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"Beca, Beca, Beca. What am I going to do with you?" The brunette was currently pacing in Jessie and Benji's shared apartment. He handed her a small bowl of popcorn which she began to munch moodily.

"She's your girl. Wasn't it you who told me that you could see yourself spending your life with her?" She sighed and sat down next to the boy and leaned into his comforting embrace.

"Yes. I did say that." The moment she and Chloe had gotten together, she texted Jessie. In her excitement she may have mentioned her potential plans to purpose to the fiery red head after college.

"Then why didn't you tell her that you love her. Seriously. Four words Becs." He counted on his free hand. "I. Love. You. Too. Four little itty-bitty words." She groaned and let her head rest on his shoulder letting a few tears escape her eyes.

"It's not that easy Jessie. Those aren't just words you throw around. I've never said them to anyone that way." She took a shaky breath. It was so much easier to open up to friend Jessie than boyfriend Jessie. "My parents never told me or each other that. Its a bit of a foreign concept to me."

Jessie felt his heart melt for his friend. She was practically his little sister now and the thought of her growing up in such a cold house made his heart ache for her.

He took the popcorn and set it aside, pulling her too him. He felt her shake a bit and knew that she was crying. How could one person hold so much pain? He asked himself. All he could really do now was be there for her.


"Posen Incorporated. This is Chloe speaking, how may I help you?" The bubbly voice flowed through the phone. "Yes sir, Mr. Macen. I will let her know you called." She smiled and hung up the phone, writing on another hot pink sticky note.

She sighed contentedly leaning back in her desk chair and spinning once. There was nothing like a long day at a high paying job to take her mind off things. She heard the phone ring on her coworkers desk followed by the usual greeting. What caught her attention, however, was what came next.

"Certainly Mr. Beale. I'll patch you through." The brunette motioned to Chloe's phone and mouthed 'It's your dad.'

The redhead scrambled to the reciever. "Daddy?" She giggled as the man called to his wife in the other room.

"Hi sweetie! How's my little girl?" His booming voice enveloped the young woman much like his hug would have.

"I'm doing great! I'm so glad you called. Did you get back from your trip okay? How were Aunt Bartha and Uncle Burt? Oh! And what about the twins? I hope you took pictures! I miss them all so much!" She gushed. She could hear the older man chuckle.

"We just got back, they're doing well, the twins are a foot taller than when you saw them last, yes we took picture and they miss you too. Was that all of 'em?" He asked referring to her wave of questions. He had gotten used to his daughter's excited babbling and gained the ability to keep it all straight as well as respond.

"Haha you got it." He could hear her smile.

"So listen, I have a surprise. Your mother and I are making a trip out to see you." Chloe squealed before slapping a hand over her mouth, checking to make sure no one had heard. She saw the other secretary grinning.

"Will you be staying in a hotel? Oh nonsense you can stay with Aubrey and I. We have a spare bedroom you can use. She'll be so excited to see you!" The Beales smiled fondly, her mother having picked up the other phone to join the conversation.

"How is our little Aubrey?" Her mother cooed. She had always loved the shy blonde.

"She's doing alright, Momma. A little drama here and there, but she's okay. I'm sure she'll be glad to see you."

"We look forward to it. We'll be in this weekend so please let her know."

Chloe smiled. "Will do. Bye Momma, bye Daddy. I love you."

"We love you too." The chorused. Chloe hung up the phone and smiled, going back to her work. She would have to tell Aubrey as soon as she got off work, though she already knew what the blonde's reaction would be.


"They're coming to visit?!" Chloe laughed softly at her friend's excitement. "Oh my gosh! When will they be here?" She clutched Choe's hands bouncing up and down.

"Calm down Aubs, you're gonna make yourself sick. They'll be here this weekend." She gestured around the apartment. "I think we should do a little cleaning up before they get here." It had been a busy week at the office what with the new partnership between Aubrey's father and one of his old friends. They hadn't had much time to keep their home spick and span like Aubrey usually wanted. "I'm feeling some Lesley Gore. What about you?" If there was one thing they both appreciated, it was listening to old hits while they cleaned.

"Do you even have to ask? Let's get this party started!" Chloe smiled again. She was thankful that even though Aubrey didn't know about what had happened with Beca, she was still managing to put the redhead in a better mood. She felt the weight lift from where it had settled in her heart. Now was not the time to worry about her ex(?)-grilfriend.