Title: Fifty-two Flavors

Author: The Bookworm's Magician

Beta: Esther-Channah

Rating: K+

Character/s: Everyone

Pairing/s: None

Spoilers: The whole season(s).

Summary: Fifty-two sentences in the Ben 10 universe.

Disclaimer: I don't own this, I never have and I never will.

AN: Hope that you all like this! (This is for the first, original Ben 10.)

Fifty-two Flavors

1. Raise/Rise

As Gwen stared at Ben (standing tall, strong, and firm on top of the robot) she couldn't help but see a hero standing there, instead of her dorky cousin (the alien form he was wearing at the moment helped, admittedly).

2. Carry

Ben couldn't help but feel guilty, later; how could he have just let the giant mutant bird carry Gwen away?

3. Eye

As Ben set the eggs down gently next to the Kraken, it watched him with an ancient gaze and an all-knowing, intimidating eye.

4. Teenage

Sometimes, Ben lies awake at night thinking about his future and wondering whether he will still have the Omnitrix, or if it will one day be taken away—before he rolls over and falls back asleep, unconcerned, convinced that he'll always be a hero.

5. Dispute

Gwen and Ben argue all the time, but though it's usually good-natured, when it isn't, everyone knows—because they don't actually argue; they just sit in icy silence.

6. Guideline

By the time Ben's ten, his parents—and his own carefree nature—have taught him that most rules, despite what most people say, are really only guidelines—much to his grandfather's and cousin's dismay.

7. Dept

Although at first, Ben hung out with Kevin for a few reasons—not the least of which was that it was exciting, to do bad things, he left because he owed a greater debt to his family than he ever would to Kevin.

8. Pity

Later on, Ben can't help but pity Rojo, thinking that she'd never really had a chance—not even with the Cyborg upgrades.

9. Dark

The circus tent was dark, the Omnitrix was timed out, and the clown's laughter was so terrifying that neither his cousin nor his grandfather said anything when he left the lights on that night.

10. Phenomenon

Ben has never been popular—Gwen is more that type—and the hero worship for his aliens both surprises him and, deep in his mind, kind of scares him.

11. Pulling

If Ben had to get captured in one of his alien forms, he's pretty glad that it was Gray Matter—the king of pulling plans out of nowhere.

12. Alert

Ben blames the cold for all of the bad things that happened that day—it's hard to be grateful that he won when he's bundled up, sniffing wetly and feeling sleepy.

13. Absence

Later that night, no one in the RV was able to sleep, knowing they would just have nightmares if they did, so instead they lay there in silence and quiet terror.