Inuyasha held his sword high, prepared for anything that might happen. He had just been carried by sinyosho through a barrier and deep into a castle within. Inuyasha's ears twitched toward the sound of a light chuckle behind him.

"So happy that you could join us Inuyasha." Naraku stepped from the shadows and around a stunned Inuyasha toward a comfortable looking chair at the far end of the room. Inuyasha couldn't help but wonder why Naraku wasn't already attacking.

"Please sit." Naraku gestured toward a chair opposite him.

"Not till you tell me why your over sized flies saved my ass." He growled pointing his sword toward him.

"Well that," Naraku said calmly leaning back, "is simple. Kanna's mirror shows me many things, I was watching you when I saw you take the jewel shards away from that priestess. You see Inuyasha, what you don't understand is that I really am a man of reason. You have the shards so I saved you, and now you owe me."

"I don't owe you shit fucker!" Inuyasha raised his sword.

"You must want to get back at her?" Naraku questioned. Inuyasha's sword dropped. "She betrayed you. I know what it's like to be betrayed, but not what it's like to be traded in for my older brother. That had to hurt. I can make the hurting stop Inuyasha. I have located the last of the jewel shards and if I get the half you currently are in possession of than I have the whole thing." He looked Inuyasha straight in the eye, willing him to believe his worst enemy.

"All you're gonna do if I give you the shards is ruin the whole world. Why the fuck would I give them to you?" Inuyasha spit out at him. Naraku probably brought him here because he wanted to steel the shards, he would have to fight his way out of this castle, he just had to wait for the right time to act.

"Because Inuyasha, I can turn you into a full demon, once I have the jewel and I absorb it into my body I can channel enough of the power into you to turn you into a full demon. It's what you always wanted isn't it? You would never have to think about Kagome again, about how she hurt you. I can make it all go away, and you can be free. Take what you've always wanted Inuyasha, I'm offering it to you." Naraku stated. He knew he would never be able to fight Inuyasha for the shards and win so he had to make him give them willingly.

Inuyasha almost stumbled under the weight of this decision. He sheathed his sword. If he could forget all this pain, make it all just go away, would he want that? He would never have to hurt again, or see Kagome's face when he closed his eyes. He though for a long moment until finally he spoke..."You get the shards that are missing, and than you change me, before you do anything else." His voice was steady but quiet.

"Perfect. It's a deal than. You may stay here for the duration of the shard hunt. Kagura will show you to your room."