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The day Kaname woke up from one year of hibernation was the best day of Yuki's life; she cheered and giggled as she hugged her brother, crying joy tears before running down the hallway, screaming in glee, announcing the awaken of the pureblood King. A party was held right away and people was busy preparing as the doctor came and checked on the Vampire King.

Yuki stood by the bed, watching over as the doctor checked on Kaname. Meanwhile, the older brother was staring into space with almost bored expression, ignoring everyone in the room. He was quiet but it was not so weird that other would begun worrying.

"Everything seems normal with Kaname-sama, Yuki-sama." The doctor finally announced after a long silent. He smiled. "He's still a bit sleepy but not that something like rest and silent won't fix."

"Oh, ok. Thank you... So would he be up for the little part tonight?"

"I'm sure he would be up for it." the doctor replied.

"Oh...It good then," she smiled and hugged Kaname. "I'll go prepares your party now." she said and left.

The doctor watched as she left and as soon as he was sure she was out of hearing range, he turned to the older pureblood, his smile slipping. He waved his palm in front of the adult. "Kaname-sama, are you really awake?"

Yuki titled her head in confusion. Where was her brother? She was supposed to call him for the party but when she entered his rom, he was not there. Though-she beamed- if Kaname could wander around, that's mean he's getting better. Hours had past since he woke up but he still hadn't say anything and he won't leave his room for anything, he would just sit in his bed, staring in space while leaning to the bed headboard.

She was getting worry if Kaname going to continue ignoring her but liked the doctor said, her brother was still a bit sleepy and sluggish from the hibernation so that may be why he was not responsive.

'I thought the sleep was supposed to cure him of his sickness...?'



Yuki stopped in her track when she saw someone; a waiter was dragged into a room. It surprised her,she was sure she saw it was Kaname who pulled the waiter and the waiter seemed familiar. Curious, Yuki crept towards the room, carefully not to alert other of her presence and listened in.

Someone hissed in pain. "What the heck—?" his word was cut off.

Kaname's aura was threatening, Yuki noticed. She wondered if the one Kaname pulled into the room was dangerous.

"Who are you? You're not Zero. Why do you have my mate scent?" Yuki's heart skipped a beat. Muffling her mouth, her eyes widen. Many thing started swirling in her head. 'Zero? Mate? Why do he know that? I thought Zero had sealed his memory. Did the sleep cause him to remember?'

"Wha—eh?" the waiter uttered in confusion.

"Who are you my wife lookalike?" the pureblood continued. Hearing it, Yuki was curious how the other looked and somehow in racing heart, she was afraid. She knew in the world there's six other people who looked similar but what if it was really Zero? Did he come to take Nii-sama away?

"I'm his younger twin." 'Ichiru?' Yuki raised an eyebrow, a bit relief though the tension still hang around. If she remembered it correctly, Ichiru died two years ago. How come he's still alive?

"My wife brother does no longer exist. Speak the truth. Who are you?"

'THUMP!' It was weird. It was like Kaname remembered but at the same he did not. How could he not know of Zero's twin. They saw each other a few times already.

"I'm Zero-niisan's brother, Ichiru! Why are you acting like you don't recognize me?" the hunter shouted but then began to mumble about how he had died twice and revived again, twice.

'Why is he here? Did Zero send him?' Yuki thought. Her mood was already swirling darkly.

"Zero told me of his brother, Ichiru." Kaname got up, releasing Ichiru from his deadlock. The younger teen quickly took a few deep and quick breaths in. Yuki heard Kaname walked away and took a seat by the open window.

"Hey, tell me Zero's lookalike, where is my Zero?" he asked.

"I can't tell you. Nii-san will get angry at me."


'Hm...? It's getting quiet.'

Yuki pressed her ear closer to the door. "Then, tell me this, how is my son? It his first birthday today, isn't it." Kaname said more of a statement than question.

Yuki's heart beat painfully in her ribcages. 'Son?! Nii-sama has a child?! A son?!With who? Zero?!'

Yuki was not listening anymore. Her world slowly shut down and she slowly descended into her welcoming darkness. Did he heard right? Was it true? Does Nii-sama really had a child? That can't be true. It can't because it is, Kaname would surely leave her to be with that wretch, Zero. She thrust her palms t her eyes, ignoring the tears.

Gritting her teeth in anger, Yuki thought of how she waited for two years, always by Kaname's side, taking care of him, making sure no one disturbed his sleep, in hope they could continue with their plan to live happily with each other, loving each other to the end of time but no... he still was hung on that fucking mortal. Why can't he just get over that ex-human. Kaname loved her first damnit! If Zero hadn't come into their life, they would already be drowning in each other affection, married and had a lot of children. But no! That bastard had to has Nii-sama's child. He's trying to steal Kaname by holding him responsible.

Yuki screamed angrily, hitting the wall with her fist. She was so happy when Zero left. She was really relief when he did because she knew, she noticed how she was no longer number one in Kaname's eyes.

She also noticed Kaname slowly falling for Zero in high school, how he was gazing at the silverette with something besides hatred. He loved him; Yuki was almost convinced and Zero loved him too. Zero was always the tsundere but Yuki knew, he was interested in the pureblood's prince though at first it was not anything of love. Yuki was starting to worry. In her heart; although she loved Kaname, she also cared for Zero. She didn't want to hurt her adopted brother.

But then she started having this flashback where their life was not like what it made it seemed; Zero was Kaname's wife. They were mate, Kaname was not hers; not even from the start.

Someone changed her memory and planted another fake one. She felt betrayed and more and more she grew to hate Zero. It was Zero. It was him who altered her memory and made a fool out of her.

Zero must be jealous of her for having Kaname's heart and wanted to get rid of her so he manipulated her memory and made her into a disgusting human. He befriend her so that she would let go of Kaname.

He must had tricked Kaname too. Just like back in day when they where children. Zero was trying to steal Kaname again by manipulating him.

Yuki's hatred grew and when Zero left the academy, she was relief. Maybe Zero finally gave up. In the end, Zero should have realized already that Kaname was in love with her. Zero was only having one-sided love. That look she saw in Kaname must had be a mistake.

But then, Kaname cried. She almost panicked but when asked, her brother seemed confused as other as why the tears were pouring. She accepted that poor excuse. As long as Kaname didn't dwell in it, Yuki didn't care.

They left the academy after and Yuki thought she better get rid of anything reminding them of Zero, including no talking or saying the name Zero. Not long, the word 'Kiryuu Zero' was already foreign to them and they lived in peace; at least they were until Kaname started to act weird.

He would suddenly get mad and gone berserk or just sleep for hours without waking up. Yuki was worry so she call the doctor to look at Kaname and not before long he fell into hibernation state.

Yuki knew why and she hated Zero more. More and more, she detested the silver hunter and now she found out he had a son; which before she managed to get rid off, it made her heart boiled.

How dare he have something of Kaname. How dare he slept with Kaname. How dare he conceived a baby which can bind Kaname to him. How dare him... 'I'm going to kill this 'Koori'…'

Suddenly a chill ran up her spine, snapping her out of her thought. Someone loomed over her, shadowing her. Yuki looked up and met Kaname's angry, narrowed red orbs. The look froze her on her spot, shaking.

"'Don't even thinking of touching him." he uttered and for a second there, Yuki thought he had pierced her heart and crushing it in his palm before the said pureblood collapsed by her legs.

Yuki frowned as she remembered the past. She almost soiled her dress that day and she was in fear for the next five minutes until Kaname woke up again. He greeted her with a smile and hug; it made she thought what had happened just now was just her imagination. And Kaname seemed to hate Zero again so Yuki was relief until the marriage was stopped.

Kaname said he was going to go ask for a divorce but she know; being with him for years, Yuki noticed something about Kaname, he won't just yet. He didn't like being in the dark. He didn't like being vulnerable so knowing Kaname, he sure would investigate more into the matter how he ended up marrying Zero and why he didn't know about it before he would ask for a divorce.

Yuki can't have Kaname remembering the past and if Kaname found out about his child, the divorce won't ever be happening in near future.

Yuki's aura flared. She can't have that.

Standing on the roof of the castle, Hanabusa closed his eyes as he concentrated while Takuma, Akatsuki and Seiren stared at him, waiting.

"I can't sense him anywhere." Hanabusa admitted as the forth vampire failed to sense their missing pureblood. It usually easy to find the pureblood since he possessed such unique aura but if he was hiding his presence, it was near impossible to search for him if he decided to go missing. They couldn't pinpoint Kaname's location and he had been missing for some could be anywhere.

Takuma concern grew after he glanced at the time through his cellphone. Too much time had passed since someone checked on Kaname and he could has gone for a long time already, meaning the searching area scale was getting bigger.

"Let's split up. Right now he could be in north pole and no one would even know." Takuma suggested while fearing that maybe Kaname was already somewhere creating chaos and going berserk. "If Kaname was to attack human, the hunter..."

They knew how serious it was especially with the pureblood's state of mind. "Enough talking, let's go already!" Hanabusa urged. Akatsuki stepped in. "Should we check the town too?"

The green eyes blond nodded. "Yes, there too." Deciding there's nothing to discuss more, the two noble cousins left towards the south. Takuma decided to go towards north however Seiren stopped him before he could jump off the roof.

"Ichijou-san, wait."

"Yes?" Wondering why the quiet bodyguard decided to speak up.

"Actually, Yuki-sama will arrive here in 10 minutes time."

The princess is... Why is she here? "Oh, really?" Somehow the thought of Yuki coming didn't give Takuma a good feeling. Kaname had only left the princess for not more than a week and the princess already looking for him.

"Yes, when I told her about Kaname-sama's condition, she came flying here. But I yet to tell her about Kaname-sama disappearance... Should I tell the princess right now?" Seiren was asking him for suggestion. She looked really off. Maybe she too felt the ominous air in the night. "I mean with her pureblood aura, she could be a big help."

That's true. Yuki really have the knack in finding Kaname's location. Although he had bad feeling, they still needed to find Kaname before he did something he regret and there's no turning back. They needed all the help they could get. Once Kaname gone insane again, it's hard to stop him without getting seriously wounded. "Ok. You stay here for Yuki-sama. Tell her right away and call us if you two found Kaname." he said and jumped of the roof.

Koori said he knew who his father was and it was not entirely false; he knew him but only by name and some vague memory of when he was four years old. He got lost at Mad-Hana's birthday party and met Kana-chan. He spent some time with Kana-chan and he really liked the adult but that was all. At that time, Koori didn't manage to connect the dots and realized the man he called Kana-chan was actually his real dad.

He almost forgot about him if it was not because of Hiro-nii when he showed Koori his latest project. It was a program which use DNA to find out who their ancestor no matter how old the material was. Supposedly he was going to use the program t find out who was Jack the Ripper but for trial, he used Koori's DNA to find out who his ancestor were. At first they were just playing. They found about Kuran Juri, Haruka and Rido. They were beautiful people but really old; their age that was. They almost thought something was wrong with the program; that was before Koori found out he was a vampire.

But then...

"Koori, do you want to know who is your dad?" Hiroki asked and for a while Koori just stared at him in silent.

"Koori don't know if it's ok. What if Mommy gets angry?" he asked, worried but Hiroki just laughed lightly at him.

"It's ok. We are just going to find out who he is. We are not going to search for him and nobody going to know if you don't say anything."

He hesitated but agreed anyway because it sounded fun and he was curious. And that day, he found out the existence of Kuran Kaname; his father. Hiroki suggested that they should dig further but his father came and scolded them for not working seriously. Hiroki went back to work, the subject was never brought up again and a month later he jumped off the building, tired of his imprison.

Koori grimaced. Why was he remembering the sad day? He shook his head. He's hungry and his stomach growled.

"Hi-chan~ Koori is hungry. Where's dinner?" Koori whined as he clung at Ichiru pants as the said man trailed down the first floor's hallway. The kid had skillfully clung liked a koala on Ichiru's leg as the said man walked, surprisingly normally like the kid weight naught.

Zero left without making dinner so they had cup noodle as meal. Kaito passed on it and had gone to sleep already while Koori was not satisfied with supper. For someone who could eat ten whole pizza alone, Ichiru knew a cup of noodle would not be enough. But what could he do? There's not much he knew to cook and delivery didn't cover the house's area.

"How about another cup noodle?" he asked which the boy whined louder.

"No~ Koori wants lasagna!" he demanded and continued to chant the 'lasagna' word, getting loud and louder.

Ichiru stopped to think. Koori usually don't demand certain type of food. He's usually eat whatever Zero prepared him. So when he demand something it usually because he was uncomfortable with something. Or it could be simply because of craving. Koori got that sometimes.

"Alright, I'll go make it." Ichiru at least know how to microwave an instant lasagna. "It's going to take some time, so go play in the living room."

The child released his uncle leg and beamed at him. "Okay~ Thank you, Hi-chan." he left, humming.

Ichiru entered the kitchen and started preparing Koori's meal while Koori made way towards his toy box. He unsealed it and pulled out a coloring book and some crayon. He placed it on the floor and laid on his stomach, flipping through book.

His action seemed like he was fascinated enough with his coloring but his expression said otherwise. His face was blank and his eyes were shifty. He was uncomfortable. Something didn't feel right and he couldn't stay still.

He glanced at the window. It's dark and frightening. He felt a disturbing presence but it was that scary that of a ghost.

Suddenly Koori got up and tread towards the window, tracing it before sliding it opened. The sight of the garden greeted him. It was a calm night and a bit windy, it's cold. His gaze roamed around the garden and finally stayed at the trail leading to the forest surrounding his house. He stared dazedly, his eyes flickering from lilac to red and back to lilac.

Slowly he stepped outside.


The sound came from the microwave machine indicating the lasagna was ready. Ichiru went to get it and placed it on dinning table. He called over to Koori and called but Koori didn't reply. It was quiet. Ichiru started to wonder if Koori had fallen asleep.

The uncle left the kitchen and entered the living room. "Koori?" he called again as he looked round but what he saw in the room was Koori' s coloring book and crayons scattered on the floor but no Koori.


Zero could feel his own thirst surfacing. Kaname was drinking him dry and his need for blood increased. Even if he tried to suppress it with his power, he couldn't deny the needs. His fangs grew longer and the hunger which he had long not felt, clawed at his throat, demanding to be satisfied. Zero tried to ignore it, biting his finger with his blunt teeth in hope to made the thirst disappeared but it grew and he bit harder, causing the skin to rapture and blood flew down his mouth.

It tasted bitter, he whimpered. He fought hard not to mind it and subconsciously biting hard on his finger. More blood flew in and the bitterness was painful. He couldn't take it anymore.

Suddenly someone pulled his finger out of his mouth and cradled his head towards his neck instead. Kaname's scent filled him and his fangs ached. He wanted to bit in, to drink and made this pain went away but something was restraining him from doing so and that was his logic.

His logic was trying to warn him about something but his head was so clouded at the time and he was getting more confuse. His mind was disoriented and for a second he forgot how to bite.

Kaname seemed to notice and he leaned his neck towards Zero. The heat and scent was too much for him and his instinct took control. Opening his mouth, he bit into Kaname's neck, letting his fangs penetrated the delicate flesh. Sweet nectar flew into him mouth and Zero moaned at the taste. How long had he gone without it.


Hanabusa fished out his cellphone, glanced at the caller ID and picked it up. "Hello, Ichiru. What's up?"

"Koori's missing!" the other told before grumbling nonsense.

Hanabusa raised an eyebrow. "Woah~ slow down there, Ichiru. What did you say? Koori's missing?" he asked, trying to confirm whether he heard right.

Ichiru, on the other line took a few deep breath, calming his nerve before he opened his mouth again. "Yes! I've look everywhere for him in the house. Kaito looking with me too. And Zero is out and not answering his phone. He looked really pale when he went out, wondered if he's alright. And Koori, he's afraid of the dark so he couldn't go out right? But the sliding door to the garden was open. Maybe he's kidnapped!" The younger Kiryuu started to rambling again. Hanabusa sweat-dropped.

"Are you sure he's not playing hide and seek?"Hanabusa asked again. Kaname is missing right now and he had his hands full trying to search for him. If Koori was really missing, he's also not someone who could be tracked easily."Also, where did Zero go? Work?"

Ichiru shook his head as if the other could see it. "No, I don't think it was work but he was heading towards the castle. He didn't bring Bloody Rose and he was only wearing something plain."

"He's heading to the castle?" This got Hanabusa to think. The pureblood went missing then his mate; Zero also left home looking pale and now Koori; their son had somehow disappeared from home. It had to be related somewhere. "Hey, Ichiru... you said Zero and Koori is MIA right?"


"Kaname-sama is also missing right now."

'Where am I?'

Koori is now regretting the fact he left the comfort of his house to follow his instinct. Why? It's dark. If before he was brave enough to go out because it was full moon, now the moon was hiding behind some cloud, robbing away Koori's only source of light. Not only that, the forest was strangely quiet. Usually at this time, crickets would be singing along, owls owling and nocturne animals creeping around, hunting for food but tonight there was no sign of movement.

Though he won't say that there was no animal, Koori could still feel their presence but they were staying still, hiding, wary of something and not making a single sound. And that made the little Koori frightened that he was paralyzed on the spot, staring into the darkness, afraid to take another step.

He just eyed the darkness, already imagining something horrid going to pop out anytime soon, trying to scare him off. His heart beat increase, beating loudly in his ears.


The sound of twig snapping sent Koori squeaking and balling into a ball. 'What was that?' The bush rustled. Koori flinched, his heart was running a marathon. In his head he was already panicking, thinking about all kind of ghost and monster which coming to eat him. He tucked his head to his kneels, whimpering. "Mommy~"

"Aya, boya... what are you doing here alone?" a female voice asked and Koori snapped his head up to see her. For a second there Koori was glad because instead of eyeless girl with bloody white dress, a girl with dark brown eyes and long straight, brunette hair appeared in front of him, standing proudly under some light from the moon.

"Are you lost?" she asked again, approaching him calmly with her hands behind her and smiling, promising comfort and help.

Koori however began feeling something akin to wary towards the women. He shook his head, answering the women's inquiry, eyes never left her as she got nearer and stood in front of him, bending a little with one hand reaching out, asking for his hand so she could help him up.

She was smiling, Koori noticed again but it didn't reach her eyes, neither was her aura pleasant. Fear crept up his spine and suspicious fill him. Koori eyed the hand and back to the women, totally missing the sight of glinting anti-vampire scythe hiding behind her.

"Haa... ha... Haa... ha."

'It's hot.'

"Ka-n-mee...! Haa... ha..."

"Haa... ha... Haa... ha."



"Haa... ha."

'It's hot... I'm tired... my head hurt. It's dark. Where am I? And what's that sound?'


Color slowly returned to his vision. He blinked, adjusting his blurry vision. 'Where? The graveyard...' He could hear the pant of someone, trying to catch his breath.

"Kaname... ha... Are you sa-ne yet? Haa..."

Startled, he flinched and his eyes landed on what was below him, where the voice originated. He first noticed his hands which were soaking wet and was gripping something; it was a pair of wrists, bloody and almost ripped off. Then a familiar naked body, legs spread each on his side, resting on his thigh. With sweat and blood gliding down his body, his long silver hair in dishevel, and cum on his stomach, Kaname came to realize what he had done.


Immediately he recoiled back, releasing the bloody wrists from his talon fingers and pulling out his shaft. The smell of earth, sweat, blood and semen engulfed him.

"Aah! Ack!- Don't pull out so suddenly you block head." Zero whined, arching and squirming in discomfort. His body heaved exhaustedly while his face flushed red and his eyes clouded with spent lust.

Kaname's face instantly flushed red, embarrassed and confused. "I-I'm sorry." he lamely said before collecting himself. His head hurt though.

The silverette paused and studied him. Then he smiled, relief which roused more confusion in Kaname. "Good... are you alright?" his mate asked. The pureblood arched an eyebrow, baffled. If anything, he was the one who should asked Zero that.

Abruptly as if some switch was flicked on, his eyes suddenly lose focus, flickering into glowing red as Kaname finally realize that he was emitting sinister aura which slowly crashing and slashing his surrounding. His head pounded so badly and his heart was throbbing. More and more pain coursed through his system now that he aware of it. He doubled over, clenching at his heart as he scream. More of his aura spurted out of his body abruptly, shaking the earth around him like an earthquake.

Zero watched worriedly. He didn't know Kaname would be in these much of pain after the seal was broke. It could be because of the bond state or it could also be because Kaname's head was overload with new slash old information.

'Bear it for a bit longer, Kaname...'


The gushing and dripping of blood excited the girl up to no end.

'Drip... Drip... Drip...'

"Kuhahaha..." Yuki chuckled as she continued to bring down her scythe on the lying, bloody body on the forest floor. Electrostatic ball was protecting the child but her weapon could still past through it; although by only the tip, it was enough, creating a small crack and using her pureblood's power, she slashed him.

The child's body was no longer moving she mused, his breathing also ceased and his skin turning pale and blue. Surrounding the child was his own crimson blood, pooling. He may already be dead or almost through. The smell was delicious and being surround by it stirred the beast in the female pureblood. The sight was spectacular to Yuki, the more she swung her scythe on the kid, the more blood spurted out. her maniac laughter filled the night.


A loud explosion fill the air, carrying a wave of aura with it. Yuki was sent flying into a big rock which knocked her out of breath. Yuki coughed and fell to her knee. In distance, she could hear the birds and small animals scuttling away.

This aura, she recognized. It was Kaname's. She looked up, towards where the aura was coming from before another waved of sinister aura sliced in through the forest, cutting couple of trees in it way. Yuki jumped away to dough the knife like aura.

She landed in the pool of blood which belong to the little child, creating a splash. Her eyes grew bigger. Where's the child?!

Seiren landed gracefully on the ground before going to help Takuma who was trapped under a pile of rumble. Takuma thanked her and she eyed the damaged. The castle was cut in half and one side of it crumbled from the roof to the second floor. Something like a air blade cut through the house and a wave of aura caused it to collapse.

"At least we know where Kaname is right now." Takuma told the female noble. He was just on his way to go search before he was blown away by a gush of telekinesis air.

He needed to escape. Fast. Or she was going to kill him. Fast and faster. He need to run faster before the lady caught him.

Koori managed to escape the crazy lady and running aimlessly. His head was muddled and his vision didn't know whether he could still go on or not but the adrenaline kept pumping into his system and he kept on running, running for his life.

Blood slipped into his right eye and he flinched, quickly rubbing his eye with the back of his palm. For a second, he lost sight of the track and tripped before tumbling down a small hill and through bushes. He rolled and rolled before he come to a clearing and crashed into an unexpected pureblood.

Zero gasped. "Koori?!" Meanwhile, Kaname groaned but realized his headache had stopped and his head the pain in his chest subdued. He heard some commotion by his side and the sight of bloody child cradled in Zero's arms and Zero's tears drained all the color from his face.

Quickly, he reached out to the child, checking on him. He still had his pulse but it was weak and although the wound was shallow, he lost a lot of blood. His blood... it smelt familiar. The pureblood's eyes widen in realization. He lifted his eyes towards Zero. One look from Zero verified his little finding.

He checked the child's mouth, feeling his teeth and gum. The child's fangs had not developed yet. He could make the child bit him. He stopped to think before instantaneously he brought his wrist to his mouth, bit into it, sucked a mouthful of blood and transferred it to the child through the mouth. His blood should do the trick. Only two mouthful, Koori was already healed.

Zero pulled the child into his embraced, grateful while Kaname sighed in the relief himself as the child's heartbeat returned to normal. He however didn't stay quiet as he stood up and pulled his dress shirt off. He draped it over Zero and without a second waste, he disappeared in bats state.

His target of course was the women in white, stained by Koori's blood; his child blood.

He found her running through the forest, away from where he was and without warning he changed back into his human form and descending down towards her in the speed of lightening. His hand already forming sharp talon and it penetrated through Yuki's back to her chest, barely missing her heart.

Kaname's eyes were glowing red, screaming murder while Yuki froze in awe, didn't expect Kaname; her beloved brother had the heart to actually try to kill her. Yuki coughed out blood.


"My son... didn't I tell you, not to touch him."

To be continue...

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