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"What if she's still mad Aub?" Chloe was bouncing on the balls of her feet anxiously. "I mean she hasn't texted me since that one time yesterday. What if she tells me she doesn't want to be friends? What if she goes off to LA and we don't ever talk again? Oh my God this is going to be so bad."

"Chloe! Would you calm down? You're acting like a school girl with a crush. Everything is going to be fine." Her blonde friend assured her, holding her shoulders to stop her fidgeting. "Now if you could kindly do me a favor and order the pizza so we have food, that would be great." She shot the redhead a pointed look spurring her into action.

"Oh, right." As she went into the other room, Aubrey took that minute to relax. Chloe had been almost unbearable all day. Spazzing out was one of the singer's specialties and she was hitting an all new level of obnoxious today.

"Tough day?" Stacie asked, coming back from the bathroom. The girl never ceased to surprise Aubrey. She had so much more depth than the blonde originally had thought.

"You don't know the half of it." She slumped against the counter. "She's got herself tied in a knot over her fight with Beca. It's insane."

Stacie sent her a look of understanding before frowning slightly. "You feelin okay? You're a little pale there."

"Yeah. I've just been a little tired recently. I haven't been sleeping well. It's probably anxiety about graduation."

"Oh yeah! Aren't you supposed to give some speech for that whole valedic-whatever thing?" Aubrey smirked at her black haired friend. She may have had more depth than originally thought, but the same could not be said for the girl's intelligence. She didn't have much in the way of book smarts.

"Valedictorian, and yes. I have no idea what I'm going to say." This time it was Aubrey's turn to be reassured.

"Oh please. You'll write the most kick ass speech ever and all us Bellas will be there cheering you on. We all know Choe will be bawling her eyes out." The Bella captain allowed a warm smile to spread onto her face. "See there? You look so much better when you smile. Loosen up, okay?"

"Hey girls." Cynthia-Rose wrapped her arm gently around her girlfriend's waist bringing her to her side. "What good stuff am I missin out on?" Stacie giggled leaning into the embrace.

Everyone had been so relived when the girls had finally gotten together. It was frustrating how much sexual tension filled the air when they were in the room. As Amy had put it 'It was like watching two dingoes staring down their prey.' Aubrey had to agree. She almost laughed thinking back on Amy at the beginning of the year. Turned out not one, but two of them were lesbians. Aubrey couldn't complain though. She loved all the ladies no matter what their preference. Honestly, the only one she was sure was straight was Lilly.

"Nothing much. Just waiting for the others to show and Chloe to come back. She went to call for pizza." Aubrey shrugged looking at the two smiling faces.

"What about Chloe?" The redhead giggled joining the women. "You know, there are more comfortable places than the kitchen to talk." It was a good point so they moved to the living room, Cynthia taking the recliner and Stacie joining her on her lap. Chloe and Aubrey took their usual seats on the sofa. They discussed what they were doing now that nationals were over.

Before long there was a knock on the door. "What kind of a party is this? Someone pump up the jams!" The boisterous blonde exclaimed in her Australian accent.

"Hi Amy." Aubrey couldn't help the laugh that slipped into her voice. The larger woman always managed to make her smile. She patted the couch next to her signaling the other girl to sit. "Well that's almost all of us." Chloe looked away from the group praying for them not to bring up Beca. She never was very lucky.

"Is Beca coming?" Amy asked innocently. She noticed the way her red headed friend tensed at the mention of the brunette and filed that information away in the category of things to talk to Aubrey about.

"She said she would, but since she's not here yet how about we start the movie?" Chloe suggested. Everyone had agreed earlier that they would have a mean girls double feature. Everyone had laughed a little at the fact that they had borrowed the movies from Jessie. He had nervously made some excuse that they were his sister's.

They were about halfway through the first movie when there was a knock on the door. "It's gotta be the food!" Amy shouted, jumping up and rushing to the door reminding Aubrey of when she'd run from the cops shouting "vertical running."

"Aaaaaand it's sort of the food..." There in the door stood the brunette everyone had been talking about holding two large pizzas.

"Sorry I'm late." She was looking directly at Chloe, their eyes locking. "Oh, and I ran into the pizza guy on the way up and saved him the trip."

"Took them long enough!" The large blonde grabbed the boxes and headed to the kitchen with the rest of the girls. All of them except Beca and Chloe.

"So. Can we talk now?" The freshman asked, standing awkwardly in the door. Chloe nodded and motioned for her to follow. She brought Beca to her room which, in the young DJ's opinion, was extremely Chloe. The walls were a soft blue, decorated pictures of her and the Bellas, some of Aubrey and even, Beca noticed in surprise, herself. The bed was covered in fluffy pillows as well as a few stuffed animals. A white beanbag chair was placed in the corner with a small bookcase containing Chloe's collection of romance novels, CD's and movies.

"Alright. I've already apologized, like, a bajillion times. I'm not doing it again. " Chloe crossed her arms over her chest and frowned.

"No, it's fine. I'm the one who should be apologizing. You're entitled to your own opinion. I'm really sorry I yelled and avoided you. Aubrey said you were just worried..." She trailed off and grasped Chloe's hand. "Will you forgive me so I don't have to go on missing my best friend?"

"Why wouldn't you talk to me?" Chloe sat down on her bed and Beca followed suit.

"I don't know. I was just... I was mad, but then... I was embarrassed. I felt really bad, but I couldn't bring myself to apologize. I know it was wrong." Beca dropped her gaze, her fingers still intertwined with Chloe's.

"I forgive you. But don't do it again, hear me?" The ginger pulled Beca into a hug and sighed contentedly, glad to have her friend back. "We should probably get back out there before they start talking about us..." Beca nodded agreeing.

"Yeah. Lets go." She couldn't keep the smile off her face as a lightness settled in her chest. She had her best friend back.