I love you damnit!

"Hey Devi maya! My first day of marriage and my husband is already leaving me for a business trip!" Khushi thought to herself.

She had only married Arnav a few hours prior, and shortly after giving his vows of "forever" he had to leave.

It killed her every time they were apart. Too many bad memories and scars lingered from the multiple times Arnav was ripped out of her life.

She couldn't bare to have that happen again, and due to this, any moment without him, be it a minute, a day or a week, left Khushi in a state of

constant depression and worry.

"What I'd do to have you here ... All those times I prayed not to see your face, I avoided you every chance I got, and

today... Today I pray to have you near me. To have your fingers entwined in mine..."

Khushi was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't hear the door open.

"Is this close enough?"

Khushi's body shivered as she felt a pair of hands around her bare waist.

"A-A-A-Arnav?" Khushi questioned.


Arnav flipped Khushi around and put a finger to her mouth.

"Don't talk. Don't think... Just feel."

Khushi was guided to the bed and slowly placed down on her back.

*Ba dunk, Ba dunk, Ba dunk*

Even after marriage, Arnav had this way of making her heart pound beyond its capasity.

Every feature of his drove her wild. His lips, his deep hazel eyes, his strong yet loving hands.

Arnav noticed new this, and he new it well. With a smirk on his face, he lowered his ear down to her chest.

"Ba dunk, Ba dunk, Ba dunk" He mocked her heartbeats, they called his name, they begged him to stay and to never leave.

He listened to her heart beat for a few seconds, and then slowly began to move up her neck, his lips briefly brushing her skin.

In a rapid and quick breath Khushi managed to spill out, "Wh-Wh-what are you doing here Arnav. Aren't you supposed to be-"

Yet AGAIN he stopped her from speaking, but this time using his lips, not his fingers.

He held her in a warm embrace and kissed her passionately. As if this was their last day on this earth. As if he hadn't eaten for years, and Khushis lips

were his nutrition.

Sweat began to trickle down Khushi's face, and her body began to shake.

She tried to push Arnav away but her hands were crushed under the weight of his body.

Arnav, in the heat of the moment, misunderstood her actions, and began to unravel her sari.

"N-n-n-no Arnav. Please... Please stop." pleaded Khushi, whose eyes were beginning to well up with tears.

Arnav stops, and caressing her cheek he asks,

"Khushi... Whats wrong?"

"I'm scared Arnav. I AM SCARED!" Screams Khushi, amidst her sobbing.

"But why Khushi? Are you scared o-"

Now it was Khushi's turn to interrupt him.

"No Arnav, I'm scared because as the seconds pass, this moment becomes more and more perfect... I'm scared it's going to end. I'm scared you're going to leave me,

and all that I'll have left is this memory. I.."

"Khushi just shut up!"

Screams Arnav as he shakes her.

"I will never leave you Khushi... I... I LOVE YOU DAMNIT!"