bill." The other girls laughed, thankful for the ease in the tension. Chloe was still staring after her two blonde friends.

"You ready to talk now?" Amy asked tiredly once she got outside. The taller blonde had her arms wrapped tightly around herself, standing stiffly in the summer air.

"I told you that I don't want to talk about it." Aubrey muttered stubbornly.

"Right. Well just try not to slug anyone who looks like your dad while you 'handle' this by yourself. I'm going back inside." The larger girl turned to leave, her ears picking up the slight shuffling of heels.

"Wait." She almost cursed the exact replay of what had happened with Beca. Thankfully, there was no vomit this time. "I..."

"I get that it's hard to talk about this stuff, but ya can't just keep it all bottled up inside." Amy made a bunch of exaggerated hand motions to indicate 'it all being bottled up.' She approached the uptight woman with, almost, caution. "Oh, real quick. If I do get you to talk about this are you gonna blow chunks?"

Aubrey groaned, reconsidering her decision to talk to the younger woman. "I hope not."

"Well then by all means lets sit and talk." Amy gestured to a nearby bench resting against the building.

"Actually... I was wondering if we could go somewhere a little more private." The blonde stated, unsure.

"Oh. Yeah no problem. We can go to my apartment." Amy texted Chloe to let her know where they'd be before following Aubrey to her car.

The drive was silent and Amy wondered if that was because she didn't have the heart to start idle chat, pr if Aubrey's aura was just that intimidating. The ride was about twenty minutes of tense atmosphere and occasional directions on the part of the Aussie.

Once they arrived, Amy got out leaning on the door. "Well are you gonna get out, or are you gonna sit there all day?" Aubrey sighed and got out, locking the car behind her.

The ex-bella fell in step behind the larger blonde, her mind racing. It felt like she was willingly walking into a trap. She kept telling herself that it was okay, that she could tell Amy everything; but she couldn't calm the anxiety flooding her system. She took deep breaths refusing to let her fear control her tonight.