Ch.12: Nightmares

"Pfft! Pfft!" coughed up Mikey, as he and his brothers emerged on the shore, soaking and sore from their rough swan dive off an exploding ship.

Burning hail struck down like rain, causing craters the size of cars to appear. The turtles and their Sensei barely managed to dodge the falling debris, but came out alive.

"We made it," Donatello, sighed in relief.

"Yeah, but what about Raph?" said Mikey. " He was still up there,"

" We never got the chance to say how sorry we were," said Leo.

"Uh.." said Splinter " we must get below ground, and trust our faith that Raphael is alive. Right now, there is nothing we can do,"

"Yeah" said Donnie sadly " Let's go find Baxter and April, at least we know they escaped Crimelord safely,"

"I think you mean Barney" joked Mikey as they walked " Barney! Barney! Barney!"

The mood was dark once the turtle family returned to lair, worried about the hot-headed brother they had left behind.

"We'll never see Raphael again," thought Leonardo, as he turned on the lights.

Once the room was lit, four mouths gaped open in surprise. For there, sitting solemnly on the couch was the source for their worries, a slightly beaten Raphael.

Raphael's body didn't budge when he heard the gasps, and his eyes were staring blankly at the black T.V. screen. His form was stiff and frozen, like he had just received a terrible shock.

His brothers and Sensei barely noticed Raphael's condition, and immediately rushed in to give him hugs. The shock of the affection, broke Raphael out of his trance, and his eyes blinked as if just taking notice where they were.

Reluctantly, Leo and the others stopped their hugs and started asking Raphael how he had escaped the exploding ship.

"Crimelord did something" said Raph " He used some kind of magic that sent me right back to the lair,"

"Both this guy is weird" said Mikey " He wants to destroy us, but doesn't destroy us. He keeps quiet about his plans, and doesn't brag them on the news,"

"Definitely a foe with unique tastes," said Donatello.

"Yes" said Splinter " and we have talked enough about for now. Go and rest my sons. Tomorrow, we may have to prepare for another battle,"

Bowing their agreement, the turtles adjourned to their and slipped into the warm comfort of their sheets. Soon after lights out, the turtles all closed their eyes and went to sleep, but Raphael's eyes remained open.

The image of Crimelord's face still haunted his mind, staining the core of his fears. Fate would undoubtedly draw them together again. And when that day came, Raphael had no doubt that this time, Crimelord would win.

The End

Stayed tuned for the next segment; Terror Through Time (Part 2)