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Chloe stared at the clock, clutching her phone in her hand. It had been a few days since she and Beca had had their disagreement. Chloe refused to call it a fight because that meant she would have to accept that she had upset Beca.

Aubrey looked into the dark room where her red haired friend was currently sitting. "Has she answered you?" Chloe had been calling and texting the alternative girl constantly but had yet to hear from her. It was eating Chloe alive which made the protective side of Aubrey rear its ugly head. She had half a mind to go give Beca a firm talking to. She cared about both of them so much and it hurt her to see them fighting like this.

"No. She's ignoring me. God Aubs! I don't know why she won't talk to me. It wasn't even that big a fight." She got off her bed and joined her friend in the hall wrapping her arms around the blonde for some much needed affection.

"Hey," the taller girl cooed. "It'll be okay. I'm sure she'll talk to you soon. Maybe she's just been busy." Aubrey knew that wasn't the case but she just wanted to see the heartwarming smile that had been absent from her best friend's face for almost a week now.

"Thanks Aubrey. You're so great to put up with me all the time." The blonde hugged her a little tighter at that.

"I do not put up with you! Chloe Beale, you are the most amazing person I have ever known. You extracted me from the sad little girl I used to be and gave me a new life. If Beca doesn't see that in her best friend, then it's her loss. I would not have let you walk out that door upset." Aubrey fought down the anger that flared up and continued. "She'll come around Chlo. Don't you worry. I was actually thinking of inviting all the girls over tomorrow. Beca might show up. Would that be okay with you?" She slowly detached herself from her friend and looked for confirmation.

"Thanks Bree. That means a lot. I wouldn't mind, but I doubt she'll show." Chloe gave her friend one last smile before exiting leaving Aubrey to her own devices.


Aubrey sighed contentedly as she shifted the coffee cup in her hands. She had talked to all the Bellas besides Beca. Amy, Lilly, Stacie, and Cynthia all agreed immediately to the idea of a get together. The other girls had wanted to but had something else going on, but insisted on another party of sorts some other time.

Aubrey was about to continue her search for the young DJ when she heard a familiar voice behind her. "No. Seriously Jessie, I can't do this tonight okay? I know you do but you're just moving a little fast for me okay? Thanks. I will. Bye." Beca hit the end button on her phone and ordered her drink. Once she received her Iced Caramel Late, she turned to find a seat and spotted Aubrey who waved her over.

She slid into the seat across from the blonde and smiled. It was a gesture not returned. "Uh-oh. What did I do?" Aubrey arched a brow.

"Like you don't know. Talk to Chloe. She's seriously torn up about your fight and has been moping since and she never mopes." The former Bella captain had on her no-nonsense face.

"She called my boyfriend self absorbed and claimed that he didn't treat me well. I have nothing to say to her." Beca crossed her arms slightly offended that Aubrey was taking a side in this.

"Aca-scuse me? Chloe only ever has someone's best interests at heart. If she said something like that, it would only be because she's worried. She doesn't see it between you two and, honestly, neither do I. And before you start, I'm not saying this to upset you and I know he is a wonderful guy." Aubrey took a sip of her drink, finishing it off.

"That being said, I'm hosting a gathering of the Bellas at my house tomorrow and you're invited if you want to come. We all miss you." She turned to leave, but added as an afterthought; "Talk to Chloe." Before Beca had a chance to respond, she was gone.

She sighed and brought the coffee to her lips drinking deeply. She wanted to talk to Chloe, she really did, but something stopped her. Her pride.

As much as she wanted to ignore her red headed friend's words, she couldn't. It was as if what Chloe had said opened her eyes. She was beginning to see the things about Jessie that she had been denying. He loved her, that much was true, but there was no spark. It was almost like she had only liked the -idea- of being with him, but the reality was a different story. There were so many little things he did that were starting to grate on Beca's nerves.

Chloe had been right, but the freshman wasn't quite ready to accept that fact. That didn't mean that she could keep avoiding the redhead though. She knew she was over reacting and she also knew she wouldn't hear a single "I told you so" from the girl, but that didn't help the fact that she hadn't realized the apparently obvious flaws in her new relationship.

It had taken Chloe, Chloe freaking Beale, the nicest girl on the planet, to help her see the truth. She and Jessie were slowly but surely falling apart. She could feel the strain between them beginning, but didn't have the courage to do something about it. Despite his quirks and annoyances, Jessie was still a wonderful guy and was, in fact, in some semblance of love with Beca. She didn't want to hurt him.

And so there she was at a dead end. She shook her head trying to shift her mind to other things, but all she could think about was Chloe's heartbroken face when she had told her to leave. She had to fix this, and she would. At the party.

A small part of her was saying she was an idiot for waiting any longer, but logic said that she needed a chance to gather her thoughts and make sure she didn't muck up her apology and make a bigger mess of things. Just as she was getting ready to leave her phone vibrated.

Okay, I get that you're not going to talk to me and that is totally understandable. I just want you to know that I'm really sorry. It was crappy of me to say those things about your boyfriend, so... Yeah. I'm sorry. :(

Guilt filled Beca's heart. Sure she was still a little angry, but she really should have accepted Chloe's apology by now.

We'll talk at the party was all she sent back. Beca left after tossing her drink in the trash and headed to the place where Bella rehearsals were held. She needed to think.