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To say that the silence surrounding the two blondes was uncomfortable would be an understatement. They were both idly sipping at their drinks waiting for their food to arrive. Amy swirled her coffee before bringing the steaming liquid to her mouth. She hissed and set it back down when the scalding liquid scorched her tongue.

"You know, that wouldn't happen if you were a little more patient," Aubrey offered unhelpfully. The silence stretched on before the business woman could stand it no longer. "Okay, do you want me to apologize?" She whined.

Amy glanced up, surprised at the sudden outburst. She took in her friend's expression. It was almost hurt which made guilt settle in the Aussie's stomach. "No. You don't need to apologize. It's just..." She trailed off going back to her coffee.

"It's just what?" The other woman was intrigued by the serious tone the girl's voice had taken.

Amy sighed uncharacteristically and looked at Aubrey. "It's frustrating. You act all tough and won't let anyone help you, like, shoulder the burden."

It was true and Aubrey knew it. "My father always said that accepting charity was-"

"I don't give a damn what that man said, and this isn't charity! Why can't you accept that people genuinely care for you? Chloe has stayed for so long. Do you actually think that is because she pities you, because she wants to catch you in a moment of 'weakness'?" Amy spouted.

Aubrey said nothing, but her silence spoke more volumes than actual words. "Are you serious? Aubrey, she loves you! You are the sister that she never had. How can you not see that?" Her voice was desperate, trying to understand her tense friend's feelings.

The ex-Bella mumbled something that her large friend didn't quite catch. "What?" Aubrey sighed dejectedly before repeating herself.

"There was always an angle... I just assumed that she was the same." Amy's face was adorned with a shocked expression and the taller woman elaborated after their food arrived. "Everyone wanted something. The popularity, the money. No one ever wanted -me-. Then I met Chloe. She reminded me so much of... of my mother. I was afraid to let her in. I know now that my fears have no reality, but I just can't..." She covered her loss of words by placing a bite of maple covered pancake in her mouth.

"But you can't let it go." Amy finished knowingly. She sounded like she knew from experience which caught Aubrey's attention. The outgoing blonde saw the look and put her hands up. "No way. We are talking about -you- right now. That can wait."


Beca laughed as she tugged the ginger behind her, racing along the sidewalk. "God, I didn't think you'd actually -do-it!" She let herself tumble to the grass in the summer evening.

"Oh Beca. When will you ever learn? I never shy away from a dare." She collapsed next to her girlfriend, laying on her back and watching the sunset.

The sky was painted a beautiful red with the suns rays shooting out under the clouds in a symphony of light and warmth. Her red hair splayed out around her head in a halo of fiery locks. Beca sighed contentedly glad to just be.

"Okay. Truth or Dare?" Chloe whispered intent on keeping the atmosphere. A soft chuckle came from the other girl, the sound reverberating in her chest.

"Hm. I think I'll go with truth." After the last dare fiasco she wasn't quite willing to give it another go.

For a while no one spoke and Beca thought maybe the redhead hadn't heard her. Just when she was about to repeat herself Chloe spoke. "Do you love me?"

This caught the brunette completely off guard. She was expecting something about her family, her past, or even her tattoos. Her voice caught in her throat and she couldn't get any words out. She felt Chloe shift beside her and when she looked over she saw the woman getting up. "Chloe..." She started.

"No." The voice was soft and vulnerable. "I'll...I'll talk to you... Sometime." She took off, leaving Beca to slam her fist into the ground.

She couldn't go after her. What did she have to offer? She knew things had been going too well recently. Something was bound to happen. She just hadn't thought about the possibility of a question like that. She loved Chloe; of course she did, so why couldn't she just say so?


"Thanks for the pancake invite, Amy." The blonde smiled shyly from the driver's seat. Her Aussie friend laughed and pointed to her stomach.

"Well… you know. Food." Aubrey couldn't help but laugh at that. Her larger friend never seemed to be at a loss for humor. "I meant what I said Aubrey. You can talk to me about anything." She hoped her sincerity reached the tense young woman. "Oh and tell your dad that if he lays his hands on you again I'll kick his ass."

The business woman laughed, not doubting her for a second. Her father would be in serious trouble if Amy found out he hit her again. She could almost see a replay of the fight at competition, only this time her father would be taken away in cuffs. She was so deep in thought that she hadn't even noticed the hand holding her own.

For a moment she held her breath and then relaxed, interlacing her fingers with Amy's. The Aussie felt butterflies erupt in her stomach and her heart pound in her chest, but was sure to keep any on it from showing on her face.

Maybe, she thought, just maybe she had a chance. It was a chance she was going to take… eventually.

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