Whereof what's past is prologue; what to come, in yours and my discharge

~William Shakespeare

Because nothing ever really ends.

Sure, it may fade.

It may get lost.

It may be forgotten.

But it never really ends.

The Strawhat Pirates were a thing of the past- a GREAT thing of the past, surely, but their revolution has faded. Their change, though strong, like a tidal wave, has receded, leaving only the lapping of small waves against the shoreline. Their influence has not been forgotten.

But there is no such thing as utopia. It is far,far into the future, and who has time to read about great history when there is money to be gained, fortunes to be made, ambitions to satisfy? It is much like the world was before the influence of those great pirates, wherein only few and far between remember the old tales. Even descendants have sought to forget an honorable history, to forget the baggage of information that history holds, and to start anew. To make their own fortunes. To be so-and-so, the great warrior, the honorable hero, instead of so-and-so, just the son or daughter of legends long dead. Still some cling onto their genealogy, and seek to uphold the honor of the family. These people are few and easily forgotten.

But enough with the fancy introduction.

This story is not a story of heroes and heroines revolutionizing the world. If you seek a long, wild, adventurous journey, fraught with danger and anticipation and love and soap operas, this may not be the story for you. This is simply a small story about growth and experience, about overcoming obstacles and such. The people in the following story did not impact the world or radically change their way of thinking. Many of these people did not even become well-known. Some are still living and hidden, waiting until time brings adventure to them once again. But though they did not make a great change upon the world, they made a great change upon each other. And is that not what counts most?

A/N: Hello lovely readers! For my original readers: So around the time I was writing the rest of the chapters for the rest of the original story, I was made aware of Legend of Korra. Amon and equalizers (or whatever they were called) - that arc was basically where I was planning for the original story to go, where a movement would slowly rise to vanquish all the devil fruit powered people or something like that (I mean, every time I watch a bunch of poor marines just getting swatted around like flies I'm like why doesn't the world government just do something omg marines are effing useless like cannon fodder lol). But then I didn't want to write it and have people be like "you copied this plotline from LoK, murrh", so I lost the motivation to write, kinda. But then I felt bad for just ditching the story (and also people who reviewed made me reallyhappy :D) so...screw it I'mma keep writing this story anyway (even if people who originally read this story don't even use fanfiction anymore...sigh)

For my new readers: Originally this story was based on a bet with my friend, that I couldn't write a story if I didn't get to make the characters myself/if I had to use other people's OCs. And I wanted to prove her wrong...so here it is haha. If you're a new reader and you also want to see your OC featured in this story, I can't promise anything but you go to my profile and click on the OC'S Wanted story, then you can go ahead and drop a character profile. However, unless your character really fits perfectly into the story I have planned out, don't expect your character to be featured too prominently. Most of my major characters have been decided as the OCs of the original people who submitted, to be fair to them, since I feel bad that I never got around to introducing some of them TT^TT. But if you submit a character, I promise I will reference them somewhere :D

Again, not sure who this story is supposed to appeal to, since my original readers are probably gone and doing something amazing with their lives, and most casual fanfiction readers dislike OC stories. Eh...I have three chapters written, and I guess if I don't get any readers/reviewers I'll just give up this project for good. Maybe I should also upload this story onto other websites? What are other similar websites..like ao3?

I hope you guys enjoy the story! If you can't see it as fanfiction, just think about it as an original stand-alone story that is loosely set in the OP-verse.


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