Black. Black is all I see as my eyes try to adjust themselves to the darkened room. I cannot tell if it is late into the night, or early in the morning. My breathing, for some reason, is ragged and uneven. I try to find a reason of why I could be awake, or what my dream had been. I yawn, and then flinch when I feel a faint throbbing sensation there. What could Ihave possibly been dreaming about? I collapse backwards into the bed with a loud sigh. This is the third time this week I have awoken in the darkness feeling this sensation. I have however, no memory of what my dreams have been about. My mind begins to faintly remember the soft caresses of a...white gloved hand? No...just like that, the memory I may have had, is gone.

'Probably nothing...just the hormones of a growing boy...nothing more."

And with that thought, I fall slowly, back into slumber.

"Time to awake, my Young Lord."

I gasp into my awakened state at the sound of the voice. The soft...almost hypnotic voice. Wait...what?!

"Young Master, are you feeling alright?"

I stare Sebastian int he eyes and shake my head quickly to clear away the thought that only could have been present in the transition from being fully asleep, to fully awake.

"Yes, of course I am Sebastian. Why would you ask such a stupid question?" I ask, and then turn my head away.

His gaze linger son my for a brief moment before he turns his attention to the cup of tea he is pouring. "Today for breakfast we have a lightly poached salmon accompanied by minced salad and your choice of a scone or croissant. Which would you prefer?"

I raise my hand to the sunlight pouring in through the window. "The scone."

He sits the cup of tea on the table beside me and waits. I turn and allow my legs to dangle off of the edge of the bed. "Today's appointments consist of a man named Leon Chadwick around noon."

He pulls my night shirt above my head and puts on first, the usual long sleeved button up shirt. "Oh, is that the fellow in charge of my company on the East end?"

"Yes, sir." Sebastian says as he continues with my upper half of clothing. As his white gloved hands move to pull on my pants, my mind flashes to the same hands doing the exact opposite. I tense, discusted by my own thought and slap his hand away as I feel a familiar sensation occur. He looks at me, shocked. "Master..."

I turn my head away from those eyes.

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing." I say sharply, hoping that for the moment, my long shirt is enough to cover what happened. "I want you to bring me a fresh cup of tea. The one sitting there has become cold."

I know that he knows he could simply pour a hot cup from the teapot sitting there. We both know it. "That's an order." I say.

Sebastian stands, bows and with a soft "Yes, my young Lord." He collects the tray and exits my room.

Irritated, for the first time I look down at it myself. I feel my face grow hot. Why had it happened when Sebastian touched me?

'Probably nothing.' I think as it slowly goes away. 'Just the hormones of a growing boy...nothing more.'