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Amy sat with her arms wrapped around herself out in the waiting room. She had called Chloe as soon as she got there, but she hadn't picked up.

She kept replaying the glazed look in Aubrey's eyes before she fainted over and over again on a constant loop. Not that she would admit this to anyone because it would totally ruin her reputation, but she had been so scared. She had no idea what to do until she thought to call for an ambulance.

She didn't even know what had happened.

Her phone rang making her start a little before she managed to get ahold of the damn thing. "Chloe! Oh thank goodness! It's Aubrey!"

The uncharacteristic panic in the blond's voice did not go unnoticed by the red head. "Amy? What's going on?" She shut down all the images that struggled into her mind and tried to focus.

"Aubrey... She just... God! Her head, she's gonna need stitches, but she wouldn't wake up-and-I-had-no-idea-what-to-do!" Her words came out as a jumbled mess when she started crying.

"Are you at the hospital?" There was a sniffling silence on the other end where Amy was nodding.

It was then that she remembered that the ginger couldn't see her. "Yeah..." Her voice cracked despite her attempts to stay strong.

"I'll be right there." There was an audible beep and then the line went dead once again leaving her alone with her thoughts. People rushed around her on their way to see loved ones, or get where they needed to be and Amy wished there was something she could be doing.

It was about twenty minutes before Chloe showed up with a very worried looking Beca beside her, holding her hand. Chloe was crying already even though she still had no idea what had happened. Her best friend, her sister almost, was in the hospital. If Amy hadn't been there who knows what she would have come home to.

"Where is she? What's going on?" Chloe was gripping Amy's jacket in an instant, upsetting the girl further until Beca stepped in.

"Chloe. Chloe!" She grabbed the ginger's hands and pried them off Amy. The girl turned around to Beca and clung to her, sobbing into her tank top.

Though she wasn't doing much better, the brunette knew she had to be strong for the girls. "Amy," she said calmly getting the blonde to look at her through shiny eyes. "Have you heard anything?" The girl shook her head before burying her head in her hands. She sighed and sat on one of the couches nearest to Amy, bringing the hysterical red head with her who immediately curled up with her head in Beca's lap. It was going to be a long night.


"Are you Miss Amy Jones?" The man asked, his voice conveying a tone of seriousness.

"I don 't know who else I'd be," the blonde joked half heartedly. The man cleared his throat and nodded.

"Yes well. Miss Aubrey Posen has stated that she wants you informed of any relevant medical changes in her current condition." The large woman was on her feet immediately. Glancing over at Beca and Chloe who were currently asleep on each other's shoulders.

"Is she okay? Can I see her?" The blonde asked hurriedly.

"Not yet. She just awoke and now we are going to have to do a few tests. She will need a CT scan for sustaining a head injury as well as a physical and mental examination which should take about an hour. We will have more information for you then. We also had to place four sutures to close the wound on her forehead." He shifted on his feet, anxious to get back to his work. "I will alert you when more information." With that, he turned on his heel and made his way down the hall.

"What did he say?" The voice startled the outgoing Aussie. She glanced over to her friend.

"He said they have to run some tests and that she got stitches. You gonna wake her up?" The blonde gestured to the sleeping Ginger.

"No. She's had a rough night." The brunette slowly slid out from under the red head and laid her gently on the couch. The girl whimpered and curled into herself, but otherwise did not stir. "I'm going to grab some coffee from the café. You want anything?"

The blonde nodded, rubbing her eyes. "Yeah, I'll take a cup too. Oh and if they have any of those little doughnuts then..." Beca laughed and said she would be sure to grab some. As she turned to leave, the blonde stopped her. "Sorry you had to leave your date..."

"Don't even worry about it. It... Wasn't going too well anyway. I'll tell you later." She excused herself to go find the refreshments.


"It should be about another twenty minutes before we have an answer. She needs a Complete Blood Count, but you can see her now. She does not appear to have a concussion." The three girls sighed in relief.

As they were on their way to the room where Aubrey was staying, Chloe looked at Amy over her shoulder. "So what exactly happened?" She was much more calm now that they were pretty sure their friend would be okay.

"Well okay, so, We were in the kitchen and she was going to make some Ramen," Beca snorted before slapping a hand over her mouth. Chloe glared. "That was my reaction too. Anyway, so we're in the kitchen, right? And she was talkin to me all normal like and then she suddenly checks out and drops like a rock, smashin her face on the way down."

They reached Aubrey's room and stepped inside, smiling at the blonde laying on the bed. "Oh my gosh! Aubrey!" Chloe raced over and enveloped her in an awkward side ways hug. horizontal hugging Aubrey's mind quipped.

She noticed the other blonde standing off to the side wringing her hands. "Well aren't you going to at least say hi?" She joked before noticing the tears in the girl's eyes. "Hey. Could you guys give us a minute?" Aubrey asked, squeezing Chloe's hand and smiling at her.

"Yeah. I'm really glad you're okay Aubrey. You guys wouldn't mind if I headed out right? You can get a ride with Amy?" She asked Chloe.

"Don't worry Beca. We'll be fine. Go ahead." Aubrey said gently. The other girls exited the room leaving her alone with Amy. "I'm okay, you know." She nearly whispered to the Aussie. She was never this gentle with anyone, but she felt like it was the thing to do.

"Yeah, I know. I wasn't, like, worried or anything." She said defensively, still avoiding eye contact, but a little closer to the bed than before.

"Amy?" The woman looked down. "Thank you." That was all it took to bring the tough comedian to her knees next to the bed, crying quietly in a way no one would have thought possible.


"Jessie I have something I want to say." The boy held up his hand stopping her from going on.

"Me too, but I'd like to go first." Beca inhaled sharply. She had seen this type of thing before. Both people had something to say. One was good news, the other bad, but the good news always came out first leading to the other person feeling too guilty to tell the truth.

"I don't think that's such a good idea..." She started before Jessie cut her off.

"No, really. Me first, I insist." Beca groaned inwardly, but relented giving him a nod. "Okay. Beca, I don't see any good way of going about this, so I'm just going to come out and say it." Jessie stopped and took a deep breath. "I don't think this is going to work." Beca's mouth dropped open in surprise.

"Really?" A bit of excitement crept into her voice and her now x-boyfriend looked at her with concern.

"Most people aren't too happy to be broken up with... You feelin okay Becs?" He held his hand up to her forehead pretending to check for a fever.

"Well... I was about to say the same thing..."