Terrors Through Time Pt.1

By: Phoenix Ride

Ch.1: Arrival of the Crimelord

How did this always happen to me? Free falling through the sky at 100 miles per hour to a bone-crushing drop into the ocean below. And to think that the day had started out so peaceful. Should've known that it couldn't last long. Not with the arrival of a new whackbag on the scene. But I'm getting to far ahead of myself, so let's just start from the begining shall we? Oh, and if you see anyone with a spare helicopter nearby, yell for help!

It was the most peaceful summer New York City had seen in weeks. Shredder and his cronies were behind bars. The dreaded Lord Dregg had returned to the stars. And the turtles uncontrablle mutations had finally ceased. Yes, everything had returned to normal for the simple turtle life, including the crime wave.

Burne Thompson had softened his turtle hounding and started giving the little green guys more credit in his broadcasts. But even so, one turtle was getting especailly bitter.

"Come on!" yelled Leonardo, and he and his brothers ran after an escaping crook " he's going to get away!"

"Haha!" laughed the crook " you'll never get me turtles!"

Sighing lazily, Raphael threw out his twin sai and pinned the crook to the ground. Things were getting much to easy.

The police came by later and picked up the thief, and while his brothers cheered over the small victory, Raphael stayed silent. Is this all thier lives were made up to be? Just some fancy news bullietian for the media to cover. Raphael refused to believe it, there just had to be more.

Master Splinter could sense the change happening within Raphael as soon as the four turtles returned home. It worried him seeing his red-masked son in such a state.

Lately, something had been disturbing Splinter during his nightly meditations. And although he could recall very little facts, there was no doubt in his mind that it somehow involved Raphael.

Later that evening, the turtles and Splinter gathered on the couch to watch as their favorite TV reporter, April O' Niel, cam up to do her broadcast.

"Another bad guy is off the streets do to those wonderful Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" said Apirl over the airwaves " People in the city can continue to rest in peace. From Channel 6, this April O' Niel signing off with thanks guys,"

"Well done my turtles" said Master Splinter, turning to his sons " I am proud,"

"Yeah" said Mikey, turning off the TV " it's nice to be appreciated for a change instead of people freaking out on us,"

"Some people still do that Mikey" said Don " remember that old woman last week?"

"Who the heck keeps a rifle in their knapsack?!" said Leo.

Splinter vaguely at the small memory when his worried eyes landed on Raphael. The red-masked turtle had not spoken a word all evening, and had his back turned towards his brothers. His brows were furrowed as in deep thought. Not the usual jovial mood his son always seemed to shine.

"Raphael" said Splinter " is something wrong?"

"Huh" said Raphael, turning around to see his whole family now staring " Oh, nothing Master Splinter, it's just...I can't see the point of fighting anymore. I mean, I'm happy that we got the peace and respect we've always wanted, but it just seems empty somehow."

"With Shredder and his goons all locked up, and Dregg back in orbit, there's noone interesting to fight. I kind of wish that someone more challenging would show up,"

"Dude" said Mikey, in shock " why would wish for something like that?"

"Michaelanglo is right" said Splinter " to obess for battle can corrupt one's soul. To force a challenge ignites the insane. You must let go of your feelings Raphael, and learn to accept the way things are,"

"Sure Sensei," said Raph with a sigh, and stalked off towards his room.

But even jumping into the soft covers of his bed did little to ease the brooding thoughts in the turtle's mind.

"There's just no fun anymore" thought Raphael " I wish we had someone else to fight. A real challenging guy. One that can put Shredder and even Dregg in their place,"

Little did Raph know, fate would soon grant his wish.

Meanwhile, over at Channel 6

"Night April" called Irma " See you in the morning!"

" Night Irma!" April called back, then walked to her van " Boy what a day, I can't wait to get home and get some sleep,"

A gaint flash suddenly appeared in the sky catching the reporter's eye. However, when April turned her head up to see what had caused it, nothing was there.

"I must be sleepier than I thought," said April, turning on her van and driving off, little knowing that her eyes hadn't been playing tricks. For something dark had arrived in the center of the city, staring off into the moonless night.

" At last" whispered a dark voice " the time has come. My future shall be assured. And Raphael will bow to the full sting of my blade,"