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There were many things April O'Neil made sure she didn't take for granted anymore, and one of them was a nice, hot shower. With a towel wrapped around her hair, she tightened her bathrobe around her waist as she headed to her kitchen to get a cup of coffee. She recalled a time, not so long ago, when a relaxing shower was a rare luxury. That was during her time with Channel 6, when life was much more chaotic than it was now. After years of being repeatedly kidnapped climaxing in the destruction of the Channel 6 building, she had decided to branch out on her own and try to gain some sense of normalcy in her life. Now that she was an experienced freelance reporter, life had become more predictable and routine. That was what she had wanted when she made the conscious decision to distance herself some from her reptilian friends and leave that life behind. The turtles would always hold a special place in her heart and she would always be there for them if they needed help, but she made it a point to not get into the thick of their battles anymore.

Steaming cup of coffee in hand, she headed into her bedroom to get dressed. She donned the jeans and yellow V-neck she had set out for herself the night before and sat down at her desk. Placing down the mug of coffee, she opened her laptop, ready to type up her next report. Her fingers hovered within millimeters of the keyboard when she was interrupted by a faint alert from her closet. She stood up, confused.

"That's odd –" she mused thoughtfully, "that sounds like my old TurtleCom. The guys haven't called me on that in years."

Donatello had updated the turtles' own communicators a few years ago, and thus weren't in tune with April's anymore. Don had offered to make her a new one as well, but she refused telling him that her cellphone would suffice if the ninjas ever needed to get in touch with her. She kept her old TurtleCom for nostalgia's sake more than anything else; yet here it was, beeping after so many years of silence.

She pulled out a box from the floor of her closet and drew out the TurtleCom. She flipped open the compact-looking device, fully expecting to see Mike or Raph on the screen in the throes of pulling some sort of prank on her. Instead, she was caught completely off guard when she was beholden to the panicked face of Kala the Neutrino, a face she had not seen in a long time. The reporter gasped in shock, a part of her knowing that something extreme must have occurred for the Neutrinos to be calling her.

"Kala?" April asked, feeling her heart beginning to beat nervously in her chest.

"A-april?" came Kala's hushed reply. "Is that you?

"Yes, Kala, it's me. What's going on? Is everything ok?"

A wave of relief passed over Kala's features, but her eyes were still heavy with fear. From what April remembered of the fun-loving Neutrinos, this was not a characteristic emotion for them.

"Oh thank the Grand Grybyx I got through to someone! We were about to give up…" the orange haired female breathed. "We need help pronto, April! We need the turtles. It's Krang…"

April's eyes widened at the mention of the ex-warlord.

"Krang? How?" she asked incredulously.

Dask's face entered the screen next to Kala's.

"It's total crazyville here, April. He's totally decked out the Technodrome and he's got a freaky new body, dig?"

April nodded numbly in acknowledgment.

"Our city has been trashed," he added. "We need to split this scene before the soldiers find us, but our Starcruiser is almost outta juice. I don't think our first message has gotten through, so we hooked up our TurtleCom to the interdimensional communicator."

Kala's blue eyes silently pleaded into April's own.

"The turtles are cool cats, April; I know they can help us. You gotta tell them!"

"I'll tell them right away, Neutrinos, I promise."

"Thanks, kitten," Dask smiled slightly. "Tell the turtles we are in the capital city."

Dask cut the transmission, and April stared at the blank screen for a few moments in a state of disbelief before coming to her senses and knowing she needed to take action.

"So much for not getting involved in the turtles' affairs anymore…" she exhaled a shaky breath. "Things always seem to come full circle, as unpleasant as they are."

She hastily slipped on her boots, grabbed her purse, and rushed out the door to head to the turtles' lair. The reporter resolved to herself that news such as this was best delivered in person. It appeared that her simple life wasn't going to be so simple anymore.