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Aubrey glanced up from her laptop when the door opened, revealing a very sweaty Chloe. "I... Didn't... Sleep with him," she forced out between gasps. She had gotten so frustrated on her way back that she had moved from a nice jog to a full on sprint.

The blonde stared at her for a moment trying to process what her friend had just told her. "What do you mean?" She raised her eyebrows along with her question. "Didn't sleep with who?" Sometimes she wished she could read Chloe's mind. She would be a lot less confused most of the time. The bubbly red head's mind was a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions that Aubrey couldn't even hope to follow.

She shut her laptop with a click figuring this could turn into a relatively long conversation. She motioned for the other girl to sit, but received a shake of the head and a motion of one minute.

Chloe disappeared down the hall to her room where she pealed off her soaked T-shirt and traded it for a soft dry one, still pulling it over her head as she reentered the living space, towel in hand with which she mopped her face. She then plopped down in the suggested seating at the other end of the couch facing Aubrey who had filled a glass of water for her friend while she was changing.

"Thanks." She retrieved the glass from its place upon the glass topped mahogany coffee table. Her breathing had finally returned to normal and she sunk into the pillows allowing her tired body to relax.

Aubrey was the one to initiate the conversation. "Ready to talk now?" Receiving no objections, she continued. "What did you mean you didn't sleep with him? The guy from last night? But you went home with him..."

Chloe held up her hand to stop the word vomit that was about to commence while internally thanking a higher power that words were the only things leaving her roommate's mouth at this point. She swallowed her gulp of water and collected the thoughts she had managed to sort through. "I went back to Tom's dorm last night. That was the guy you saw."

"Wait! Tom as in that guy you were screwing last year Tom?" Chloe nodded frowning a bit at the interruption.

"You don't have to be so crass, but yes that Tom. And for your information, I haven't hooked up with him since way back around the activities fair." Aubrey made an 'eww' face making Chloe giggle. "Anyway, I left with him and went back to his dorm, but nothing happened."

The Blonde shot her a disbelieving look and Chloe amended her statement. "Okay well not exactly nothing, but we didn't have sex. I... I didn't want to... I couldn't..." Chloe trailed off, looking everywhere except her best friend's surprised face. Her eyes traveled around the cream room following the wall past the mounted TV all the way to the black apartment door.

"Chloe," she called for the girl's attention. "What do you mean you couldn't?" She asked gently placing her hand on Chloe's knee. Her cloudy blue eyes bored into the ginger's much brighter ones.

The singer let out a heavy sigh dropping her head back into her hands. "I mean that I stopped him. It... felt wrong." Her gaze snapped back up to the taller woman. "That has never happened before Bree! Never!" Her voice was thick with frustration and confusion. "And you can imagine that Tom wasn't too happy about that."

Aubrey was on her feet in an instant remembering how Chloe had come home crying. "Did he hit you, or force himself on you? I swear to God I will go find him right now and-"

Chloe approached her friend cautiously and laid her hands calmingly on her shoulders. "Bree, calm down. Tom isn't a total pig. He's too nice to do anything like that. I was just emotional and confused. He even drove me home." She could feel how tense Aubrey was. It was almost like she would snap any second. "Kay, Bree? I'm fine." She whispered trying to coax the blonde back to her. Her friend nodded slightly in response and slowly sat back down, though she was still straight backed and sitting on the very edge of her seat.

"Sorry Chlo... Continue." She calmed the jumble of worst case scenarios in her head and returned to listening to the girl before her.

"Nah it's okay, that was pretty much it. I just... I don't know why it happened. Something stopped me."

"Your conscience?" Aubrey joked. Chloe pouted cutely and hit her lightly. "I don't know Chlo. Did you think anything that stopped you or..." Chloe shook her head and stood.

"I don't know. Thanks Aub. I really apreciate you listening to me. It means a lot." She turned to leave and tossed over her shoulder, "I'm going to head out and go grab a smoothie. You want anything?"

"Something orange. Thanks a ton Chloe. Oh, and just know that can always talk to me. I'll try to help you any way I can. Are you going to be okay?" She was really worried. Chloe didn't get very upset often, but when she did, it wasn't pretty.

"I will be. I just have to work on it a bit. See ya!"And with that, she was out the door and gone.


Beca sighed, fumbling with her dorm key knowing that her roommate would be out for the evening. She was extremely thankful for that. All she really wanted to do at that moment was sit down at her computer and work on a new mix.

She yanked the key attached to her "DJ fever" lanyard out of the lock and opened the door, flipping her dark hair out of her face. She pulled the door shut behind her and was so focussed on her phone that she didn't notice the other person in the room.

"Holy crap!" She shouted stumbling back a couple steps. "When did you get here?"

"Kimmy Jin let me in before she left. Chip?" She said nonchalantly holding out the bag to Beca.

The brunette nodded and shoved her hand into the bag and then popping a chip into her mouth. "Seriously though, Chloe, what are you doing here. Not that I'm not glad to see you, just..." Beca gestured to the way the red head was sprawled on her bed as if someone had dumped her there.

"You had your first date with Jessie? Hello! Best friend wants to know how it went!" Chloe giggled and pulled the younger woman down onto the bed and wrapped her arms around her midsection.

"Okay okay, gosh. Wait. I wanna say something first. I was thinking about this all day. You know how you told me everyone seemed bummed about the season being over?" Chloe nodded and sat up allowing Beca her space. She remembered saying that before nationals after seeing Aubrey so depressed for the week before. "Well what if we just met to sing covers, like just for fun? I have a bunch more mixes and who knows, maybe it would put a smile back on Aubrey's face."

Chloe's smile was blinding. It was a fantastic idea! Aubrey had been rather subdued lately after realizing that her time with the Bellas was almost over. "That might work! I think we could convince everyone considering they were just as crushed as a certain blonde we both know." The redhead bounced a little in excitement. "I can't wait to ask Aubrey!" It took a moment for Chloe remember the actual reason she had come. She stared at Beca expectantly.

"Alright fine! He was a real gentleman, opening doors and things like that. It was nice." The ginger looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"You can do better than that. Where did you go? What did you do? You guys were together for, like, four hours!" Chloe blurted before she could stop herself.

"Oh. Well we, uh... We went to a movie." Her best friend's mouth fell open. "Okay hang on. Don't rag on him. Her really loves movies, and we talked a lot over pizza. He told me all about his family. He knows we just got together, but he was hoping I would come visit him and his family for a few weeks over the summer. We talked a little about how he used to play baseball and stuff like that. What?"

Chloe could only stare. Her mind piped up that Beca hated movies and it made her wonder how anyone in their right minds could possibly think that was a good date. "So... You had fun?" A small shred of annoyance towards Jessie lodged itself in the girl's mind.

"Yeah. Why?" Beca leaned back and sliped her hands under her neck, stacking her feet in Chloe's lap.

The older girl fiddled with Beca's black sock, not meeting her eyes. "I dunno. It just... Seems like today was all about him." This caught the DJ's attention and she sat up.

"Really Chloe?" The red head's eyes widened and her hands stilled. "If I didn't know any better I would say you have something against Jessie."

"I don't. I just think he could have done better for a date..." Chloe was a little hurt at how quickly Beca's temper had flared.

"He treats me better than anyone else ever has!" Beca snapped. She couldn't believe Chloe. Why couldn't she just be happy for her? She had an amazing guy who really cared for her, was that a crime?

"Beca, I didn't mean to upset you-"

"Well you did!" The brunette stood up and put her hands on her hips. "I think you should go." Chloe got off the bed, thinking about trying to fix the mess she had somehow managed to create by accident, but then thought better of it. She spared Beca one more glance before slipping silently out the door.

Once she was gone Beca dropped onto her bed with a sigh. She hated to admit it, but Chloe had a good point. Jessie had seemed to be a little self absorbed, but then again he was still an awesome guy and a good boyfriend. That was all that really mattered.