Summary: They were rivals, fighting for the love of one girl but one of them falls in love with the other. Zero was frustrated. It was more vexing when Kaname had created a blood bond between them, which make them aware of each other feelings. Behind closet door they started to get along but still put on their archenemies image around others. However when Zero was aware of his feelings towards the pureblood, he avoid the other. That was until one night, everything change. KanaZero. BoyxBoy. Mpreg warning.

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AN: This is the original story of Summer Vacation Disaster (SVD) if Koori didn't come into the past. Don't worry, I already finished writing SVD ch 14 and ch 15.

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In a dark room, lightened only by the silver moon high in the sky, a pureblood vampire entered. He was in a bad mood; showing through the vibrations that were currently shaking the room, making things crack under pressure.

His face showed no emotion to suggest this.

A pair of silver eyes watched closely from a corner of the room; watching the pureblood carefully as the man made his way across the room, finally crashing on his red sofa in a dignified fashion.

He was still causing damage to the room but without care in the world.

"Someone seems to be in a bad mood tonight." A voice from the corner said, breaking the silence that had encompassed the room, finally stepping into the moonlight.

Dark ebony eyes flickered dangerously towards the trespasser. "What are you doing here, Zero?" the pureblood spoke, eyes following every movement the prefect made.

"Nothing much… just taking a walk… the night is really beautiful tonight. The full moon is out…" Zero spoke languidly and almost seductively in the other's ear.

Kaname had his eyes trained on Zero who was now standing directly in front of him, smirking.

"You're in my room. That's trespassing, not just a walk." Kaname replied. His face was still hard however Zero noticed his eyes softening, his guard coming down.

"Well…" the prefect spoke, snaking one arm around the pureblood's shoulder, the other sliding down his chest as he sat on the pureblood's lap. "It's not like I'm not allow in here." He nipped at Kaname's ear, earning him a little flinch from the pureblood prince.

Zero chuckled lightly before gasping a little when his hair was grabbed by the pureblood, forcing him to face the other.

Their eyes met.

Zero smirked while being studied by Kaname in silence; before finally being pulled into a kiss.

Zero shuddered, moaning into Kaname's mouth as the pureblood bit at his lower lip, sucking on it harshly. Zero whimpered as Kaname's tongue entered his mouth, ravishing his inside.

Feeling the lack of oxygen, Kaname pulled away. Zero rested his forehead on Kaname's as their breathing mingled. For a moment, the pair stared into one another's eye.

Brown into lilac…

Lilac into brown…

Zero could see the growing lust in Kaname's eyes. But at the same time he could also see stress and tiredness on his face; from his status, his image, his duty….

But Kaname wouldn't complain.

Without breaking eye contact, the pureblood pulled down Zero's shirt collar harshly, revealing his smooth, pale neck. Zero moved closer as if tempting the pureblood and Kaname gladly took the invitation, leaning closer and sinking his aroused fangs into Zero's delicate neck.

Zero's lips curved upwards into a grin.

Instead he asked for my comfort.

A few weeks before…



Zero breathed heavily, exhausted as he watched groggily the last level E crippled into dust. He sighed; finally he finished the annoying mission. Now he can go back to the academy and catch on some damn sleep.

He tried to move but instead hissed. Pain shot up throughout his body. The adrenaline rush he was under, finally disappearing. He cursed loudly and lay down, just noticing his pool of blood.

When did he bleed so much?

No wonder he was feeling so sleepy.

The silver haired prefect threw his arm over his eyes while holding Bloody Rose. He wanted to sleep, he knew he shouldn't but he really wanted to sleep.

He couldn't help it, although bells were going off in his head, he felt his body relaxing, descending into the sweet darkness.

"You'll hit hell if you sleep, Zero."

Zero flinched.

That deep, silky voice could only belong to one person. Zero removed his arm from his eyes and pointed his beloved gun towards the blood sucker who was sitting elegantly on a crumpled rock, dark ebony orbs looking down at him coldly.

"Kaname." Zero growled under his breath, showing his hatred for the brunette pureblood. He was in no mood or condition for that matter to play nice with him.

The tower clock struck.

Resonating a loud, ear shattering sound, effectively scaring away night birds and bats.

Zero winced while the pureblood looked annoyed at the sound. The look he gave the clock showed his want to destroy the thing however as there would be no roof; the tower would have caved in on them. Zero didn't think the pureblood would want to draw such attention to them.

Zero sat up despite the pain, shooting the pureblood a piecing glare.

The pureblood's gaze didn't waver.

Ebony eyes were still boring into his lilac ones without as much as a change to his expression.

"What do you want?" Zero asked gruffly, annoyed. He was too tired to continue pointing the anti-vampire gun at the pureblood however held the trigger tightly just in case the man tried something.

"Nothing." The pureblood finally replied after a moment of silence.

"Then what are you doing here?"

"Just to make sure my Yuki's knight doesn't hit the bucket before he can perform his duty." The pureblood answered smugly, irritating Zero.

'Damn, this stupid pureblood! Can he not say anything that will get on my nerves every time he opens his mouth?'

Zero felt light headed and dizzy. He shook his head lightly but the feeling remained. He looked down at his blood-soaked shirt and noticed that the blood was not showing any signs of stopping.

He was losing too much blood. He chuckled. Maybe he'll die this time after all.

However his musing was cut short as he caught a sniff of a delicious, sweet scent. His eyes began to glow red, making him snap his head towards the scent.

The sight of the pureblood's bloody neck and the pink tongue licking his own blooded fingers sent a shiver down Zero's spine.

"What the hell, Kaname?! I don't need your blood!" Zero shouted while trembling. Blood lust was consuming him.

Kaname had been giving him his blood for the past few months now but Zero didn't like it one bit. Not only was he constantly reminded of the fact that he was becoming a monster but also felt weird every time he fed off the other. There was something in him that was growing at an alarming rate. He didn't like how it was affecting his everyday life and how he was starting to see the pureblood.

Zero tried to supress this urge by staying away from the pureblood however failed as Kaname always appeared in front of him when he least wanted to see the other.

Zero hated it.

When the pureblood was near, he felt hot.

When he was feeding on the pureblood his heart would beat madly as their bodies touched.

When he pulled away from feedings and the close proximity ended, he always felt so lost.

He was becoming crazy from the confusion he was under. He finally decided that he would not feed from the pureblood no matter what happened. He had a gut feeling that he would regret it if he didn't.

Zero couldn't stand the smell so with a lot of effort; he stood up and tried to leave. He was surprised that he had the energy to move.

"Where are you going?" Kaname asked, already behind him.

"Home—!" as soon as he said that, Zero's knees buckled and he fell down.

His energy had finally run out.

Kaname sighed as he knelt down to Zero's eye level, tilting the boys chin up so the younger would look at him. "What are you trying to do? You can't go. You haven't fed yet."

Zero slapped the other's hand away, weakly. "Stay away from me." he muttered, tiredly. He could barely keep his eyes open.

Kaname was silent, when Zero thought the pureblood would leave him alone; Kaname grabbed his chin and pried Zero's mouth open with his thumb.

"No." the pureblood retorted and in that instant, Zero realized Kaname's blood-covered fingers had entered his mouth.

Zero bit back a moan, the sweet taste was ecstasy.

He wanted more.

Zero took a hold of Kaname's hand and licked the blood off the fingers, sucking at them.

Kaname flinched. Zero took no notice of it as he bit into Kaname's palm, drawing more blood. Zero was in heaven, blood continued to pour into his mouth, soothing his beast but it was not enough. His wounds were already healed but… more… he wanted more.

Pulling out his fangs and licking the wound clean, Zero looked up at the pureblood. The look the pureblood was giving was the same as always… expressionless. For some reason, this bothered Zero. A lot... He pushed himself up, sliding his body against Kaname, almost as if he was nuzzling against the pureblood's chest before yanking the pureblood's collar, revealing the tempting, white, soft neck.

Zero eyed it hungrily.

Kaname glanced at the boy. He may have noticed Zero's odd behaviour or he may have just been wary of the boy, whether he was still sane. Nevertheless, he kept an eye on him.

Zero didn't care much as he took in the smell of Kaname's scent. It was driving him crazy causing his body to tremble and shiver from lust.

Yes, lust.

He didn't want to admit it but unfortunately he found out he was lusting over the pureblood in a really disturbing way.

He wanted more.

Not only did he want the sweet nectar of Kaname's blood, he yearned for Kaname's warmth too, Kaname's touch and Kaname's acknowledgement.

Zero's eyes darkened. That was impossible. Kaname would never look his way.

There was always Yuki.

At the flash of Yuki's image, Zero sank in his fangs into Kaname's neck roughly. The pureblood hissed and Zero smirked before sucking at the opening, lapping up the blood.

Sweet… he couldn't help but want more of the forbidden fruit.

Kaname's blood

It was getting incredibly hot. Quiet too. Only their breathings could be heard, Kaname's calm and Zero's erratic one. His body was sweating, it was so hot.

Did he take too much blood?

He felt drunk.

Letting out a shaky breath, Zero could feel his body trembling with excitement.

He definitely took too much.

Zero scratched at Kaname's back with his clawed fingers causing the other to shiver unexpectedly, only increasing his excitement.

Kaname grabbed at his wrists, looking directly into his cloudy lilac orbs, warily. "What are you doing? Are you still sane?" he asked, his breathing noticeably unsteady. Zero had taken too much blood, leaving him a little weak and tired. He was also feeling slightly aroused from the look in his eyes.

Zero smirked. 'If it's now… maybe he won't be able to fight it off…'

He leaned in, blowing hot air into Kaname's ear. The pureblood flinched and Zero chuckled. "Just sit back and enjoy."

"Wh—?" Kaname couldn't finish his word as Zero slid down, undoing Kaname's pants and pulling the zipper down. The sound of his pants being undone was loud and clear, finally hitting the pureblood as to what the prefect had meant.

However before he could stop the boy, he choked back a gasp, screwing his eyes shut as Zero grabbed his member and pulled at it. Looking down he witnessed Zero kiss the head of his erection before sliding it into his mouth. Surprisingly the pureblood was already half-hard.

The pureblood tensed. "Ah. Zero… Stop!"

Zero ignored the pureblood, instead choosing to bob his head up and down, licking and sucking like a fucking pro even though it was his first time. He followed his instinct and did what he thought might feel good.

A few minutes past, only the sound of sucking and licking could be heard aside from their heavy breathing.

Suddenly the pureblood cursed, fingers curling tightly in Zero's hair, feeling his end coming closer.

"Zero… I'm about to…" Kaname whispered trying to get Zero away from his erection.

"Mmmm…" Zero complied by releasing Kaname's member, also effectively halting the others climax.

He pushed Kaname down.


Zero stood up, pulling his torn shirt off followed by his pants before straddling Kaname's hips.

Kaname was speechless. Zero realised he was happy that he had wiped that cold and expressionless look off the purebloods face, leaving behind a needy expression.

Zero smirked inwardly, proud at himself for causing such an expression on the stoic pureblood.

He also noticed how he was not being pushed away. It was probably because Kaname was either too weak towards pleasure or he too also wanted this.

Zero however doubted the latter.

The silver prefect pushed all thoughts away, as he sucked on two of his fingers, soaking them with his saliva before placing them against his own entrance.

He traced around the ring of muscle, shivering before bracing himself and pushing a finger in.

"Ngh." He gasped, pushing another finger inside.

It was an odd feeling.

Following through with it, he pulled his finger out, only to push two back in, slamming them. He moaned, scissoring himself.


Kaname gulped, eyeing the image of Zero fucking himself hungrily. "Zero…"

Zero opened his eyes, looking up at his arch enemy. Zero smirked and continued to finger himself, throwing his head back in pleasure.

Kaname almost growled at the sight of the aroused silver head, cheeks reddened and panting.

Zero of course was oblivious of this fact. To him it was a miracle he could get Kaname hard for him as the pureblood was obsessed with Yuki, a girl. Assuming that his hole was stretched properly now, he pulled his fingers out before positioning himself above Kaname's erection and slamming himself down.

Zero threw his head back, eyes widened.

"Augh! Ahh…! Haa…"

A wave of shock consumed his body, a shock of having something so big in him. It was a miracle he didn't pass out.

Zero was so tight, Kaname winced.

A minute passed and Zero finally composed himself. He lifted himself up and slammed back down, riding the pureblood.

"Haa… Agh!" he moaned as he slid down, hitting his prostate straight on.

The pleasure was too much and Kaname gritted his teeth.

But it was not enough, not fast enough.

The pureblood grabbed a hold of Zero and rolled them over; taking a hold of both his wrists and slamming them down on the concrete beside his head. He had changed their positions, now hovering over the prefect.

Kaname cursed.


It was the first time Zero had heard Kaname use any kind of vulgar words. He gazed up at Kaname groggily through his half-lidded eyes. He was a little disappointed as he could not see the pureblood's face due to it being hidden under his bangs. He was wondering what the other looked like as he thrust into him, rocking his hips in a steady rhythm, thrusting into his ass harder. Deeper.

'Knock, Knock, Knock,'

Zero's eyes fluttered open. Instantly he groaned when he was blinded by the light flooding into the room from the window.

The persistent knock on the door made him groan more. "What?" he called.

The knocking stopped and he heard some shuffling before a feminine voice greeted him. "Morning, Zero. Wake up and make us breakfast. I don't want to eat the chairman's food." Yuki answered, deciding to command food first thing in the morning.

"It's Saturday, Yuki. Let me sleep some more and if you don't want to eat the chairman's food, go to the canteen. They'll at least serve you some decent food." Zero retorted, pulling the pillow on top of his head, blocking the light.

Yuki stomped her little feet, smacking at the door. "NOOO! I want to eat yours. I want pancakes!" Yuki whined.

Zero ignored her and tried to get some sleep but the noise she was creating was too much thus aggravating him.

"Alright! Alright! I get it. Give me a minute! You go prepare the things we need." Zero growled, giving up on the thought of sleeping in.

The girl chirped happily and left with words of thank you. Zero sighed and buried his face in the pillow. He had had the craziest dream last night. He and Kaname were doing it and he was the one seducing the pureblood.

Zero's cheeks reddened. It was not unusual to have such dreams about a certain brunette pureblood.

Since the first time he drank Kaname's blood, he had been having dreams; wet dreams about the pureblood however they had never felt as real as this one had. It felt so real that Zero was beginning to doubt it himself.

He was silent for a minute before sighing. He looked under his sheets to find; to his surprise that he did not have a hard-on.

'Okay that's new…'

Zero was lost in his thoughts again. It was like he was forgetting something. 'Wasn't I on a mission yesterday? How did I get back?' Zero eyed the tainted clothes he was wearing, confused. But then again it was not like it was the first time he went on a mission only to come back not remembering how he got there due to how severe his injures were.

Zero brushed the thought away and slipped out of bed only to fall. "What the fu—?!" he cursed. His legs had no energy in them. His spine hurt like hell and his body was sore.

The prefect was confused. He tried to get up but failed many times so instead crawled into the bathroom and got his dirty clothes off of him. He turned the shower on and quickly got under it to relieve the stiffness and soreness of his muscles. It worked and after a while Zero could stand again. Still his lower region hurt like hell.

All of sudden he gasped, feeling something cold run down his inner thigh. He looked down in horror. He was bleeding but smelt of sex.

Zero blinked.

He blinked again.

Finally realisation dawned on him.

He was fucked.

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