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Beca looked around the small café. The red walls and dark chocolate browns were nice compliments and the place always smelled of fresh brewed coffee and pastries. It was a small establishment just off campus and the brunette vaguely remembered this being the place where Aubrey told her to fix things with Chloe. It seemed history was bound to repeat itself.

"One strong brewed morning blend and one Carmel late?" The brown haired girl behind the counter called. Beca stepped forward to claim the drinks as well as look at the specials written on the chalk board next to the display case.

She walked back to the two leather armchairs where Jessie was waiting. "You're going to have to do something to convince her you love her, you know." She glared at him, shoving the hot cup into his hands.

"I thought you just wanted to hang out. What happened to that?" The Aca-boy only laughed grinning at her charmingly.

"Well you see, we are hanging out. And, by definition, hanging out involves chatting in a comfortable environment." He gestured around the near-empty coffee shop. "I'm pretty comfortable."

She scoffed in response and brought the steaming liquid to her lips to buy time. "So I don't think that this should end like the movie Chloe because I don't really want her falling out the window."

Beca almost did a spit take. "We are nothing like them!" She proclaimed.

"You -have- seen that movie!" He pointed accusingly and she laughed.

"Yes. Okay, yes I have. Anyway, what do you suggest I do? Go over there with a bouquet of rose, get down on my knees and beg her to listen to me?" She noticed the way the Treble was looking at her. "No. Jessie, no! I am not doing that!"

This time he laughed. "But it would be so romantic. You have to at least get her roses," he insisted. Beca sighed dropping her head into her hand.

"Alright, but I have to think of something else too." She was reaching the last of her coffee when an idea hit her. "I've got it! I'll see ya later!" She bolted leaving Jessie chuckling to himself.

"Those crazy lesbians. Never know what's gonna happen next."


Chloe swung the door open to reveal a tall balding man and a woman with hair just as red as hers. "Mom! Dad!" She moved to hug them and found herself surrounded by her parent's loving embrace. She hadn't seen her parents since last summer and she had missed them terribly.

Mr. Beale was a man of slim build, but his height made up for it. His hair was a silvery gray as it had been for years. He wore glasses covering his sparkling blue eyes.

The young singer nuzzled her face into his chest. She could smell his cologne, the same one he always wore. "I missed you sweet heart." His deep voice rumbled in his chest.

Like her husband, Mrs. Beale was also relatively tall. Her eyes were a slate gray that matched the flecks in her hair. She smelled of lilacs and Chloe felt comforted by the familiarity of it. "It's good to see you dear."

Chloe pulled away and held them at arms length looking them over with tears in her eyes. She collected them into another hug, not quite ready to let go yet. Her parents only smiled and held their daughter closer.

Aubrey cleared her throat, announcing her presence. The Beales looked up and Chloe could see her mother's jaw slacken. The woman gracefully slipped out of the huddle to take in Aubrey. She hadn't seen the blonde since freshman year of college and she had certainly grown.

The elegance of her brow and posture spoke volumes of the woman before her. Her platinum hair was pin straight and hung halfway down her back. Mrs. Beale caressed her cheek gently before pulling the ex-Bella into a firm embrace.

"You've grown so much my little Nina." Aubrey felt tears prick at the old nickname. She wrapped her arms tightly around the older woman.

Chloe's parents were more family than her own at this point. They had always been there for the blonde.

She reached out and gripped the strong hand of her best friend's father, noting how he would never do her any harm with those hands. This only served to make her cry harder.

After all the hello's and hugs had been taken care of, the girls helped move the bags into the guest room. Chloe observed that her parents had gone grocery shopping which could only mean that they planned to make dinner. The ginger was glad for the break in boxed meals.

Chloe took time catching up with her parents while Aubrey say close by not wanting to intrude on their time together. She was surprised when the conversation was directed towards her.

"I hear you're next in line to inherrit Posen Inc. Isn't that right, Aubrey?" The blonde blushed at Chloe's mother's words.

She nodded. "That's right. I am currently learning the tricks of the trade from my father, but he intends to retire sometime next year. I have big plans for the company." The business woman practically glowed as she began to explain the details of what she intended to do.

Chloe's parents listened enraptured with the information, thoroughly impressed with the woman. "Any men catching your interest these days?" Mr. Beale questioned innocently. Chloe sputtered and watched a blush heat Aubrey's cheeks.

"Tim!" Her mother rebuked. He held up his hands in apology.

"It was just a question. We can discuss that more over dinner. What do you guys say to some of Mom's famous casserole?" The girls whooped and headed to the table.

After a delicious meal, the four settled into the living room again for some more catching up when someone pounded on the door. "Who on earth..." Mrs. Beale started.

"I've got it." Chloe hopped up and opened the door. "Beca?!" The brunette looked at her cautiously before handing her the flowers.

It was a beautiful bouquet of blue roses and babies breath along with some other flowers Chloe couldn't name. "They're beautiful, but now isn't really a good time..." She looked to the dining room where her parents and Aubrey were watching her. Their view of Beca was blocked by the door.

"Please Chloe! You have to listen to me. I didn't mean to hurt you I just..." Whatever the brunette was going to say was cut off when Chloe's mother opened the door the rest of the way startling the DJ as well as the ginger.

"And who might this be?"