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. : : Disconnection : : .

Prologue: Midnight Black

. Summer 2017 .

The same black expanse that always occupied the skies inside the cabinet of Fix-It Felix Jr. surrounded Ralph as he gazed out from atop the roof of the penthouse. From all appearances, there was nothing unusual or out of place this night, save a little pile of bricks comparable to the height of a Nicelander that he was standing on. Everything else, from the building itself, to the surrounding grounds and gardens, and even to the window in the sky was all the same. Yet... tonight's sky felt uncharacteristically more... suffocating. Claustrophobia had never been a problem before. After all, whenever he found himself in a small enclosed space, he would just wreck it... but the walls that were pressing in around him now were intangible and painted midnight black. There was no way out.

The glimmer of other arcade games flashing through the skylight had been tempting him to look up, like a siren of light amidst the darkness of his game. Yet he dared not look up; he dared not search through the shooting star-lights of other arcade games for the only light he cared about: the light of his life. Despite his best efforts, Ralph could no longer resist the magnetic pull of the skylight. After all, this was the best vantage point, the same place he was in at the end of every Fix-It Felix Jr. game, right before he was tossed over the side to careen into the mud. Allowing his eyes to adjust to the light radiating in from the skylight, he automatically focused on the spot over by the Whack-A-Mole; the empty spot over by the Whack-A-Mole.

All at once the darkness pressed in around him again, pulling him into the murky depths of hopelessness, and a wave of deep-set emotion threatened to burst forth in any way it could, none of which he was willing to succumb to. Any reaction would force him to acknowledge that this was real, to let go of the hope that this was all just a horrid nightmare. "Van-", he blurted in a moment of weakness, cutting himself off as he regained control. He couldn't let this darkness win, pressing as it was.

"Do you think he'll be alright?" Calhoun wondered aloud as she gazed out the window of the top level of the penthouse – her shared bedroom with her husband.

"Hm?" Felix responded as he fumbled with his belt buckle.

"He's been up on the roof for so long now."

"What? When did he go up there?"

The sergeant resisted the urge to tease her rather dense husband on his lack of tactical and observational skills, as now hardly seemed the time or place for that. "I heard the elevator groaning as it transported him and a pile of bricks up a couple hours ago.", she replied simply.

"Oh... Well, hard labor is probably just his way of coping. I wouldn't worry too much about him though. I've worked with him for over 35 years now and I've never once seen him cry. He's too tough for that.", he rambled as he tried to escape from the shirt he'd pulled over his head, but couldn't quite get all the way off.

Unable to suppress a little chuckle at her husband's clumsiness, Tamora strode over to help him finish getting ready for bed, pushing her worry for Ralph to the back of her mind. "Yeah, I suppose you're right…"

Once they were both ready, she stole one last glance out the window, and suddenly ran back to it in surprise. "Felix, you never told me your game had a rain program!" When she didn't hear a response, she turned her head around to see if he'd fallen asleep already, but what she saw brought her worry back to the forefront of her mind. The look on her husband's face explained all; that face that had only moments ago told her not to worry was now wrought with worry itself.

"It doesn't..."

. : : Meta-Data : : .

. . Greetings, Player 1 . .

You have been selected to embark on an adventure alongside these brave men and women who are fighting for friendship, family, and love despite the odds fighting to disconnect them. Should you accept this mission, be forewarned that you shall encounter many strange worlds, circumstances, and characters. Being a human entity, you will go unobserved by, and disconnected from these characters. They will neither be able to see, nor hear you, as you walk among them. What is your objective then, if you are unable to interact with them, you ask? Your objective is to outwit them, to figure it out before they do and reconnect the scattered events. If you are successful in that, you may just change the tide of their affairs by inputting your feedback at the end of each level.

. . Story . .

- Phase 1 - I'm sure you all know and love our favorite hero - that is, heroic villain -, Wreck-It Ralph, as well as his close friends Mr. and Mrs. Fix-It. However his favorite candy-coated friend has been removed from Litwak's arcade! So Ralph enlists the help of some old and new friends for a rescue attempt. As for the occupants of Sugar Rush, they are left in a constant state of panic and confusion as they try to determine what will become of their game, and if this is the end of their racing lives as they know it...

- Phase 2 -(Spoiler Alert) A new game at Litwak's brings a flood of memories back to Ralph, and he can't shake the wave of nostalgia of the Sugar Rush he once knew that come flooding back to him as a result. However, the main character in this one, 'Caffeine Craze', is so very different, that even if it was the same Vanellope, their relationship dynamic could never be what it once was... Unable to deal with uncertainty the rest of his life, Ralph makes it his mission to determine once and for all if there's ANYTHING left of the Vanellope he once knew, sorting out these unsettling new feelings all the way...

. . Game Play . .

Each level will reveal a new set of information, and using the culmination of all clues up to that level, you can determine things like the when/where/who/why of a situation, such as the reason for past events, making sense of current 'Disconnected' events, and creating theories for future events. You may be intentionally led astray by false clues however, so be on your guard! You will be able to unlock bonus materials like music, drawings, bonus chapters, etc... for different milestones such as reaching a certain chapter, meeting a certain character, contributing to the number of views/follows/favorites/reviews, etc..., and maybe even alter the course of events by participating in a contest or two; so pay attention to the Developer's Notes in the Meta-Data section for each chapter!

. . Cheat Codes! . .

Like every game, there are... CHEAT CODES! There is a Q&A section in the Meta-Data for this story so that you can ask the developer ANYTHING you want about the story (be it guessing the future, or asking about things you don't understand, about the writing style, about a character, theory, etc...) and if it's appropriate, she'll answer it in the next chapter post. If answering your question would give spoilers for everyone else, she'll respond via PM instead. (And let it be noted that if it's TOO much of a spoiler, she'll tell you so and not answer your question just then :) )

. . Developer's Notes . .

Rated T to be safe. The Rating is more to declare the intended target audience, though I strive for keeping my writing clean enough for most all audiences, while still being entertaining. You can expect something like the following: No cursing (As defined by American culture. If cursing is necessary for a character, I tend to make up my own explicative vocabulary to suit said character); No adult themes (Minus the occasional mild innuendo, any sexual themes you may pick up were not intentional while I was writing it. There will be no explicit scenes nor 'build up' for such scenes.); Occasional intense action violence, but no more than mild descriptions of injuries sustained so no gore will be described. Death/Deletion may be discussed, and may even occur, but will not be covered in detail.

. . Acknowledgements . .

This game is not affiliated with the original creator, Disney. I do not own the original characters in Wreck-It Ralph, and I do not own the cameo characters from other games. These are owned by their respective company creators. Any other mention of Computer hardware / software is also not owned by me, but by the companies that patented / manufactured them (with the exception of any open-source software. Those belong to the domain ;D ). Any plot points and/or original characters of mine bearing resemblance to those belonging to others or to real life events and/or people are purely coincidental.

Enjoy playing... if you dare...