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"I can't take it anymore!" With the amount of pacing Aubrey had been doing lately she probably didn't even need cardio anymore. "I go and I do everything he asks. I rifle through file after file. I get coffee, I attend meetings, I make phone calls and I handle all the paperwork! I do all of this and for what?"

"I'm sure-" the young secretary attempted to answer the question which she wasn't quite sure was rhetorical only to be cut off by more words from the usually tight lipped blonde.

"- a pat on the back? A 'good job, Aubrey' or maybe a 'well done?' No! Nothing. Her just looks at me with those stupid black eyes of his and tells me everything I did wrong! It is just-"

"Miss Posen?" The frazzled brunette asked meekly. The business woman trained a fiery glare on the mouse of a woman seated in the meeting chair near her.


The woman stuttered a few times before managing to spit the words out. "I... N-n-need to get back to my d-desk?" Aubrey huffed and shoed her with her hand.

"Fine. Go." The woman stood on shaky stilettoed feet and scrambled out the door near tears. She was sure she had been moments away from losing her job and, possibly, her head.

She flew past her red haired boss not paying the eavesdropping woman any mind. Chloe's mind reeled. It was just like the beginning of senior year with the Bellas all over again. She raised slowly from her crouched position by the office doors and smoothed her blouse. She entered the room to find a huffing blonde raking her trembling fingers through her hair before gripping the desk so hard her knuckles turned white.

"Aubrey, honey. Why don't you take a break?" Her friend flinched under Chloe's gentle hand on her back. She retracted her hand, slightly hurt. Aubrey had been becoming more closed off. She was a husk of her old self and Chloe couldn't help but think that this job was too much for her increasingly stressed friend. She couldn't remember a day in the past week that she hadn't awoken to the blonde retching into a garbage can. She was becoming extremely worried.

Beca was anxious to hear about the girl as well. She had tried to get Amy to tell her what she and Aubrey had talked about, but the usually boisterous girl would become quiet and more reserved at the mention of the woman. "I don't want to talk about this." Was all she would say on the subject. The two girls were currently at the local grocery store doing some quick-stop shopping.

"Who the hell is that specific! They're just panty-hoes!" Beca exclaimed exasperatedly holding up two separate boxes before groaning and putting them back. "What does it say on there about Q's?" She searched the rows of nylons for "suntan" in a medium.

"Uhm... uuhhhh... Uhmmmmm... Oh! Here, here it says large. Q is large." The yound DJ dropped her arms dejectedly at her sides.

"There must be over one hundred boxes here. How can they not have-"

"Oh, wait! An M! I found an M. M as in medium!" The blonde tossed Beca the box only to have her hopes dashed.

"This is sun beige... We need sun tan." The larger girl grumbled and placed the package back where it came from.

"Okay, seriously? This is harder than finding a crock in a marsh! 'The hell? I thought these things came in black, white, and beige. That's it!" She moved on to the next column and ran her finger down each box. "So why are we looking for these again?"

Beca moved to join her. "It's for Chloe. She needs them for work. Aubrey's orders." She tried to gauge her friend's reaction to the mention of the strict woman. Amy grimaced a bit and shifted ever so slightly away from the brunette. The blonde could feel the tips of her ears tinge pink. She was thankful she hadn't worn her hair in an orthodox-Jew ponytail. "You talked to her recently?" The Bella leader tried gently.

"No. We don't talk anymore." The blonde couldn't help the hurt that slipped into her voice. What they said was true. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

"God, Amy! Why not?" Beca stomped slightly reminding the Aussie of a child throwing a tantrum.

"Beca, please. Just drop it." The quiet seriousness in the woman's voice threw the brunette for a loop.

"Oh my god! You! You like her!" The blood drained from Amy's face. "You do!" The blond shoved the nylons they had been looking for into the alt girl's hands before stalking off in the direction of the check-out, weaving her way through the crowd. Beca was not about to give up. "You have a total toner!"

"Aca-scuse me?" The blonde snapped half-heartedly.

Beca smirked. "Aca-believe it." She ran the package through the self-serve register and paid with a ten before dragging the blonde out the doors into the parking-lot. "Why didn't you say anything?" She asked laughing as they slipped into her car.

"Didn't think it was important." Amy refused to meet her gaze choosing instead to look out the window and block out the emotions filling her brain.

"So you guys really haven't talked in, like, a week?"

"No we really haven't. And you're starting to annoy so..." She trailed off and gaped as they pulled into a parking lot.

"Well let's hope this isn't too awkward then." Both girls looked up at the incredibly tall building with slight awe. Posen Inc.

"You sneaky little... Hell no. I am not going in there and you can't make me." Amy was turning back to the car when a voice called out.

"Beca?" The brunette looked to see her girlfriend dragging a very unhappy blonde across the lot. Aubrey stumbled behind the energetic singer who rushed into the arms of her girlfriend. "Not that I'm not happy to see you, but what are you doing here?" Her smile was blinding.

"I could ask her the same thing." Amy mumbled from next to the car. Aubrey noticed the lager woman for the first time and smiled though it looked more like a grimace.

"Hi... Amy." The Bella nodded, but refused to meet her eyes afraid of what her crush would see.

"Well this is awkward..." Beca said what they all were thinking, shuffling her feet. She had hoped that by getting them in the same place Aubrey and Amy could fix... Whatever it was that was wrong.

"Okay. Looks like I'm going to have to get this thing rolling. Amy?" Aubrey waited until she was sure the other blonde was looking in her general direction. "How would you feel about pancakes?" There was a tense silence before Amy smiled slightly.

"I would like that."