"I'm bored," announced the woman who flopped in a very unladylike fashion beside Toph as she was sitting under a tree in the gardens of the Fire Nation Palace.

Toph approved of this action and grinned at her new companion. "And why is that, Mai? Princess Sparky not entertaining enough?"

Mai sighed dramatically in answer, but Toph knew she was smirking. "Have pity on the Prince Charmings of the world, wise and mighty warrior," she droned flatly, sounding as though all of life held no interest.

Toph snorted, picking at her own itchy toes. She had quickly learned to appreciate the noblewoman's humor, finding that it complemented her own greatly. "You know where our fellow warriors and "princes" are?"

Mai shifted to lean against the tree behind them before answering, "Princes Katara and Ty Lee are working in a hospital and warrior Suki is off training last I heard. They are meeting up soon to go shopping, though."

Toph groaned, as though in pain at mere thought. "Were you invited too?" A simple "Mmhm" was her only answer, which meant Mai was hiding out here as much as she was. It wasn't that there was any ill will toward the other girls, it was merely that shopping was low on both of their list of interesting activities.

"Do you want to do something else then?" Toph found herself suggesting. This wasn't the first time they had found themselves in the same hiding place, whether at fancy (boring) parties or from the more girly habits of their female (and male) friends.

"Like what?" Mai drawled, hiding the slight excited in her voice. Toph was always good at coming up with exciting things to do.

"How about redecorating Ozia's cell?"

Matching grins of pure menace grew on the two women's faces.