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"Iron deficiency anemia!" Aubrey exclaimed in exasperation. They weren't getting anything done because everyone was too busy taking glances at her trying to figure out why she'd been in the hospital.

"What does that mean? Not enough iron in your diet?" Cynthia asked from her seat in the front. Her arms were crossed and a confused expression had settled on her face.

"Something like that," Aubrey responded in a hurry to move on to another topic before-

"She flows a little too heavy on her lady days." Came a voice from the second row of seats. Snickers were heard as the captain turned an infuriated glare to bear down on Amy. It wasn't as threatening due to the mad blush spreading up her neck into her cheeks.

"Enough! Let's move on." She huffed and crossed her arms.

"Oh come on Aubrey. Don't be a cranky Cathy." Stacie sang as she wrapped her arms around the blonde from behind causing another round of giggles to erupt from the girls. "We won't tell anyone."

Aubrey huffed, pried the girl off of her and clapped her hands together. "Now that you all know the intimate details of my health, can we please get back to the music?"

They were rehearsing a mashup that Beca had come up with a few nights prior. They practiced for another half hour before Beca stopped them. "Okay. So I have news... Jessie and I..." Aubrey and Amy exchanged glances. They had both noticed Chloe pretending to busy herself searching through her purse. "Broke up." She finished at last.

There was silence for a few minutes before everyone began talking at once. "You dumped him?" Cynthia-Rose asked loudly.

"No actually. He dumped me right before I was going to break it off." There was a lot more chatter but Aubrey was more focussed on the confused, but relieved look on a certain red head's face.


"Are you upset?" Chloe asked, her shoulder bumping against Beca's as they walked.

Chloe really could not have asked for a more perfect day. It was beautiful out and she was finally spending some alone time with her best friend. They had met up after Bella rehearsal and were walking around campus enjoying each other's company.

"Honestly? Not as much as I thought I would be. I mean it sucks that it ended because I really wanted it to work, but... You were right." The DJ looked over at the ginger who brushed the comment aside with a dismissing wave.

"I shouldn't have interfered. Really it was none of my business. I-"

Beca cut her off, pulling her into the grass and out of the way. "Chloe!"

"Yes?" The redhead stopped her babbling and looked into Beca's intense gaze shyly.

"You are the best friend a girl could ask for. You always have my back and I've never actually thanked you for that so... Thank you." Butterflies erupted in Chloe's stomach and she giggled nervously, unsure of what was happening.

She pushed some of her fiery mane behind her ear and looked up to Beca's brown eyes. "Well you're welcome I guess." They continued their walk, but Chloe couldn't get her mind off her churning stomach. She felt like she could hurl at any second and every time their arms brushed it was as if her arm had been lit on fire.

She was almost relieved when they reached her apartment. "I'll see you tomorrow?" The brunette asked hopefully.

"Tomorrow," Chloe confirmed before stepping inside. She leaned against the door and slide her hands into her hair, tugging lightly.

"Your toner is showing." Chloe gasped and whipped her head to see Aubrey standing leaning against the kitchen archway.

"What are you talking about?" She brushed past the blonde to grab a glass of water.

"Your face is the same color as your hair. Just admit it. You've got it bad." She placed her hands on her hips in typical Posen fashion talking as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Shouldn't you be resting or something?" The ginger stalked into the living room and dropped onto the couch, turning on the TV to drown out her friend's nonsense.

"Chloe. Really?" She positioned herself in front of the TV and sighed as the singer leaned to see around her. "You can't honestly believe you don't have feelings for her." The TV was shut off again and The red head stood.

"No. I don't honestly believe it, but it is way easier to pretend. I don't want to talk about it." Aubrey sat next to her and clasped one of Chloe's hands in her own.

"You should tell her you know." She said softly as if talking to a child.

"Why? So I can have my heart shattered to pieces?" The redhead looked away, fighting back tears. She was getting really tired of crying.

"Wouldn't that be better than constantly living with the regrets and the what if's?" Chloe pulled her hand away and stood.

"I'll think about it."

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