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"Alright skinny ass. Sit down and start explaining." Aubrey sighed. She felt sick.

"Amy, I don't think-"

"Good. Don't think and start talking. Should I be getting a bucket?" That made the taller girl glare, though she was tempted to say yes. "Okay, sorry, sorry." Amy put her hands up in surrender.

She disappeared to the kitchen and returned with ginger ale. She handed one to her blonde friend before dropping into a chair and propping her feet up on the glass coffee table. The hiss as she popped that tab made Aubrey jump. "Thanks..." She mumbled.

"Well I've got all night so you're not getting off the hook. What's got you all wound up?" Amy stated nonchalantly. Aubrey thought for a moment. Was she really going to do this? Could she really tell someone about her family, what her life used to be like?

She took a deep breath, trying to slow her rapidly beating heart. "My dad has always been... Strict." Amy nodded preparing herself for whatever her friend was about to tell her. Aubrey flipped her platinum hair over her shoulder, placing her hands in her lap. "He always had high expectations for me even as a little girl. He always said that I would be taking over the company someday and that I needed to learn responsibility." The blonde cleared her throat and steadied her voice, feeling all those years of stress and pressure bubbling to the surface.

"I never really had a childhood and I definitely didn't have any friends..." Amy could almost feel the pain radiating from her friend.

"But my mom was always there for me." She smiled fondly at the thought of her mother. "She kept my father in line, never letting him too close. I guess she didn't think about the times when she wasn't home. He never liked me and he made sure I knew it. It was fine until about seventh grade."

The blond slipped through the front door silently, her shoes making no sound. It was almost midnight and Aubrey knew she shouldn't have even bothered coming home. If her dad heard her, she was really going to get a lecture. "This is not the attitude I want in my daughter! You were a mistake!" She mocked under her breath feeling bitterness swell in her chest. She didn't understand how her mother could have married such a terrible man.

The large front hall loomed in front of her like the mouth of a huge beast. Her house was large as was expected of her millionaire father. It was two floors plus the attic that Aubrey called her home. She was creeping upstairs when she heard them.

"I don't care the reason! You can't talk like that to her! She is your daughter!" The angelic voice of her mother carried through the house, reaching the young blonde's ears with no problem. Her mom and dad were fighting again. It made Aubrey's stomach sink. It was her fault her parents' marriage was failing. She was always screwing up.

She snuck close wanting to hear what her father would say. "She doesn't take this seriously Eve! She wants to spend her time... Singing! That is not a profession!" It felt like someone had a hold on her heart squeezing roughly.

"She has a beautiful voice. It could take her so many places. You would know if you actually paid attention instead of tearing her down every chance you got." She could see her mother shift her hips to the left and cross her arms. Her father faltered and Aubrey found herself promising that someday she would be just like her mom.

"Eveline..." He started but Aubrey rushed in before he could come up with something.

"Stop! Just stop fighting about me!" Her father turned a hot glare on her making her want to shrink inside herself, his words from earlier echoing in her mind. She wanted to run, to hide, but she held her ground. "You guys are always arguing over me and I'm tired of it!" Aubrey saw her father take a few steps closer, his fists clenching.

"Mom. Thank you for standing up for me, but I don't want you to have to fight anymore. Pretty soon I'll be off to college singing and things between you can go back to how they were." Thoughts of Barden made Aubrey smile.

"Singing? You are not singing Aubrey Posen!" Her father shouted. He was only about a foot away and the blonde had to fight the urge to back up.

"Yes. I am." She sounded a hell of a lot more confident than she felt.


"You can't tell me what to do! I'm my own person, almost an adult and I am really tired of you treating me like-" she never got the chance to finish when a balled fist connected with her face and she hit the ground like a ton of bricks. She heard her mother screaming and shouting as well as pleading from her father but she couldn't bring herself to move from where she had collapsed in a lump on the floor. A door slammed and she let her eyes fall shut, pain radiating through her body, through her heart.

Her dad had actually hit her.

Aubrey scrubbed at her eyes and ignored the shocked expression on Amy's face. "Oh my god..."

The older girl looked her dead in the eye. "None of this leaves this room, got it?" Her heart was hammering in her chest. It was out there now and she couldn't take it back.

"But Aubrey-"

"I knew it!" She was on her feet in an instant, grabbing her purse and keys and starting for the door. "I never should have told you anything!"

A hand landed on her shoulder before she even made it a few steps. "No, stay. I won't tell anyone, I promise." Aubrey looked at Amy suspiciously for a moment before sighing and sitting back down. "So what does this have to do with how you've been acting recently?" Amy knew there was more to the story.

"After that, my mom kicked him out. I lived with her for all of middle school but..." Aubrey trailed of. Talking about this made her feel weak, less sure of herself. It was shattering her fa├žade and that thought made her clam up, her walls shooting back up. "I'm sorry. I can't talk about this anymore."

"Oh come on Aubrey. Don't do this, not now." The younger woman pleaded with her. She could see the ex-Bella's mask slipping back into place and there was nothing she could do about it.

"No. I'm sorry, but I just can't. I think I should go." She was met with no resistance this time.

As the door clicked shut, Amy sighed. It was going to be more difficult to get the woman to open up than she thought. It wasn't like she could tear the memories out of her by force. That would only do more damage than healing. If her major in Psychology had taught her anything it was that forcing people to talk about their problems only lead to resentment and more pain.

Beca and Jessie had been a perfect example of that. He had pushed too hard and she shut him out. Amy wasn't about to let that happen to her and Aubrey. "Not that we're, like, dating or anything," she voiced out loud laughing at the thought before she realized what she had actually said.

"Well, shit."


Aubrey unlocked the door to the apartment, muttering under her breath. She was so stupid. Why did she have to tell Amy all of that? She flung open the door, met with pitch black.

"Aubrey!" Chloe jumped up off the couch, dumping a disheveled Beca to the floor.

"Ow?" The redhead paid no mind to her girlfriend now taking up residence on the floor. She groaned and let her head fall back to the carpet.

The blonde looked between the two girls quizzically, momentarily forget her dilemma. "Were you guys gonna... Oh god! And on the couch?!" The girl shrieked. Chloe put her hands up frantically waving off her best friend's suspicions.

"No we weren't, so calm down. Where were you? Amy texted me and said you left like an hour ago." Aubrey wasn't going to admit that she's gone to the park and even considered sleeping on a bench if it meant avoiding all the questions waiting for her when she got back.

"I was out." And she left it at that, ordaining to go into her room and close the door.

She could hear Chloe mumbling something from the hall, but she pulled the pillow over her head blocking out the sound. Eventually, she figured, she'd fall asleep and maybe be lucky enough to suffocate.