(Later on that day)
"Ugh." I groan softly, putting my head into my folded arms so that I'm lying on the desk. After my meeting, I am exhausted. Not to mention I have an appointment with a news reporter later on this evening. I want to do nothing more than stay in bed. What's wrong with me? I've never usually been one to want to skip work. I've always seen it as tedious but...

"I hope I don't end up like many idiotic boys out there. Of course I won't. I am much more mature than most grown men out there..."
A soft knock accompanied by a familiar voice saying the words, "Young Master?" come to my hearing.
"Come in, Sebastian."
Sebastian walks into the room, pushing a cart containing my afternoon tea. "For today's tea, we will be having Loose Oolong tea, imported from China. This will be accompanied by a light key lime pie."
I sit up in my chair and watch as he sits the cup of tea and snack in front of me. Still feeling slightly embarrassed by this morning's endeavor, I don't look at him directly. I can, however, feel Sebastian staring at me as I raise the cup from its small plate and sip at it. Why is he staring at me like that? I sip slowly again, hoping my unwanted nervousness isn't obvious to him. Finally, I give in and slam the tea cup to the glass.

"What are you staring at, Sebastian?!"

"My apologies my Young Lord. You've got something on your face. Most unsightly."

He pulls the white handkerchief from a pocket in his tailcoat. "You have a guest arriving soon. Can't have you looking like that, now can we?"

Before I can respond, he is beside me, leaning down towards me. My face is held captive in his right hand as he turns it towards him. That handkerchief...that white gloved hand holding my face so...dominantly.

Pant. Pant.
'My my...look at the mess you've made Young Master.'

I yank away from his touch as the flash moment to one of my dreams hits me. "Don't touch me!" I exclaim.
"Just...bring me a mirror. I can do it on my own!"
As he leans close to say the words "As you wish...Young Lord.", I feel my face heat up and once again, get the sensation that I awaken with in the middle of the night.
His voice had feigned innocence and confusion, but I swear as he stood upright to leave the room...I saw him smirk.

"Well thank you for all of your time." Said the newsreporter.
I said nothing in response.
"I see very bright things for the future of the Phantomhive toy company."
"I assume you would." I respond.
"It was truly an honor to get an interview from Ciel Phantomhive in the flesh."
"I'm flattered sir."
"Well, I must now be taking my leave."
"Escort this man to the door, Sebastian."
Sebastian emerges from his standing place behind my chair as the man stands. The man thanks me once again before he is escorted from the room. I turn my head to the grandfather clock and see that it's nearly six thirty. I stand and make my way to my studies to wait for Sebastian to bring me my dinner.

As I make it to my study, I walk over to the window and stare outside. I fold my hands behind my back as I watch the setting sun. Evening is fast approaching. After today what I really feel that I need is a good nights rest. One that will clear my head of this confusion. I mean, an occasional scandelous dream that I don't remember, sure that is understandable. But...why are memories of them flashing at random into my mind? Why do these random flashes occur when...Sebastian is near, or touching me? Surely this doesn't mean... No of course not. There has to be a logical explanation for this. Maybe I am simply having memories of things that happen throughout the day. Sebastian has been with me since my rebirth. Plus, there is no guarantee that he's the one I'm dreaming about. 'Damn' I think. 'Why can't I remember anything specific?'

"Dinner, Young Lord."

I nearly jump out of my skin at the sound of his voice. Why?

"Are you ready, sir?"

I walk from the window and take a seat. "Yes of course..."

When I am halfway through my dinner, Sebastian bows to me. "I shall go draw you a bath, Young Master."

"I don't think I need one today."

"Young Master, as a growing boy it is a nessecity that you bathe each and every day."

I stare down and focus my attention on my dinner. "Whatever..."

Sebastian takes a step towards me. "Suddenly afraid of the bath water, my Lord?"

"No its nothing like that." I blush. "I just..."

"Your bath will be ready momentarily."

As he turns to leave the room...I think I see that smirk again.