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"Mom... This is," the ginger took a deep breath, mentally steeling herself against what might happen next. "my girlfriend, Beca. Beca, my mom." She gestured to the older woman.

"Oh, my." Mrs. Beale breathed, surprised. "Well it is a pleasure to meet you, Beca." She reached out her hand which the young brunette shook hesitantly.

She stood still awkwardly holding her bouquet of flowers looking between the two fire-haired women.

She cleared her throat and uncomfortably pointed behind her. "I'm just gonna... I'll talk to you later when your less... Yeah." She turned to leave feeling her heart sink in her chest, all eloquent words forgotten.

"No, no. Please, you two go talk and I will go put these bea-utiful flowers in a vase. You do have a vase, don't you Chloe, dear?" And just like that the tension in the apartment dissipated.

Chloe nodded and slipped on some shoes. Her mother shot her a look that said 'we'll talk later.' With that, the two girls headed off leaving a couple of stunned Beales and a wary Aubrey.

Mr. Beale was the first to speak. "I told you so." Mrs. Beale's mouth dropped open.

"Tim!" She scolded before sitting back down at the table. "Aubrey," she called to the extremely still blonde. The business woman glanced up from her hands in her lap. "Did you know about this?"

She nodded slowly. "Mrs. Beale, Beca is a wonderful girl. She really makes Chloe happy. I know this might be a little much to take in, but if you would just give her a chance I think you'll see-"

"Aubrey! Calm down darling, I'm not angry, not by a long shot." The blonde breathed a sigh of relief which made the couple raise their eyebrows at her. "Is there something you'd like to share?"

"I'll get started on the dishes," she forced out too quickly. She collected the plates and headed to the kitchen leaving Chloe's parents shaking their heads and laughing lightly at the circumstances.

Aubrey entered the kitchen, sighing as she began filling the sink with water. She had expected today to turn out a bit differently, but perhaps, she thought, she was being selfish. She took one last glance at the calendar on the fridge before resigning herself to cleaning.


Chloe followed Beca out to the parking-lot silently. The night was young, but it had a certain crispness that spoke of the coming fall.

Suddenly the brunette stopped and turned around. "Okay. I had a really nice speech planned out in my head, but that whole thing with your mom... Yeah." She trailed off.

The redhead had a guarded look that spoke volumes of how she now felt towards the DJ. It cut the younger girl, knowing that she had hurt the only person she had ever loved.

"Alright. So what do you want?" The bitterness in her voice did not suit the singer. It was oddly out of place in the girl who smiled like the sun itself.

"You called me your girlfriend. Is that still what you want?" Chloe hesitated in answering.

Her heart and mind both screamed yes and there was no actual choice to her, but she wanted to make Beca hope. Make her realize just how much she was hurting.

"I did say that. I still want you Beca, but if you can't commit-"

"Good. That's all I needed to know." She pulled the headphones from her neck and slipped them over Chloe's ears. The ginger gasped as the music flowed into her ears.

It was a beautifully crafted mix of "How do you love someone" by Ashley Tisdale and "I tried so hard" by Bone Thug. The canvas of music weaved a painful story.

She understood, without Beca telling her, why the words hadn't come to her girlfriend. She understood, but she wasn't letting her off the hook.

Chloe could feel the tears in her eyes by the end on the song and she gathered the girl into her arms. The headphones slid off her ears to her neck and she heard the most beautiful music of all from the amazing person nestled on her should.

"I love you, Chloe Beale." It was officially the ginger's new favorite song.


When a knock came from the door again for the second time that evening, the Beales finally began getting the idea that perhaps their girls were a bit more involved than they had first thought. Aubrey hopped up from her place on the couch and opened the door to find the Bella's looking back at her.

"Hey girls… How can I help you?" She was confused as to why they had all showed up together instead of calling first.

Amy groaned and Stacie giggled softly, leaning into Cynthia's side. "See guys? I told you that she would totally forget." They all nodded sagely at their large blonde ring leader.

"Am I missing something here?" The business woman asked uncertainly, glancing back at Chloe's parents who had busied themselves in a comfortable conversation.

Two of the girls ushered her out the door before she even had a chance to say she was going out, pulling her down the hall towards the stairs. "You dolt! It's your birthday for goodness sake. Did you not check your phone? We've been calling you all day. And it's not like Chloe to forget her best friend's birthday." Aubrey let her mouth fall open, surprised at the girls.

Of course she knew it was her birthday. While she had been upset that it seemed no one remembered, she couldn't blame them. She hadn't seen or heard from Choe's parents in quite a while so she hadn't expected them to remember, and Chole had been a bit preoccupied with her aching heart.

"I…" She trailed off, the words catching in her throat. She felt a hand slip into hers unbeknownst to the rest of the group. She smiled at the Aussie before mouthing a thank you.