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"But what if she says no? What if she says that she doesn't want me anymore?" The brunette twisted her fingers into her hair and continued her pacing.

"Oh please. Beca! She loves you. If you talked to her dad already, that was your biggest obstacle." She looked hopefully at her second best friend. The blonde got up and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Come on, you have a date to get to and you'd best not keep Chloe waiting. If you hurt her again, I'll break both your arms." The girl smiled playfully, giving the young DJ a gentle push.

"Thanks Aubs. You'd better get moving too." The smile slipped from the blonde's face. "You have a lot to make up for you know." She nodded sadly.

"Trust me. I know. With any luck we'll both be celebrating tonight. If not... Well I can just stay at the office tonight. You can use the apartment." The keys jangled as they flew through the air and into the Bella's firm grip.

"Well good luck then. I miss my favorite blonde duo. And thanks," she said tossing the keys before catching them again.

"Alright. No more stalling. You've got a cute ginger waiting for you." She chuckled and strutted out the door leaving Beca standing in the middle of the living room once shared by Aubrey and Chloe.

"Here goes nothing..."


Aubrey shuffled her feet, nervous. Her mind was screaming at her that she shouldn't be here, that she should just leave and forget her feelings. She'd had to pull over twice on the way so as not to make a mess in her car. No, nervous was an understatement, she thought. She was terrified.

After a few moment of no one answering the door she considered leaving, giving up. Amy obviously didn't want to see her and she couldn't blame the college senior one bit. She sighed and knocked again.

The door swung open, revealing a beautiful Aussie with the angriest glare Aubrey had ever seen. "Yeh? What d'you want?" The business woman's heart clenched painfully in her chest.

"Well... Uhm I did have a big speech prepared, but it would be even better if we could just talk." She wrung her hands, cursing that nothing had change in the last month since she had seen Amy. The larger girl still had complete control over her.

For the two years after Beca and Chloe had gotten together, Amy and Aubrey had been friends with benefits of sorts. Thinking back on it, Aubrey wished she had been smarter about it. She'd let Amy get hurt and ruined the best thing she'd ever had, not to mention put strain on her little Bella family.

"Please." She felt on the verge of tears. All she wanted to do was gather the Aussie in her arms, but she'd lost that right some time ago.

"Well as long as you don't hurl on my carpet..." The shorter girl mumbled, stepping aside. Aubrey flushed and entered the apartment.

"Okay. You're here. Talk." Aubrey took a deep breath and steadied herself.

"I'm an idiot." That seemed to catch the Bella off guard as well as grab her attention. "I always have been. I thought that changed when Beca finally got through to me, but..." She felt her pride screaming at her to shut up, but this wasn't about her.

"I'm sorry." She hung her head. "I'm so sorry that I didn't give us a chance." The younger girl stepped towards her.

"Do go on." She smiled softly. "Aubrey Posen apologizing? I should get this on tape, yeah?" Aubrey chuckled, trying to mask her slight sob, but failed.

She clapped a hand over her mouth as a few tears fell. "Seeing you with someone else. I didn't..." Her shoulders shook.

Amy eyed her warily. "So you don't want me, but I can't be with someone else? That's a bit cruel, don't you think?" Aubrey hiccuped.

"No! I don't want you with someone because I want you with me!" It came out quite a bit louder than she had intended, but it shocked Amy into another silence. "I love you." Aubrey could feel her mascara running, but couldn't bring herself to care. The floor was looking quite inviting.

"You what?"

The taller blonde wrapped her arms around herself, willing the universe to make her drop dead. She looked up into Amy's eyes. "I was scared Amy. I knew what I wanted, but I couldn't bring myself to say it. I used you for so long. I know nothing I can say or do can make up for that..."

She thought back on the times Amy had stood up to Mr. Posen for her, protected her. She couldn't possibly thank her enough for that, and instead she had slammed a knife into her favorite blonde's back.

"I know you probably hate me... But I just wanted you to know." She sniffed and wiped her eyes, standing up straight. Even if she had shattered her own heart, she still had an image to uphold. Thoughts of what her father would say if he could see her now came unbidden into her mind. She shook them away quickly and turned to leave.

"I'm really sorry... again. I'm gonna go. I don't want to overstay my welcome though I'm sure I already have." She slipped through the front door again and headed for her car. With every click of her high heels against the wood floor of the apartment complex, a piece of her obliterated heart fell to the ground.

She was almost to the elevator when a hand clasped her wrist. "Don't think you can just walk away from me Aubrey Posen." She was, without warning, engulfed in a warm, secure pair of arms.

"I'll teach you how to trust again Aubrey. You don't have to be alone. I'm not your father or your mother. I won't leave you. I was never mad, I just didn't know how to help you until you realized you needed it."


Beca cursed as she tripped again. "Gee Becs. You sure are clumsy tonight. Something on your mind?" Her ginger girlfriend giggled.

"No, no. Ah I'm just... tired that's all." Chloe arched a brow.

"Uh-huh. Sure. What's going on with you? You've been distant all week. I'm beginning to think you're getting sick of me." The young DJ's eyes widened.

"Not at all Chlo! I didn't mean to make you feel like that. I just had a lot going on, that's all." The moon shone brightly through the trees, casting a blue glow on the sidewalk. She slipped her fingers through her girlfriend's and tugged her closer. "It's a nice night isn't it?"

Chloe smiled and leaned into Beca, resting her head on the younger girl's shoulder. "It really is. But what are we doing here?" The ginger glanced around the near-empty college campus.

"I just wanted to see it again. I think I'm really going to miss Barden now that I've graduated." She stopped and lead Chloe off the sidewalk and into the grass.

"Chlo." The redhead looked confused at her girlfriend of almost three years. "I'm going to L.A. still." Chloe's eyes scrunched up.

"Y-yeah. I know." She could feel the hurt bubbling in her chest. So that's what this was about. She felt stupid.

"Well, you see... There's this girl. I really like her and I think maybe she likes me. I was just wondering if she liked me enough to maybe, oh I dunno, come with me?" Chloe gasped and took a step back in surprise finally noticing where they were.

"Chloe. A couple of years ago, I made the biggest mistake of my life here. I want to make sure that never happens again. There is only one person I can see myself with and that is you. I love you Chloe Beale." She reached behind her into a small knot in the tree and pulled out a small black box.

Dropping to one knee, she opened it revealing a beautiful sapphire encrusted ring. "It's titanium." Beca whispered quietly. "Chlo... Will you marry me?"

The ginger's mouth dropped open and she covered it with one dainty hand. Tears filled her beautiful blue eyes as she took in the sight before her, committing every detail to memory. "Yes. Oh God yes!" She allowed Beca to slip the ring onto her finger before pulling her close and burying her nose in soft brown hair. She could feel Beca's ecstatic heartbeat and gave her the privacy to let some tears of joy go unnoticed.

"I love you Beca." She whispered so as not to break the calm of the night.

"I love you too Chloe, and I intend to prove it for the rest of my life."