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"Aubrey!" The blonde could hear her ginger friend pounding on the door from her place on the bathroom floor. Chloe was slamming her fist repeatedly on the still closed door of Aubrey's room and it was beginning to give the business woman an even worse headache.

"I'm not in there you idiot. Stop your pounding." She called out, leaning her head against the cool porcelain wishing she could get the foul taste of bile out of her mouth. It took a moment for Chloe to realize exactly where her friend was, but when she did the redhead was beside her in a flash, moving her hair out of her sweaty face. She felt disgusting, inside and out.

"Oh my god Aubrey! Are you okay? Why didn't you come get me?" The blonde waved her off, closing her eyes. Just then, Beca came around the corner rubbing her eyes and stretching when she noticed the other girls. She had spent the night after Chloe had insisted that it was too late for her to drive back in the dark.

"What? Are we having a party in here?" She stepped into the already crowded bathroom and crinkled her nose. "Ew. It smells like... oh." Aubrey groaned wishing she could just disappear. As if it wasn't bad enough that she'd been emptying her insides into a toilet all night, now both of her friends were going to be fussing over her and walking on egg shells trying not to upset her.

"Yes. We get it. Aubrey has been throwing up. Can we please move on? Don't you guys have places to be?" She knew Beca had a part time job at a local club and Chloe had to be in to the office by noon. She really just wanted to be alone right now and forget that any of this had happened.

"I can take off today," Beca offered, seriously worried about the extremely prickly girl before her. Aubrey could almost -feel- her blood pressure skyrocketing.

"I'm fine! It's not like I have the flu or anything. Just go already!" She leaned back against the bathtub and curled into a little ball, hugging her legs to her chest. Her head dropped back and her hair cascaded down her back.

"What the hell happened to your face?!" Beca exclaimed, immediately on her knees next to the blonde, a hand lightly tracing the yellowing bruise. Aubrey swatted her hand away, too tired to panic. Instead she told a flat lie.

"I fell. Now get going. I'll be fine and I'll text you every hour, okay mom?" She asked sarcastically. If it had been under a different situation Beca would have been proud.

Chloe got up reluctantly and pulled her girlfriend with her. She looked down at her best friend. She hardly recognized the extremely guarded girl. "You'd better text me." They left about ten minutes later, the door closing loudly behind them.

Aubrey rinsed out her mouth with some Listerine and then crawled achingly back into bed, asleep before her head even hit the pillow. There were no nightmares this time.


"I'm not kidding. Come on." The short blonde sighed and sunk helplessly into the large chair in Stacie's living room.

Cynthia managed to stifle her laughter and apologized. "Sorry. It's just... Aubrey?" She noticed the look on the Aussie's face that made her cut the jokes before she got a fist to the jaw. "Alright, alright, down killer. What do you want me to do about it?" She shrugged her shoulders looking back to the blonde.

"I don't know. You're the lesbian. How do you make it go away?" She whined.

"The same way you would if you -didn't- have a toner for Aubrey. Man if we keep this up all the Bella's will be lesbians." She leaned back and propped her feet up, nodding her head to a melody in her mind.

"That doesn't actually help." Amy said frowning slightly.

"Look, I don't know what to tell ya. The best thing I can say is to talk to Aubrey. That's all you really can do besides try to forget it."

"Are you right mad? I can't talk to Aubrey about this!" Amy shouted. When she had called Cynthia saying that she needed to talk to her, she had figured the girl would have some helpful advice.

"Rose, babe. Not helping." Stacie practically glided into the room. Since her relationship with Cynthia, she had really evened out. Her sexual tendencies had been traded out for grace and elegance which suited her well in her modeling career. She was, however, still extremely flirtatious. She was simply a little more subtle.

"Look, Amy. It took me a long time to figure this out." She sat down on the arm of the chair and took the blonde's hands. Cynthia threw her hands up and left the room, giving her girlfriend's shoulder a little squeeze as she passed.

"I know that its hard to try and do something new. I mean hey, I was a slut before I met Rose. I used to have sex just to try and feel something." Amy was all ears, her usually outgoing mannerisms and racing thoughts halted. "But I never found it. I didn't know what love was until she walked into my life. Well more like charged in full steam ahead, but you know what I mean." The blonde chuckled a little.

"What I'm trying to say is that you and me are a lot alike. You had all those boyfriends, but did you ever see any of that going somewhere?" She waited for a response, but all she got was silence. She took that as a no. "Maybe you were just waiting for Aubrey to come along and straighten you out." Stacie seemed to think for a moment before amending her statement. "Well... Lesbi-honest here. You needed her to push you and you ended up falling for her in the process. It happens," she finished with a wink.

"You can chill here for a while if you want and if you need anything, you know where I'll be." With that she sauntered off in search of her girlfriend.