Synopsis: Sequel to Imaginary Friends from Sophie's point of view. Sophie Bennett has been given another chance. She vows to do her best to live up to it. Though, it's quite difficult when no one can see her. When Pitch rises once more, looking to form an army, will Sophie give in or stand and fight?
Notes: So, I wasn't gonna make a sequel. Then I wrote the oneshot where Sophie was an Immortal. And, well, I just came up with this awesome idea and had to share it! I hope you enjoy it!

Moonlight shone through the open french windows of a bedroom. The room, though full of furniture and a mess of papers, looked as if it had been abandoned for weeks. A light coating of dust covered the desk, easel and dressers. Papers fluttered in the wind that breezed through.

The room was beautifully painted. It bore the four seasons on each wall accompanied by a corresponding character. The wall with the window was fall. Yellows, golds, reds, greens and browns colored the leaves of the forest background. A stout man was orchestrating golden sand that displayed fantastic images. The Sandman, feeding dreams to the world.

The wall to the left of that, across from the bed, was painted like winter. This was the wall with the most wall space. There was a glorious mountain scape and frost along the edges of the wall. In the sky flying across was a familiar figure of Santa Claus and his sleigh. There was only a slight twist—the reindeer were quite ferocious and the sleigh had turbo boosters. To put it lightly: bad-ass Santa. There was another figure, sitting in a pine tree, looking up to Santa Claus. A boy with a frosted blue sweatshirt, carrying a hooked staff. He was blowing snowflakes from his hand into the landscape before him. This was Jack Frost.

Across from this scene, rolling hills with flowers portrayed spring. A large rabbit with tribal patterns in his fur sat above the bed, ushering painted eggs with little legs to follow him. It was the Easter Bunny.

The last wall was a summer's eve. Lights hung from a tree outside where a table for two sat under, rose bushes in bloom. The Tooth Fairy flew overhead, a woman that resembled a bird more than a fairy. There were smaller versions of her fluttering along side her.

This room would inspire any child. It would bring them hope and remind them to dream fantastic dreams. But this room did not belong to a child. No, this belonged to a young woman. It was that very young woman that had painted the walls.

Papers of all sizes were scattering the floor and the desk and the bed. Art portfolios laid against a wall, each full to the brim. It was as if the woman never stopped drawing or painting. She just continued until she had nothing left. And then went to fetch more. She was a never ending pool of inspiration.

The moonlight shone on a particular pile of papers. The wind picked up and the drawings fluttered over each other, tumbling and pushing away until one particular drawing was visible. It was a portrait of the woman that owned this room. A girl with a round face and large, bright green eyes. The hair was colored with yellows, light browns, and whites. The image of the girl looked rather sheepish, pushing aside strands of hair that blew in her face. Beads and feathers were tied in. Strips of leather with beads and feathers were braided together to make a bracelet. A small hint of fabric from the clothes she wore were watercolors. Colors of all kind splashed together. Though the girl had never dressed as such, she was instructed to make a self portrait. It was part of a portfolio piece for an art school she applied to.

This was one of the last reminders of the girl.

The moon's rays seemed to intensify on the image. The image came alive. Hair settled and the eyes closed and the hand pushed it's way out of the paper. The girl followed, lifting out of the 18x24 sheet of paper and floated in the ray of the moon.

Her eyes opened and her lips parted slightly. The moon spoke to her. From now, she would be known as Muse.

This was all she heard before she was set down gently on the floorboards. Muse… but her name was Sophie. Sophie Bennett. This must be part of her dream. Her terrible, terrifying dream. She was about to be hit by a car, right? She couldn't be dead. Death like that was excruciatingly painful.

Sophie looked around. She was in her room. She stepped on one of her strewn about papers and looked down. It was blank. Completely blank. She could have sworn….

Looking she was able to glimpse herself in a mirror. She blinked once. Twice. The girl ran for the mirror and stopped, pressing her hands on either side to get a look at herself.

Her hair had fallen just above her shoulders with straight across bangs. The pixie cut she had gotten a few weeks ago. She needed to get her hair cut, since she hadn't cut it in so long. And it was about time for a change. She was changing, so should her appearance. Right? She was growing up, so she had to look the part. Fresh start.

But in the hair, beads, feathers, strings, a flower, and other accessories decorated it tastefully. Her dress… It much resembled a knee-length toga, but that wasn't what stunned her. The colors! The water color pattern was shifting! The girl took a step back. There was a ethereal glow about her.


Sophie couldn't breathe. She understood. She understood what had happened. Overwhelmed by all of this, she sat on the floor and held her head. She had died. She was dead. But… she was given a second chance. To do what? What could she do? How could she do it? Suddenly, now, she knew she was given a huge responsibility. But what was it?

Sophie was chosen by the moon to be an Immortal. A being with magic with power over something. She had met Immortals before. She had met each one of the Immortals that were painted on her walls. She knew of a few others as well, such as Pitch the Boogeyman, the Man in the Moon who oversaw everything, Mother Nature, the Leprechaun, and the Groundhog. Each of them had a job they needed to uphold.

Sophie looked to the window. The moon's light had waned and was much dimmer than it had been a few moments ago. She knew better than to expect answers. She knew of one of the Immortals that had asked for three hundred years and had only just received them recently.

The door opened and Sophie scrambled to her feet. She saw it was her brother, Jamie. Jamie closed the door behind him and Sophie's eyes widened when she saw his face. He looked so old, so tired, so hopeless. She had never seen her brother like this. He was miserable.


Jamie didn't even look at her. He walked past her and gathered the papers on her bed together into a pile. The twenty-four year old man sat on the bed and fell back, looking at the pages. He smiled at her work. A sad smile.

"Jamie… you can't… you can't see me." Sophie covered her mouth. This was way too much for her to handle. Dying. Becoming an Immortal. Given a job, but not even knowing what is was. Her own brother being unable to see her. The man that had the most belief out of anyone in the world. The man she looked up to. And he looked so… broken.

That alone was enough to shatter her heart.

Jamie sighed, closing his eyes and dropping his hand that held the drawings. Sophie stepped towards the bed and he stirred a bit at the sound of the floorboard creaking. Jamie glimpsed towards the sound, though he didn't quite seem to be expecting anything. Perhaps just a hope his friend would come to visit. Sophie used the wall to hold herself up.

"Jamie… please look at me. Look." she begged. "Please, just smile."

Jamie's phone rang. He pulled it out and looked at the ID before answering and putting it on speaker. It was a habit he often made when he didn't feel like holding it to his ear.

"Jamie." The voice on the other line sounded genuinely concerned for her brother. It was Jamie's editor. Sophie had met him once. A young man with a lot of optimism. He made her nervous, though, with how rambunctious he could be. "How are you doing, buddy?"

"Not so good," Jamie replied in a soft voice.

"Listen, the company understands. They said they'll push back all the deadlines." the man said. "You have until the next month instead of next week now. They're also sending you a gift."

"I don't need any of their grievance gifts." Jamie sounded a little angry. "I don't need any moved deadlines, I don't need any of that shit. There's not gonna be a book, Joey. I'm done. I can't do it."

Sophie stopped. Her brother had been given a book deal, an amazing opportunity, and he was just… going to throw it away?

"B-But Jamie! You've worked so hard! You're this far, why are you going to stop? You're so close! You can't stop now!" The man was begging. "Don't make me drive all the way to Burgess and make you write! I'll do it! You deserve this, Jamie!"

"I'm not doing it anymore. All of my inspiration has dried up. It's gone. I don't have any motivation—"

"Give it some time, Jamie. I promise. Once you've completed the grieving process—"

"No, Joey. It's gone. I've tried writing. Nothing comes out right. I'm not doing it anymore." Jamie's decision was final. "Thanks for everything, Joey."

"No! Jamie, you have to keep writing!" Sophie cried out and jumped onto the bed next to him. She stood over him. "It's your passion! It's what you are amazing at! It's what you live for! Don't stop writing because of me! Don't—whoah!" Sophie fell back, unsteady on her feet as Jamie's motion of sitting up caused the bed to shift. Sophie grabbed onto the wall and suddenly, the walls began to glow. Gold and red sparkles shone from all four walls and the figures of the Guardians seemed to pop.

Jamie suddenly stopped and looked around. The voice on his phone continued to plead and beg him not to stop, just to give it some time and it'll come back to him. Jamie set the phone down and walked over to the figure of the Tooth Fairy and touched it, a small smile crossing his face. He turned to face the other Guardians and nodded.

"Yeah… this is it." Jamie clenched his fist and jumped between his two feet. "I think I got it." The smile widened and his eye brightened. Jamie rushed to his phone and picked it up. "Joey, I'll have the next section to you soon. I think I found some inspiration."

"Oh, thank God!"

Sophie stood on the bed, her hands still against the walls, staring at the door her brother just ran through. What just happened?

"Muse…" Sophie pulled herself away from the walls, the magical glow had died as Jamie rushed out of the room. "He found his inspiration again…. So…" Sophie smacked her face. "I'm so dumb."

Her purpose was to create inspiration for people. That is what a muse does, right? Feeds the creativity of a person and motivate them to create something wonderful. She remembered reading of the Muses in eighth grade. Greek goddess that looked over poetry, music, arts, and sciences.

This was it. This was her calling.

The girl bounced a bit, excited. Yes, no one could see her now, but soon someone would. She had to find her best friend. The boy she had grown so close to over the past five years. A fellow Immortal.

Jack Frost.

Oh, she couldn't wait! He would be so excited to see her! He would be so happy that she had been given another chance! That she was alive and well! That she was just like him. And once Jamie could see her everything would be perfect! All she really needed to do was hang around Jamie and wait for Jack.

Sophie leapt of the bed and landed lithely on the floor. She had never felt so light. She ran to Jamie's room and stood behind him. He sat as his desk, typing on his laptop with intense concentration. She danced around him, giddy and excited. She tapped a few papers he had next to him with doodles Sophie had drawn of the Guardians and the papers. She put her own concentration into it. She laughed as the papers began to glow.

"See, Jamie? Look how cool this is!" She watched him glance at the doodles with a smile. "I don't think I'll ever be a Guardian, but I'm still doing something amazing."