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Aubrey sighed as she leaned further into her seat. "We don't really have to do this, do we?"

"Aubrey Posen, are you whining?" The red head giggled switching on the turn signal and pulling into the parking lot.

"You know I hate birthdays, and besides I should be at home working on the speech." She squirmed a bit in her black flare jeans and white blouse and fiddled with her neck scarf.

"You've been working on that non-stop for the past two days! You can't just not celebrate your birthday!" The blonde frowned and mumbled something Chloe couldn't quite catch. The ginger dragged her taller friend along and smiled gesturing to the group of people. "You see? They all wanted to celebrate another year of you!"

Before the blonde knew what was happening, she was being pulled through the crowd by Amy and a few other girls. "Mingle!" She shouted after her friend. It had taken about three days of planning to pull it off, but Chloe had managed to secure the area used for the initiation party as well as gather up about fifty people to come to Aubrey's semi-surprise party.

She knew the blonde hated her birthday, not that she knew why, but she had insisted that it was one of the most important days ever and she'd be damned if it wasn't a fantastic party. Her goal? To get Aubrey to loosen up... And possibly stupid drunk, but that wasn't likely, as funny as it would be. She had only seen the blonde drunk once and it was a sight to see.

"Quite the party." The voice behind her made Chloe jump. It was so close she could feel the breath on her ear.

"Beca, don't do that! You know I hate it when people sneak up on me." The redhead unconsciously put some distance between her and the brunette that had been plaguing her thoughts constantly for the past few days. The DJ noticed immediately.

"Woah what's up? No clinging tonight?" Chloe shuffled her feet.

"I don't cling -all- the time." Beca gave her an 'oh really' look that made Chloe search for an escape. She opened her moth as if to respond before rushing off to grab a well needed drink.

Beca just stared after her wondering what had just happened. "You gonna let her walk away?" Now it was Beca's turn to jump.

"Oh. Jessie. What's up?" He chuckled, stuffing his hands in his pockets. He was extremely glad that he and Beca were still friends.

"You can tell she's totally into you and I would go as far as to say that you feel the same." The brunette leveled her glare at Jessie rolling her eyes.

"Just because I told you I'm gay doesn't mean you can go around pairing me up with every girl you see." He shrugged sensing that the girl was in no mood to listen to him. It was so obvious that the two should be together, but they both somehow managed to miss it.

"Alright. You know what? I'm gonna go get you a drink. You need to get on this level." Beca smirked at the reference to the last time they'd partied here.


"You look like you're enjoying yourself Blondie." Aubrey looked up at the Aussie standing over her. She chuckled humorlessly and leaned back against the brick wall.

She had finally managed to sneak away, but she should have know the peace and quiet wouldn't last long. "Parties aren't really my thing. That's more Chloe's idea of a good time." She swirled the drink in her cup watching it bubble and foam.

"How'd you manage to get your hands on a soft drink?" The larger blonde asked sitting next to Aubrey.

"I brought it with me. I'm not big on alcohol..." She trailed off, not meeting Amy's gaze.

"I get the feeling there is a story behind that statement." The Aussie noted astutely.

"It's a long one," Aubrey sighed not elaborating.

"Well I think I've got time unless you plan on fainting on me again. That was right rude of you, by the way." Aubrey laughed at the joke, nudging her favorite blonde. Not that she would admit it to anyone, because Aubrey Posen was the most confidant girl out there, but sometimes she wished, just a little bit, that she could be more like Amy.

"Careful there, someone might realize you're not the carefree party-goer you pretend to be." She smirked at the sarcastic gasp she got.

"Oh well that sure would be the end of the world now, wouldn't it? No changing the subject." Aubrey finished off her drink and set the cup down next to her, listening to the sounds of the party. The sun had set a while ago leaving them in dark cut only by the moonlight and party lights.

"It's uh... its not something I really talk about. I haven't even told Chloe..." Amy leaned closer.

"Oh this has got to be good!" Aubrey glared, seriously regretting saying anything at all. Amy noticed the change in demeanor. "Sorry Aubrey. It's just kinda hard for me to be, you know, serious. Talk to me?"


Beca stood looking out over the group of dancing bodies. Everyone was having a good time. She was wondering where Aubrey and Amy had gotten off to, but she wasn't worried. "Hey there!" The brunette stumble a few steps as a bubbly red head latched onto her waist.

"Hey to you too." She shifted under the added weight of the ginger leaning against her. "Are you talking to me now?" The singer looked at her with a confuses expression. "You kinda gave me the cold shoulder a while ago." The redhead let go and Beca wished she hadn't said anything at all.

"I was just worried I would do something stupid. " Her eyes widened when she realized what she had said. She slapped her hands over her mouth much like she had when they discovered she could sing bass.

Chloe could feel her ears heating up with the rest of her face. The music and chatter washed over her in waves making it hard to think clearly, or maybe that was the alcohol. She found herself wishing she hadn't drank so much.

"Stupid how?" The question was so innocent. Beca had no clue what the ginger was so worked up about. "Chloe, talk to me. We're best friends, we tell each other everything. What's bothering you?"

The redhead shifted a little weighing her options and before either of them knew what was happening, Chloe had surged forward and pressed her lips firmly against the brunettes.

Just as soon as the kiss began, it ended when she pulled away suddenly, realizing what she'd done. "Oh my god... Oh my god oh my god! Shit! I'm so sorry Beca I..." The singer could feel tears stinging the back of her eyes. She turned and ran, leaving a very stunned Beca.

"It's... okay Chloe..." She whispered to the empty space before her.