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Beca sighed contently as she sat down. The Bellas had all agreed to continue meeting after she had proposed it at the party which was a week ago. "Great job guys! We still got it!" Cynthia exclaimed.

"Yeah! Really Aca-awesome!" Chloe grasped Beca's hand excitedly and hopped. "This was such a good idea." The DJ smiled happily at her best friend. "Karaoke tonight anyone?" There were a series of yeah's and sure's.

"I'd love to but..." Everyone turned their attention back to the brunette and Aubrey could see a hint of a frown tug at Chloe's lips. "I kinda have a date with Jessie tonight. Sorry guys." She smiled apologetically before freeing her hand to grab her things.

"Some other time then," Stacie stated happily. There were nods from the rest of the group before everyone began filing out of the room.

Aubrey turned her back as the girls began to leave and walked over to the piano leaning heavily against it. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, almost painfully. She wiped the sweat from her brow marveling at how apparently out of shape she had managed to get in just a couple of weeks. She coughed and inhaled deeply feeling her heart start to slow its rapid pace. "You alright?" She snapped up noticing Amy for the first time.

"Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay." Her voice was breathy.

"No offense, but you look like you just got sludged by a semi..." The large woman remarked carefully. She came to stand in front of the tall blonde. "Seriously, is everything alright? You've been kinda low-key recently and I'm not talking about your singing." Aubrey smiled at the girl's concern.

"I'm fine Amy. Really." She went to stand and swayed a little as a wave of dizziness hit her. The Aussie was at her side immediately, steadying her.

"Well okay or not, I'm giving you a ride home. I don't want you passed out on the side of the road somewhere." She kept a firm grip on the thin woman's arm all the way out to her car. "I've been wanting to talk to you about something anyway," she tossed out offhandedly.

"Shoot." Was Aubrey's reply as she leaned her head back against the leather seat. Her eyes fluttered closed of their own accord and she found herself wishing she could just sleep.

"Alright well. I was wondering if you'd noticed anything... Different about Chloe recently. I mean nothing bad just... Weeeeell." Amy trailed off awkwardly.

"Different how? I haven't really noticed anything." She was intrigued to say the least. Amy was definitely the best at reading people in their group. If she noticed something, more often than not, she was right.

"Okay so I'm kinda getting this... Uh vibe from her." Aubrey frowned so she continued. "I think she has a thing for Beca." Aubrey was glad she wasn't the one driving when she shot up in her seat.

"You think so too?!" Her voice was relieved if not excited. So she wasn't just imagining it. "God, I knew I wasn't crazy." She relaxed again waiting for Amy to continue.

"Oh good. For a minute there I thought you were gonna be pissed. Yeah I thought so a while back, but then Beca started dating Jessie and nothing with Chloe changed. Honestly? I don't think she realizes it herself. Either that or she is so deep in denial that her brain is literally mush. I'm guessing the first. She seems oblivious like that. " The Bella captain couldn't help but laugh.

"I was actually thinking the same thing."

"Okay so then here's the other thing. I was thinking that someone who's, like, her best friend, ya know, should-should talk to her about it?" Aubrey's eyes were open again and she stared at Amy.

"Oh sure. Throw me under the bus. Why not you?" Amy gave her the 'are you kidding' look. She didn't want to have to be the one to talk to Chloe about her obvious feelings for Beca.

"I don't like to get involved in these sorts of things..." Aubrey raised her eyebrows and leaned back again.

"Oh really? I seem to remember you outing Stacie and practically shoving her and Rose together." Amy hummed a little before responding.

"This is a little different. They both had the same feelings..." She trailed off but the implication was already out.

"You don't think Beca feels the same." It wasn't a question. They pulled into the parking-lot and Aubrey got out. Amy rolled her window down and looked Aubrey in the eyes.

"You want me to come in or do you right think you're okay?" The tall blonde simply waved in responce and entered the apartment complex.

Once she got in, she leaned back against the door, steadying herself against the solid wood. Chloe poked her head around the corner. "Oh, it's you. I was wondering when you'd get here. Take a detour?" The bubbly red head's face went from carefree to worry in an instant.

"Shit, Aubs! Are you okay?" The blonde straightened up and glared.

"Why does everyone keep asking me that?! I'm fine!" Chloe put her hands up in surrender. "Anyway I need to talk to you." Another dizzy spell hit her and she closed her eyes waiting for it to pass. "Later." She walked past the blonde and laid on her bed allowing sleep to overtake her.


"Heeey!" Chloe sauntered into the Karaoke joint waving to the other girls who smiled widely and motioned her over. She took a seat next to Amy and immediately wanted in on the action. "So what are we singing?"

"Lily is up next. We don't know yet." Was the response offered by Stacie. The little Korean hopped up on stage and introduced herself adding something that no one seemed to catch. When the music began, a few cheers rose up from the people in the place. Some turned to watch while others continued on with their conversations. When the tiny girl began belting out the lyrics to "do it like a dude" by Jessie J, Cynthia Rose jumped up to join her and coming in with a harmony, allowing Lily the chance to freestyle some beatbox.

When they finished, there was a lot of cheering and applause. The Bellas all complimented them and discussed who would go next when Amy leaned over to Chloe. "Where is Aubrey."

The red head shook her head slightly. "She said she wasn't feeling well enough to come tonight, so she's at home." The Aussie wanted to make some humerouse remark about her blonde friend, but something just wasn't sitting right with her.

"I uh... I'm gonna go check on her. I mean it's only a few minutes to your place. It's just shes been acting, well, strange. Stupid bitch, makin me worry." Amy excused herself and drove the rest of the way to Aubrey and Chloe's apartment. She entered the complex and climbed the three flights of stairs.

She knocked on the door, and hearing no answer, slid in the key Chloe had leant her. The place was quiet. Too quiet.

"Aubrey?" She called softly into the darkness. There was no response so she made her way to the blonde's room. The lump on the bed stirred slightly when Amy tripped over a pile of books, crying out a little.

"Who's there?" The girl was on her feet in an instant, grabbing the blow-drier from the vanity next to her bed and holding it above her head.

"Just what," Amy grunted as she pushed herself to her feet, "are you planning on doing with that?" The other girl slowly relaxed, recognizing the voice.

"God Amy! You scared me half to death!" She glared in the direction of the comical woman. "Don't you know to call first?" She placed her hands on her hips and sighed.

"Well I'm sorry. Guess next time I'm worried I should just ignore it." She laughed a bit and flipped on the light. "Really Aubrey, you're sure you're okay?"

She smiled and blinked as her eyes became adjusted to the dark. "I'm fine. I promise." This seemed to put the other girl at ease. "Well since you're here, I guess I'll have to make extra. I'm really hungry. Ramen okay with you?"

"You're having ramen?" The disbelief was evident in Amy's voice. Aubrey had always struck her as a bit of a health nut.

"I am, contrary to popular belief, a normal human being thank you very much." She heard a snort behind her but pointedly ignored it and moved to the kitchen. "Maybe I won't make you any after-" Aubrey stopped suddenly, her eyes rolling into her head. She dropped like a rock, slamming her head against the countertop.

"Shit! Aubrey?!"