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A lone figure ambled along a rural road heading into Loguetown. It wore a long black cloak that hid his face and tall figure. Around his face was a cloth edging of dark blue, but the face itself was hid in shadow.

It stopped as it sensed something on the wind. A split second later, out from the bushes burst a pack of bandits.

The leader brandished his saber and twirled it around. "Well well well, what have we here?"

"A traveler, who wishes to pass." he said softly.

Bandit Bob leered at him. "Pass you will," he aimed the sword at the traveler's neck, "but not before you hand me all you money!"

( A/N: I like writing the lines of an illiterate person bandit/pirate, because I can misspell stuff and make grammatical errors to my hearts content, and I can blame it on the character)

The other bandits grinned evilly as they looked at their new prey.

Yet the man didn't make any move to relieve himself of his worldly goods. "I don't think so."

Bandit Bob's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "What? I musta not heard correct, 'cause I think you just said you didn't think so."

"That is correct." the stranger answered smoothly.

The thieves looked at each other in shock. Then they burst out into laughter. "Did you hear that?" Bob howled. "He thinks he can just screw all the rules, don't ya?"

"Yes, I can." he raised his head so that his eyes shone from underneath the hood. One red, one black. This, coupled with his cold voice and icy demeanor, caused the bandits to stop laughing. Bandit Bob became serious and raised his saber and pointed it at the stranger's chest. "Okay, enough of the cool guy act. Drop the hood and hand over your money."

They saw him smile and drop his hood, as requested. "As you wish."

The cloak unfurling in the wind at his retreating back and his spindly, pale hands pushing his hood back over his black, shaggy hair, was the last they saw before sinking into unconsciousness.


Kiko woke and yawned at the early morning light.

Well, not early morning, she supposed, looking at her clock. It was nearly 10. They should reach Loguetown in about an hour, she estimated.

She slowly got dressed, which still only took probably 10 minutes, seeing as she just had to change her t-shirt and pull on capris and boots. It was pulling all her long brown hair into the ponytail that took a while. She liked pulling it in a side ponytail because hey, all you need to do is push all the hair to the side and wrap it up with a rubber band. Quick fix.

She glanced into the mirror as she left and patted a few unruly strands into place. Kiko wasn't a particularly vain or prideful woman, and couldn't care less how she looked. But there was a difference between being presentable and being a peacock. Besides, her hair was something she was very proud of. Straight down, it hung mid-back. Did they have any idea how hard it was to keep healthy hair that long?

She headed outside, sparing a second to admire the clear skies and picturesque setting of ocean, before making a beeline to the kitchen.

Rekka greeted her as she stepped into the kitchen, where Ash, and surprisingly, Mik, were already eating. They nodded a good morning to her, which she returned and sat. Rekka placed a plate full of scrambled eggs and toast in front of her. "Sorry, it was all I could muster together. I wasn't sure what any of you guys liked, so I just opted for the usual and hoped for the best."

Kiko nodded, a neutral, "It's fine." Rekka seemed pleased with that answer and returned to the stove.

Thao was the next to arrive. Yawning and disgruntled, he was apparently not a morning person. He plopped down on an empty seat and lit a cigarette. None felt the need to make much talk, so the breakfast was spent in content silence.

Ash looked at the wall clock and said aloud to no one in particular, "It's almost 11. Should we wake Mira or Lily up?"

"I'm not surprised about Lily, but I am surprised that Mira wouldn't be up earlier. She seems like such a punctual person." Kiko mused.

Ash chuckled. "She's not…really a morning person either. She nearly missed our stop when we were traveling together because she overslept. I'll go wake her up." she called, heading towards the stairs, Aiden in tow.

Mik stood up. "Forgive me for sleeping so soundly last night, and thank you for taking my shift," he told Thao, who waved it off blearily.

Mik headed out of the kitchen and up the stairs to the deck as well. "I will wake Lily. I do not think she would take well to any other waking her."

"Yeah, that would probably be a good idea," Kiko muttered. Kiko wasn't a mean person, but rich, snobbish women who thought they were so perfect and could do anything because they were wealthy just rubbed her the wrong way. She just couldn't understand why they felt they were better than everyone else. Underneath they were all the same people. Why couldn't they just drop off their pedestal and treat others like they weren't brain dead. Nothing made her ever as angry as when rich folk would commission a ship to be built, but talk to them all as if they couldn't understand a word. Kiko had nearly rammed her hammer into a particularly pompous asshole who had talked to her as if she was deaf, saying his words exaggeratingly loud and slow. It had made her blood boil. Just because shipwrights spoke coarsely, and yes, most of them had never finished their schooling- but then who did nowadays?- most of them did know how to communicate with others. She was perfectly capable of normal human speech, thank you very much. It had taken three shipbuilders and the President himself to hold her back from giving the guy a black eye….and maybe a cracked skull.

He would have deserved it too. He ended up shirking on his payment. They had had to travel to his mansion to personally ask (read: threaten) for the rest of the money.

Besides Lily, Mik was okay. Sure, Kiko was confused on why he was so protective and caring of the girl-like every other person on the ship, probably- but Mik himself was a nice guy. A little too quiet for her, perhaps, and very serious. His talking was very brief, his personality reserved. In that way, she thought, Mira and Mik were alike. But where Mik never really spoke, Mira spoke, yet still seemed guarded somehow. In fact, Kiko thought, everyone on the ship seemed to have something to hide, something guarded about their personalities. Even Ashling, who was so free and expressive and young, would clam up when asked about certain things.

Like that tattoo on her lower back, that she tried so hard to hide. But Kiko had sharper eyes than she let on. When asked about it, Ash would close up and run away, physically or emotionally.

Kuron Rekka. Kiko didn't really know her. The fact that she wore clothing that was so sheer and impractical irritated Kiko somewhat- at the shipyard it would never be allowed. It would distract the workers, who would ogle the woman, and then they would be careless about their work, which would end up with them either not getting their work done or they would end up overlooking something and creating shoddy workmanship, or hurting themselves. But she supposed here on the ocean it was okay.. Other than that, Kiko didn't really know the woman. Oh, and she was also the only person that could cook, the exception being perhaps Thao, who refused to cook, so Kiko guessed that was okay too.

Speaking of Thao. He was..interesting. She wondered what his motive was for coming along. The adventure as well? Or the money, perhaps.

She had never really met an alchemist before. Shipbuilders never really had much need for exploding objects or flashy things in their ship-making. He seemed gruff, but not ruthless. From what Mira told her of the day before, he quite liked to fight, getting excited in anticipation of a spar, either physical or verbal very easily. Yet he too, seemed reclusive. From how easily he just upped and joined the team, she supposed he had been traveling alone.

Kiko wondered idly if the team of theirs would ever be able to get close with everything that separated them.

The door opened as Lily stumbled in, too tired to complain, followed by Mik, him shepherding her as if she were a lamb. She dropped down onto a chair and ate diligently from the food Rekka placed in front of her. She didn't murmur thanks, but she didn't put up a fuss about the "commoner's fare" either, so they took what they could get.

"Where's Mira?" Rekka asked, voicing the common unspoken question.

The answer came in the form of a loud crash, a scream, and the sound of dogs barking in the crew's quarters. They rushed out, instantly alert- well, Lily stumbled out drowsily- and went quickly to the women's room.

The sight that greeted them was…a bit chaotic. Mira had slept on the middle bunk, but she was now on the floor with her blankets twisted around her, holding her head. Ash was trying to calm down the two dogs that were chasing each other and knocking things over. Yes, two. Lily's Chihuahua had escaped her room and had been overjoyed at finding a new playmate. But Aiden was intimidated by the smaller, highly enthusiastic puppy, and had run away. The Chihuahua seemed to think this was a new game and thus had begun a game of chase, ripping through the ladies' luggage and whatnot. The sound had woken Mira, who had sat up quickly and knocked her head on the underside of the top bunk. Dizzy, she felt the tiny Chihuahua wriggling around in her blankets as it tried to get to Aiden. Because the world was spinning, she freaked out and tried to push the foreign object off her bed, falling herself.

And that was how they found them, Mira holding her head in confusion on the floor, the two dogs chasing each other and messing up random objects in the room, paw prints from the still unwashed chihuahua on the sheets, and Ash trying to keep up with them and regain control over the usual obedient Aiden.

The Chihuahua, seeing Lily, ditched the game of chase and ran to her side, tugging at her nightgown, asking to be picked up, which it was.

Without the hyperactive puppy chasing it, Aiden regained his normal calm composure and trotted back to Ash, who smiled sheepishly at Mira, blinking hard.

They looked at her, dark hair mussed from sleeping and hand rubbing the spot where she hit her head.

"Okay," she finally spoke, taking a deep breath and exhaling, seeing the others. "I got the message. I'm awake now."


After quickly finishing her breakfast, Mira joined the others on the main deck just in time to dock the ship in Loguetown.

"How long will you take?" Mira asked Rekka, being the only reason they were stopping here. "I'd like to start as soon as possible."

"Not long," the curly-haired woman said. "I just need to check up on someone and deliver my present." she held up the hastily wrapped object that was clutched in her arms.

"Is anyone else getting off the ship?" Ash asked, eyeing the crowded city with something akin to distaste. Mercor was different- it was somewhere she had to be for Galley-La. But if she didn't have to submerge herself in people and buildings, she honestly would rather not. She much preferred the comfort and adrenaline of mountains and woodland.

Thao shrugged. "Yeah, might as well. I haven't visited Loguetown in a while; maybe they'll have something new for me to see. Or I'll just head down to the Gold Roger Bar and see what's up. I hear that's the only place in Loguetown that Marines don't guard like it's an extra prison nowadays. Crawling around everywhere…Also I need a drink." he muttered.

Kiko had her leg propped up on a barrel and tightened her laces on her boots. "I'll go too. Take a look around. See if anything's changed."

Lily stared at Mik, who wasn't looking at her, instead staring off into the town. She wondered what he was thinking. Did he want to go into town?

I wonder if anyone is still here, Mik mused silently. He was distracted by Lily gripping his hand. He raised an eyebrow inquiringly.

"Do you want to go, Mik?" she asked quietly. He began to shake his head when her sudden tightening of his hand stopped him. "I'll go. I want to."

He looked at her, face set in determination, and hesitated. Then he nodded.

"We'll be going too." Lily announced.

Her wanting to go had to do with wanting to make Mik happy, but also…she wanted to feel real again. Like she did in Mercor, seeing all those wonderful, frightening, new things. She was selfish, after all.

Ash looked over at Mira, who seemed to realize that Ash would be the only person left on the ship. "It's okay," she interrupted Mira, who was about to speak. "I'll stay here then and guard the ship with Aiden."

"Are you sure?" Mira asked.

"I'll be fine. Aiden is more than enough to protect me." she confirmed and smiled, rubbing the setter's head. "Isn't that right, boy?"

He gave a sharp bark in agreement.

The others nodded, and then walked off the ship. Ash watched as they approached the entrance to the city, and then split off into three groups. Kiko and Thao walked in the direction of the shops to the right, Mik and Lily strode straight into the town, and Mira and Rekka veered left, onto a side path leading into the town.

Ash sighed. She kind of felt bad. Maybe she should have gone too…now what was she going to do for…however long they were going to be gone?

She sighed and headed back inside. Maybe she would take a nap. She didn't really sleep well last night. Maybe she could dig around Kiko's stuff and find some romance novels for her perusing pleasure…


Mira followed Rekka through the dense foliage. They had gone off the path to the town long ago, and Mira was beginning to get worried. She would be the first to admit she wasn't particularly brave, being generally afraid of risks. She liked familiar things, things that she knew how to manipulate, things that meant comfort.

Trudging through the wet leaves wasn't exactly her idea of comfort. She hadn't even known there was this much forest on this island.

"Are you- sure you know where we're going?" she asked cautiously.

Rekka nodded confidently. "The signals are so obvious. Anyone that really wanted to look could find us."

Mira looked around. "What signals?"

Rekka pointed at the trees and the ground. "Smoke burn on this trunk, broken twig over there." At Mira's confused look, she sighed exasperatingly. "For god's sake, Mira. There is a footprint. Right there!" pointing to a small indent on the ground.

Rekka sighed as Mira went "Ohhhhhhhh I see!"

"You're not an outdoors person, are you?"

Mira smiled enigmatically and looked away and whistled.

They continued walking in silence. As Rekka focused on looking for her tracks to wherever, Mira's thoughts gradually lapsed into nonsense as well.

Oh it's so wet and damp and oh why is it both wet and humid and sunny ugh I hate the sun its so BRIGHT.

I know right? Diva chimed in. Totally bad for my skin. And my eyes.

But it's good for your health, isn't it? The sun can give you warmth and necessary nutrients, Health mentioned.

Oh no. No no no. Go AWAY. Go and go to sleep again. Leave me alone-I'm trying to concentrate!

Concentrate on what? Curiosity asked.

Not tripping, for one.

Go back to sleep? Why? Come now, there are so many good and handsome men and I'm so lonely-

NO! You're the reason I put you to sleep. Especially you, Lust. What do you even do?

What do I do? Well, I help you make dozens of little Miras-


"Mira?" Rekka voice sounded from in front of her. She instantly snapped to attention, blushing slightly. "Yes!"

Rekka smiled. "Well, we're here." She pushed aside some vines and called out, "Home sweet home."


Lily couldn't look away. Even though Loguetown wasn't as bustling and bright as Mercor, it was still bustling and busy. Marines still inhabited this island in case of pirates, and it was disconcerting to see them at the oddest times. She had nearly run into one….more than a couple of times, exiting stores. Her chihuahua was with her, in her arms. She was scared that he would get trampled in the crowd.

It wasn't until seeing the many dress shops and clothing stores and beauty parlors that she looked down at her own garb and realized that, without a maid to dress her hair, she didn't know how to do anything besides pick the clothing and wear them. She couldn't even lace up the backs to some of them! Hence the reason for her wearing the simplest dresses she owned, with no lace or ties or anything. But then again, she had lost so much clothing. She had money. She could run back to the ship and get some and then spend them. It was her dowry anyway. She should be able to do whatever she wanted with it, right?

She hazarded a look at Mik. She wasn't sure where he wanted to go or what he wanted to do. They went into the town and he just looked at her, asking where she wanted to go. So she pointed at a vague direction and he stretched out a hand, as if to say, "After you." Since that, he'd just been following her. But he seemed to be looking, skimming the crowd, searching for something.

She rounded the corner and ran smack into the prettiest dress she had ever seen. It was a (light blue, obviously) dress with gentle frills and lace lining the neck and the wrist cuffs. To any other person, it would have looked just like any other dress Lily had. But alas, it was an affliction of the rich, to forget the things that they themselves already own in favor of needing that which they do not possess yet.

"Mik." she called. When he didn't respond, she looked up at him. He didn't seem to have heard her, eyes intent on a person he had caught sight of.

Lily didn't like not being the center of attention. "Mik!" she whined. He jerked out of his trance and looked at her. "Yes?"

Lily looked towards the area he had been staring at, then back at the dress. "I want it." she said, pointing to the dress in the display case of the store.

He inclined his head. "Then purchase it." He didn't see a problem.

"I want to, but I left the money on the ship, and I'm tired. Could you run back and get it?" In a sudden flash of genius, she added, "I'm sure whoever you were looking at is heading in that direction too…" she hesitated. Would he take the bait?

Mik was torn- would he leave Lily alone, go get her things, and perhaps see the person who he had seen for a quick instant?

Just one minute, he thought. I will be gone for just one minute. Lily is stronger and more deft than she appears.

"Go in the dress shop and do not leave. It is a small store. Stay in there and do not walk around, understand?" he called, making up his mind and beginning to rush away. "I will be back in a minute!" he called.

Lily smiled and ran to the store.

Once inside, she could see that there were more than just the one pretty dress in the shop window, although Lily still thought that was one was the best one. She began shuffling through the racks of clothing and admiring the dresses displayed on the mannequins. A particular purple and black dress caught her eye. She was never one to wear dark colors, preferring pastelly purple or light pinks and blues and whites. But the style of the dress was interesting, eyecatching. Lily looked around, wondering if she could get it in another color, when suddenly a shadow fell over her. She heard the little chihuahua growl.

Lily gasped and spun around.

The shopkeeper smiled kindly. Seeing that it was a short old man, with a bald top and grey hair around the ears, and spectacles on his nose from which he peered through with narrowed eyes, calmed Lily somewhat.

"Can I help you, young lady?"

"Yes, you can. I would like to know if this dress comes in more than one color. As you can see, I would like more light colored hues. Purple and black is too- strong- for me."

The shopkeeper was still looking at her in an assessing fashion.

It was getting kind of creepy.

"Hey! Did you hear what I said?" Lily snapped.

The shopkeeper smiled. "I will go take a look. I will be just a minute." he called as he headed towards the back. He stopped and turned back. "Oh yes, the dog will need to be sent outside. I can't have them scratched up my merchandise, now can I?" Lily nodded as he disappeared into the back.

"What a creep.." Lily muttered, turning. She picked up the little dog and placed him outside the store. "Stay, okay?"

The dog whimpered. "No boy. I will be right back."

Shaking off the sinking feeling, she entered the store.

The shopkeeper soon returned and saw her admiring a dress. "Oh that one is very good. The young lady has very good taste in high-quality clothing?"

"Of course." Lily preened. She was from a very noble family after all. "So did you find another color scheme for my dress?"

The shopkeeper nodded and sighed. "I found records of a blue and silver one in the inventory sheet, but I can't seem to find it. I will go check the storage area again. But while I am searching, would you like to try some of these lovely dresses that you've been admiring on? I have some ladies that can help you if you need help lacing or something." He motioned towards the back, to the fitting room area.

Lily looked back at her dress and wondered how it would look on her. Nodding, she picked out a few- forgetting the one she had originally come into the store for- and entered the fitting room.


Mira followed Rekka into the clearing. It was afternoon, and people were peaceful and quiet. Well, as peaceful and quiet as it could get.

Rekka shot a look back at Mira and grinned. "Welcome to Cirque del Gitano, Circus of the Gypsy."

At Mira's lost look, she gave a guess to what the other woman was thinking. "This is the living quarters. Most likely, the circus itself is set up somewhere else that is less hidden to outsiders." Mira nodded.

There were people milling around, but none of them seemed to pay Rekka much notice. A rustling curtain from a nearby caravan grabbed Rekka's notice and she called over to it. "Orinn-sama?"

A graying, brown haired woman opened the door to the wagon and looked out. Her face was stern, but it softened at seeing Rekka. "Oki-chan! Long time no see."

She headed down the steps, waving away Rekka's helping hand. "Not that old yet, my dear. I can still walk down a couple of damn wooden planks."

"Language, Orinn-sama." Rekka admonished her. She waved this away as well, eyes narrowing at seeing Mira. "Gypsies don't take well to outsiders. Who is this?"

"Her name is Mira, Orinn-sama. She's one of my crewmates." Rekka answered.

The old lady's glare landed on her. "You traveling with pirates now?"

"Oh no! We're not pirates." Mira interjected. The lady glared at her. "Was I talking to you?"

"No ma'am." Mira looked down, feeling like she was back at the academy and being scolded by a teacher for talking out of turn.

"Orinn-sama, be nice. I'm going to be traveling with her for awhile. What else have I got to do?" Rekka shrugged.

"Come back to us, for one. But I suppose you're here to see Ninjo and Nikko?" she answered, suddenly solemn.

She nodded. The old woman pointed to one of the smaller caravans that was just as colorful and lively looking as the others.

Rekka nodded in thanks, and beckoned for Mira to follow her.


Lily slipped into a dress that had only a little lacing in the front, which she did herself easily. She examined herself from every angle, twirling a bit here and there. It wasn't light blue, instead being a darker blue and white. It was pretty, but the design looked like a marine uniform, for a woman. Something maybe a Marine's daughter would wear on special occasions. She looked at the price tag. It was actually fairly cheap. But was it worth looking like she stepped out of a "Marine Family" magazine? Lily sighed and began to unlace the dress.

She heard knocking on the dressing room door. "Dear? I've found the dress." It was the shopkeeper.

Lily brightened and opened the door. She looked at the old man with nothing in his hands and arched an eyebrow. "Well? Where is it?"

The man rubbed his remaining hair sheepishly. "Well, it was, like I thought, in the storage room. But unfortunately, I'm too short to reach it and I seem to have misplaced my long hook rod. I thought maybe you were tall enough to reach it yourself."

Lily rolled her eyes. Trust incompetent old men to lose their things. She sighed and waved with her hand. "Oh very well. Go ahead. Lead the way."

She had expected the storage room to be just around the corner, but instead he led her to a set of stairs leading downwards. She reached for the light switch but it was covered with tape. "It hasn't worked for years, but if I flip it, the electricity will still cost me money," the shopkeeper explained. "Follow me."

"Aren't storage rooms supposed to be on the same floor?" Lily asked warily.

"Yes, well, because of the way I have to store these dresses- you understand- I can't just hang them or squish them together- it might ruin the mesh or the netting. Some of the wire hoops require large space to store as well. So I needed a bigger room than the one I could provide upstairs, see?"

It made sense...Lily nodded and realized that he couldn't see her. "Yes."

They continued downwards, until she could not see the light from the windows of the shop anymore.

The shopkeeper finally stopped and fumbled around for a candle. "Just give me a second. I placed them right around here."

She sighed and leaned backward. She felt her hands land on a table. She lifted her hands and realized it was a shelf, probably for storing clothing. Her hands glided onto dusty shelves. No dresses or clothes. Frowning, she assumed that it was just an empty spot. She felt along the other shelves.

There were no clothes or any kind. Only dust.

Lily felt a chill run up her spine. "Why isn't there anything on these shelves?" she questioned.

"Ah ha! I got it." She heard the shopkeeper say. She turned and saw a purple candle flare and light up some of the surrounding gloom.

There were empty shelves lining the walls. They all laid bare. There was not a single piece of clothing anywhere in the room.

She turned to face the shopkeeper slowly. "You lied." she said blandly.

The candle illuminated his face eerily. "Yes."

"What are you going to do with me?" she asked calmly, even though she wanted to scream and flail and cry. The calm before the storm, they say.

He smiled again- but this time it wasn't a kind smile. "You really think I could survive on selling dresses? At those prices? No, those are just a lure. I set up my shop here. So many rich young women- or just young women in general- come here, looking for a dress to outfit themselves with. They see my prices. They see hope and try them on. Then they are locked down here, where my walls are insulated and reinforced. Then I call up my companions on my Transponder Snail and I wait for them to get here. They will then take you to a ship with you will be sold into slavery or whatever they have planned for you. My main source of income, my dear," he exited the room, taking the only source of light with him.

"Is you."

The calm broke.


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