I, Alexandra of California, do not own anything from LOTR: Lord Of The Rings, and this fanciful tale is for entertainment purposes only. No monetary gain has been acquired for this tale of woe.

This story contains non-sexual corporal discipline of children. IOW: SPANKING. If you don't like it,

then don't read it; it's as simple as that.


"Come to me this instant!," yelled King Thranduil to

the back of his son, who was running into the forest surrounding

Mirkwood. The 10 year old elf knew he had been bad, but at the time, his

actions had seemed justified. After all those were his toys, and his cousins

had no right to play with them without his permission. They were his

toys dammit, and wasn't he the Crown Prince of the land. Legolas knew

what awaited him back at the palace, and knowledge of this made him

even more determined to stand his ground. No! He would not return to

Mirkwood; his father had sided with the wrong doers, and now

he would pay. The little boy laid down on the cold ground,

covered himself with his long emerald cloak, and drifted off to sleep

dreaming of his own funeral.

Oh!, my beautiful son, if only I'd come to your defense while I had the chance. Now look at you;

dead from a broken heart, caused by me, cried King Thranduil looking down at the lifeless body of

his only child. A child so good, so noble and pure of heart, that if he had

lived songs of glory would be sung of his many gallant deeds.

Legolas woke up, spooked by the scary noises that

seemed to be all around him, and began to cry softly, What was he going

to do?; where was he going to run?, and who would take care of him

now? At this last thought he began to think of his Nana; she would be

worried sick. Oh! Ada was right, I have been

naughty. I never should have been so disrespectful to him, and so mean

to Arwen, Elladan, and Elrohir. After all, hadn't they come to Mirkwood

just to spend time with me, and my family. Thinking of this, Legolas

curled into a ball under his cloak, and drifted off to sleep again.

Back at the palace:

" My wife do not fret, he will come home when he is

ready, assured King Thranduil. There are many scouts patrolling the

borders of our fair Mirkwood, and they have been given orders to report

anything unusual, including the appearance of our rebellious little oaf."

"I don't care!" Yelled Queen Legala, " He is just a baby, and he needs his

parents. Please ! Thranduil go look for him!

No! my wife, as I've said before, he will return. And with that declaration

the King of the Elven realm turned, and began to walk out of the room.

"Oh, no you don't!, screamed Legala; tears streaming down her

beautiful face, as she ran to the door to prevent his escape. "You are his

father, not the scouts. He needs you, not a bunch of warrior elves bent

on scaring a little boy. If you won't go, then I will."

King Thranduil quickly grabbed both of her hands, and turned her

around to face him. " You will stay where you are. Must I deal with you

too. It has been a long time since I put you over my knee, however, I

assure you I still know how!" Knowing full well that her husband meant

business, she looked down at the gray marble floor of their bedroom, and

sighed. " I just want to know my baby's safe, she wailed, that's all."

Thranduil gently lifted her chin up, and peered down into her beautiful

eyes; eyes so like Legolas's that looking at them made his heart cry. I

named my son well. He is so like his mother: courageous,

tenderhearted, loyal, and headstrong, he thought. " My wife you are right.

I will take my best men, and my fastest horse, and I will bring your son

back to you; tomorrow his bottom will be a little sore, but he will

return." After kissing his wife's smiling mouth, the majesty of Mirkwood

walked out the door.

Meanwhile back in the forest, young prince Legolas was having a

hard time getting back to sleep. " Why did I have to run away over such a

stupid thing? I'm cold, lonely, and terrified right now. I wish Ada would

come and get me. I'd gladly take the worst spanking, than have to

endure this nightmare any longer, thought the young prince, tears falling

from his eyes. Then without warning he heard a branch crack, and

tumble to the ground. As terror seized the child; he jumped up from his

makeshift bed, and ran deep into the thick black forest, forgetting to take

his things as he fled.

As King Thranduil mounted his horse, he could see that the stars were

especially bright for this time of year, and while they were beautiful to

behold' they could also mean danger for his son. Legolas would be quite

visible to any, and all creatures occupying the forest this evening. And with

that thought he made sure to keep his bow at his side. An ounce of

prevention is worth a pound of cure, he figured, and raced ahead of the

other men into the forest.

A piercing cry rang out from the creature chasing the young elf, and he

froze in fear realizing it was too late. This abandoned Fell Beast, has only

one thing on his mind; my destruction. There was no place to run for the

future king of Mirkwood. So in dignity he lowered his head and accepted

the inevitable. But just as he resigned himself to his fate a sound like the

wind came rushing by his right ear. He knew that sound. He had heard it

a thousand times before. It was the sound of an arrow being released by

a very strong bow. He turned slowly, and looked into his father's eyes,

and then looked down at the fell beast whose lifeless body now laid at

his feet, and he began to weep. " Ada, you're here!"he cried running up

to his father. "I thought I was going to die". Die?! laughed Thranduil,

"not on my watch", and with that both father and son hugged each other

tight. It has been a long night thought the elven king; it is time to get him

home, and into bed. Tomorrow will be soon enough to deal with my

rebellious son.

The next day at the palace Prince Legolas woke up in his parents bed;

embraced by his Nana and Ada. He had worried them something terrible

the night before, and little Legolas knew what his punishment was going

to be . When it came to spanking, King Thranduil was a master. As

the little prince was pondering his fate, both of his parents woke up. "

My son have you rested well? Asked his Nana. " I missed you so last

evening; please don't ever do that to me again, son." Oh! I'll make sure

he doesn't, assured his Ada with a tone of reproach. " He will have a long

time to think about it, before and after breakfast."

King Thranduil slowly rose up from his bed stretching his white marble

muscles. He realized his next task was not going to be an easy one. " My

child after the servants have fed you; go to your mother's private

chambers, and collect her flat sapphire hair brush. It'll be perfect for our

time together." Looking up at his mother, and then over at his Ada, little

Legolas simply bowed his head.

The Spanking

Legolas did exactly as his father said, and met his Ada after breakfast in

the open air living room. At the far end of the room sat his majesty, in an

upright mahogany chair. To young Legolas it almost looked like his

Ada's throne. " I am here father to receive my punishment, said the

young man as he approached the king. " Good! I'd like this over with as

soon as possible. I don't think you realize how hard this is for me, or what

pain you have caused your mother and me. But worry not, for the sore

bottom I'm about to give you will help you remember it for a few days

at least, now come here." The little prince approached his father

cautiously holding his head down digging his left toe into the

woodland tapestry on the floor. " Lay over my knees commanded his

father, sternly." Legolas did as he was told trying hard not to jar, or

upset his father, thinking perhaps that maybe his father would go easier

on him if he did. But he was wrong. "Ada ! Please stop, he cried as King

Thranduil lifted up his son's robe exposing his behind. " Not on the bare

Ada, please. I swear I won't run away again. I swear." But Thranduil

completely ignored him, and began to spank his son with his wife's

brush, repeatedly, until the young elf's bottom was as red as his mother's

ruby brouche. Once the spanking was finished, he let his son up from his

lap turning him around to face him. " Let this be a lesson to you, son.

Never forget that there will never be a time when your Ada can't take

you over his knee. Now always remember your mother, and I love

you, and will always be there to protect you. Now I believe your mother's

been weeping outside the door, let us go and assure her that her little

sweetheart will recover." Smiling up at his Ada,with tear stained eyes

Prince Legolas followed his father out.